It seems strange how people react to the sufferings and miseries they face in life. Mostly in the world, people react oddly towards the aloofness and anxiety they deal with in daily life. In the past, when people had sadness and grief, usually people write and express their feelings. Many writers and poets generate their best piece of writing when they were sad and depressed instead of alcohol drinking. This, boosted their sense of creativity. Unfortunately, in the today’s world things are quite changed and even pathetic.

Today’s man will behave terrifically in grief. The first thing they do in grief, is grabs a bottle of alcohol and drink all of it in an hour or two. Educated and uneducated, both do the same thing in today’s world. The worse part is, that people don’t even realize that alcohol will lead them straight to their death beds.

People in the modern world who are consuming alcohol, most belong to younger bracket. Alcohol consumption is the serious health problem in the world today. It is the most used substance abuse among the youth of the world. Alcohol destroys the inner self of the person, regardless of age, gender and class. It is the alcohol that become the reason of aggressive behaviour, murder, disputes, and even death. Alcohol isn’t a problem of some people, it’s a worldwide dilemma.  

What is Binge Drinking? And its Connection;

First, you need to understand what is binge drinking? When a teenager, whose age is between 12 to 20, drink alcohol this much, that reach beyond the highest level in blood (BAC, blood alcohol concentration) Which is about 0.08 g/ DL, its called the binge drinking. The ratio of binge drinking has different limits for the both genders. Women reach their limits after the four drinks of alcohol while the men touch their pinnacle point after five drinks.

The worse thing is that the youngsters drink this much alcohol within a couple of hours. That’s what their blood alcohol concentration rate goes higher. It is estimated that these young people drinks approximately 12% of all alcohol in the European countries. Although, teenagers drink less often than the adults. But when they drink, they drink without limitations. This is threatening.

That’s why, the crime ratio among teenagers has been a little bit high. When a teenager addicted to drink alcohol or get use to binge drinking at parties, his/her habit of drinking become stronger and he/she can’t get rid of it even in mature age.   

Why on Earth People Drink Alcohol? Reasons;

Man is born curious. The curiosity of getting the knowledge and taste of different things is in his nature. It is the curiosity that has led the man to touch the sky. When you are young, you desire for things. You want to assert your existence, your right of independence. Some youngsters drinks such things out of boredom or tasting new flavour. Some of them have the habit of taking risks and experience uncertainties.

Family background plays a larger role in this manner. Some of them just want to try alcohol for once. Prior to the aftermath of drinking such toxic items, they just drink and develop the habit.

Some other reason include:

Alcohol drinking in the world and Ways to stop it.
  • Unnecessary independent atmosphere.
  • Stress.
  • Family background.
  • Bad company.
  • Having money in the range.
  • Broken family (having divorced parents, single parent or no siblings).
  • Easy access to the alcohol bottles, like at home.
  • Getting scolded behaviour from school and home.

There are so many other reasons for drinking apart from these. That will be according to the person’s lifestyle, place of work and family background. Sometimes, those people who have clashes and disputes among each other, they put their children to alcohol consumption out of revenge.   

Teenagers Behaviour in Drinking;

When a human being starts growing from a child to a teenager and then a young man, he experiences so many stages of behaviour, changing habits and attitudes, likes and dislikes and way of thinking. We are born this way. It’s the human nature. This is the very point of life when alcohol can enter in the daily pursuits of a person. And it actually does. Being alcoholic in the most countries, starts from the adolescence.

The elders should keep in check the Youngers and their attitudes. There can be abnormal behaviour if they are on drinking,

such as:

  1. Mood swings, especially aggressive mood.
  2. Bad or clumsy behaviour in the school.
  3. Being rebellion most of the time.
  4. Compromising loyalties with friends.
  5. Dull and down, having low energy.
  6. Messed up appearance.
  7. Less interest in extra curricular activities.
  8. Hiding bags and personal stuff.
  9. Alcohol smell in the clothes, closet and from the person’s breathe.
  10. Embarrassing results in academic and social sectors.
  11. Fails to concentrate on studies or on people.
  12. Difficulties in speaking.
  13. Unable to attach with people and can’t be able to make new friends.

Drinking Alcohol is hazardous;

Drinking is absolutely wrong. Not because it’s injurious to health, but also it’s an unethical practice. A person who drinks much alcohol, get clumsy and ill bread at a point of life. Excessive alcohol consumption cause early death of the consumer. Alcohol not only cause its consumer’s death, but also the people around him. It is estimated that thousands of people die every year of all ages merely because of alcohol consumption. Not only that, but several other havoc happens, because of alcohol. Such as:

Alcohol consumption in the world
  • Suicide attempts. Which has raised the suicide ratio in the world.
  • Thousands of deaths are reported due to car and motorcycle accident (driver’s alcohol consumption).
  • Deaths from homicides.
  • Thousands of deaths are reported due to alcohol poisoning and drowning.
  • Unwanted disputes and culmination on someone’s death.

Several casualties due to alcohol are reported in the world.

People with all ages, when get drunk, they behave oddly and idiotically and end up dead eventually. An alcohol consumption also beget the risk of sexual assault on the opposite gender and an aggressive attitude. People often do unprotected sex after drinking such items. That eventually becomes a reason for child birth. the ratio of gang rape and sexual abuse are very high in those countries where alcohol consumption is on its height.    

Consuming Alcohol can make You a Burden on Earth;  

This discussion have answers in it. When a person drinks too much, has behaviour get so aggressive and tricky? Plus, such people also cause many troubles for others. They start taking other drugs along with the alcohol. It is seen among people, who drinks 3 to 4 times in a day, whether of any age, will be on drinking dependence at some point of life. Not only the outer shape of the person, but the internal entity also gets hurt with the over consumption.

A human brain keeps growing and changing all life long. If a person drinks alcohol beyond to its limits, his/her cognitive health get damage significantly. Not only that, but also his/her learning capacity get affected due to alcohol. This especially happens when a person starts drinking from a very early age.   

How can You Prevent Alcohol Consumption?

Although, drinking is a very clinging habit, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get rid of it. There are ways and methods with which you can quit drinking. You need to consider all the required aspects those have to be under observation for giving up alcohol. Which are:

  1. The personality of the alcoholic person.
  2. The person’s genetics.
  3. The ratio of maturity of the particular person.
  4. Social scenarios.
  5. Factors related to the environment.
  6. An influencing figure who gives proper guidance.
  7. Close friends, who can do counselling of the alcoholic person.
  8. Designed programs in schools for the prevention of the alcohol.
  9. Family support and emotional stability.
  10. Thought provoking atmosphere that stimulates the person to give up drinking.

What Sort of Role Your Parents can play in Quitting it?  

Your parents are the most important and influential people in your life. These two people influence your life on the large extent. That’s why, your parents can help you and change your mind to such level that no one else can do. Your parents have the capacity to shape and maintain your clumsy lifestyle. If you are on alcohol, it’s your parents who can change your mind and convince you to quit drinking. Your parents can have negative or positive both impacts on you. Their own lifestyle matters a lot.

If a child or teenager is on intoxicating drinking consumption, his/her parents should have conversation with him/her frequently about any topic or specifically on alcohol. The parents should know all of their child’s friends and other social circle. Also, whenever their child goes to any party, the parents should make sure that there shouldn’t be alcohol free.

The Sporting Activities;

The parents and elders should engage and conduct their child into healthy and sporting activities, which let the teenagers busy and help them to give up drinking. It is seen evidently in the society that children whose parents are strongly involved in their children’s lives, have very minor cases of drinking. Children who don’t have parents, moves towards binge drinking. Those children who drink alcohol, even after having parents at home, will only develop this habit if alcohol is served in their home openly or their parents drink it without any hurdles.     

The Takeaway;

No doubt, alcohol is an abuse. One cannot claim that drinking alcohol delivers some kind of benefits to a human body. Absolutely not. You need to understand that alcohol is gradually destroying your inner self. The worse part is intoxicating drinks consumption is increasing gradually in the world in people of all ages. And no proper campaigns are in order to stop this curse. In order to break the death chain in the world, the government of the countries, in which alcohol consumption is on its height should take significant steps.

People should organise such sittings, in which discussions about the catastrophic aftermath of the addition of alcohol and drugs should be discussed. Moreover, the governments of these countries should ban the import and export of the alcohol and other intoxicating beverages or drugs. If the campaign or expedition against the drinking should be held all over the world, only then we can save the lives of our loved ones. Otherwise, the curse of it will swallow the large number of people in coming decades mercilessly.  


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