Normally, the majority of the world likes sweets. Men and women have a special kind of cravings for sweets. Whenever you hear the word, it is mouth watering in itself. People who have physical problems or who are having some kind of disease like diabetes in which the direct consumption of sweets are prohibited, they dearly yearns for dessert after a meal or any kind of sweet thing at least twice a day. Dessert which is made of sugar is as lethal as a bottle of poison. However, dessert which is made of Brown sugar or jaggery have a little less bad effects on the human’s health.

The drastic influence of dessert on a human’s brain:

It is strange to know that dessert have a very strong influence on your brain. The majority of the world is not really particular about their food preferences and choices. Especially the working class of the world don’t pay any attention on the type of food they eat thrice a day.

Most of the people eat burgers, chips, pastry, cream cakes, pizzas and chocolates. These types of food items temporarily rise up your glucose level and you feel as your stomach is filled. But in fact the reality is quite the contrary. Chocolates, cream cakes, pastries and other kinds of desserts merely invites diseases. How? Let’s find out.

Which sort of dessert is harmful and which is not?

You might have this complain in your mind all the time that why can’t I have cakes or a creamy dessert whenever I want to have it? The answer is that if you eat a bar of dark chocolate or nuts or lightweight cookies as a dessert, there is nothing to worry about. You can have it, preferably in the lunch. But the mixture of sugar, butter, flour, cheese or some fats is the prescription for diabetes. It is a clear invitation to diabetes. Not only diabetes but also obesity develops in those people who prefer to eat flour, sugar and butter in one plate.

Who eats dessert more? Man or woman?

Several surveys have been conducted in this respect to gather the information that who consumes dessert more? Man or woman. After several studies, experts concluded that men eat more sweet food items and dessert than women. The experts claim that a woman can consume almost 5 to 6 spoons of sugar per day. If you demarcate a woman’s sugar intake from her normal meal intake, she can consume 100 calories only maximum in the shape of a dessert.

On the other hand, men have reach to the extreme in consuming desserts. A man can take up to 9 spoons of sugar per day and 150 to 200 calories. There are some men who consume sugar and desserts a whole lot more than this figure that is mentioned above.

Even the salty food items like chicken spread, mayonnaise ketchup and food products that are used for dressing the soups and other salty food, contains sugar and thus considered as a dessert item.

Tremendous advantages of having such food item once in 24 hours:

When we were born, we weren’t obligated to have salty food items only, as our meal. Rather, nature has bestowed us with almost all kinds of tastes. That include sweet, salty, spicy and bitter. And a person should have all the taste in his or her meals to ensure the balance. We cannot say that only eating sweet food items will harm our bodies internally. Over consumption of every kind of food whether it is sweet or salty or spicy will harm us anyway. It is vital to note that sweet food items, if we take in moderation, grant us some very fruitful results. As they have super influential benefits. Here is a list of those advantages, such as;

Nutritions is the second name of dessert:

Those types of desserts which have low calories but provide pleasure to your mind and body are actually good for your body. Not all but a few of the desserts are enriched with antioxidants and carbohydrates such as dark chocolate or pumpkin pie. The type of dessert like nuts, such as peanuts, walnuts, cashews and pistachios are full of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. They not only are good for the body but also can be considered as a good replacement of a creamy dessert like pastry or a cream roll.

Having a small amount of dessert daily, actually help you to shed some weight:

Yes you read correctly! Having a small amount of dessert actually improve your health and if you are on the run of weight loss, and you take dessert, but in moderation, you are doing it right. How? Let me show you.

advantages of dessert

When you aim to lose weight, people normally opt for salads and low carb food. This works for almost a week or two, but when the body starts shutting down, man finds it difficult to stick to such a diet plan for long. Eventually, you give up dieting and starts to eat even more than the previous times and gain more weight. Dessert, on the other hand work for you in such a way that when you take salads or cereals to maintain your calories and add a type of dessert in your daily diet plan that is low in calories and provide pleasure too, it will raise your glucose level, which subsequently, wipe out the hunger for hours. And the body won’t force you to eat something.

This eventually help you lose weight. The less you eat, the more you burn your fats. And if the dessert that you are having, have raise your glucose level, your pancreas will be satisfied but your stomach will be empty and hence will burn your fat. So it is good to have a low carb dessert in 24 hours if you are on a mission-weight-loss.

A Dessert is enriched with fruits:

This point doesn’t need any justification. We all know that lots of desserts are incorporated with fruits. Today’s most of confectioners in the world add fruits in the dressing of their desserts. This provides colour and temptation to your dessert. But most importantly, like you are aware of the fact that since the fruits are enriched with vitamins and other essential properties, their intake combined with a dessert item provides endless nutrition to your body.

For instance, if you are having any sort of pie which have a thick dressing of mango pulp, it will not only delicious but it will also have the important nutritional properties that your body requires. As time passed, man has invented so many types of dessert. Adding raspberries or blueberries in the frozen yogurt is not only a delicious dessert itself, but also a very nutritious food product.

It fulfil the carvings of a dessert and also the demand of fruit intake that our body needs. In today’s time the confectioners has discovered the new dimension of strawberries, by dipping them into cooking chocolate and placing them into cakes and pies. All kinds of milk shakes like mango, banana, strawberry and other sort of milk shakes which are incorporated with fruits, falls in the category of dessert.

Your glucose level will be fine with having dessert:

But of course if it is made of Brown sugar or jaggery, it will not harm you in any way. Because sucrose has the negative effects on a person’s health. But jaggery is actually good for rising up your glucose level and for better calories fulfilment. Owing to the fact that your body is largely depends upon your calorie counts and your glucose level. So it is vital to keep these both things on level.

If you don’t want to eat much and you are a diet conscious person, you may have a piece of dessert full of carbohydrates and calories. It will be thick. It will wipe out the hunger and let you survive for hours without eating anything. If your body weight doesn’t match with your height, you may have a high-calorie dessert such as mango shake, banana shake and chocolate shake. It will induce many calories in your body, your glucose level will be on the right parameters and it will also help you gain some weight. Milk shakes also help to strengthen your bones.

Having Dessert helps to minimize mood swings:

That’s right. Even though no authentic report have been made in this context but it is seen in people that those who don’t like sweets much or who avoids to have any sweet food item even after a couple of days, have somewhat rigid nature and depression. Moreover, mood swing issue is another thing with them. Carbohydrates have a specific chemical in them that arouses the feeling of pleasure and happiness.

Plus, your mind feels happy and jovial when you have anything sweet. And the feeling remains for hours. Have you ever noticed this thing that whenever you eat pudding or a sugary cookie you feel happy, you mind gets relaxed. If you were angry at someone lately, the anger fades. How? Because the carbohydrated-riched dessert produce that chemical in your brain that arouse the feeling of pleasure. It is said that the dark chocolate is enriched with that chemical and thus a best fit for reducing mood swings and considered to be a superb dessert.

A dessert can save you from harmful aftermath of dieting:

The certain fact about dieting is, it makes you negative. Your thinking and mind-set become rude and negative. People who have severe illnesses and diseases usually stops having proper diet. This cause them weakness and mental illness. Normally doctors suggest their patients to have dessert once a day.

This stimulates hunger and appetite. You may have seen people who do dieting, usually have depression episodes, anxiety attacks, panic attacks and stress. For skipping such conditions, one should consume a sugary dessert once after a couple of days minimally and after one day maximumly, to squeeze the harmful side effects of dieting and loss of appetite owing to any disease.

Some unavoidable disadvantages of eating dessert without limitations:

How can we ignore the fact that sugar is lethal for human health. Also, we cannot avoid the point that consuming too much is an open invitation to various diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol level issue, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and skin problems.

If you are acknowledged with the advantages of having dessert, you should have to be fully aware of the disadvantages and demerits of having dessert without the limitations or what would happen if you eat sweets on a regular basis or if you eat it for more than one time in a day. These disadvantages includes;

Having dessert daily is a clear invitation to different dangerous diseases:

people have this believe that if they take dessert on a regular basis, they will develop diabetes only. In fact, you can develop such diseases that you may never have thought of. Eating dessert daily can harm you and indulge you in various fatal diseases regardless of the fact to what age group you belong to. Whether you are an adult, or grown up person or in your early forties or seventy plus. Eating dessert regularly which contains sugary acids can lead you to;

There can be other diseases that haunt you down because of consuming too much dessert or sugary food. Because your insulin levels get higher with dessert. And if you don’t do any exercises and sits for long hours, this insulin remain in your body and start damaging other organs too besides the pancreas.

Consider your teeth will be on stake while having dessert regularly:

Well this is understood. Mostly, sweet food items are sticky and clinging. Their particles usually sticks to your teeth. That eventually cause cavities and tartar into your teeth. Subsequently, tooth decay happens. Moreover, these particles stays in your mouth and cause upset in your stomach.

To get rid of it, doctors recommend to gurgle everytime after eating anything sweet. But as a matter of fact people don’t really care much about it. Thus, these sweets remain in the mouth and cause serious harm to your teeth.

Dessert can easily lead you to smitten in Diabetes:

Any sort of dessert, whether it is cake, cream, pudding, cookies or dumpling, it always contains a large amount of sugar in making. And since sugar is very dangerous for a human body, it can cause serious issues. Speaking of which is diabetes.

Your pancreas produce a decent amount of insulin in the body. Insulin work like a fuel for the body. When you take extra sugar in your diet. The volume of insulin increases to much more level. As a result the pancreas spit out the extra insulin within the body, that start damaging other parts of the body. So having dessert on a regular basis is nothing but an open invitation to diabetes.

Skin problems are mandatory with the dose of dessert:

Well, the majority of the world don’t understand this because people complain that why the salty foods don’t cause acne or pimples even after having the spices in them. The answer is sugar has such properties in it that increase the glucose level rapidly. Your blood sugar level raised to this extent that cause a rush in your overall body work formation. Eventually, this condition sprouts acne and pimples on your skin.

Eating dessert produce even more issues apart from the skin problems. Almost all types of dessert contains a large amount of flour, some kind of oil or butter and sugar of course. The combination of these three ingredients cause swelling and make your cheeks extra round. It also enhance double chin and flab on your neck. Hence, it isn’t rational at all to eat dessert regularly.

Obesity is the first and foremost aftermath after consuming too much dessert:

disadvantages of dessert

We all know that people who love sweets are more fat than those who don’t eat sweet food items much. The reason is mentioned above that almost all the sweet food items contain flour, sugar, and butter. Moreover, sugar contain glucose, sucrose and other particles that are not only harmful but also increases the chances of gaining weight.

Hence, those who opt for keto diet or recommended to lose weight for their well being by their doctors or nutritionists, are strictly commanded to call off the sweet food item and sugar from their daily meals. There are a number of examples of some personalities who gave up the sweets, lose weight and now are leading a healthy, normal lifestyles.

The final words:

Ironically speaking, a large number of people in the world, when do irregularities in their lifestyle and especially in their diet, they say that “A man must eat whatever he wants to eat before life is up.” But this is not a solution nor a salvation. It’s an escape, a trap in which you drown yourself intentionally. Because let’s face it, we don’t want to do prevention and precautions. We want to live our lives the way we want. We want to eat whatever tastes better whether it is a creamy dessert or a spicy pizza with lots of cheese and a fluffy base.

But if we follow the precautions regarding dessert eating and sugar consumption in our young age, we won’t have to take these things more seriously in our older age. We can live a healthy normal life instead in our older age. And even can eat dessert in our older age once in a week. Therefore, it will be good to have adequate awareness about the making of these dessert, the role of sugar in our lives and the harmful effects of dessert consumption on a regular basis before it’s too late.


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