The 21st century has where, uncountable facilities, luxuries and loopholes, it has some intriguing situations, diseases and sudden invading problems too. But because mankind’s progression has gone too high that’s why every situation has a solution today. Every disease has a cure today. Whether it is giant like cancer or tumour or whether it is as tiny and minor as the flu. Absolutely, the flu is a minor health condition unless, you don’t make it major one. Focus on what flu causes?

Its we are, who don’t pay attention on the consequences and then we have to deal with the major and worse condition of flu. That takes the worse shape by infecting lungs with its virus. You may get flu by virus in the air or climate change or with the carelessness in the diet. And normally people think that it will be gone eventually within 3 days. And it does happen normally, but if it doesn’t, of your flu doesn’t go after 3 days, then it’s not an ordinary flu. You need to double check the causes behind it.

The Flu! Definition and Types;

The flu that’s the common name of the word influenza.  Flu is the chronic respiratory tract infection. The virus that becomes a cause for the flu is known as influenza virus. This virus affects many of the living beings on the planet earth, including human, animals and birds. This virus sometimes becomes this much dangerous, that it sicken innumerable people and even cause death of thousands of people. Common types of the flu are:

  • A: pandemic of the flu.
  • B: major outbreak of the flu.
  • C: mild respiratory tract.

The flu is the most common and experience sort of infection in the world. Initially, a person with flu, gets cold, slight fever, cough, sore throat, nausea or vomiting (very rare) and headache with the flu. If you pick up the symptoms and start the treatment, you will get rid of the flu in minimum time. The symptoms of flu sustain for about a week or two. So you can easily identify what you are suffering from. And can come out of the situation.

Normally people recover from the flu with least problem or no problem. But if you don’t pay attention on the mild flu, you can get infected with the virus and this would turn the situation into something different. The death ratio because of the cold flu virus is 0.1.

Global Scenario of the Flu Patients: A Rough Estimate;

As you are aware of the fact that flu is a global problem. Each and every country is dealing with it. Regardless of region and climate system. The metrics about the flu are somewhat terrifying and obnoxious. Because this illness starts with a minor condition and actually can lead the patient to death. Some calculations are established regarding the flu, such as:

  • Around 250,000 to 500,000 people dies every year because of the flu in the world.
  • Above 200,000 people are hospitalized due to the flu in America.
  • 40,000 People dies in America because of the flu.
  • Those countries that have industries in numbers have the death ratio because of the flu at the age of 65 only.
  • Virus of the flu stays for weeks in those countries, that has more patients of the flu.
  • The government and the agencies recommend that these countries should initiate vaccination for the flu every year.

Conditions in the Flu;

Because it is a viral infection, it primarily effects your respiratory system. And when it does, it will hit your upper respiratory tract, your nose and related organs. And then lower respiratory tract, such as throat and lungs. If the patient doesn’t opt for effective treatment, he/she can develop pneumonia symptoms, which will create even more problems for the patient.

The patient will develop muscle pain and body pain with flu. Most of the time, the flu gets resolved on its own by the strong immune defensive system. But most of the time flu can create more complications than estimated. Which can be deadly, if not treated with care. These complications can be included:

  • Toddlers and children with the age of 5.
  • Older people with the age of 65, approximately.
  • Who have been hospitalized for a while.
  • Pregnant Ladies.
  • Humans with lower immune system.
  • Long term patients with diabetes, asthma, diarrhoea, heart and kidney disease.
  • People with the BMI (body mass index) of 40 or higher than 40.

Major Causes of the Flu in the World;

The bad part about the flu is that it can prevail in people by just breathing. This virus travels among the people when the patient sneeze or cough or gets closer to you. The transmission of the flu virus is reported more efficient in the crowded area in people as compared to the isolated lots.

A normal person can easily inhale the virus of the flu just by breathing. The second major cause of getting the flu virus is touching those objects that are being touched or used by the patient. For instance, computer, keyboard, car keys, pillow, towel, mobile and spoon, etc. You can receive the flu virus by the patient’s eyes mouth and nose.

how to get rid of flu

A few developments of the symptoms of the flu starts 5 days before the invasion of the actual disease. This is the normal scenario. In women and children, who have a little bit less strong immune system, the symptoms starts before 10 days almost similarly, these people get relief from the flu with the same gradual speed.

The Most Common Timing of the Occurrence of the Flu in the People (Periodically Review);

In northern areas of the world, the flu occur in the winter season, from December to February almost. This season with the virus of the flu get dangerous for the older people and death ratio of older people due to the flu or pneumonia increase significantly. In southern areas of the world, the flu attack on the people, mostly from June till August. Tropical countries have seasonal changes for the flu virus invasion.

Renowned Symptoms of the Flu;

When a person gets the flu, at first it looks like a normal cold with a leaking nose, scaly throat and cough. There is a marked difference between the flu and the colds. Usually, colds develop gradually, whereas the flu comes rapidly and even reach to its climax with the same speed. Although the condition in the colds can be a nuisance, but the condition in the flu is far worse than the colds. Its germs are so intense and lethal, that made the patient restless and miserable. Common symptoms are:

Flu Treatment
  1. High temperature up to 103.F.
  2. Pain in the limbs, (legs and arms).
  3. Sweats and chilling.
  4. Heavy head and headache.
  5. Cough and dryness in the throat.
  6. Weakness.
  7. Block nose.
  8. Sore throat and scaling.
  9. Diarrhoea and vomiting.
  10. Loss of the sense of smell (only during the flu).

The time duration for the symptoms is within 3 to 7 days. Means approximately one week. One condition that terrific is pneumonia that can develop because of the virus and bacteria of the flu. Rye’s syndrome can cause two other damages to the patient. One is the liver disease and the other is brain damage and malfunction. Although these conditions are very rare, but still these conditions can happen, if you don’t treat the influenza B with proper treatment.

Some Basic Reasons that Triggers Flu in You;

Obviously, there are some basic reasons that triggers the opportunity of developing the flu in you. Certainly, you may have some sorts of weaknesses in you that eventually led you to develop the flu. These reasons are difficult to ignore, but with some help, some of them can be recovered from their bad shapes. Such as:

1. Your Age: although the flu may affect you in all ages, regardless of gender still if you are young the chances of getting caught up in the flu are rare, and even if you do, you will get rid of it soon. But people with old age and children easily caught up in flu and their recovery is also gradual.
2. Weak Immune System: People who take medicines for the bigger Diseases like cancer, HIV, and liver damage makes their immune system very feeble. Because of this, flu attacks on these people more often and complications related to the flu also trigger these people.

3. Any Chronic Disease: long term diseases for instance, heart disease, asthma, diabetes and others similar to these may higher the risk of the flu in the patient or may indulge in the complications.

4. Pregnant Ladies: a pregnant woman is often reported with the complaints about the flu and complications related to it. Women often develop the flu right after their second trimester of pregnancy or in the third trimester.
5.Obesity and the flu: People who get fat and have high cholesterol levels, develops flu and its further complications. Your weight needs to be under control, if you want to stay away from the flu.

Can Someone Dies because of the Flu? If yes, then how does the Flu lead You to Death?

how to get rid of flu quickly

The flu can be very dangerous if it’s persistent. Means to say, that if you suffer from the flu for more than 5 days, it can be very dangerous. It is reported by the experts that a person can actually die because of the flu because of severe breathing problems and dehydration. Basically, in the severe flu, the bacteria attack strongly in the lungs. This cause serious infection in your lungs.

This is the main reason that produces the chances of pneumonia. In the flu pneumonia, these bacteria cause inflammation in the lungs. And become the reason of a serious infection. Because oxygen doesn’t pass through the lungs during the flu, children and old people find it very difficult to breathe. And because of the extreme discharge of the fluid and water, dehydration occurs in the patient of the flu.

What is Sepsis? And it’s Connection with the Flu?

Sepsis is the other chronic condition of the body which can deliver the results in the shape of the death of the patient. It’s a condition when your body overacts towards any sort of infection. Obviously, when an infection highly infected a body, it will result the failure of various organs such as organ damage or organ failure. The organs that get damaged or fail due to sepsis, including heart, kidney and the brain. The brain gets swelled with the infection in the flu. These organs if gets damaged can cause the death of the patient.

Some of the Best and Most Experienced Treatments for the Flu;

The flu is the only chronic condition of the body that can’t be cured by the antibiotics. The reason behind this fact that this is the viral infection. This disease is caused by a virus that could be further lead you to pneumonia or other sort of viral infection, so antibiotics won’t work. However, antiviral medicines such as,

  • Tamiflu.
  • Relenza.

These are the most common medicines to be used in the flu or in influenza A and B. These medications have different style intakes. The Tamiflu will be taken orally while the Relenza will be inhaled in the shape of the powder, straight in the nose. Above all, the patient should opt for the vaccination. The common symptoms of the flu are treated majorly with the proper vaccination.

The vaccination;

These symptoms consist of headache and body pain. Painkillers tablets should be used to relief these symptoms, but only with the doctor’s advice. Don’t take any medicine or even painkiller without doctor’s advice. Whenever you decide to go for the vaccination, remember that you need to consider which type of vaccination your body requires right now. There are basically two types of vaccine;

  1. Flu shots.
  2. Nasal-Spray Flu vaccine.

The flu shot vaccine is performed with a needle that will be induced straight in the vein of the arm. This type of vaccine can be applied on every patient just older than six months. Even the older people with even chronic flu problem can opt in for the flu shot. The other vaccine called the nasal flu spray is a vaccine the is constructed for the live flu viruses that don’t cause illness, but remain in the body. Remember one thing that vaccination should never be considered as a treatment.

Vaccination is the pre-flu precaution only. The vaccination is only administrated to make the body’s immune system stronger than the germs of the virus that invaded on the body and cause flu. This isn’t treatment, but a strong process for the flu free body.

Important Precautions and Preventions for the Flu;

As you are aware of the fact that the only thing that can save you from the flu is the vaccine. Especially when you are dealing with influenza A or B. The vaccine will be available in two types;

  1. Killed Vaccine: this vaccine contains killed microorganisms which can only suits to the adults. This type of vaccine only given in the pre-flu season. For instance, in the mid of October.
  2. Attenuated Vaccine: this is the slow type of vaccine. That’s why it only applies in children and pregnant ladies. Just because its virus is weaker, that’s why this vaccine is taken from the nasal passages. People with the weak immune system also recommended to have attenuated vaccine for the flu. But because this vaccine is made of eggs, white that’s why people who are allergic to eggs shouldn’t have this vaccine.

The vaccines for the prevention of the flu should be given to all the people with all ages. It is recommended for the followings:

  • The patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, renal dysfunction and others should always adopt precautions for the flu.
  • People who work in public places and drive public transports or to physical task should always take extra precautions for the flu and influenza A and B.
  • Children, women, pregnant ladies and older people should opt for vaccines.

Some other prevention includes:

  • All the government or non government buildings have proper exhaustion and ventilation.
  • During the flu and all type of flu, shouldn’t go outside or public places.
  • One should cover its mouth and nose during the flu.
  • Never let other people use your utensils or other personal stuff.
  • Dispose the used tissue and handkerchiefs in the bin.
  • Take extra care of the physical cleanliness.
  • Maintain proper distance with the flu patients.
  • Try to stay at home while having the flu.

During the flu:

  • Keep yourself relaxed and warm.
  • Your water intake should be ample.
  • Stop taking alcohol.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Eat if you can.
  • Seek medical attention.

The Bottom Line;

The flu is the chronic disease. If it is normal, then it will be gone in a couple of days. But it you have a persistent type of flu, you need to take medical advice for it. Because the flu when turn into influenza A or B then it becomes a problem and need immediate assistance.

Negligence in the flu can be dangerous and even end up with your death or some sort of cancer. Your lungs can badly, if you don’t pay attention on a long term flu virus. Get the vaccination that is designed for the flu virus. Your life is really precious. Don’t waste it in negligence of these minor diseases like cough, cold, fever and the flu.


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