Nature is very kind. Nature has done some really great things with the living beings before sending them into this world. Nature has wrapped everything in a cover. You may have noticed that many of the vegetables and fruits are wrapped in a specific sort of peel. Some peels and wrappers are like you can eat, while others are not. Same as humans are also bestowed with a cover on their body called skin. Which is typically having a chronic condition called eczema these days.because the atmosphere isn’t clean at all.

The skin considers as a shelter of human body. It prevents dust and dirt that coming forth towards the inner organs. In order to save human internal organs in the body, our skin suffers. That’s how you got skin diseases and the most common in these is eczema. People often confuse this with allergy, however, this skin condition and allergy are two different types of skin diseases.

Eczema! A Chronic Condition of the Skin;

Eczema is a type of condition in which your skin gets irritated. Basically it cause inflammation of your skin. Simply speaking a small or sometimes large area of the skin affected with certain type of condition in which patient feels irritation and inflammation called eczema. In modern times the most famous and most experienced type of this, is a pollen eczema. This is such type of skin problem that produces further chances of other sort of allergies. That would be Hay fever or Asthma. Eczema made the patient very cranky because of its constant irritation and itching.

Kids are The Primary Target of Eczema;

Children have the most delicate and soft skin. Anything rash and stinky can imply bad effects on children’s skin. That’s why infant and children become the big time target of eczema. Sometimes some children are the patients of such type of skin issue by birth. It can be due to low maintained diet of the mother during pregnancy, bad atmosphere and sometimes due to inherited skin disorders.

Kids, because don’t pay attention on hygiene that’s why also can have itching mostly on their lower legs, arms and face. Eczema in children can have multiple reasons, including atmosphere, inherited from parents, and unhygienic living.  

Winters and Eczema are Inseparable!


Summer has quite a significant effect on many of our problems. You skin even face less problems in summer. Because with adequate sweating and discharge of fluids you release various types of toxic chemicals from your body that can cause inflammation or itching. That’s why the least number of patients for eczema are reported in summer across the world. Winter, on the other hands, is the stimulator of this annoying skin problem.

You don’t sweat, you don’t discharge other inflammatory chemicals much. Or even worse in winter, you use to drink coffee, soup and other liquids of hot nature. This works like petrol on the fire. You don’t discharge, but take more and more hot items that produce intense inflammation in your body and itching, redness and scaly patches eventually appear on your skin.

The Causes of Eczema;

People weren’t aware of the causes of eczema in ancient times. But today the reasons and causes for it are very well acknowledged among people. There are few but significant causes for this skin impairment such as:

Renowned Symptoms of Eczema;

Eczema have quite a visible symptoms. Which you cannot ignore. At first you may have itching on the particular area of the body that will further have eczema. You may have eczema on your face, arms, around nose, between your fingers, on the outline of your lips, and near to your ankle. Common symptoms include;

  1. Rashes.
  2. Blisters.
  3. Itching.
  4. Swelling.
  5. Red spots.
  6. Thickened plagued skin.
  7. Scaly skin.

Because eczema effects on people according to their climates, that’s the symptoms could be changed according to person’s lifestyle, age, gender, and his/her nature of the profession.


People’s different Situations in Eczema;

Start from the infants, in eczema they feel terrible. An Infant’s skin become scaly and rash. Because an infant has soft skin tissues that’s why it goes hard on him/her. And they got a bit late relief from such difficulty as compared to adults. Similarly aged people finds relief a little late. People who are old have weak and cracked skin tissues. Moreover, their blood circulation are also slower that’s why eczema stays for a while. Young and grown up people are the least frequent victims of any sort of skin disease.

The rapidly they get this, the faster they came out of it. It is said that every 10 out of 50 people in the world experience eczema whether of temporary nature or some disease. Reason of such people fast recovery is their strong immune system. These people have firm skin’s tissues, active blood circulation and have the capacity to tolerate any climate change. That’s why even if they have itching, redness, pimples etc, they survive it without much difficulty.

Treatment and Solutions;

Usually people think that eczema needs hard treatment and medication for cure. However,it’s not true. If you have mild and temporary skin itching it can be cured with minor precautions and medicine. Always remember one thing. Don’t take eczema lightly if it is persistent.

Even if it is due to weather. If you live in cold weather and you have eczema, then with a passage of time it will be gone. But if your skin have this throughout the year, and red spots with that, you need to  seek immediate medical attention. Water intake should be better. Do not go any such places where dust and pollution is in bulk. Try to have moisturizers with you all the time. Whenever you go somewhere, moisture your skin.

Does Coconut Oil actually helps?

The answer is a big yes! Coconut oil has some magical properties that make it exceptional from others. It is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti fungal and anti-oxidant. In eczema, coconut oil gives soothing feel to the affected area. Moreover, your skin feels calm and relaxed if it is itchy or inflamed due to eczema. If you apply coconut oil on your eczema, you will feel not only relaxed but also it will heal your skin from such skin problem and you will find magical results.

Apart from the coconut oil, you can also apply petroleum products as a moisturizer. Petroleum products not only relax the skin from itching due to eczema,but it also tone the skin and make it radiant.

The bottom Line;

21stcentury is full of uncertainties. You can catch up in a trouble, you family or ancestors weren’t having. Eczema is a skin disorder. You can have it merely for a while, due to climate change or some medicine’s side effect. So don’t worry for abrupt invasion of eczema. Try to have herbal remedies for cure.

But if you have a chronic condition of eczema, do not waste a minute and rush to the doctor for proper medical care and advice. Eczema can be cured within days.It only takes time when it turns in to bad shape. Even then eczema has proper cure and treatment and even with the weaker immune system you will defeat it. Have patience and understanding of the disease. Consult with the professional and discuss your conditions with family and friends. With a little more attention and precautions you will get back your healthy, eczema free skin.


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