Hemorrhoids are the most common and experienced health conditions in the world right now. Even, adults are dealing with this health condition. And since it has types, the treatments have variety and diversions. The treatments will be designed according to the person’s physical capacity and his/her age. Hemorrhoids are an acute health condition, with or without bleeding. No matter what type do you have developed in your body, it will cause problems. The bad part about this health condition that the person initially don’t know about it, neither receive any clue from the body. The intensity of the disease confronts the patient only when it’s already have gone worse and is bleeding starts. This is the stage, when the person rushes towards medical attention and consumes too much medicine for it. Also, some patients even opt for the operation to get rid of the problem all at once.

Hemorrhoids! The Types;

As you are aware of the fact that hemorrhoids have types which are experienced by the both genders, men and women. Both these types have their own conditions and problems. Similarly, both types are critical, in bearing. Normally, people acknowledge the types of hemorrhoids as:

  • The internal hemorrhoids.
  • The external hemorrhoids.

With the names, you can have the idea that what happens in each type. Both types cause pain at one point. Both types develop bleeding at one stage. And both types of hemorrhoids make it difficult for the patient to sit calmly. Even in internal hemorrhoids, the patient can’t sit relaxed and remain irritated due to the pain and fear of bleeding. The sense of restlessness is the strong suit of the hemorrhoids. https://www.theshreds.org/reasons-men-develop-haemorrhoids-more-than-women/

What Happens When You Develop Hemorrhoids?

Your renal area contains a bunch or small and medium sized veins. That area is clustered with veins. When a person push for stools, with that intense push sometimes, these veins got swollen and eventually starts bleeding. In internal hemorrhoids, these veins remain inside the body. While in the external hemorrhoids, these veins comes out from the renal area and in fact, you can see them from the naked eye. In this manner, the patient can’t even sit properly. And pain is another issue also. Both types cause pain and bleeding. When the patient sits for passing the stool blood comes out right after the stool. Normally, the patient witness fresh, bright red coloured blood. Dark, smelly blood clots are the signs of worse conditions of hemorrhoids or the colon cancer.

Food Items which You Should Not Eat in Hemorrhoids;  

It is said, that hemorrhoids are inheriting in people most of the time. Most of the time hemorrhoids convert in you from your parents. But, on the other side of the coin, this doesn’t happen all the time. It’s not compulsory for you to develop hemorrhoids only if your parents had it. Your lifestyle, preferences, professional interest and diet play an important role in developing hemorrhoids. Yes! You read right. Your diet plays an active role in instigating hemorrhoids. The food items that you should not take while having hemorrhoids are:

Food not to eat in hemorrhoids


The majority of the world use spices in their meals. Spices are considered one of the main ingredients of the food. Because it brings the original taste in the food. The spices which are mostly used in the world are red pepper flakes, black pepper flakes green chilli, red chilli, and five mixed spices and other sharp flavours. Using such spices too much in the food cause inflammation in the stomach pipe and heartburn. Also eating spices cause ulcers apart from the hemorrhoids. One of the most prominent demerit of adding spices in your diet is constant constipation. The person who eats, especially red chilli and five species on a daily basis, develops constipation and eventually due to constant pressure on the rectum and renal area, the veins start to bleed. And hemorrhoids develop.

Junk Food;

This topic doesn’t need any details. The answer lies in the heading. Junk food cause so many problems in the human body. Not only hemorrhoids, but so many other fatal diseases occur due to eating junk food. Eating junk food thickens the blood, raise the chances of type two diabetes, cardiovascular disease, https://www.theshreds.org/food-ingredients-that-help-faster-to-lower-your-cholesterol/ stomach ulcer, and dehydration. Junk food items are:

  • Burgers and Pizzas.
  • Beverages and carbohydrate drinks.
  • Bakery items.
  • Creamy cakes and pastries.
  • Patties and sweet biscuits.
  • Pastas and spaghetti.
  • Cheesecakes.
  • Mayonnaise and chicken spread.
  • French fries and drum sticks.
  • Fried food and meat.
  • Frozen food.

When your blood gets thick, it finds it difficult to pass through the veins. Also, it puts pressure on the both intestines to easily deliver the stools. Eating junk food too many times, which includes sweet items also, weaken the immune system of the person which eventually ends up with hemorrhoids as the person’s veins can’t rescue themselves from bleeding when gets enough pressure due to the junk food.

Alcohol Consumption;

Apart from the other lethal aftermath, alcohol consumption and smoking become a big reason for developing hemorrhoids. https://www.theshreds.org/10-most-effective-ways-to-quit-smoking/ Alcohol has such toxic acids and chemicals in it that destroy the efficiency of the kidneys and lower portion of the human body. Smoking cigarettes, apart from involving the person into lung cancer, develop hemorrhoids as well initially. It is seen in the united states that people who drink alcohol more often, develop hemorrhoids even in their early ages. That is why, adult and young people in America and Canada develop hemorrhoids on a large scale today, as compared to past years.

Nuts and Dry Fruits of Hot Nature;

Did you ever thought about the fact that why the hemorrhoids patients finds more in the cold regions of the world? What is the reason? The answer is the cold region. And because of the colder climates, people are forced to take nuts, bacon, and dry fruit which are extremely hot in nature like walnut, peanuts, and other nuts in bulk, to bear the coldness of the weather. The dry fruit and nuts include:

  • Dates.
  • Atrger.
  • Pinus gerardiana.
  • Almonds.
  • Walnut.
  • Peanuts.
  • Cashew.
  • Pistachio.
  • Seagull.

Of course, by eating hot things, the coldness of the weather reduce to some extent, but it hit badly on the other side. It becomes the bigger cause of developing hemorrhoids. The food items with hot nature, not only cause hemorrhoids, but also high blood pressure, heart problems and skin allergies. https://www.theshreds.org/reasons-men-develop-haemorrhoids-more-than-women/

Less Fiber/Fibre Food Items;

Understand the fact that what is fibre/fiber? Fibre/fiber is the ingredient in the vegetables and tissue in the animal body. And of course, it is included in the human diet. The food items which have less or no fiber/fibre eventually disturbs the digestive system of the body and eventually the patient suffers from constipation. Less fibre/fiber food also causes other problems too. Even some people develop obesity due to not having less or no fibre/fiber food. Hemorrhoids, which have so many other reasons, a deficit of fibre/fiber is also included in the list. That’s why, vegetables should be included in the diet of the patient of hemorrhoids. Meat, but in moderate amount should also include in the diet. Because the loss of blood from the body due to hemorrhoids cause weakness and fatigue in the patient. Healthy nutritional food items should be included in the diet of the hemorrhoids patients.

Dairy Products and Milk;

May be several of you surprised by reading the bold heading. That how can milk and dairy products cause hemorrhoids? The thing is, any kind of food items which has less fiber and which has the possibility to engage you in constipation will develop hemorrhoids and milk is one of them. The dairy products which include butter, cheese, ghee and other oily substances not only cause hemorrhoids, but also become the reason for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart problems.

A Few Things You Need to “Give Up” If Want to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids;    

Along with some food items, you will have to avoid some of your daily habits, if you want to get rid of the disease completely, which causing you big time problems in hemorrhoids. Some people in fact, don’t realize that which of their habits and daily pursuits, giving hype to hemorrhoids that they should give up immediately. So, here you will find those minor and major mistakes that you are doing on a regular basis unknowingly while having hemorrhoids. Which actually instigates the disease to give its impact more acutely. These common deeds that you avoid are:

Stop weight lifting in hemorrhoids:

Don’t pull weight often. It will put pressure on the renal area directly and because the veins are swollen in hemorrhoids, by pulling weight it will cause bleeding abruptly, sometimes with pain even.

Squat is prohibited:

Things Not to Do in Hemorrhoids

Try not to squat for many times. Sitting in the squat motion will cause bleeding instantly. Sitting in squat motion for a long time also draws the pain and blood flowing from the rectum. It’s the main thing about hemorrhoids. https://www.theshreds.org/reasons-men-develop-haemorrhoids-more-than-women/

The toilet bowl isn’t a chair to get relaxed:

Spending too much time in the bathroom, whether sitting on the toilet bowl or the flush type toilet, both causes internal and external hemorrhoids and bleeding. Don’t push yourself to pass the stool. Don’t put pressure on the renal area.

Reduce the medicine intake:

Minimize the medication you are taking for any other reason. Talk to your doctor, tell him that you are dealing with hemorrhoids, so you need to minimize your medicine intake to maximum level. Sometimes taking medicine for a long time and with high potency, can become a reason for hemorrhoids. Therefore, take the medicine as less as you can.

Have an active lifestyle:

Do some exercise daily. Don’t sit idle for hours. Sitting for a long time also swells the veins in the rectum. Go for jogging, running and have some light and good sets of exercises. This will not only boost your energy and metabolism, but also made you fit and will reduce the risk of developing hemorrhoids.

Improve your daily diet:

You have to give up spices. Not completely, but on the large scale. Spices and unhealthy food are the most prominent reason for developing hemorrhoids. The addition of the fruits and organic food will be very beneficial for the overall health and treating hemorrhoids.

Irritable bowel syndrome:

Take good care of your stomach. https://www.theshreds.org/irritable-bowel-syndrome-causes-and-treatments/ If your stomach is having a bad time for quite some time and you have heartburn, inflammation and digestive tract type issues, then the chances of hemorrhoids are there, unfortunately. Irritable bowel syndrome also causes hemorrhoids, so be careful about the health of your stomach.

Say goodbye to tobacco:

Avoid caffeine as much as you can. Caffeine intake in bulk, whether in the shape of cigarettes, tea, coffee, cigar, e-cigarettes, crystal and other items are dangerous for the human health. It destroys the organs of the body, stems the cancer virus, made the person ruthless and negative and also puts the first step in developing hemorrhoids in the body. That is why avoiding caffeine entirely will bring health in your life.

Let’s be friends with a doctor for life:

Add a consultant or physician into your life. Means to say that, keep in touch with a doctor. If not monthly, try to visit the doctor after every three months. Let the doctor run some tests about the important organs of the body. Keep yourself updated on the working of your organs by testing. If you find any symptoms of hemorrhoids in you, immediately share this with your doctor. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/hemorrhoids/symptoms-causes/syc-20360268

Driving for long hours is hazardous:

Things You Need to Give Up in hemorrhoids

Don’t drive any kind of vehicle for long hours. Driving too much will cause heat in the body and swelling in the veins. Driving also heightened the urge to use tobacco, smoke cigarette, or drink tea or coffee. If the nature of your profession demands driving a vehicle, then take breaks after every an hours or two, come out of the vehicle and stretch your body and drink water.

Water is the sign of life:

Drink plenty of water. This will flushes out the heat and inflammation from the body. Regulates the blood pressure, reduces the swelling and brings quality of overall health. Drinking water also brings radiance to your skin. It improves the performance of the kidneys and the bladder. It also maintains your blood pressure that prevents the unexpected bleeding.

The Bottom Line;

Hemorrhoids is a critical condition for the human health. With such physical condition, the patient feels constant irritation and frustration. Most of the people in the world don’t want to have the fuss and they directly opt for an operation for hemorrhoids to remove the veins. But you need to understand that an operation isn’t the only solution of this problem. Sometimes your condition is on the initial stages that can be cured with the minor medicines only. Moreover, herbal and homeopathic medicines are also in the market, which are solely designed to cure hemorrhoids. So, don’t rush to the operation. If you have hemorrhoids, you should exhaust every option, when it comes to cure the disease. Support of the family and friends will give you shelter and protection. You will not feel alone in your pain. Sometimes people aloof themselves in this condition, but this is wrong. Being with your close allies will give you hope and motivation to fight back against the toxic health condition of hemorrhoids. https://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/understanding-hemorrhoids-basics


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