It is said by the historians that when nothing was created in the universe, water was there even then. Water is the most essential thing in the world for humans. Not only for drinking to survive but also for living. Today the world is struggling with the shortage of the substances. The reserves in the world are decreasing day by day due to humans’ irrational and ruthless behaviours towards the natural reserves. Scientists are predicting the years in which humans will be no longer provided by the basic necessity of their lives.

A human body dependence on water:

You may be surprised by reading this that a human body largely depends on water. Humans’ survival depends on these substances so far. And there is no other liquid available in the world that could be used as an alternative to this substance. The most astonishing part of human anatomy is that the human body contains around 80% of water. 20% are the blood and other fluids that support the human mechanism. Every time you breathe, such liquids and substances in your body are being used to do the job. Means that if your body is standing on its feet right now, water is 80% responsible for it. Of course blood is one of those essentials that help you remain alive but when it comes to liquids, there is no doubt that no one can stand in comparison. 

Is the world drinking clean and pure water? 

Unfortunately, this is the worst reality of today’s world that a large number of people in the world are drinking unhygienic, toxic, impure and even dirty water except the few. There are parts of the world where humans are forced to drink liquids from the drains because there is no way they could get clean liquids. The cities in the world are populated so much that they pollute the natural resources. 

People are drinking dirty water

You will witness that most of the factories have pulled their drains into the canals of the cities. This has made these canals of pure and clean liquid areas into drains. And the poors who were drinking such substances from these canals, left with no choice. That is how we are decreasing the natural resources and humans are unable to drink and consume clean water. 

Africa, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Iran, Afghanistan, Palestine, Rohingya and so many other countries in the world, where masses are not drinking clean water. Apart from some middle class people who can afford to buy clean liquids or who are the upper class.

How much water should I drink in a day that is sufficient for my health?

Different studies show different statistics. But the figure on which all of them have developed a common ground is 8 glass of water in a day. The intriguing point in this, is the climate. Didn’t understand? let me explain.

People who live in the cold climates, often complain that their bodies aren’t demanding the need for water or aren’t telling them that they are thirsty. How can they drink 8 glasses? And technically they are right on their part. Why? Because when you live in a cold climate, your body doesn’t extract sweat, fluids and liquids so often. Moreover, you don’t urinate much when you are living in a country where the weather is cold most of the time. It is heat that stimulates your body to sweat or extract fluids. Therefore, when you don’t extract the fluid, how can you consume more of it? Neither your body is demanding nor it will digest it if you drink water deliberately.

So what to do?

The best solution to this problem is work out. That doesn’t mean that you spend three hours in the gym. Only then you will be able to consume the required amount of  water. It means that you let your body do some work on a regular basis. Which involves almost all of your body parts. The more you get physical, the greater you will be thirsty. You don’t have to do a job in an office to involve your body physically. Even if you live in your home most of the time in a day, you can even work there to drink the required amount of liquid. Cleaning the house is such an activity that requires you to be physically active more deliberately as compared to the desk job in an office. 

Worst effects which your body will face possibly if you drink less amount of water or don’t drink at all:

No matter what gender you belong to, what class you have, married or unmarried, if you drink less water or dont drink at all, there will be consequences. And that will be bad or even worse. Your age will be attributed to the results significantly. The major bad health effects which you will have to deal with are;

There can be various other factors and bad health conditions which can be attributed with the shortage of liquids in the body. It will be determined by your gender, age, lifestyle and profession.

5 super health benefits of drinking water in the right amount:

Although there are hundreds of benefits and advantages of drinking water both for men and women. But some are highly important. It is as important for children as the adults. And when you drink the right amount of water, your whole body responds to you in a very positive manner. That can be vividly seen. Here are some universal but very significant advantages of drinking liquids in the correct amount. Which works well for both genders and even for all living beings. Such as;

  1. Drinking water boosts your metabolism: Not many people are aware of the fact that drinking plenty of water boosts your metabolism level to a certain level. You may have observed that when you eat too much, it doesn’t feel right. As you start feeling anxiety, bloating, hiccups due to overeating and restlessness. But when you drink plenty of drinks, apart from the urge to urinate after a couple of hours, you don’t feel anything bad rather feel fresh. You feel as if you want to run or do you work with even more excitement and strength. All of these things happen because water boosts up your metabolism. And studies are proving this.
  2. Your brain works well with the proper supply of water: People also don’t know that our brain works very well with the proper consumption of water. You see water is really good for our blood. And blood keeps on running from head to foot. When you drink liquid, it energizes the blood and when blood enriched with freshness, runs through the brain, it gives the brain extra strength, oxygen and solid reason to work well. On the contrary, if you don’t drink water sufficiently, it causes depression, constipation, stretched muscles, psychological problems and loss of interest in the work. Therefore it is highly recommended for all the living beings to drink plenty of water. So they will be able to improve their neurological and cognitive health naturally. 
  3. Drinking plenty of drinks regulates your menstrual cycle: People often confuse water with hydration and dehydration issues only. However, it has so many other things to do. The majority of the females in the world don’t know the reality that drinking water does help significantly to regulate your menstrual cycle. It not only maintains your high blood pressure, but also when you drink almost 8 glasses of water in a day, it stimulates your blood to flow at the right time in the shape of periods. Gynecologists and health professionals often recommend their female patients to better their water intake, if they are having any difficulties in periods to come. Better water intake also reduces the periods’ cramps.
  4. Weak and ill kidneys will start working well like the way they were with the required amount of water: Now this is a point to note that when you don’t drink water the first organ that gets a problem and irritation is your kidney. Human’s kidneys are the most sensitive organs of the human body. They are small, delicate and soft. When there is a stone in your kidney, it will leave a space in your kidney when it gets eliminated. So when you don’t drink substances, small pieces of sand or toxins start accumulating there and your kidney gets stretched when you drink less water. As soon as you drink 2 to 3 glasses of water, the stretching starts losing down and the pain fades. But the pain your body faces due to the kidney is usually unspeakable, unbearable and intolerable. Therefore to maintain the better health of your kidneys, you have to drink plenty of liquids, with or without having kidney stones.
  5. Drinking water actually helps you shed weight: In the west people have the tendency to eat but not drink water. For drinking that prefers alcohol, which rather destroys their health. But in fact, if they drink more often instead of any other liquids, their health will be even better. After all, people in the west don’t eat healthy food much like fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy products and white meat. They prefer burgers with sausages and raw meat, desserts, energy drinks and saturated food. Which actually becomes a reason for weight gain. 
Drink water for weight loss

To get rid of this weight when they opt for surgeries, workout regime and diet plan, it further causes them other physical complications. The simple solution for this problem is to drink water. That doesn’t mean galloping is what it needs. The right amount of water in the right time will save you from obesity. What are the right timings of drinking which can help you lose weight? The right time of drinking two tall glasses of water before every meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and then during the meal. Do not drink water after finishing your meal. When you workout, drink after that. When you get up in the morning, take lukewarm water with one lemon in it and drink it. It works miraculously in weight loss.

The final words:

Among the innumerable blessings that the universe has bestowed upon us, water is the precious one. Where there is water, there is life. Astronauts are considering the planet Mars as a second home for mankind just because they witness substances there. And the existence of liquid means that oxygen is there also. Water is such a blessing for mankind that we cannot imagine. We all should understand the benefits and advantages of this liquid and try hard to add it in our daily life. It is certainly a key to our health, strength and durability of our bodies. You have no idea what kind of dangerous diseases you lure to yourself when you skip drinking or don’t drink it at all. Hence, it’s better to understand the value of it before it’s too late.


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