Do you know? Your blood not only flows in your veins. But is also flows under your skin. In this way, veins and skins both are equally important and deserves to remain under care and attention. Nature has created your veins in such a manner that they don’t cross each other in an absurd shape. And even if they cross, still they can easily pass through each other and don’t create varicose veins.

But when veins couldn’t easily pass each other, they get tangled up. When your veins tangled up, easy and rapid blood flow becomes a problem. This condition, called varicose veins. Such veins are a complex condition of the veins and the patient feels intrigue in this situation. This normally happens to women more than men.

Type of Veins;

If you have seen a human structure or a dead body from inside right after the death you can thoroughly examine the types of veins in a human body. Speaking of, there are mainly three types if vein in a body.

Type of Veins and Varicose Veins
  1. The Arteries.
  2. The Capillaries.
  3. The Veins.

The duty of the arteries is to carry the blood far away from the heart for its proper functioning. The arteries are somewhat large in size as compared to the veins. The capillaries works like a mutual ground between blood and tissues and water and chemicals. The capillaries works like a third party that exchange water and chemicals that enters into the body, with the blood and tissue.

The veins are large in number and spread widely in the whole body. The veins are normal and even small in size. Varicose veins produces from the dysfunctional behaviour of the veins. The vein’s task is to bring back the blood to the arteries. Because your heart needs clean and pure blood. The veins bring back the blood from capillaries, towards the heart.

What is the Difference between dysfunctional Veins and Spider Veins?

Although veins are moderate in size and shape, but when these veins turns into varicose veins, these veins get swollen, large in size, and twisted. In other words, this type of veins are those blood vessels that turned and twisted to the other side and because of the turn and twist, these veins become large in size. You can easily see such type of veins in the legs. Varicose veins can easily see through skin. Your legs have somehow larger veins than the arms that’s why when your those veins become such dysfunctional veins, it becomes even more large and vivid to be seen.

Whereas these veins are large in size, spider veins are very small, tiny veins. These veins usually have a colour of blue and purple. These veins are also have the aptitude for turn and twist and get dark blue or dark purple colour. You can witness these veins in your face, legs, feet and arms. Both varicose and spider veins are blood vessels that can be turn and twist because of anything unusual happens.

Renowned Causes of Varicose Veins;

The causes of varicose veins could be many. People usually don’t pay attention on their veins even after seeing them turn into varicose veins from normal veins. The majority of the world considers this as a result of the changes in blood pressure. Some people think that they have exceeded the amount of cholesterol in their blood that’s why these veins have turned into varicose veins. But facts are somehow similar to these reasons and somewhat different too. Such as:

Varicose Veins
  • Tumours.Inherited from parents.
  •  Pregnancy.
  • Menopause.
  • Birth control pills.
  • Hormonal changes after menopause.
  • Extra weight gain or obesity.
  • Profession that demands your physical input more than mental influence.
  • The history of blood clotting, anywhere in the body.
  •  Tumours.
  • Aptitude of wearing very tight clothes that can block your blood to flow easily.
  • Surgery or the history of surgeries.
  • Skin problems.
  • Regular exposure to the sun rays.

Other causes will be according to the patient’s age, gender, and lifestyle he/she pursue. However, normally varicose veins develop in women more than men.

What Happens When You have Varicose Veins? Symptoms and Conditions;

The patient who is suffering from varicose veins sometimes complains of mild or sharp pain in it. With the pain in varicose veins, the patient also calls for cramps in legs and strained muscles in the legs. The patient feels numbness in the legs and feet also heaviness in the legs is reported. Restlessness, sensation, tiredness are the other common signs of these type of veins. In women, these conditions are even worse. Especially in pregnancy or in periods.

Where conditions get hyper as compared to the usual. Women feel pain and restlessness in the legs. Sometimes, especially in women, such veins generate a blood clot by inflammation in the veins that halt the blood from flowing. Such conditions can only be relieved by elevating the legs and by giving heat to the affected area of the body. Only then, the pain and clot would be gone.

Best possible Treatments for Varicose Veins;

Of course, varicose veins is not something you should avoid. If you witness varicose veins in you, never take it lightly. It may not hurt you initially, but with the passage of time, such type of veins will essentially start delivering the bad impact of it. Therefore, one should consider all the best possible treatments regarding this kind of health problem. In this manner, some treatments are lined up for these problematic veins such as:

Self care is very much important not only for varicose veins, but also for your overall health. Doing exercise and workout such as jogging, running, and weight lifting get better the blood flow and prevent blood clot to form and block the blood flow. In the process of losing weight also help varicose veins to develop. Try not to wear tight clothes. This is the biggest reason for varicose veins. Do not stand for hours. Standing for long hours produces problems.

2.Vein Surgery (Endoscopy) in Varicose Veins;

Causes of Varicose Veins

Surgery will only prescribe when your veins get worse. In this process, the patient often feels frightened and confuse regarding the procedures of the operation. In the operation of varicose veins, your doctor insert a camera into your vein and examine what is the situation then with some tools, your doctor will separate the varicose veins from the normal veins. Endoscopic treatment is very famous nowadays. Women, especially should go for this treatment as they don’t feel it’s good to have such legs, that have such veins. This is a kind of minor operation.

3.Narrow Stockings and Varicose Veins;

Narrow stockings are the easiest and the quickest way to get relief from the varicose veins. Wearing stockings will squeeze your legs. When your legs get squeezed, the blood flow will be faster than usual. This will help to remove the clot. Wearing such stockings will also help your blood to run through your muscles more efficiently. So initially wearing narrow stockings cam be considered as a primary treatment at home for varicose veins.

4.Laser Treatment and Varicose Veins;

Just like operation and surgery, laser treatment is same as effective as Endoscopy. In this sort of treatment the doctor will locate the problematic veins and with laser light, remove it from the normal veins. But laser light treatment has some minor drawbacks too. Laser treatment can produce hypertension in you. Kidney failure, gall bladder infection and stones and liver dysfunctional behaviour are the common problems in laser treatment of such veins.

The Bottom Line;

Varicose veins are common in people, especially in women these days. The Women, apart from the other health complications such as, pregnancy difficulties,  period cramps, and post menopause problems have to deal with such veins as this condition mostly found in women. Minor problem can be cured at home with effective home remedies. However, severe problem will get better by professional treatment and with complete medical attention.


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