Twitch is the normal condition of the human body. But what is a twitch? For that you need to dig deep. Twitching is a muscle’s unusual condition in which you feel as if, your body part is vibrating or shaking inside your body. Normally this thing happens when you are sitting or doing something important that requires your cognitive attention.

That is why the majority of the world who don’t have the adequate knowledge in general, considers twitch of the body part or of a specific portion of the body part, something serious and dangerous. However, there are differences between the dangerous twitch and normal twitch which has nothing dangerous in it. This also matters your age, gender, the nature of the profession you are having and your life style.

Remember that twitching has so much to do with the lifestyle you are leading.  But first take at what happened when you receive a twitch in your body.

What Happens in the Body When Your Any Body Part Twitch?

Now, take a look deeply at the internal organs of your body. Your muscles are made of fibres and all the muscles operate by the nerves in the body. Now if your muscle is strained or pulled or is in pain, it will be because of some tension in the nerves. And the nerves, when gets into trouble by any reason, directly affects the muscles.

This thing is vital to observe that to which reasons the nerves get disturbed and hence, trouble the muscles. Of course, we do something unusual that cause irritation in the nerves and then the weak part or muscle of the body start to twitch. The constant twitching not only irritate the person, but also the person gets suspicious about his health.

Common Beliefs about Body Part Twitches;

From ancient times to the present day, the majority of the world has this common belief that whenever your eye or any part of the body twitch, you have something bad coming up in your way. Eye twitches in most parts of the world considered to be as bad omen. In few sects, twitch in other parts of the body also considers as some bad is about to be happening.

These sorts of superstitions have further classifications too. Means that if your left eye is twitching, it means that something very bad like someone’s accident is about to happen in no time or any sort of loss may have to happen with you. If your right eye is twitches, it means nothing.

All these theories are just trash. None of these theories have any authenticity and accuracy. These sorts of things only spread chaos and discomfort in the society instead. If any part of your body twitches, it has a scientific reason over it. There is nothing supernatural and superstitious in it. People have wrongly believed about the theories of twitch, for ages. It’s the time actually, to make it right.

Which are Those Body Parts That can Possibly Twitch Due to Any Reason?

It’s only happening in paralysis when any of your body parts, if receive a twitch, it doesn’t feel. Apart from paralysis, whenever a person’s body part receives a twitch, it will be notified by the brain immediately. In our daily life, we feel twitching in different parts of our bodies time to time. Exception happens where twitch of a body part is consistent.

One thing is vital to note here that you will feel a twitch most of the time on that part of the body which has muscles fixed in bulk. These parts can be:

  1. Eyelids.
  2. Temples and eyebrows.
  3. Arms upper portion.
  4. Thighs front and back sides.
  5. Lower side of the eye, near to the tear hole.
  6. Calf.
  7. Back shoulders.
  8. Upper belly portion (rare case).
  9. The back of the chest, below from the shoulder blades.
  10. Hips (rare case).
  11. Lips, preferably lower lip.

If you look at these body parts, you will see that all these parts contain muscles in bulk. And whenever we do something unusual with them or by them, we receive a constant twitch in these parts of the body.

How will You Figure out Which Type of Twitch is Harmful and Which Isn’t?

This is an important question and needs to be answered. If you feel twitch in any part of your body for once or two, that is completely fine and safe. It may be due to overwork or no work at all. The muscles show their presence by such gestures. On the other hand, if you feel twitch in any part of your body for a couple of days, even then it’s perfectly fine. Sometimes, when you work a lot, your body exhausts and react in a way like this. But as much as you give rest to the part of the body or keep it relaxed, it goes back to its previous position and start working properly.

It will be serious if;

But it is completely fine, if any part of your body twitches for a couple of days. It may have happened if you got wounded or injured in some accident and the muscles or that body part is receiving the after shocks.

Twitch can be serious, if the duration can prolong to one week or even afterwards. You need to run some tests and seek medical attention immediately, if this type of health condition persists for one week or after that. Because twitching anywhere in the body for more than one week is the sign of neurological disorder. Any anything related to the brain doesn’t have to be delayed for a long time. It will cause serious damage. So, if you are dealing with twitch on any part of your body for more than three days, take an appointment with the doctor.

Why Do Your Eye Twitch?

Why your eyes twitch

The majority of the world deals with an eye twitch. You may have witnessed that whenever you are reading something for a while or you have given your paper in the examination or complete an assignment by using a laptop or do some important work on mobile or iPad or on some electronic gadget, your eye starts to twitch after that. The twitching is very fast in the start and as the time passes, its speed reduces but remain persistent.

Do you know why? The answer is, when you work too much by involving your eyes on it, the muscles of the eyes get tried by giving too much attention without any halt consistently. this thing exhausts the muscles of the eye. And when you lay down your eyes from the work, due to intense tiredness and fatigue the lids of the eyes and the temples besides the forehead starts to twitch.

The weak eyesight;

Moreover, you may have seen that it’s always one of your eyes that twitches whenever you do some kind of work that engage your eyes on it. And the other eye remains calm and relaxed. Why does this happen? It happens because the eye that is weak in performance and which eyesight is a bit less active as compared to the other eye, gets affected rapidly due to excessive workload. That is why the weak eye start to twitch when you work beyond the limits.

Why Do Your Muscles Twitch?

Muscles twitch has two reasons. One, if you are workaholic and you do physical activities that involves most of your body parts and muscles like arms and legs. This behaviour exhausts the muscles of the body and after the activities you feel twitches in your body. Of course, those muscles which are thoroughly involve in the activity, twitch more rapidly and faster as compared to those muscles which aren’t.

Moreover, the muscles which are weak and feeble or which have faced some kind of injury or illness lately, bear the twitching rapidly. Because blood circulation goes through them with difficulty, so by doing extra effort on their own, eventually these muscles start twitching.

The Common Causes of Twitching the Body Parts;

There are some very common and renowned causes of twitching. Some very common things we do on a daily basis. So, with some offers we can save ourselves from any kind of twitch in our body because these are very known causes. Both men and women do these things and both species can develop frequent twitch of the body parts. It is the health condition that can be occur in anyone, regardless of gender. The causes of twitch in the body include:

Common cause of muscles twitch
  1. Excessive reading and writing on paper or on electronic gadgets.
  2. Forcing the eyesight to see in the dark.
  3. Insomnia.
  4. Not wearing glasses even after the weak eyesight.
  5. Physical activity,for instance labours.
  6. Heavy weight lifting.
  7. Having the profession of physical nature like an athlete.
  8. Heavy exercises. Like jogging, running for hours.
  9. Putting pressure on that part of the body which at first, numb and then start to twitch.
  10. Smoking.
  11. Use of coffee abundantly and caffeine intake.
  12. Drinking alcohol too much.
  13. Having a diet without fibres and protein.
  14. Use of junk food.

There can be other reasons too that cause a twitch in the body. And those reasons will be determined by the person’s age, gender and choices of life.

Some Effective Remedies to Get Relief from a Twitch in the Body at Home;

Not all the health bad conditions require medical treatments. There a few things that if you adopt, you can easily reduce the maximum chances of getting twitch and also if you have these sort of health condition already, you can get relief by doing these home remedies. This include:

Warm the affected place with a hot water bag or with some hot fabric that produces heat.

It will improve the circulation of the blood in that particular area of the body and give it ample space to let the muscle go back to the condition the way it was. Hot water bag and fabric will also reduce the chance to muscles jam and stillness.

Don’t lift heavy weight beyond to your capacity, it will cause twitch in the body.

why is our muscles twitch

Always take help from a trainer or an expert who have the appropriate knowledge about weight lifting. He will examine your height, current weight, your lifestyle and your capacity and then suggest you appropriate sets of the exercises that your body can endure and tolerate. To skip the chances of getting a constant twitch in the body, always go to a professional trainer before doing heavy weight exercises.

Don’t force your eyes to see in the dark nor take excessive work from your eyes.

When you insist your eyes to see in the dark when there is no way to see anything or you work on the computer or mobile for hours without taking a nap, this will cause serious damage to your eyesight. That’s why its really important to close your eyes for at least 10 to 15 minutes when you are doing some work that involves your eyes.

Closing your eyes will retrieve the energy and reduce the chances of getting a twitch. Take care of your eyes you may have alternatives for the other organs, but you cannot have the alternatives for your eyes.

Insomnia is one of the biggest causes of twitching the body parts.

When people wake up late night and don’t sleep, their eyes and temples twitch frequent. Because eyes and the brain don’t take the appropriate rest. Moreover, dementia and Alzheimer also appears in those people’s late ages. For perfect working of the mind and eyesight you need to take complete rest at night. Insomnia is very dangerous and bad health condition. If you don’t sleep and don’t take a rest for about 4 to 6 hours, you will first deal with twitch on the eyelids and then insomnia.

Avoid coffee and caffeine as much as you can to avoid twitching.

These drinks have remarkable taste and tremendous effects, but these two sorts of substances cause you twitching in the body on a maximum level. Caffeine has such ingredients in itself that cause twitch and hypertension in the body. Excessive use of coffee and caffeine can aggravate the rage and aggressive attitude in the person. So, for reducing the chances of getting a twitch in any part of your body, avoid these types of substances as much as you can.

Quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

Cigarettes and alcohol have always been proven to be the worst enemy of human health. There is no proof of any of these items benefits, but loses only. Tobacco is the biggest enemy of the human so much so the alcohol. Drinking alcohol causes twitching in the body most of the time in a day. The human body gets tired, irritated and feeble by drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. It also affects the cognitive health.

Therefore, if you don’t want to get twitches in any part of your body, you need to avoid alcohol and quit smoking.

The Summarization of the Discussion;

Twitch is the most experienced health condition in the world. Almost every single person in his life one way or the other have experienced twitch. Especially women who have not proper schedule of sleeping and waking up, also they pay sound attention to their children in studies and also do their own studies too.

The women have so many other household tasks to perform apart from the studies and since the women have less strong body structure, then men that’s why they get easily caught up in the net of twitches. Therefore, along with the men, women should take care of themselves too, maintain their diet and schedule, take enough sleep and don’t put much weight on their own. It will not only cause the women twitch, but also infertility.


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