You cannot save yourself always from the diseases that are roaming in the air and can cling to you anytime. In the 21st century, the diseases and accidents are just one step away from you. In such situations you need to do all the precautions and safety specifications that can help us safe from all the possible intriguing situations. If you take a look deeply at the causes of some big diseases, you will understand that most of these diseases take birth in the human’s body due to unhygienic food, patient’s uncleanliness, and low immune system. These causes can make you a patient of pneumonia, dengue fever and typhoid. Besides other diseases, typhoid is one of the most lethal, dangerous and complex type of disease. Which need to be cured and destroy from the stem into the body. Negligence in curing typhoid can literary kill the patient.

Typhoid! A lethal disease: an overview;

The Drastic Effects of Typhoid in Humans

Typhoid is basically an infection that results because of a specific bacteria. This bacteria further leads you to high fever, vomiting and Diarrhoea. Typhoid is very dangerous sort of fever that can even end up the patient dead. The specific bacteria that become the reason of Typhoid is “Salmonella Typhi” by name. This is the specific bacteria that only cause Typhoid. This bacteria easily enter in the body from the hands and uncleansed food. Typhoid will also beget in the person who doesn’t wash his/her hands often. Typhoid can trigger any person, of any age, gender and in any situation.

The Place of the its Bacteria in the Body;

Typhoid isn’t an ordinary fever. It’s is very complex and dangerous disease. Typhoid produce in the body because of a bacteria, this bacteria enter into the body through the hands or dirty food intake. These bacteria live in your intestines or in the bloodstream. When any bacteria live in the bloodstream, it means that the Typhoid bacteria will run through your whole body. That’s why after entering into your body, these bacteria cause it within days. The worst part is that Typhoid can travel among people by sharing eatable things, water and connection with faces. Animals do not develop Typhoid, that’s why Typhoid travels from person to person only.

General Ratio of Death or Recovery in this fever;

As you are aware of the fact that this if not treated well, can take the life of the patient. The ratio of the Typhoid patients in the world is significant. However, there are so many treatments that have been introduced to cure Typhoid. Still, if Typhoid diagnoses in the patient a little late, it will give bad results. The culmination of Typhoid is not always the death of the patient.

It may be the end with the extreme hair loss or your eyesight will be very weak. You may have skin infections or your kidneys could be affected at the end of the Typhoid, even after taking the treatment. If you caught such disease in the initial stages, it will not harm you that way. But diagonal after second stage will demand proper and most effective treatment to follow for Typhoid. It is said that 1 out of 5 can be end up fatal. And if take this ratio on a bigger picture then, 4 out of 100 will face lethality of the Typhoid.

What happens after Getting into Typhoid? Different Conditions of the body;

Unlike pneumonia, the bad part about Typhoid is it not only indulge you in fever, vomiting and diarrhoea, but also your other internal organs get affected with such fever too. The major damage, that your organ faces with Typhoid is your intestines. If Typhoid stays in your body for three weeks without treatment, it will hit your intestines straight and create holes in it. That’s eventually result with intestinal bleeding and intense vomiting.

Apart from the intestinal bleeding the fluid that is preserved in your intestines, will start leaking into your abdomen. This will create acute pain in your abdomen, vomiting and bloodstream infection. This is the worst scenario of this fever. And this condition immediately need medical attention without further delay. Other than the intestinal bleeding, are:

What Causes Typhoid in you
  • Tension between the heart muscle and inflammation in it.
  • Tension between the lining and valves of the heart.
  • Kidney infection.
  • Infection in bladder.
  • Pneumonia.
  • Pancreas inflammation.
  • Infection in the surrounding tissues of the brain and spinal cord.
  • Paranoia.
  • Hallucinations.

What Causes Typhoid in you? Reasons;

As it is described that Typhoid has very significant causes. These causes include some of our daily life habits. If we are particular about those habits, then it won’t harm us, but if we aren’t particular about those habits and being careless then not early but eventually we will catch up in this problem. However, some of the causes are internal that won’t develop without any history of it. These causes include:

Treatment for the Typhoid
  1. Intestinal disease.
  2. Weak immune system.
  3. History of abdominal disorders.
  4. Improper or unhygienic food intake frequently. Or having no food often.
  5. Habit of no washing hands before meal and no cleaning of the tooth.
  6. Excessive use of fast food.
  7. Excessive use of black and red pepper in eating.
  8. History of this particular disease in the family.
  9. Recently dealt with the patient of this fever very closely.
  10. Stomach diseases.

Other causes will be according to a person’s lifestyle, age, gender and nature of the profession he/she is in.

Renowned Symptoms of the Typhoid;

It’s symptoms are very vivid and one can easily figure out that it Typhoid and not any ordinary fever. Not all, but some of the symptoms have such shape that immediately gives the signals of Typhoid. These symptoms are:

  • Extreme swelling in the abdomen.
  • Constipation.
  • Extremely high fever with 103 or 104 F.
  • Hot forehead and cold feet.
  • Diarrhoea.
  • Abdominal pain and discomfort.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Unexplainable Weight loss.
  • Sweating in the body.
  • Dry cough and scaly throat.
  • Fatigue and muscle strains.
  • Heavy head and headache.
  • Weakness in the body. Unable to stand for long.

Thorough Treatment for the Typhoid;

Although this is very dangerous and lethal disease, but thankfully, the modern world has designed proper treatments and medications to cure Typhoid in humans completely. The treatment of this fever includes two proper phases. In one phase the patient will get vaccinated, that will inject into his/her body. The amount of vaccination will be decided after examining the condition and age of the patient. There will be a complete course of vaccine injections, that will roughly complete within a week.

In the next phase, the doctor will prescribe oral medicines to the patient. These medicines will contain antibiotics and energy supplements. The medicine course can prolong till 15 days. Vaccine effects won’t stay with the patient for long. That’s why, its important to complete the course of oral medication. It will help to prevent Typhoid further coming. With medicine and vaccination the patient will eventually get rid of Typhoid.

The Bottom Line;

Try to stay away those things that cause it. Don’t eat too much pepper and fast food. Always wash your hand before every meal. Dirty hands invite Typhoid. If you ever had any history of diarrhoea of stomach disorder, don’t take it lightly and do complete the treatment regarding the problem. Pneumonia patients will also stay alarm and active. Consider any sign and symptoms that you feel like such type of fever. Eat healthy and organic food. Always go for monthly check ups. This will update you about any changes in your health. Try to add minimum or maximum exercise according to your health in your life. Being active will skip the chance of you getting caught up in this fever.


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