Blood is the most essential and important supply for the living being. One can live without an organ or part of the body with somehow any temporary help like some tool or artificial support. But it is the blood, you cannot live without. That is why it is very important to keep your blood healthy and free from any toxic substances or any germs. Speaking of, it is the blood which can be affected by the bacterial infections and those diseases that get mixed with the blood cells and spread in the whole body. And the chances of getting caught up in haemorroids.

This is the both good and bad things about the blood that when something enters into it, it will spread in the whole body, if it is a medicine it will cure the disease in a couple of hours by mixing in the blood. And if it is a bacteria and virus that enter in the blood, it will make you sick in no time and will harm the weak organs of the body. When it comes to the diseases which are related to the blood, haemorrhoids is one of the most popular and widely known health condition men and women are dealing with in today’s world.

Unfortunately, men are dealing with haemorrhoids more than the women. It’s the nightmare of the men and cause serious illness and hurdle in the person’s life. Because it’s a huge topic, therefore, needs proper guidelines and assistance in understanding completely.  

A Complete Definition of Haemorrhoids;

At first, take a quick glance at the definition of haemorrhoids. Usually, haemorrhoids develop in pregnancy, intense pressure, bowel syndrome and obesity. People who develop haemorrhoids normally complaint about rectal pain, itching and bleeding. Bleeding in the haemorrhoids is very common. And it is growing in people rapidly. In the past decade, the majority of the world is reported with haemorrhoids regardless of the gender.

Because it can be developed in both species, men and women. Luckily, we have so many treatments for haemorrhoids because science has progressed significantly in the 21st century. And so many cures have been discovered for the diseases. But before taking any cure and treatment for haemorrhoids, you need to examine yourself from the professional physician. The doctor will examine your conditions and then suggest a treatment accordingly.  

What Happens in the Body When You Develop Haemorrhoids?

In your body, your rectum area contains clusters of veins. Just like you have small and large veins in your legs and arms. When due to any reason which is mentioned before, your veins get swollen and heavy like you have varicose veins in your limbs, these veins start bleeding and the blood comes out from the anus most probably. Because these veins are placed near to the anus, under the thin lining of the lower part of the rectum.

That’s why whenever these veins get swollen, the bleeding started right from the anus. Because blood vessels are involved in the disease of haemorrhoids, that’s why the patient feels sheer weakness and drowning as if he/she is losing strength.  

Global Scenario over Haemorrhoids;  

Because haemorrhoids is all about pain, bowel movement and then bleeding, so people get very nervous about the problem of haemorrhoids as if they are having some serious and incurable health condition. However, haemorrhoids is not that much dangerous and lethal. There are so many cures for this. It is estimated that around 75% population of the world develop haemorrhoids and only 4% people goes to seek medical attention because of the pain and suffering.

The remaining people don’t feel that much problem even after having haemorrhoids. Because it develops in men and women both that is why the age matters that in which age these genders get haemorrhoids? And the answer is between 45 to 60 people gets haemorrhoids on a prominent shape. In which these patients suffer from bleeding and pain. Before this age bracket, they haven’t seen any vivid symptoms, even if they are having haemorrhoids.

How Many Types of Haemorrhoids are in the World Currently?

Most of the time people get confused with the notion that haemorrhoids have no type and it is one of a kind. Rather, it has significantly two types which are:

  • Internal Haemorrhoids.
  • External Haemorrhoids.

The Internal Haemorrhoids

This is a type of health condition in which the disease lies deep under the rectum therefore, invisible and painless. The most initial sign of internal Haemorrhoids is the bleeding from the rectal. Now rectal is basically intact with the large intestine that’s why bright fresh blood coming right after the stool indicates that the bleeding from lower colon is happening. This process is usually painless.

In External Haemorrhoids

The tubes from where the blood come are under the skin, therefore, very visible and whenever pressure build up on these veins a sudden sharp pain occurs and the blood flow happen to start. Pressure means when stool passes through the hole or anus, it bleeds. And if the patient doesn’t take medicines, it will bleed badly.

Why Men have been Reported with Haemorrhoids more Often than the Women?

Toxic food items intake is the biggest reason for Haemorrhoids. And men who works outside and spend their time outside the house, develop Haemorrhoids more than women. When you aren’t home, to fill the stomach, you have to eat something and men, mostly prefer to eat junk food and ready made food. Which includes burgers, sandwiches, donuts, pastries and chips.

None of these food items are having fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. Therefore the first health issue that men got is constipation and bowel syndrome. Which eventually end up with bleeding from the rectum. When men work outside, they consume red meat and fried food in bulk. Which also causes Haemorrhoids.

Men’s physical activities and weight pulling frequently;

Moreover, men are the creatures who most of the time forget to drink water. Women, as compared to men, drinks plenty of water as they wants to have beautiful skin and moderate figure. Not drinking enough water causes dehydration and dehydration is the biggest cause of anus bleeding.

People who do physical activity such as labour task, in which the work is done with hands and legs, they must stay hydrated. Otherwise, these people have large chances to get caught up in Haemorrhoids. For men, there are some preventive actions, that if they adopt, the chances of Haemorrhoids development in the body would be minimum. These actions are:

  • Don’t hold your breath when you lift heavy objects.
  • Don’t bent down when you take load on your body.
  • Breathe adequately before lifting any sort of weight.
  • Take your face upward while having the weight in your arms.
  • Add fibres in your daily diet.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Drink water up to 65 ounces everyday.

Causes of Haemorrhoids;

About Hemorrhoid

The experts are perplexed at digging up the exact causes of Haemorrhoids.  Like they have different opinions on the causes of Haemorrhoids. However, most of the people conclude that Haemorrhoids are associated with the long term, chronic bowel syndrome and constipation.

People who sits in the bathroom for hours and push to pass the stool and people who sits in the offices for long hours can develop Haemorrhoids deliberately. Same is the case happen when a pregnant lady sit in the toilet for a long time. The uterus of the women enlarges, then usual and therefore when she passes a stool blood comes out with it.

If someone has a weak anal canal, he/she may have bright chances to get caught up in Haemorrhoids. Because with the weak anal canal, when the patient has constipation, due to the intense pressure bleeding starts. Other causes include:

  1. Feeling strain during the bowel movement.
  2. Spending too much time sitting in the bathroom.
  3. Constipation.
  4. Diet without the addition of fibre.
  5. Long history of diarrhoea.
  6. Weak anal tissues.
  7. Age.
  8. Pregnancy.
  9. Heavy weight lifting.

There may be some other causes too. That will be determined by age, gender and the nature of the profession, that the patient has.

Renowned Symptoms of Haemorrhoids;

Hemorrhoid classifications

As you are aware of the fact that Haemorrhoids have two types. Now the symptoms will be different from one another. If you have internal Haemorrhoids, then the symptoms will be different from the external Haemorrhoids. In external Haemorrhoids, the patient feels itching in the anal, tender lump and anal or anus pain. For instance, when you sit, you feel pain. In this case, if you rub too much, your anus or press it or touch it your symptoms gets worse.

On the other hand, if you have internal Haemorrhoids, you will only have bleeding. In internal Haemorrhoids the patient witness bright, fresh, red blood on the stool or on the toilet bowl after a bowel movement. This type of Haemorrhoids is not painful, however prolapsed internal Haemorrhoids cause pain and itchy feeling. And in this situation the patient should seek immediate medical attention.

Does Bleeding Every Time from the Rectum means I have Haemorrhoids? Or I may Have Some Stomach Problem?

People have this common believe that whenever they discharge blood from the rectum, it means they have this problem. But it is not happening every time. Not every time bleeding from the anal means that you have Haemorrhoids. It have some similar symptoms to the digestive tract.

In simple words, when a person has stomach disorder, he/she also discharge fresh red blood right after passing the stool. This also happens when a person has ulcer, or colon cancer. So, it’s very important to examine the body completely before jumping into the conclusion that you have Haemorrhoids.

Some of the Best Home Remedies for Haemorrhoids

With these home remedies that are discussed below, you may have ample relief from Haemorrhoids, but you will need further medical assistance to cure it completely. These remedies are:

Creams and Ointments:

There are creams and ointments in the market that provide enough relief form pain and itching. Medical science has introduced a kind of pads, which, if applied on the anal or on the itchy area, will bring relaxing effects.

Ice packs and Cold Bags:

The bad thing about the Haemorrhoids that after bleeding or pain the skin and anal get swallowed. If the patient applies these ice bags on the area, the swelling will be reduced to much extent.

Moisture Toilet Towel and Tissues:

If you use dry towel and dry tissue on the anus or swell area, it will cause further problems. Using moist tissue will cause less problem in Haemorrhoids.

Sit Bath with Warm Water:

The market is filled with these sort of sit bath in which you use warm water. It will bring immense relieve to the burnings and swelling.

The Pain killers:

Some pain killer tablets like aspirin, and ibuprofen slow down the pain and itching.

Medical Treatments for Haemorrhoids;

If you go for the medical treatment for Haemorrhoids, the first suggestion you receive is the surgery for this complex health problem, in which the complete removal of Haemorrhoids is performed. Stapling is another treatment for the it, in which the prolapsed haemorrhoid tacked back into place. Before the surgery or stapling, the person stay under the influence of anaesthesia. However, after the  surgery the patient can go back to his home the same day he is operated.  

Some Precautions for Haemorrhoids;

One of the biggest reason of developing Haemorrhoids is constipation. So, if  you make efforts to make your stool soft, the chances of developing this will be minimized. You can do this by eating food full of fibres for instance, fruits and vegetables. Adding whole grains may harden the stool sometimes, but if you eat fibre and minerals, and drink plenty of water and other substances like juice, it will ease the constipation.

Don’t push yourself to pass the stool. When you use force to pass the stool it will cause pressure on the rectum and bleeding starts. Similarly,  don’t go to the bathroom when you don’t need to. If you sit in the bathroom for long hours, it will cause you trouble. If the nature of your profession demand you to stand still for hours, take a break and sit for some time. Same as, if your job is all about sitting all the time, stand up and walk for about half an hour.

Both conditions can cause health issues if you won’t switch to the other position. And above all,  obesity is the reason of most of the health problems. Try not to get fat, if you want to avoid the difficulties of Haemorrhoids. Maintain your weight with proper diet and exercise. Because obesity will raise the risks of this condition significantly.


Your life is very precious. Your blood too. If you don’t pay attention at the changing position of your body and organs and don’t understand the symptoms that you develop for some time, you will get any health issue including this problem. That is why always pay attention to your body. Do all the precautions which can save you from any upcoming health disorders.

Drink plenty of water to ski the chances of developing Haemorrhoids and constipation. For this you should also adopt the home remedies and cures that your ancestors told you about the health uplifting. Try to stay happy and jovial. Add exercise and yoga into your life. The addition of fibre, vitamins and minerals will also bring tremendous advantages into your life.

Follow all the instructions that your doctor suggest you. With such lifestyle, you will get rid of Haemorrhoids for good.


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