Winters! It’s the season almost everyone loves. Cosy rooms, heaters, sweaters, corn soups, dry fruits and fish, these are the essentials of the winter season. But one thing, without which the winter is incomplete is coffee. Absolutely, coffee is winter’s one of the most important parts. It is one of those ingredients of the winter that gives ample heat to the body. That helps you tolerate the coldness of the season. Do you know that along with benefits of heating in winter, coffee has innumerable other benefits too?

These benefits are exceptional in their own manners. If you can look at these benefits of drinking coffee, you will realize that half of your body’s problems can be cured by just drinking this drink. Nature has bestowed humans with hundreds of such herbal ingredients in the world that can cure many of the diseases. And this drink is one of these effective herbal ingredients.

What is Coffee? History and Growth;

Before you get yourself into the amazing benefits of the coffee first, take a look at the origin of this tremendous item of the nature. Normally it’s beans grows on trees. Their trees are somewhat shorter in size. Which helps them to grow thick. But still, it’s tree height can be long enough till 9 meters. In the coffee tree, there are waxy, green colour leaves grow opposite each other and among them, its cherries grow. The coffee tree not only contains leaves and coffee cherries, but also flowers. You may see a cluster of leaves, coffee cherries and flowers on this particular tree simultaneously.

Because this tree has special leaves and specific cherry shape coffee balls on it, that’s why, this tree can be recognized from far away. And can be seen from several steps ahead with the naked eye.

How Much Time Does it Take to Get Mature a Coffee Bean? Time Limits;

You may be surprised to learn about the time duration of the coffee fruit to ripen and become mature coffee beans. At first a coffee flower sprout. Then it takes almost a year to convert from a flower to a cherry. This is astonishing. A flower took a year to change itself from a flower to a cherry. With this speed, after almost 5 years that cherry coffee reaches to ripening, full fruit or in its mature shape. A coffee tree can have the age of a 100 year.

That doesn’t mean that during all its life, this tree will produce its beans. The average period of its production in these plants is between approximately 7 till 20 years. The years of productivity can be exceeded with proper care and attention. It also depends on the variety and type of the coffee plant.

coffe beans

The normal and usual quantity of coffee that these plants produce per year is approximately 10 pounds. The quantity can be increased or decreased according to the shape and thickness of the coffee plant. Apart from the coffee, these trees also provides green beans up to two pounds per year. The coffee tree demands specific temperature for a perfect growth and development. These plants grow in the rich soil. Where temperature is normal, not too hot or cold, but mild. Where the rain comes frequently and sun shower its rays carefully.

In other words, where the climate is Normal, mingle with almost all the changes with the mild range of deviations, there coffee trees gives their best shot.

The Average Consumption of the Coffee in the World: a Wide Estimate;

This specific drink is one of the most drinkable substances in the world. Especially in the west. The cold regions where snow falls, river, iceberg and rain comes often, this drink is being taken in these regions on a large scale. According to an authentic survey, it is said that approximately 200 billion cups of coffee are being drunk per year in the world. With this estimate, you can imagine how much coffee lovers are in the world and the consumption of this drink due to several reasons is increasing every day. Because such kind of drinks are usually hot by nature, that’s why, its consumers are in bulk.

Health Benefits of the Coffee;

Luckily, it has more benefits and less risks. Consuming coffee in a moderate manner will give you innumerable health’s thumbs up. There are several benefits of this drink, but some of them are remarkable such as:

1. Coffee Cleanse Your Heart Vessels;

Health Benefits of the Coffee

This is the main benefit of consuming this particular drink. Researches have shown, that the daily consumption of this type of drink cleanses your arteries and heart vessels. People who have an aptitude to drink a cup of coffee (without sugar and added flavours) are observed to have no heart problems. It has such ingredients in it that clears the excessive fat from the arteries and let the blood flow in the arteries, capillaries and veins without interruption. That’s why, it is seen that doctors recommend coffee to the heart patients and people who have gone through a bypass surgery earlier. With proper medicines, consuming this sort of drinks helps these patients to prevent further heart or arteries issues.

2. Coffee Helps In Hypertension;

The bloodstream when gets thicken due to the high cholesterol levels and fats in the body, it finds it difficult to flow in the veins easily. Moreover, people who get aggressive and angry all the time, develop hypertension, that further requires them proper medicine. If one can have the aptitude for drinking coffee per day, it will reduce the aggressiveness from the blood. It cleanses the fat from the blood and let it runs in the veins properly.

It lowers down the aggressive particles in the blood and calm the bloodstream. People who drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day, recorded the most appropriate blood pressure, according to the research.

3. Consuming Coffee In Type Two Diabetes Mellitus Works Remarkably;

People are fighting with a disease that has disturbed them mentally is diabetes. The worse scenario is that this disease has types. Type one diabetes and type two. The less population of the world is infected with type one diabetes. And it’s the lighter type. It can be cured with proper lifestyle and exercise along with healthy eating even without medicines. Whereas, type two diabetes, which also known as diabetes mellitus, is the complex and difficult type of diabetes. Which requires proper medicine, monthly check ups and restricted diet.

Coffee and diabetes

In this scenario, such kind of drink helps much type two diabetes patients. It is seen among diabetic people that it lowers the blood sugar levels that raised high after the insulin injections. It also boosts the immune system and energy in the body to keep the patient fit and active. In the western countries, people with or without diabetes consumes coffee because of the cold weather that maintain their blood sugar levels automatically. That’s how these people are more active than the people in eastern countries.

4. Coffee in Liver Disease;

Among the other important organs in the body, the liver has the most significant place. Because you’re liver performs many services for your body. It purifies the blood and then send it to the different areas of the body. Whatever you eat, its essence gets mingled with the blood. And as you know that it has many vital vitamins and antioxidants, so when you have coffee in your diet, these vitamins and antioxidants enter in the blood and helps your liver to purify the blood more efficiently.

It is also seen that if a person is having liver disease, and on doctor’s prescription he/she have coffee for at least twice a day, then this step will give the patient significant amount of benefits. It even helps to restrict more damage to the liver. That’s why, it would be great to have it while having a disease related to your liver.

5. Coffee Enrich with Vitamins and Antioxidants;

If your favourite type of food or beverage have the delicious taste and a bunch of vitamins and healthy items in it, it will be sound like heaven and no joy and happiness could be parallel to it. Same is the case with coffee. You will glad to know that a cup of coffee consists of:

  • Vitamin B2.
  • Magnesium.
  • Vitamin B5.
  • Antioxidants.
  • Potassium.

The western countries, in which the majority has such a diet that haven’t suitable amount of fibre, antioxidant and protein. People usually have burgers, pasta, and artificial flavoured beverages. In this situation, people need to have such items in his/her diet that fulfil the demand of the body. Coffee has a decent amount of antioxidants in it and also vitamins that why consuming it will be very beneficial for the western people. Therefore, you need to understand that such type of drinks aren’t the only solution. An active lifestyle and healthy diet will work more efficiently. Along with this, two cups of this drink will do a remarkable job.

6. It Works Like a Healer in any Type of Cancer;

It is true to some extent. Because coffee has antioxidants in it, that’s why, in some sort of cancer like liver cancer and diseases related to liver require the decent amount of coffee will be very beneficial. The main point is that it purifies the fat and excessive amounts of protein from the blood. That’s why, the liver, the main organ that provides blood into the body, if get cancer or any other disease, then coffee intake will be much helpful to a large extend. Taking a cup of this drink will also soothe the irritation that develops due to the medicine intake.

7. Coffee Bring An Active Lifestyle and Energy to You;

Coffee Helps In Hypertension

This point doesn’t need any debate. It’s a winning point without discussion. Of course, in your daily life, the workload that you deal with on a daily basis, exhaust your brain and body. Some people use to have tea in this situation, but not all the people get relief from tea only. As tea leaves have nicotine in it. And nicotine doesn’t suit to many people. But coffee on the other hands, has the most pure and effective ingredients that work like a booster in the body and give energy and enthusiasm in the body.

That’s why the majority of the world, including young and old people gladly use to have coffee in the morning, and evening. People who are associated with the profession of education, prefer coffee more.

Some Different Opinions about the it among People;

Not all the people in the favour of consuming coffee. Some people are of the view that consuming it will indulge you in cardiovascular disease. Just because its nature is hot and some people also have the heated nature. Their blood pressure normally runs high that’s why, indeed this type of drink doesn’t to such people. And shouldn’t be taken in bulk by those people. Similarly, people with drier skin shouldn’t consume much coffee. Having coffee by such people makes their skin even more drier.

This rule applies on consuming tea also. Drinking tea in large quantity will also make your skin drier and itchiness. Especially from arms and feet. Coffee does help in reducing several diseases and in calming the medicine effects, but that doesn’t mean that one should drink the coffee exceeded to the limit. Remember that, if you have any disease and you are consuming coffee on your own by thinking that this will reduce the disease, you are wrong! Don’t take any decision on your own or use anything without the doctor’s permission, if you are having any sort of disease.


It have manifold. Means to say, that coffee have many advantages for humans. It has more merits and less demerits. Consuming coffee in a moderate amount isn’t harmful. However, excessive use of everything can harm you in any way. It’s important to have this drink with any active lifestyle. Because having this kind of drink in your daily life without an active lifestyle will certainly indulge you in any disease, possibly a cardiovascular disease or hypertension or skin problems.

That’s why do have coffee, it will make you happier, reduce depression and anxiety and will turn your mood from bad to good.


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