Most of the people consider this a taboo topic. But it is not. It’s about you and your health. If you are a woman or an adult or an unmarried girl, you must have been dealt with some issues like this. Because a human vagina is a living being in itself.  It has its own health conditions. Which must have to be addressed. Before anything bad may have happened. Vaginal itching or vaginitis issues are common health conditions that every female faces in her regular life and during daily pursuits. It has much to do with your lifestyle and environment around you.

Vaginitis definition and illustration:

As you are aware of the fact that vaginitis comes from the word vagina. It is that particular area of a female body from where the body  receives male spams from outside. It is also that area from where menstrual blood flows. Vaginitis issues are those health conditions that a vagina deals with. In any case of infection and disease when a vagina gets swollen, hurt, ache and injured, it is called vaginitis problem. It is a common health condition in which vagina may be painful, hurting or get swollen. Normally, vaginitis gets better on its own in a few days. But if there is an injury, the patient will have to see a doctor for a complete treatment of vaginitis.

What is vulva and what is the difference between vulva and vagina?

I find it quite amusing when people call a female lower part a vagina. People need to be very careful while choosing words. The area between the legs in a female body that includes the softer part and the lips of that portion is basically called vulva. That’s not vagina. Vagina is fixed inside a portion of the body. But the portion that is being shown outside the body which contains a softer area, two lips and external holes are basically vulva. It is the doorway, a passage that connects the outer world to the inside world of the body. 

Why does a female get wet in vaginitis issues or even in normal life? 

A human vagina extracts a watery, milky, whitish fluid from time to time. This fluid is called lubricants. Body generates the process of lubrication just to make sure that the vagina stays healthy and moisturized. These lubricants produce due to hormones’ up and down. This may happen throughout the month, within your cycle. When the estrogens are high in the body, you will discharge the water, and even when they are low you will discharge it anyway. 

If this particular area gets dry or does not produce lubricant. And if the process of lubricating stops for whatsoever reason, it will make the vagina scaly, scratchy, dry and hard. Which is significantly harmful for the body. That is why every female body produces lubricants and discharges them through vagina from time to time. It’s normal and healthy. The question is when it is not normal? And when the process of lubrication is not healthy? It will be discussed later in this article. 

Every wetness or watery fluid is not a normal wetness; difference between normal discharge and specific vaginitis issues:

Women tend to develop so many health complications just because they don’t pay attention to their regular physical routines and changes. Know that watery discharge from your vagina regularly or after a day is normal. And it’s normal when the quantity is not more than a teaspoon. But if you are discharging fluid or water from your vagina regularly and after a couple of hours, and if the quantity of your discharge is more than two tablespoons, this is an alarming situation and you need to see your doctor as soon as possible. To understand these measures and disease types, in which you extract more fluid and what colour this water has, here are some of the vaginitis issues discussed to let you understand which kind of health condition you are having currently.

Heavy weight lifting cause vaginitis
  1. Cervical fluids: These kinds of fluids contain protein in them. They are more sticky and flexible like cottage cheese. A human body that is having more protein and extra fat on it, will discharge cervical watery or sticky fluids. Sometimes, it comes out in bulk and most of the time in a day. The more you drink water or burn your fat and use your protein by doing physical activity, the less these sorts of fluids will extract.
  2. Pregnancy: In pregnancy, women tend to have more health complications than their usual, normal lives. Some women develop diabetes while some deal with gestrogestical problems. Vaginitis is another most common issue. And excessive water discharges from vagina also. Of course the hormones lack the balance therefore fluctuations in this balance cause a white milky fluid coming out from the vulva most of the time.
  3. Heavy weight lifting: This one is obvious and never skips. Whenever a girl lifts weight beyond to her capacity, it will make her discharge her water. And it is obvious. It is so obvious that even if she lifts the weight in the morning, she will certainly have the heavy discharge segment, even late at night, but she will have it. And the discharge will be heavy. This kind of fluid extract from the spinal cord and hence the overall strength and power of the female body discharges from the body. You may have witnessed that whenever you release such a fluid after pulling heavy objects, you will feel tiredness and fatigue.
  4. Before menstrual cycle: It is a part of ovulation. When your body is preparing for its menstrual cycle to start, it ovulates and discharges the fluids. It’s a part of a normal activity. But remember that the discharge should be normal and not more than a teaspoon.
  5. Leukorrhea or Leucorrhoea: It’s a disease in which a female body discharges heavy, sticky, whitish or yellowish fluids. And which is quite smelly. It causes weakness and fatigue. It’s a serious vaginitis problem and requires medical assistance.
  6. Birth control pills: You may say that it is the most valid cause of vaginitis problems. Whenever women take birth control pills to prevent pregnancy, it creates problems in their vagina. Most of the vaginitis conditions occur due to this. It causes itchy vagina, pain and also swelling. It also causes smelly, pale or green watery discharge from your vagina. If you’re having troubles like this after taking such pills, talk to your doctor immediately, your doctor will replace these pills to some other one.

Common causes of vaginitis problems:

Here are the few most common causes of vaginitis which usually happens when any kind of health complications regarding the vagina women face.  

These causes are;

Symptoms of vaginitis issues in women:

The symptoms are quite vivid and clear to diagnose a problem like this. And remember that if you experience such symptoms more often, rush to your doctor before any damage. If you develop any kind of vaginitis health complications, you may have;

  • Pain in the vagina or in the vulva.
  • Swollen vaginal area.
  • Red or scratchy vagina.
  • Rashes in the vulva.
  • Frequent discharge of watery substance.
  • Fluid discharge from vagina which will be white or green or pale in colour.
  • The fluids will be in bulk (more than two mml.)
  • The fluid will be sticky, and long.
  • Itchy vagina. 
  • Discomfort in the vaginal area.
  • Irregularities in menstruation. 

What to do to prevent vaginitis complications in the first place?

All in all, if you want to prevent vaginitis in the first place, you will have to follow a few of the instructions to halt this health complication. Vaginitis, if not treated in the long run, will cause cervix problems. Also it makes the woman agitated and frustrated because a human vagina and vulva is one of the most sensitive areas of a woman and it has to be problem free.

A few points are mentioned for your understanding to make your vaginal area healthy and hygienic. Which will prevent vaginitis risks ultimately, such as;

Wear loose clothes to prevent vaginitis
  1. Wear loose clothes. Your undergarments should be clean, hygienic and loose fitting.
  2. Wash and clean vulva after every discharge and change your undergarment.
  3. Don’t apply perfumes or sprays directly on your vaginal area; it will cause vaginitis issues.
  4. Do not induce any hard probe into your vulva.
  5. Avoid birth control pills. Use others ways to prevent pregnancy. It will cause undue wetness.
  6. Women aren’t supposed to pull heavy weight. It is not good for their fertility. 
  7. Avoid junk food. Flour causes more watery fluids discharge from vagina. It also causes obesity and then creates issues for reproduction.
  8. Maintain a healthy diet and do light exercises. 
  9. Incase of any vaginitis disease, talk to your doctor without much delay. 
  10.  Take good care of yourself if your age is upto 40. In this age the chances of vaginitis complications are higher because the body has taken too much of the phases. Like puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, birth control medications and menopause.

The final words:

Vaginitis is not a serious condition at first, but if you don’t pay attention to this condition, it will make you suffer. Because this is the most sensitive area of the body outside, apart from breasts. Therefore, it is mandatory for the human body to be protected. Know that vagina always needs cleanliness and hygiene. And when cleanliness and comfortable surroundings aren’t provided to the vaginal area and vulva, it will end up with rashes, pain, swelling, scratches and water discharge in extra quantities. No matter if you are an unmarried girl or a married woman, a mother or a grandmother, you have to take care of your vulva or vaginal area inside out to prevent vaginitis. 


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