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Education made us reasonable and full of manners. We learn how to talk, or sit or behave or smell. Anything savage or out of manners shows us uneducated. And once we get some knowledge, we ourselves actually don’t want to act like one. Education not only teach us how to look or talk, it actually gives us awareness about hygiene and self care. Speaking of, smell is very important. It’s not about perfume or body spray. It’s about your personal smell of breath. If you clean your mouth (through which you give your very first impression on the beholder by talking), your breath will be clean from any bad smell. But if you don’t, then you will be victimize of halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, then you cannot do anything for making your impression good before other. Halitosis considered to be a first and foremost killer of a person’s first impression and his/her confidence.

Halitosis and Medical Science;

Halitosisis commonly known as bad breath. This is not on a lighter note that withbrushing your teeth, or using mouthwash once or twice, you can get rid of it,No. Halitosis is also not about having bad breath after eating something thatcause smell in you mouth temporarily. In fact, halitosis remains for a longtime period, which can be because of something really serious.  Or you may say that halitosis appears in youwhen you have some sort of serious illness inside you that eventually give asign in the shape of halitosis.

Halitosis made you Embarrass inSocial Surroundings;

Halitosis destroys your confidence and self esteem. Due to bad breath you don’t feel like social circling and mingle with people. Because every time you interact with people, you feels people distant from you. This behaviour made you feel less important and wanted in the society. Some people develop depression and anxiety disorders because of society’s behaviour. Bad breath considers to be a symbol of unhygienic habitual trait therefore people tend to believe that you are a uncivilised person that don’t know how to behave in a social circle. What are the parameters of living in the circle of people? This destroys your confidence and happiness. And sometimes you lose hope to this extent that some people even tries to commit suicide.

Most Experienced Causes of Halitosis;

Halitosiscan have very common causes of its appearance in a person. Things you do indaily life. Prior to the knowledge that these things can cause serious damageto your personality in the shape of halitosis. These habits seem small and easyto avoid, but sustainability of such activities can cause a serious damage bymaking you a patient of halitosis. These causes includes:

1.Problems Related to Your Teeth;

Halitosis made you Embarrass

Your teeth problem can be a big cause of halitosis. Anything related to teeth such as Cavities, or defected gum give space bacteria to live in your mouth.  These bacteria are hard to remove from mouth unless the cavity or gum disease heals completely. Therefore, such bacteria cause bad breath or halitosis. Sometimes, the medications that you use for your mouth problems can cause bad breath or halitosis, but once you sorted out, the smell gone. This condition only happens when you don’t have chronic halitosis.This is temporal. But if you have a long term cavity issue, then halitosis will be chronic.

2. Viral Infections such as Nose,Mouth and Throat can be a Cause of Halitosis;

Viralinfections that you can have just by inhale and exhale like of nose, mouth andthroat, can develop halitosis in the patient. Bacteria that lives in yourmouth, throat or nose in such infection can trouble your breath smell and causehalitosis. Because in such infections, you need to have medicine go through tothe particular area of your body where the infection actually is. Forinstance,  if you have mouth infection,you will take medication from mouth, or nose infection then a nose drip will beinjected in your nose to clear the infection bacteria. This can often leads tohalitosis in results.

3. Lack of Mouth water and Saliva leadsto Halitosis;

Naturehas created everything for a purpose. You may think that somethings are justfor no use. But everything has a purpose of its existence that you may don’tunderstand. Your mouth water and saliva have some very important place incleaning your breath. These substances remove extra baggage from your mouthwhen you eat something. Saliva also helps you to swallow things easily. Making salivain proper and required amour in your mouth show that you have healthy system.If you don’t, then your mouth will be dry enough to make you a patient ofhalitosis. Your mouth can be extremely dry because of using medicines for along time, or you smoke excessively or drink coffee often. In other words,saliva or mouth water is very much important for avoiding the risk ofhalitosis.

4. Various Food intake can be a Reason Of Bad breath or Halitosis;

Thereare different sort of food items in human use that can have serious bad smellin your breath. Fortunately or unfortunately, these food items have otherbeneficial effects on human health that can’t ignored. They play a role ofantibiotics in your daily meals. Such as garlic, onion, and ginger. So youcannot get rid of them and willingly or unwillingly, you have to take them.These food items can cause halitosis. Not only just by eating them, but whenyou digest these items and they runs in your blood flow and interact with yourlungs, they became a big cause of developing halitosis. Moreover, eating foodand not washing your mouth thoroughly after every meal let the food particlesremain in your mouth and inside your teeth braces and thus leads to halitosis.Washing mouth after every meal is also mandatory for your teeth.   

5. over Consumption of Alcohol, Tobacco,Smoking Cigarette and Halitosis;

Of course, there is no doubt about it. Everything related to tobacco cause bad breath. Now the question is to which amount? The answer is there isn’t any specific amount of tobacco products which determine that by reaching on this amount, you will have halitosis. It solely depends upon person’s body status and capacity. Some people develop halitosis just after a minimal amount of tobacco products use. While other can have halitosis after years of consuming alcohol and tobacco use. https://www.theshreds.org/10-most-effective-ways-to-quit-smoking/Smoking cigarette not only develop bad breath, but also dries your mouth,therefore you can have gum disease and throat disease as well. Consuming alcohol and tobacco doesn’t only develop halitosis but also become a cause of heart attack, kidney failure, lung cancer and many other problems. These things have a terrible smell of their own. Which develop not only bad breath, but even your clothes smell bad.

6. Developing Halitosis can be a sign of other serious Diseases;

Itis seen more often that even if you don’t smoke cigarette, or drink alcohol, orchew tobacco, even then you may develop halitosis. And you fail to understandwhat would be a reason? In this scenario, an immediate physical test requiresto ensure what is the problem? Sometimes patient is effected with diabetes https://www.theshreds.org/diabetes-causes-symptoms-and-treatments/ , kidney stone or gastric reflux andtherefore halitosis appears. But patient won’t understand the reason. In thissituation a quick test report will identify the problem and with that disease,halitosis will also be cure.  

Renowned Symptoms of Halitosis;

Some visible symptoms of halitosis includes:

  • Extremely bad breath
  • Yellowish teeth
  • Gastric reflex
  • Sores in mouth
  • Reddish tongue
  • Gum disease
  • Nose infection

Symptoms can change according to person’s age, gender, atmosphere and living style. And treatment will also be according to this.

What to do to Prevent Halitosis in the First Place;  

Your dentist will guide you thoroughly about cleaning your teeth if you have halitosis. Strictly follow all the guidelines. You may be recommended by your dentist to use fluoride toothpaste for deep cleansing of teeth. Here is a thing to note that when you brush your teeth by yourself, only 60% of your teeth get cleanse. For remaining 40%, you will have to visit a dentist to do the job. If you are effective with halitosis, you should keep your brush with you at your work or school. Try to do brush after every eating. Even with water, for two minutes only. This will remove all the particles of food from your teeth.

Tongue Scraper;

What Causes Halitosis

Tonguescraper is a very good tool for cleansing your mouth. If you have halitosis.Tongue scraper not only cleans your tongue but also help to remove smell intoyour breath and mouth. Your dentist may be recommend you to do clean yourtongue with tongue scraper. It will remove all the particles of food and smellfrom your tongue, even if you took garlic and ginger. Tongue scraper is alsogood for tongue health.  

Mouthwash and Halitosis;

Mouthwashplays a fundamental role in removing smell from mouth. With halitosis,mouthwash are somewhat mandatory. You may be get instructions to rinse yourmouth daily with mouthwash. Specially, after taking alcohol, or any othersmelling or clinging substance, after half an hour you should rinse your mouthwith mouthwash. Brushing teeth and mouthwash are two different things. Don’tmingle these two processes.

Cleaning Your Teeth Cage: Denturesand Halitosis

Cleanliness means everything that can a slight chance of dirt. If your wear dentures, without any delay, clean your dentures thoroughly daily. It’s not compulsory to wear dentures all the time. You can take them off at night. And on that time you can clean them. Don’t go for toothpaste when it comes to cleaning your dentures. Always use soap or lukewarm water or dentures cleaning supplies to do the job. This will prevent plaque and halitosis.

How to Freshen Your Breath? 

The first and foremost tip, avoid alcohol. For freshen breath you need to avoid all the items that have a strong smell. Halitosis sometimes appears due to the over consumption of alcohol and substances similar to it. Take healthy diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle. https://www.theshreds.org/10-ways-to-get-a-healthy-stomach-naturally/Skip junk food and sweet items as much as you can. If you use medicine for something, drink plenty of water. This will cause saliva in your mouth and chances of halitosis will be minimized. Do exercise, inhale, exhale this will freshen your breath. And bad breath will be gone if temporary. 

The bottom Line;

Halitosis is not something that can’t be cured or treated. With proper care and treatment you will get rid of halitosis in no time. Follow your dentist instructions and visits every six months or of you have bitter condition due to halitosis, after 3 months a visit to the dentist will be beneficial. There isn’t anything to worry about. Halitosis will be gone from your life forever if you stick to your schedule and do no exceptions. But giving no pain to bad breath, and continuity to the careless lifestyle will invite halitosis in no time.

Causes of Halitosis


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