Food! One of the basic needs human yearning for. And one of the most important thing for humans to survive. Man does anything and everything just to have food of his choice. And this is something right to do. But what is not right is a lack of proportion. You do have good food and food of your choice, but you need to maintain a balance between demand and need. It’s the space age, where diseases are just one step away from you. So you can have food within the limits if you have diabetes. You cannot have the food out of your body’s limits.

Means that even if the food you are having is your favourite, still you can’t have it beyond to your limits. This will surely invite bad news to your health. And the most common bad news these days regarding health is diabetes. Which is spreading among people mercilessly regardless of gender, age and even without its history of the patient. Improper or excessive food isn’t the only cause of it. This health problem has a whole background and reasons behind it to infect a person.

Diabetes!  A Disease with Long Term Effects on the Patient;

Yes! You have read the right heading. It is actually a disease that put a long term effects on a human’s health. However, there are very visible chances to control it. But if you don’t control diabetes, it will surely give bad effects on the quality of life and can damage even some other parts of the body. That’s why, if a person is affected with this health issue, he/she should immediately consult the physician and seek medical attention without further delay.

Herbal remedies or life hacks with diabetes will only worsen the condition. It is not something you can cure at home. Of course, herbal and home remedies do help, but only 30 percent. The rest of the 70 percent treatment will only complete with the medicines your doctor prescribes after examining your whole health condition.

How Many Types Do The Diabetes Have?

Diabetes is such a health condition, in which your blood sugar levels talks to the sky. It actually depends upon which type of lifestyle you are having and which type of food intake you prefer the most. This is not a simple disease. In the modern world, it has its types and categories. Generally speaking, it has three types. Type one and type two. These two types are most common. The other one, number three is Gestational diabetes.

The ratio of type one diabetes is approximately 10 percent. In this type of diabetes your pancreas doesn’t produce insulin. The ratio of type two diabetes is high and about 85 percent people are having type two diabetes. In this type of diabetes, the pancreas produces enough insulin, actually more than from the body’s demand. Unfortunately, the patients with type two diabetes are increasing day by day in the world’s chart. Gestational diabetes develops in the females during pregnancy. Because a woman eat and drink a little more than usual and take rest that’s why develop this type of diabetes. Moreover, it can also develop according to the weight of a woman during pregnancy. If she is fat, before getting the additional weight of pregnancy than she can surely develop gestational diabetes. But as soon as she delivers the baby, the whole machinery will get back into the shape it was and so much so the temporary diabetes will also be gone.

What Causes Diabetes in Humans?

The causes of diabetes have unfortunately developed because of us. It’s actually we are, who do not take enough care of ourselves and doesn’t give much attention to the early signs, that eventually leads us towards it. When your immune system doesn’t support you the way it should, diabetes develops. Your pancreas produces insulin. That the body takes when needed.

If your pancreas doesn’t produce insulin or produce insulin more than the demand, then even after using the needed amount, your pancreas keeps releasing insulin in the body. Which will further hit your other body parts too. This cause diabetes. The experts say that type one diabetes develops due to environmental impact and weak immune system (a system in the body that fights against germs that comes from outside) and sometimes because of the viruses. Common causes of all types of diabetes are:

symtoms of diabetes
  1. Age factor.
  2. Excessive weight gain.
  3. Excessive use of sugar and sweets.
  4. A non active lifestyle.
  5. Dysfunctional pancreas.
  6. Too much eating, whether sweet or sour.
  7. Environmental impact.
  8. Weak immune system.
  9. Inherited from the parents and grandparents.
  10. By birth, having the germs of diabetes.

How will You Figure Out that You are Developing Diabetes? Signs and Symptoms;

Diabetes is a sort of disease which have very vivid sign and symptoms. That if you have adequate knowledge about diabetes sign and symptoms, you will easily figure out if you are having diabetes or not. Regardless of age and gender, some common signs develop in every person. Whether you are a man or woman or kid or old person. Because human machinery’s mechanism is almost the same apart from some organs. That’s why, when diabetes hits, the symptoms have felt the same. Common signs and symptoms include:

Symptoms may vary according to the age and gender, but the conditions will be the same.

Which Other Parts of the Body will be Hit by Diabetes?

Well, it’s not so hard to guess. If you go through the symptoms, you will find out which parts of your body will affect the most with diabetes. Diabetes not only affects the inner organs, but it also damages the outside organs too. Those organs that diabetes can damage, more or less are:

  1. Complications in the eyes.
  2. Ulcer in the feet.
  3. Heart problems, heart stroke, heart failure.
  4. Skin problems, rash, bruises, scratches.
  5. Blood pressure or hypertension.
  6. Depression, anxiety and mental disorders.
  7. Hearing problems.
  8. Gum disease.
  9. Sexual dysfunction, Loss of erection.
  10. Difficulty in healing wounds.

Best Treatments;

No matter which type of diabetes, you are having, all you need to control is your daily meals, and urges. Try to take a look which type of food you prefer most of the time? And which type of food you should actually have? What should be your lifestyle pattern? And what sort of lifestyle you are actually leading right now?

In type two diabetes, the patient have to eat healthy, organic and full of fibre diet. Type two patients need to keep in check, their blood sugar levels and have an active lifestyle. With that type two patients need to have oral medications or insulin injections to stay away from the drastic aftermath of diabetes. It is said that approximately 40 percent people in the world with diabetes are on insulin injections. The diet should be really calculated and healthy.

Apart from that exercise should be included on a daily basis. As compared to type two, type one is somewhat complicated. Because it is difficult to diagnose type one diabetes. So in both cases, eating habits should be strict and full of quality. Consultation with a doctor is mandatory in both types of diabetes. Your doctor will examine your whole body, count your blood pressure, sugar levels, triglycerides haemoglobin and other organs status. And then prescribe you oral medications or insulin injections. 

The “DO’s” and The “DON’Ts” in Diabetes;

You may have almost all the things for eating in diabetes, but still there are certain things that you can’t eat directly when you are having this problem. There are some do’s and don’ts that you need to follow with it.

The Do’s:

treatment for diabetes

With such disease, you need to add grains, porridge, oatmeal, lentils, fish, dairy products, milk, yogurt, fresh juice, eggs, butter, cottage cheese, fruits of almost all types, boiled rice, but in moderate amount, nuts, almonds, and salad. Vegetables are the best option to control your blood sugar levels and triglycerides.

Olive oil is the best oil for diabetes patients. It’s fat free and powerful. That keeps the patient healthy. Same as, fish is really good for diabetes patients. You may have almost all the things in diabetes. There are very few exceptions to follow.    

The Don’ts:

Not many, but there are a few things that you can’t have in diabetes. But these things are strictly prohibited for diabetes patients. Taking raw sugar directly means you are taking poison. Similarly, anything that made with direct sugar is prohibited.

Cooked rice are also very bad for diabetic patients. Pizza, burgers, biscuits, over consumption of beverages cakes, and energy drinks directly affect the efficiency of your internal organs. Mango, in fruits is somehow shouldn’t be eaten by diabetic patients. Because mango is a very sweet fruit and has a bunch of calories in it.

Smoking is injurious to health.  And in diabetes, it increases the chances of heart attack, heart failure and lung cancer. So excessive use of tobacco products in any shape, whether its cigarettes, e-cigarette or even tea aren’t allowed in such health issue. This will harm your heart, kidneys and lungs.


Diabetes was very chronic disease decades ago. But today, it has millions of new treatments and cures. The most important remedy for this disease is an active lifestyle. The more you exercise, the greater you will be fit and fine. Exercise is very important for all ages, with or without diabetes, regardless of gender. It’s important to note your body changes and consult to a doctor if you find anything suspicious in your health.

In retrospect, when people weren’t paying any attention to their health, they even died because of not taking care of the blood sugar count that eventually hit back at their heart and kidneys and became a cause of their death. But today, in modern times, when educated or uneducated, every person has the adequate knowledge about its symptoms and signs, so the ratio of deaths because of it is very low now thankfully. Therefore, try not to take your health for granted and do all the effort to ensure your best of health with or without it.


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