It’s not always easy to maintain life’s flow and pace on the same level all the time. You may have ups and downs. And most of the times these ups and downs are related to your health. Normally bad conditions about your health occurs, when you do irregularities such as acidity, heartburn and sensations.

This means that, it happens when you commit fallacies when it comes to your health. You don’t care much, also when you become ignorant. This invites various diseases that actually requires your attention and interest. And when you don’t pay any attention, different unwanted and irritating health issues appears. Heartburn is one of them. And a very annoying health problem.

The birth point of heartburn in the body:

Let’s take a quick look at the starting point of heartburn in the body. From where it starts? What actually happens when heartburn occurs? What part of the body hurts or don’t do its duty when this happens? By reading further, you will get your answer.

You all know that there is a tube in the body that integrates the mouth to the stomach. This tube is called oesophagus. The oesophagus tube is made of a muscle that helps the food to pass into the stomach in a proper wave.

When the food stays in the stomach, it is prevented to go into the junction of the oesophagus and stomach. This is the main area from where heartburn occurs.

In simple words:

Basically, the heartburn occurs when the food enters into that specific area of the stomach. There, food, acids, and other enzymes get mingled at one place. This generates digestion. Our stomachs have a specific kind of cells that are spread all around the stomach.

These cells protect the stomach from burning and sensation. But the oesophagus pipe doesn’t have these cells. So when the food accidentally enter into oesophagus junction where these cells aren’t available, heartburn occurs. If the juice or acid that is in the stomach, comes back to oesophagus pipe or junction, subsequently it occurs. Constant heartburn can damage the lining of the pipe.

What age groups are affecting from heartburn in the world?

It’s bitter, but truth. Males have heartburn issues more often than females. Because males are less familiar with the idea of hygiene and organic food choices. In the fuss of the work, they pick what they get first, fill their stomachs and pass the time span. Moreover, most of the men work in the offices, factories and godowns where the nature of their work demands them to sit and concentrate. This doesn’t allow them to walk a few steps and digest the food. This is somehow a big cause of burning in the food pipe.

The USA survey report related to heartburn:

In the 21st century, the majority of the world is having the intrigue of heartburn. This type of health issue is working like a halt in people’s life nowadays. It is seen in the surveys that around 45% of young people suffer from such conditions each month. There are 8% among them who suffers from heartburn on a regular basis. People in the USA have more patients of such cases including adults and mature. As they complains a feeling of burning or somewhat irritation in the throat or chest maybe due to spices.

What is GERD and it’s relevance with heartburn?

Normally people don’t know about this term and the disease GERD. However, this disease has a strong connection with heartburn. The word GERD is an acronym of Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disease. It’s a gastric disease related to stomach in which severe heartburn occurs and can’t cool down on its own. Unless the patient don’t take the medicine. If you feel heartburn more than two times in a week, like if you experience this condition three to four times a week, then you possibly have developed GERD and that needs to be cured in the first convenience. GERD usually happens to those who had;

causes of heartburn
  • Family history of gastrointestinal problems.
  • Stomach disorders for a long while.
  • Long term medication intake.
  • Unhealthy food preferences.
  • Less active lifestyle.
  • Smoking and tobacco intake in any form.
  • Use of extra salt and spices in daily meals.
  • Junk food.

There can be other reasons too. Which will be highlighted after the doctor will read your case and examine your body thoroughly.

What to do when a pregnant lady suffers from heartburn? The most favourable solutions:

Sadly speaking, pregnant ladies have this issue of heartburn more often as compared to the normal routine. A woman who has another life in her, deals with so many bad health conditions throughout the period. Burning in the food pipe and digestion issues are very common during pregnancy. The biggest reason of this heartburn and digestion is the baby, who stays near the stomach and as the baby grows, the stomach gets pressed simultaneously.

In the past, women had this problem with each pregnancy that had. But as the time passed, women took education about pregnancy and its processes, they maintained their diet and lifestyles during pregnancy. And alternation in the lifestyle and diet during pregnancy brought tremendous results with no irritation and digestion issues.

Common changes

that one should make during pregnancy to avoid this particular kind of problem are;

  1. Don’t lay down on your bed right after eating food.
  2. Eat in five portions instead of three portions in a day.
  3. Junk food is a toxic poison in pregnancy.
  4. Milk and yogurt are the healer of heartburn do take it before any meal.
  5. Taking honey is very beneficial in pregnancy. Whether in breakfast or in the evening.

Most common factors or causes of heartburn:

People often commit some specific kind of mistakes that eventually end up with heartburn and GERD. Normally, these factors, people consider to be of less value. But in fact these are the main reasons that subsequently bring heartburn. Such causes include;

  • Energy drinks for instance, red bull, stings, soda, and similar others.
  • Those food items that stimulates acids in the stomach.
  • Irregular timings of having lunch and dinner.
  • Alcohol drinking or smoking.
  • Over consumption of caffeine.
  • Bulk use of carbonated drinks.
  • Persistent use of some specific medications like aspirin, Ibuprofen etc.
  • Over eating of chocolates.
  • Over consumption of acidic food and drinks, preferably related to grapefruit, tomatoes, and pineapples.

Other than these reasons, a family history, lifestyle and gender matters a lot when you develop sensations.

How will I know if I have heartburn? Signs and symptoms:

The feeling of heartburn is this much loud and irritating that one can’t ignore it at all. At first the patient will feel a sudden sharp heat and warmth in the food pipe. Which gradually change in to burning and sensation. This feeling of burning spread from food pipe to throat till the chest. Severe form of heartburn include a little pain too.

A running pain through the new line during the burning in the food pipe is also reported. Bad mouth taste or as if some acid came into the mouth during heartburn is the most common sign. In a nutshell, burning, sensation, warmth and heat in the food pipe and acidic taste in the mouth are the most vivid signs of irritation.

Some of the best food items that prevent heartburn naturally and without any medical treatment:

Here are some of the best food items that not only prevent heartburn, but also have proven to be very beneficial for overall health. By adding those food items into your daily diet routine, you will feel very positive and healthy change into your overall personality. Their food items are;

Milk or yogurt

This is the first and foremost solution for heartburn. To avoid heartburn drink a few sips of cold milk before meal. And if you didn’t drink milk prior to meal and you are having heartburn, then have yogurt with the meal or drink a few sips of cold milk right after the meal. It will work like a healer. Remember that galloping milk or yogurt won’t do the job. Take small sips.

Chamomile tea and heartburn

Or any other herbal tea, is one of the best sources of relieving heartburn. It is exceptionally a best way to relieve stress and tension. For a long term relief from heartburn, take chamomile petals boil them in water for 45 seconds, stain and have it before bed. You should have this tea 30 minutes before bed. This will soothe your throat and give you ample relief from heartburn.

Melons and watermelons

This is a proven food item. Melons are the greatest source of providing a soothing feel from heartburn. Melons are the alkaline fruit. Alkaline reverse the acid that comes from the stomach. Thus prevent heartburn and GERD. So consuming melons and watermelons provide an abrupt relief from heartburn it cools down the burning and heat, digest the food and induce hunger.

Banana and it’s connection with the heartburn

Banana is the fruit, full of magnesium and potassium. It is very good for bone health. Also it creates a lining in the oesophagus pipe that reduce the inflammation and eliminate the heartburn. Banana work like a painter. It coats in the food pipe a layer that helps to prevent heartburn and burning.

Ginger tea

As you are aware of the fact that the herbal products works very well with the body. It is the herbal products that do no harm to the body and provides benefits only. Ginger tea in heartburn works tremendously and it’s a beneficial ingredient for your body.

It is one of the superb ingredients for stomach problems. From minor to major, it deals all kinds of stomach disorders. From nausea to chronic heartburn. To prevent burning, cut the slices of ginger in boil them in water for 30 minutes. If you take this tea before any meal. It will definitely save you from chronic heartburn and even from GERD.

Oranges and juicy fruits brings tremendous relief in heartburn

Some people have this thing. Who have a less stomach disorders. That when they take any juicy fruit like Orange, pomegranate sweet lime, watermelon, and similar others, they find a quick relief from heartburn and even from other stomach disorders. But people with chronic stomach ailments have different case scenario. So, before taking any decision, first try any juicy fruit to prevent burning then have banana if you didn’t get any advantage from juicy fruits.

What to do and not to do to prevent heartburn:

With a few of the techniques and methods, you will not only get rid of heartburn, but will also it will maintain your overall stomach health. Such as;

Your head should be on the cozy pillow while sleeping to avoid heartburn:

When we lay down on the bed without a pillow this thing give an explicit passage to acidic fluid to pass the oesophageal area. That cause severe problem at night. And heartburn during sleep cause frustration and discomfort. Those who elevate their head through a pillow while sleeping, experience less burning than to those who don’t take a pillow. if you have back pain or neck pain problem, take at least one pillow instead of two to avoid heartburn.

Sleep on the left side:

Sleeping on the right side may cause a leakage of acid into the food pipe that cause issues so try your best to sleep on the left side. Sleeping on the right side causes pressure and stress on the food pipe and the subsequent leakage of stomach acid and sensations. So, for a better and heartburn free sleep, take left side when off to bed.

Onion isn’t really friendly to heartburn patient:

how to get relief from heartburn

Onion is not really beneficial to those who have burning problem even in the past. It contains such properties that stimulates heartburn. It has fermentable fibre in it which produce gas. And gas pumps the stomach acids to jump into esophageal junction. Moreover, food items that contains raw onions in them, usually cause the problem. So to avoid the discomfort of heartburn, try not to eat food that contain raw onion.

Over consumption of caffeine can cause heartburn:

Studies have shown that over consumption of caffeine and even all those items which have the high amount of nicotine in them, cause heartburn. Caffeine weakens the esophageal area for some time and thus give space to initiate heartburn. However, decaffeinated coffee provides no harm. But everything in moderation delivers benefits.

Spicy food is your big time enemy if you heartburn:

This is 100 and 10% correct. People who eat more spicy food and junk food develop acidity problems even in the early ages. Spices produces more stomach acids and subsequently, because the food doesn’t digest rapidly, that’s why it cause heartburn. Therefore if you want to skip such burning, try to eat spices in a very less amount.

The final words:

Due to the impure diet and unhealthy atmosphere, burning and GERD like diseases have spread worldwide. The first and foremost solution is prevention. But if you have developed this kind of intriguing health problem, then the solution lies in the home remedies and those ways that will save you from heartburn.

Of course medications are available in the market. But medications are for those who have severe sensations and their problem doesn’t go without taking medicine for it. Even people with severe heartburn and GERD can have fewer episodes of heartburn if they follow prevention and do remedies accordingly.


It’s really sad when adults develops heartburn even at a very young age. But they can recover from this problem with the same speed they got it. Because a youngster have active and a fast immune system, that help him or her to fight back against every sort of disease. Exercise and workout do play an important role in getting rid of burning. Other than this being happy, eating in moderation and taking a healthy sleep will do the rest of the job.


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