Smoking is the most trending and most common addiction of the people these days. The majority of the world considers it trendy and status symbol. Those who don’t smoke among the social circle, declares as cowards, backwards and conservatives. And the bad part is, there is no discrimination in the age of the people, who are addicted to smoking. Mean to say, that the majority of the world, regardless of age, gender and health condition are smoking, fearlessly.

Even the pregnant ladies do smoking during the pregnancy. this is pathetic. This is not only sinister, but also very toxic for the baby. That is why, it is the high time now, to adopt those methods and ways that will help a person to get rid of smoking. Because if we don’t, the human specie will be doomed to destruction and wrath.

The History of Tobacco Usage in the World:

The history of tobacco product usage in the world is quite interesting. Like most of the other things, tobacco also found in America initially. If you take a deep dig in the history, you will realize that tobacco was for the first time ever, cropped in America. Between 600 to 900 A.D. in north America, people use to crop tobacco. At that time, tobacco had very religious and spiritual importance among people.

In the medieval period, people use to smoke tobacco through a pipe usually. That’s how people use this item. The very first advertisement for the tobacco or cigarette was made in 1865. At that time cigarettes were made by hand. As the time passed, in 1881, the proper machine for cigarette making was manufactured. And from that time, cigarette become a hot cake in the world.

You should be aware of the Catastrophic Aftermath of smoking Cigarette;

Fortunately or unfortunately, The majority of the world is aware of the wrath of smoking cigarette on human health. With or without being educated, you can estimate the catastrophic results of smoking cigarette. But for your ease, here is the quick look at the demises of people, who made cigarette their part of lives. It is reported that 500,000 people are dying every year due to smoking approximately.

Sadly, People are fully aware of the fact that smoking a cigarette is destroying their lungs and aspiratory system, still they can’t do anything about it and smokes. And eventually dies in the process. This situation is not confined to European countries only, even eastern part of the world is also plagued with the addiction to smoking cigarette and other intoxications.

What do You Need to Give up Smoking for the Rest of Your Life? Things and Methods:

It’s the Chinese saying that, “when the thought is come, half work is done.” Initially, When you aim to give up smoking, consider this thought half of the process done. The remaining half is the period of implementation. Select your options and get on with it. Remember that, you have to exhaust all the options, you have for leaving the addiction. Smoking is a habit, that will be drawn you down, from tip to toe.

So, when you gear up to give up smoking, you need to be extra strong, physically and mentally. Keep this thing in mind that giving up smoking is not a one day party, it’s a long process that demands your time and strength. You cannot just magically give up smoking. It will take time and also your other physical and mental activities will help you to distract your mind from the lethal urge smoke a cigarette. For this, you need to find some interesting and healthy mental and physical activities to get distracted from smoking.

The methods and things that will help you leave the habit of smoking for life are:

 You need to Place these very important lines on your bathroom, bedroom and mobile wallpaper. What are these lines?

The first and the foremost thing to quit smoking that you have to do is to motivate yourself and gear up for the expedition. For that, you need self motivation. Now, the self motivation is the thing that will only come in your way, if the sources are appealing. These sources are all those anticipated fatal diseases and illnesses that will trigger your body, if you will keep on smoking.

So, you have to put a chart about these possible health conditions, that you may have to face, if you would not skip the habit of smoking. And because, its the space age, you can also put a wallpaper with the same content on your mobile phone. This thing will keep you away from a cigarette to maximum level, if you are health conscious. These points are:

  • Mouth, lungs and gal bladder cancer is must with smoking.
  • You will have to deal with cardiovascular disease, heart attack, blocked arteries and high blood pressure with smoking.
  • Smokers will certainly develop diabetes, no matter what.
  • Asthma will occur for sure with smoking.
  • Smoking in pregnancy will cause the child diabetes and obesity after his/her birth.
  • Alzheimer, rage and heart enlargement is also happens because of smoking cigarette.
  • You will not be able to produce a child or will produce with inadequate weight and prior to the decided time. (Premature delivery)
  • Anxiety and depression will be a permanent problem, if you are an adult and smokes.
  • The sense of taste and smell will be fading away with smoking.
  • Men and women will lose their fertility eventually with smoking.
  • Even a fertile man will start developing impotence because of cigarette smoking.
  • Bone weakness is one of the biggest drawbacks in smoking.
  • Memory status will be disturbed with constant smoking.

These are the first and primary important thing to do. A constant reminder will work eventually. If it won’t work 100%, it will surely work 60/100, because nobody wants to die.

 Medications that Will Reduce the Demands of Nicotine Consumption:

Reduce the Demands of Nicotine

Luckily, science has now successfully discovered those types of medications that are playing a favourable part in order to give up on smoking. By taking these medications, you will be able to stop smoking and your body will also support and help you in this manner. Smoking is not something your lungs demand or your blood or heart’s craving, its brain’s urge.

Your cognitive stimulation forces you to smoke a cigarette. It is said that, the obsession with mobile using has the same impact on the brain that you have, when you wants to smoke a cigarette. In other words, the craving and intoxication of mobile using is almost similar to smoking a cigarette. According to the experts, the medicines which slows the cravings of smoking should be taken till twelve (12) weeks. After when you completely leave the habit for good, use the same medicine for another 3 to 6 months.

It’s the extra precautions, in case you develop the same urge anew by just living with someone who smokes or because of some tensions.

Do not hang yourself between the “this is one last cigarette” drama:

Indeed, This is a trap. In clear words, it’s a deception, set by your brain. Your brain will trap you by saying so that, this is the one last time you will smoke a cigarette, this is the goodbye kiss to smoking, so have one! But in fact, it is the beginning of smoking anew. You will not stop here, rather smoking again with even more intensity.

Even if, you are a chain smoker, just stop smoking right that very moment, when you made up your mind. Don’t wait for one last time to smoke. This is not a person, you want to meet last time. It’s an addiction, from what you need to get rid of. And you can’t get rid of smoking, if you just keep hanging on it.

 Change Your Diet Plan Completely to Get Distracted from Smoking:

Surprisingly, Changing the diet plan is not only important in quit smoking. It’s also important for the better course of life. For instance, if you are dealing with obesity or you are having some disease, even then you physician will forward you a diet plan to follow strictly. Then why not when you are giving up smoking? Changing the diet will bring pleasant surprise in your life.

This newness, let you forget the fact that you have given up smoking. Also, there are food items that will replace the strong urge of smoking. For instance:

Luckily, These food items, like the nuts with their peels on, will engage your hands and mind. The same thing will be happening when you have a lollipop. It’s very important to have a healthy diet. It will not only improve your overall health, but it will also reduce the temptation of smoking. Herbal tea has also been declared, quite beneficial when it comes to giving up smoking.

 Auxiliary Therapies for giving up Smoking:

Furthermore, Not only medicine and diet will help you give up smoking. In the modern world, there are several other ways, which will bring tremendous value of positive impact on the human health, if one is aiming to bring the change by giving up smoking. These ways are actually different kinds of therapies with which not completely, but to a certain measure, the person will feel the change.

You can say that with these therapies, the chances of a smoke free life will be extremely vibrant. These methods are:

  • Meditation.
  • Yoga and cold laser therapy.
  • Herbal therapy.
  • Acupuncture therapy and treatment.
  • Lip balms and lollipops.
  • Chinese therapy for smoke free life.

These types of therapies, if not completely, but almost completely grant satisfaction to the mind and soul and brings more strength to the person.

 Do exercise and Adopt fitness techniques for distraction and overall health of the body:

Undoubtedly, You may have heard the word “stress cleaning”. This activity actually does help in the process of giving up the smoking addiction. Clearly speaking, invest your time in doing an extra physical activity. If you are a man and a chain smoker, join any gym and aim to develop six packs or biceps of 22 inches. Weight lifting and doing exercise will burn your urge of smoking along with the extra calories.

Above all, Add running and jogging in your life. And go to the gym at least 5 days in a week. If you are a woman and can’t do heavy exercise, then do stress cleaning. When you give up smoking, ultimately your body and mind come into sheer stress. Clean your house or the cupboard. Go upstairs thrice and if you can’t even do this, start knitting and crocheting or reading. Engage yourself physically.

 How Intimacy and other Body Relaxing Methods will help in Forgetting about Smoking?

Certainly, There are hundreds of things you can do to relax your mind. Because when you are on the “mission clean sweep cigarettes from life”, so many times you will want to give up the expedition. But the healthy and distracting activities will help you much to keep going on the mission. These distracting activities, (when you have an intense urge to smoke) could be:

How to Get Rid Of Smoking
  • Talk to the person you love.
  • Wash your car.
  • Play some games.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Watch TV, preferably some horror, pun intended.
  • Kiss your child or partner.
  • Have physical time with your partner. (Intercourse
  • Listen some soothing music.
  • Have some fruit.
  • Wash your face and brush your teeth.
  • Sleep for a while.
  • Have a cup of your favourite coffee.

Above all, Keep these points in your mind and do instantly, whenever you feel the urge to smoke.

 Just have patience! When you are on edge and on the verge of giving in:

Indeed, It’s natural. You are a human being. It’s natural, if after controlling for a long time, you feel like you can’t do it anymore. But, that is the actual time, when you need to hold on. Because if you control your craving for smoking at that stage, you will be able to throw it far away from yourself for good. All you have to do is to talk to yourself when you have the cravings. Just tell yourself that you can do this. When you feel that you can’t even stand without a cigarette, immediately go somewhere else where smoking isn’t allowed.

Moreover, This will, at one point keep you restricted from smoking a cigarette and will also distract you. Going towards your siblings is also a great idea. And if they know that you are on “smoke free life mission”, they will support you to much extend. You can chew a gum to avoid the cravings or crush a carrot under your teeth to get distracted. Moreover, living in the modern world, you have now this option to talk to somebody who is important to you. You can text or call him or have a face time with them too. These methods will save you from smoking and cravings.


Hence, Adding alcohol and drug or cigarettes in your life is your choice. You do it on your own. That’s why, when you leave this habit, it will also be on your own. You will not, some day wake up and give up smoking miraculously. It will need your commitment, will and inner support. For a chain smoker, it will be even more problematic to quit smoking. But there is nothing you cannot do. You are a human being, everything is in your hand.

Subsequently, All you have to do is to be committed by the norm, you have set for your life to leave smoking for your life. You can also join group therapy sessions and online chat help. You should also read people’s reviews on the internet that how people have given up smoking and how was their journey. And also how are they feeling now after leaving smoking for life. This will motivate you and bring new hope to your life. And you will find yourself more drowning to get rid of smoking eventually.


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