Lung cancer is the most common and anticipated disease in the world nowadays. It is because the majority of the world is living in the most polluted atmosphere, human beings ever had in their history. The worse part is that lung cancer is viral in men, women and even children. In the remote corners of the world, where there is not an adequate awareness about the diseases and access of the facilities, lung cancer prevailing on the large scale.

Because people neither have the knowledge about lung cancer, nor they trust on their government and their treatment for it. So, in results, doing herbal and home remedies for lung cancer, the majority of the patients dies every year due to lung cancer. Today, medical science is way better than ever. Along with the innumerable treatments for various other illnesses, the cure for lung cancer has been discovered and its not one treatment, the treatment for lung cancer has different types and mechanisms.

What is The Anticipated Age of Cancer Survivors after the Diagnosis?

This is the most interesting fact that science has proven to the human race. A certain limit of the age is being set for the people, who are diagnosed with any type of cancer. And this age limit has proven to be correct. People really do have that much age only, after the diagnosis of the cancer. However, exceptions apply, to those with whom luck stands firmly or who got lucky. But a certain age limit that is being set by the science has proven to be correct for around 80/100 times. The 20% people sometimes are on early stages or got tremendous luck. The average age after the diagnosis of any type of cancer is 5 years.

The patient will be alive for merely 5 years after the diagnosis of the disease. For example, a patient with bladder cancer will survive only five years after the diagnosis. In stomach cancer, normally doctors assure the patient for another 7 to 9 years of age more to live. In the liver cancer, the age limit usually reduces from 5 to 3 years. But, the overall age limit after the diagnosis is 5 years approximately.

How A Tumour Forms in the Body?

Among the all types of cancers, the lung cancer is the most difficult one to handle. Because it spread more rapidly than the others. First of all, you need to understand that, how a tumour forms in the human body? The nature has set a unit in the body that keep a check and balance on the cells production and distribution. This unit when work properly, it won’t let the cells produce beyond the limit.

It helps the cells to produce just according the demand of the body. But, when this unit’s performance gets disturbed and out of function, it fails to keep checking the cells demarcation and production. And when the cells start growing abnormally in the body and beyond the number or more than the body’s demand, then a tumour forms with these abnormal produced cells.

The Types of the Tumours:

Generally speaking, there are two types of tumours that cause cancer. These types are known as:

  1. Malignant tumours.
  2. Benign tumours.

As long as benign tumours are concerned, these are the tumours that forms in a specific area of the body, thus can be removed with a surgery or two. And the chances of getting these tumours or cancer are very rare. The malignant tumours on the other hand, are very dangerous type of tumours and cancer with the malignant tumours are hard to cure. Because this type of cancer spreads, whole over the body. The malignant tumours have this tendency to grow at a place and even spread in the other parts of the body. It spreads with the blood flow.

The germs and cells of the malignant tumours spread in the body with the blood flow or with the aspiratory system. Therefore, in lung cancer, it becomes very hard and difficult to cure the patient. The location of the lung cancer is not only confines to the lungs. Although the lungs are the most common place or location, where lung cancer take its place. But other than this, lung cancer can take place in the liver, bones and in the brain.

A Few Basic Realities of the Lung Cancer and Its Types:

Sadly speaking, the lung cancer is one of those very dangerous types of cancer, with which the majority of the world dies every year. Regardless of the gender. In plain words, men, women and children and especially in the United States of America and in Canada, people dies due to lung cancer on a large scale. The major reason behind this, is smoking. Whether it is direct smoking or indirect (passive) smoking. There have been discovered types of the long cancer. Such as:

  1. The small cell lung cancer. (SCLC)
  2. The non-small cell lung cancer. (NSCLC)

In both of the types, the survival rate is low. If the patient is in the early stages, the life rate is approximately five years. And if the patient is not in the early stages, the survival rate will be reduced to a minimum level. Treatment for the lung cancer include:

  • Surgery.
  • Chemotherapy.
  • Radiation therapy.
  • Immunotherapy.
  • Targeted therapy.
  • Other advanced methods.

These methods will be applied to the patient after examining its age, gender and medical history.

The Primary Responsibilities of the Lung:

As you know that the main work of the lung is connected with the breathing. That is why, when a person develop lung cancer, it is very difficult to survive all at once. The major task of the lung is to exchange the suitable gas with the unsuitable gas, within the air. The lung does this work for the better working of the body. The lungs main duty is to extract carbon dioxide into the blood and enter the oxygen into the body.

For that, the right lung is somehow different from the left lung, as long as its anatomy is concerned. The difference between the two lungs is just of the lobes. The right one has three lobes, whereas the left lung has two. When the person gets the lung cancer the performance of the lung affects badly.

Renowned Symptoms of the Lung Cancer:

The intriguing part of lung cancer is, its symptoms are very complex apart from mere coughing or lack of breathing properly. You may be surprised to know that constant shoulder pain or black spot in front of one of your eyes can also be the symptom of lung cancer and the production of its tumour in the body.

If a person feels an eye lid, heavy all the time or a spot in front of the eye, it may be a sign of a malignant tumour of lung cancer producing in the body. Other than this, some very attention grabbing symptoms of lung cancer are:

Symptoms of the Lung Cancer
  1. Heavy coughing that can’t stop and gets worse.
  2. Blood in the mucus or spit while coughing, that comes out from the mouth.
  3. Sharp pain in the chest with coughing, breathing and laughing.
  4. Loss of appetite.
  5. Visible weight loss.
  6. Having shortness of breath most of the time in a day.
  7. Yellowish skin of the face and yellow eyes just like happens in jaundice, if the lung cancer is prevailing in the liver.
  8. Fatigue and weakness.
  9. Pain in the bones, such as in the spinal cord or neck and in shoulder.
  10. Headache and dizziness.
  11. Numbness in the arms and legs most of the time.
  12. Lymph nodes in the neck and shoulders.

Other than these symptoms, a person can have other types of symptoms which will highly determined by the atmosphere he/she lives in and the lifestyle he/she is leading.

What are The Most Popular Causes of Developing Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is not something that will develop on its own. When you do something unusual and ruthless with your body, only when you will develop lung cancer. This is not the type of cancer that will be developed due to the family history or inherent in the parents. Lung cancer will largely develop due to your own deeds and your own misbehaviour with the body. These cause are:

Smoking, Smoking and Smoking;

The first and foremost reason of developing lung cancer is smoking and use of tobacco products. People are dying due to tobacco use on a large number in the world every year. If you are a smoker, the chances of getting lung cancer in you rise up to 90%. It is said that a person who smokes a pack of cigarettes per day, reduces 8 to 10 years of his life. Tobacco products have those chemicals and toxic particles in them that become a big cause of developing cancer.

It is seen in the research that tobacco have over 3000 toxic chemicals that are being found in the cancer cells. A person who smokes cigarettes is close to having lung cancer in the future 25 times more than a person who doesn’t smoke at all. Similarly, a person who smokes a cigar, pipe, crystal and e-cigarette is 5 times more near to develop lung cancer than a non smoker. You can now estimate, how far or close you are from getting caught up in lung cancer.

Pollution in the Air;

People who works in the factory area or who have a vehicle to run all day long, most likely to develop lung cancer in comparison, if they don’t cover their face to prevent these toxic chemicals entering their lungs. It is seen in people, who have their jobs in the industrial areas or houses there have the toxic chemicals in their lungs. And every 1 out of 10 dies, who develop lung cancer due to the polluted atmosphere and such environment that has no tree in it.

Approximately 2% of lung cancer develop in the people because of the toxic atmosphere. Same risk is present with the passive smoking like a cigar, pipe or e-cigarette.

Any Kind of Serious Lung Disease and Disorder;

This point does not need much debate or demonstration. Of course, when you develop some sort of serious problem related to the lungs, the chances of getting lung cancer will be brighten then ever before. There is a specific disease, namely COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). This disease higher the risks of lung cancer in the patient deliberately.

Pulmonary means the scarring of the lung and of course it is not good for the lung health. People who have pollen allergy every year in March and April should also be really very careful about their lungs. You should always be very careful about your lungs if you want to avoid the terrible aftermath of the lung cancer.

Treatments for Lung Cancer:

As we have discussed above about the treatments for lung cancer, science has discovered various other methods and ways to curing such diseases. Those main treatments which are proved to be effective in this disease are;

The Surgery:

In which the lobe that has been affected by the lung cancer, will be removed. It will remove the tumour. Surgery normally suggested to those patients who are in the initial stages of lung cancer. Surgery will also help to remove the tumours completely and will reduce the chances of getting those tumours again. But one thing is important to note that, those who have good health condition overall and those who are in the early stages of lung cancer will receive a lung cancer free life back.

But the bad thing is that, a smoker usually gets to know about lung cancer in the age of 50 approximately and it is not the early stages of the disease. So, even after the surgery, the patient will not receive satisfactory results totally.

The Process of Chemotherapy:

The procedures of chemotherapy are widely used in the world these days to cure many types of cancers. Chemotherapy treatment is used with people of all ages. The main task of chemotherapy is to slow down the growth of the tumours that forms in this type of disease. It has a chemical that the doctor will directly induce in your vein. This chemical destroys the cells of the cancer and will also slow the progression of the tumours.

People who are in good health condition already, will be cured more rapidly with the chemotherapy treatment. The doctor often do 5 to 6 chemotherapies before the surgery. If the patient recovers by these chemotherapy, they won’t go for surgery, but if the tumours of the lung cancer won’t remove from the body, then the experts will go for the surgery and will do 2 to 3 chemotherapies after that.

The Radiation Therapy:

Treatments for lung cancer

As you are aware of the fact that the lung cancer is not only affect the lungs, but it also disturbs the working and the quality of the brain, liver and bones. And radiation therapy is just right for the other organs in this disease apart from the brain. It will form a high level x-ray that will abruptly eliminate and destroy the cancer cells. Radiation therapy will squeeze the tumours.

This therapy stays in the affected area even after the surgery and treatment. For eliminating the cancer cells from the organs like the brain and liver that produces because of the lung cancer, the radiation therapy is the best option.

The Bottom Line:

Last but not least, To avoid the chances of getting caught up in lung cancer, you need to stay strong on the precautions that are prescribed by the health professionals. Which are actually not so hard to adopt. First of all, plant trees and shrubs as much as possible around you. One tree can supply the cooling of ten air conditioners approximately, at one time. For preventing the catastrophe you should be around the greenery as much as you can.

Most importantly, Inhale and exhale early in the morning, in the ground. It will fill your lungs with oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide. Wear mask and shields whenever you go out or in the dusty polluted areas. Give up smoking if you want to live a life that has no risks of such type of disease. It’s hard to say, but maintain a distance to your dear ones, if they are smokers. Because living close to those people who are smokers or chain smokers will cause problems for yourself.

Above all, Because you are breathing near to them and inhaling and exhaling. So, the chances of lung cancer become heightened along with the chain smokers. Herbal teas will also provide good results. These teas have antioxidants that are proven to have excellent results in improving overall health. Exhaust all the options for the prevention of this problem and live a peaceful, cancer-free healthy life.      


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