Indeed, It has been declared long ago that this world and fellow planets will be destroyed some day and everything within them will also be diminished. In this process, several incidents will occur to cause the destruction. Which include earthquakes, rain floods, solar and lunar eclipses, plagues, coronavirus and fatal diseases.

Shockingly, Today is the time when all of the above mentioned things are happening simultaneously in different regions of the world. And currently, you cannot resist the catastrophe of coronavirus that has come through nature. We cannot fight with nature or the universe. The prevention of coronavirus and the catastrophe it has prevailed should immediately be acknowledged by the authorities.

Plagues and fatal diseases and coronavirus:

And certainly, when it comes to plagues and fatal diseases, we are totally helpless. A person can rescue himself somehow from rain and flood or even earthquake, but he will barely save himself completely from any plague which is spreading around him. Because a plague starts spreading through breathing and air. And most of the time you cannot even know that you are having that virus inside you which is roaming around you.

Back in the nineties, a plague or you can say, a virus discovered in humans. It was more like a viral infection. And experts named it coronavirus.  This virus has infected so many people of that time and several people died due to that. Because vaccination was invented a while after that. The virus called coronavirus has so many other shapes and forms too. And during different times this virus has infected millions of people.

What is coronavirus actually? Definition and introduction:

Understand the fact primarily, that coronavirus was first discovered in the late nineties. It was changed from the virus that has presently haunted the land of China. That is specifically called Novel coronavirus (nCoV). Having said that, coronavirus which was discovered back then, also had its lethal effects on mankind. To be exact, a virus which causes four to five diseases in a human or in an animal simultaneously is coronavirus.

Subsequently, This virus has to be a RNA virus which will cause such health conditions. The disease that this virus will cause will be of mild type, but they get worse, if not treated. It has its specific health symptoms and illnesses which will be discussed below.

What kind of diseases hit the body when it is infected with coronavirus:

Technically, Coronavirus is more like a viral infection. The novel coronavirus is totally a new kind of virus that has hit humans recently. Before the present times, humans were never victimized by the coronavirus as it was in the animals only.

Apart from coronavirus, several other types of coronaviruses are present in the animals but they don’t convert in the humans. And profoundly, this is the first time a novel coronavirus has infected the human body. The common health conditions which will appear if you have developed coronavirus, are;

Which countries are presently abducted by the Coronavirus except China:

In recent times, specifically from the month of December 2019, a virus now called “Novel Coronavirus (nCoV)” has abducted the city of China, Wuhan. And still haunting the city and surroundings. This virus has prevailed in almost 24 other countries including Japan, Singapore, Korea, United kingdom, Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Thailand, Taiwan, UAE, Sweden, India, and USA. Unlike the other countries. China is having 50k people affected with this virus and around 1200 people died due to it so far.

Approximately, 4000 people have been cured and discharged from the hospitals. Other countries except China, are having 20 to 50 people affected with this virus. The WHO (World Health Organisation) is quite active since the virus hit the land and constantly making efforts to evaporate this plague like virus from the earth. But this organization hasn’t achieved the success yet.

What causes the coronavirus? Mistakes you do to invite this trouble:

What is coronavirus actually

Surprisingly, People around the globe aren’t understanding the basic reason that is causing coronavirus and because of which this virus is prevailing in the world with this much speed. However, people are making that mistake deliberately, which actually generates the reason for the growth of coronavirus.

The bad part is these factors are this much common and tiny and added in our daily pursuits that people are violating them unknowingly and then asking of what have they done wrong? But you need to understand that, if a virus has prevailed in the atmosphere and causing serious illness and even the mortality rate is increasing there, you should be really cautious about the specifics. Even for the tiny habits.

Coronavirus is prevailing due to;

  1. Not washing hands and face when coming from outside.
  2. Going outside without covering the face.
  3. Taking your flu and cough lightly which is extended for 5 days.
  4. Doing work in cold weather without wearing the warmers.
  5. Taking no precautions near the coronavirus patients.
  6. Using the personal stuff of coronavirus patients like crockery, apparel, and any other touchable things of them.
  7. Eating their leftovers for instance, food or drinks that they left.
  8. Breathing near to coronavirus patients without masks.
  9. Reusing the medical supplies and first aid kit of the coronavirus patient.
  10. Eating such food causes fever and flu in the cold climate.

Is a specific type of cure or treatment have been invented for coronavirus yet or not?

Sadly speaking, there is no vaccination invented specifically for coronavirus yet. Because it is a complex type of virus. The symptoms are quite similar to common flu and fever, and respiratory disorder. So without scanning, it is almost impossible to differentiate between the patients of coronavirus and the patients of other diseases.

Sometimes a person is having coronavirus but showing no symptoms and roams among the people, who aren’t having this virus. That is why, it is really important to keep an eye on each and every unusual symptom in your body. Unlike the other diseases like cancer, hepatitis, and cardiovascular disease, coronavirus has no proper medication and vaccination invented yet.

The scientists experimentations:

However, the scientists are experimenting on various other medications and combining them to form a proper vaccine for coronavirus. Recently a combination of HIV and flu medicines is claimed to be the cure for coronavirus. But further studies and confirmations are strongly required in this respect.

Important prevention and precautions of coronavirus:

Logically, If all of us want to live happily and secure from the havoc of coronavirus, we shall have to adopt the prevention that are recommended and mandatory for it. Otherwise a viral infection like coronavirus will haunt us down. And if not treated with care, the patient will die even within a couple of days.

1.Don’t take your flu for granted:

Primarily, Flu is the first and foremost health issue that triggers the virus in humans and which shows that something’s up. So if you have the flu for more than 3 days, don’t take it lightly. Visit your nearest doctor and tell him each and everything, means about other unusual symptoms and ask for his advice. Do what you are told.

2.Cleanliness is extremely important:

Mind you, If you have the tendency to play lazy when it comes to washing your hands and face after coming from outside. DON’T DO THAT IF CORONAVIRUS HAS PREVAILED IN YOUR SURROUNDINGS. It will bring worse aftermath. Try not to touch any person’s personal stuff.

The prevention of coronavirus

And if you do that, wash your hand thoroughly. Because through your face and hands coronavirus enters into your body. Use liquid hand wash instead of soap. Soap may have the germs of an infected person on it. And coronavirus can easily be transmitted in this way apart from breathing. Hence, wash your hands and face after coming from outside.

3. Don’t eat those food items that can cause cough and fever or flu. Especially if you are living in a cold climate:

Most importantly, People of western regions where the cold weather stays a bit longer as compared to the eastern region, should adopt extra precautions to prevent coronavirus. There are some lands where cold climates remain for almost ten months a year. Inhabitants of such lands do not behave loose with the weather. They should wear warm clothes, drink coffee and hot beverages and especially don’t go near to those animals which are suspected to have the coronavirus.

Specific animals;

Commonly, There are animals such as bats, pigs, snakes and gorillas who have coronavirus in them already. Using any part of these animals in your food or their blood can frivolously and instantly add this virus into your diet. Moreover, if the virus is in the air and you are eating ice cream or some other type of edible thing that can sprout the stem of flu or fever, then you are inviting coronavirus by yourself deliberately.

Additionally, Because in flu, fever and cough our body is vulnerable and the immune system is weak and if there is coronavirus spreaded in the atmosphere and we are having the flu it will cause even more trouble for us.

4. Cover your face whenever you go outside don’t even meet your friends and family without wearing a mask:

Supposingly, this virus easily transmitted from one person to another while breathing. A virus has extra powers than to our immune system and when we breathe, it comes out with extra strength. And a person who is normal, gets affected by it.

Hence, even if you have a normal flu or fever, with or without coronavirus in the surroundings, always cover your face to prevent it in the atmosphere. And if someone else is having it or coronavirus, strictly avoid meeting him or her without covering your face.

5. Take minor antibiotics or panadol once or twice if you are feeling down:

Having said that, in my personal opinion, if you are feeling down or having pain in the muscles or feeling body aching, you should take a minor tablet for it without any delay. Why? Because before it turns out into something quite shocking and miserable for you, it’s better to halt it in the very first place. Hence, Taking a panadol once or twice will squeeze the chances of any further illness and bad health condition. And if there is coronavirus in the air, don’t take any risks. And if you are feeling down, immediately take action for it.

The final words:

Sadly, Millions of people die in the world every year just because they didn’t have the adequate information about the disease they are having. People don’t bother to take a dig at the symptoms they are having for days. And that’s the main reason fatal disease grows in us and when we acknowledge them they are on stage three or four.

Thankfully, the new generation is quite responsible in this respect. They search, they read, they explore what is going on with them. And social media handles have done the remaining tasks. Today’s internet is so fast that it has squeezed the distances. The news of the Novel coronavirus in China was spreaded through the internet across the globe. We came to know that the coronavirus first discovered in the late nineties, also through the internet. Because these dates were mentioned on different sites of the internet. Today nobody has time to read books.


However, reading books has always proven to be the best source of acquiring knowledge and wisdom as compared to surfing on the internet. Indeed, Coronavirus is a kind of virus that has taken the lives of thousands of people. Just because of not having the timely treatment and care. Do not take it lightly and if you are an older person, take extra precaution.

Remember that Don’t go near animals in the cold weather. Coronavirus and novel coronavirus transmitting from the animals to humans. That is why it is very important for you to maintain a distance from animals. And if it is mandatory, always wear masks and other precautions before going near them. Subsequently, Save your lives from coronavirus. Be around those people who love you and want to be with you. Because life is too short. Don’t waste it in ignoring people.


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