One of the most toxic things that can be happened with your body is anaemia. You can do many things with several other diseases, but when it comes to this weakness and illness, one has to be really specific and particular in choosing the best treatment for it. Apparently, your blood looks red in colour. And even with several weaknesses and deficiencies, the colour remains the same. However, in the absence of basic properties, the blood doesn’t perform well in the body, the way it should be and hence, several types of diseases stems in the body. Anaemia is on of them.

Anaemia’s main target:

On a large scale, This disease mainly targets the blood. Basically, it’s an abnormal health condition when the blood is out of the required amount of red cells that are essential for a healthy blood count. The scientific term for this, is the deficit in haemoglobin. If one has this kind of deficit in the body, his body will not get the required amount of oxygen consequently.

The part of red blood cells in anaemia:

Technically, Your red blood cells carry haemoglobin. It is an iron rich protein that attach to oxygen in the lungs. When the body has the right amount of haemoglobin, the blood is healthy and the body will work properly. But if you don’t have the right amount of haemoglobin, you may have developed anaemia. To check if you have developed the weakness, check your haemoglobin level. If you are a man and your haemoglobin level is less than point 13, you may have ring the wrong bells. For Women, the right number of haemoglobin level is up to point 12.

Anaemia and world scenario over this disease:

Unfortunately, Those areas of the world where food isn’t so healthy and organic and the timing of food aren’t correct, where people face same weather conditions for months and where drugs and Alcohol consumption are in bulk, have anaemia in common. That’s how this disease affects more than 1.70 billion people around the world. The large number of people in America also suffers from it and millions of people in Canada as well. People who don’t have such thing, but have some kind of health problem that affects their red blood cell count, also develop same results as they can have if they had anaemia.

People who get caught up in anaemia more, are Women and children:

Collectively, It is totally understandable that why women get caught up in the fuss of anaemia. Because a woman has to deal with a number of processes in her life in which her blood is directly involved. Speaking of which are;

  • The menstrual cycle.
  • Pregnancy .
  • The process of delivering the baby.

In all these processes, a woman loses too much blood. Along with the blood the deficit of iron, calcium and vitamins also occurs in her body. Breastfeeding reduces the amount of strength and power of her body. In all such matters, if her diet isn’t appropriate and not consisting the required material, she can surely develop the problem in no time.

Ofcourse, Children and adults may also have the higher risk of anaemia. Especially if it is an inherent. Adults, who takes less healthy diet have the major chances of getting caught up in anaemia.

Most common types of Anaemia:

Normally, people have this misconception that such condition has no type. If your red blood cells are lower in number than required, you have anaemia. However, it has certain types.

  1. Anaemia that develops because of iron deficiency and which can be covered by healthy food choices and minor changes in the lifestyle.
  2. The disease that occurs during pregnancy, but as soon the person delivers the baby, the deficiency covered up. It only gets worse when the person doesn’t have proper food after delivery or work a lot.

Major reasons you develop anaemia:

Certainly, There are certain things and factors due to which anaemia stand out its head in the person’s body. Such as;

  • Lack of minerals. (Iron deficiency)
  • A diet plan which lack of iron-filled food items.
  • Pregnancy, and poor diet in pregnancy.
  • Periods or menstrual cycle.
  • Heavy duty exercises.
  • A person who donates blood most of the time can develop the problem.
  • Surgeries. Especially intestinal surgeries.
  • Over consumption of drugs, Alcohol  and Cigarette .
  • Excessive use of coffee and tea.

What is vitamin deficiency anaemia?

Reportedly, People often confuse vitamin deficiency anaemia with iron deficiency anaemia. However, these both types are quite different from each other. Iron deficiency anaemia occurs when your body lacks the required amount of iron. Whereas vitamin deficiency anaemia develops in a person’s body when vitamin especially, vitamin b12 or foliate deficit occurs. Because these two types of vitamins makes blood. In the absence of these vitamins the following health issues may develop;

  1. Malolactic weakness.
  2. Pernicious problem.
  3. Dietary anaemia.
  4. Tropical sprue.
  5. Celiac disease.

Whereas, Women in pregnancy, if don’t eat proper diet or if don’t have the proper supplies like iron, Minerals  and vitamins, can develop the issue that can be persistent even after delivering the baby. Similarly, alcohol and drugs consumption cause anaemia. Stomach disorders, especially intestinal tract infection can also become the reason for developing anaemia.

What are those fatal diseases that attribute anaemia as a result?   

As you are aware of the fact that anaemia happens when the red blood cells of your body destroys. When the red blood cells are this much weak that they can’t bear the daily routine functionality, they get damaged permanently. This calls lack of haemoglobin and thus haemolytic anaemia. Normally people have such type of anaemia by birth. Even without any reason or without having any family history of it. And sometimes causes of such type of illness may include;

Most common types of Anaemia
  • Thalassemia.
  • Infections and venom of snakes and spiders.
  • Liver disease or irregular conditions.
  • Kidney disease.
  • Attack on the immune system.
  • Heart diseases, clotting issues.
  • Tumours.
  • Blood pressure.

Visible and prominent symptoms of anaemia:

Intentionally, If we take a deep dig in the life of these red blood cells, every red cell stays in the body for 120 days. After 120 days, the cell automatically dissolves in the body. But when a person is having anaemia, his or her red blood cells dissolve before 120 days. This is also a type of the weakness. The most common symptoms of this disease include;

  1. Swings and light headedness.
  2. Chest pain.
  3. Headache.
  4. Sweat and chills.
  5. Pale skin.
  6. Puffing and shortness of breath.
  7. Fast heartbeat.
  8. Nightmares and fears.
  9. Depression and anxiety.
  10. Pessimism and hopelessness.
  11. Insomnia.

Treatments for anaemia:

Indeed, There are specific treatments designed for various types of the illness. Each type has its own treatment option. You may choose according to your type of anaemia. Which includes;

  • Vitamin deficiency anaemia include vitamin b12 shots and relative supplements.
  • Iron deficiency anaemia requires iron supplements and dietary changes.
  • Thalassaemia treatment requires folic acid tablets or injections, bone marrow transplant surgery, blood transfusion and a well maintained diet.
  • Sickle cell anaemia treatment includes pain relief pills, oxygen therapy, blood transfer process, a bone marrow transplant surgery and sometimes cancer cure medicines also uses for it.
  • Haemolytic anaemia requires blood filtration procedure instead of medications.
  • Anaemia due to some chronic disease requires serious attention. The disease which caused anaemia should be cured in the first attempt. It will reduce the intensity of the weakness in the blood.

A few extremely beneficial food items that can help an anaemia patient:

Of course, nature has bestowed upon us those kind of fruits and vegetables  that are rich with innumerable properties which will help you not only for the weakness, but also for your overall health. These specific food ingredients which are rich in iron, includes;

treatment for anaemia
  1. Dried fruit, even dried apricot and raisins.
  2. Iron-rich bread and cereals.
  3. Green vegetables such as spinach, cauliflower, beans and pulses.
  4. Red meat and fish.
  5. Eggs.
  6. Tofu.
  7. Nuts.
  8. Brown rice.
  9. Apple and pineapple.
  10. Fenugreek seeds.

Can you prevent anaemia in the first place?

Sadly, many types of anaemia, we cannot prevent or control before their attack. However, the two types of it namely iron deficiency anaemia and vitamin deficiency anaemia can be prevented prior to the attack by having the right kind of food. Speaking of which include the correct amount of vitamin and mineral, vegetables and fruits, meat and fish etc. By eating the right kind of food and adding exercise and yoga in our lifestyle, not only our overall health will be better than ever, but also the chances of the problem will be minimized.

The final words:

Subsequently, it is one of the most common type of health issues that the mankind is dealing with nowadays. Picking up the right and appropriate solution and treatment for it will save us from future discomfort. This, if not treated with care can cause other damages too. Just because it is so common in women owing to the fact that a woman has to deal with menstrual cycle, Pregnancy and childbirth, women become even more fragile and lean with having the problem of anaemia.

That is why, a woman should keenly focus on her diet and overall health. She should add exercise and fitness programs in her daily routine to maintain oxygen and nutrients in her body. One can easily develop the disease in the body, but it will take weeks and months to recover from it. Hence, you should make efforts to save yourself from anaemia in the fire place.  


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