Apart from the stomach cancer, tongue cancer is the most spreading disease in the world nowadays. Intoxications and addictions to drugs are mandatory for the younger class of the world. Teenagers are these days highly addicted to smoking and drinking.

These are the basic cause of tongue cancer. Other than this, unhygienic food, impure water and junk food, which is not healthy and doesn’t fulfil the requirements of a healthy diet, also causes tongue diseases and stomach problem. Not gurgling the mouth right after eating also cause mouth disease, as the leftovers from the meal and particles of the food leave in the mouth and with rotten particles of food, your mouth receives different kinds of problems.

How dangerous the tongue cancer is?

Among the lethal type of diseases and cancer, tongue cancer is on the sixth number. Which means that it is one of the most spreading type of cancer in the world. However, it is more prevailing in Europe and Asia. The UK is somehow immune to this type of cancer. Young people are victimised of this type of cancer more often.

Because although they are young and have a strong immune system yet, the intensity of the disease attack on such people with even more power. https://www.theshreds.org/how-can-you-give-up-alcohol/

The youth and such diseases;

Due to the fact that they take their youth for granted and adopt all those harmful habits that initiate the tongue cancer problem. The virus which brood the stem of this cancer called HPV. There is a high number of men in tongue cancer patients’ list as compared to women. Because men, whole around the world drinks and smoke more than women.

Ironically, Women drink and smoke less than men due to many reasons such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, skin issues and asthma. https://www.theshreds.org/some-very-interesting-and-useful-tips-for-healthy-and-happy-pregnancy/

An average age of tongue cancer patients in the world:

As a matter of fact, An average age of tongue cancer patients in the world is roughly between 50 to 65. Sadly speaking, people who are in the age bracket of 50 to 55 diagnosed with tongue cancer with the serious condition more often than usual. In the UK around 50,000 people in a region full of people, have tongue cancer. And in these 50,000, almost 6,000 people approximately, crosses the line of the second stage of tongue cancer and need serious medical attention.

As mentioned earlier that men are victimised to this type of cancer more than the other gender, so it’s the higher chance for men of developing tongue cancer at the age of 50 to 55 if they are addicted to any kind of drugs, alcohol and cigarette.

Common symptoms of tongue cancer that can’t the ignored easily:

You may say it’s a good luck of the human specie that the symptoms of tongue cancer are very clear and hard to ignore. In other words, you cannot consider those symptoms as a seasonal change in your health or a mere viral infection. Fortunately, The symptoms will be this much acute and visible, that seeking medical attention will be mandatory for the person.

Common symptoms of tongue cancer will be;

main causes of tongue cancer
  • Acute tongue pain, especially while eating and with movement.
  • Difficulty in swallowing the food.
  • Difficulty in galloping or drinking, pain and discomfort.
  • Several sores in the mouth of small and medium size.
  • Bleeding from the sores.
  • Losing teeth in a short span of time. https://www.theshreds.org/how-can-i-get-my-teeth-cavity-free/
  • Skin thickening in the mouth walls.
  • Sore throat for weeks.
  • Stiffness in the jaws.
  • Change colour of the gums.

These sorts of symptoms are so visible that you cannot ignore those symptoms even if you have three or four of them.

What are the main causes of tongue cancer?

Of course, there are renowned causes of developing tongue cancer. If you take a look at Asian countries, the patients of tongue cancer are many. Especially in India, Bangladesh and Bhutan. Other than this in Africa, tongue cancer is prevailing vigorously. There is not only one reason or cause of developing tongue cancer, rather a

few factors that can cause tongue cancer, such as;

  1. Excessive use of nicotine and tobacco.
  2. Smoking and heroin intake through mouth. https://www.theshreds.org/you-can-get-rid-of-smoking-with-these-super-effective-methods/
  3. Chewing tobacco.
  4. Snuffing drug powder.
  5. Alcohol consumption.
  6. Pipe and cigar.
  7. Having HPV virus in the body.
  8. History of tongue cancer in the family.
  9. Direct sun exposure of lips and mouth for hours.
  10. Constantly drinking dirty water.
  11. Long term disease in the throat can lead to tongue cancer. (Rare cases)

Tongue cancer other than these causes will be developed in your body, according to the lifestyle you lead, your age and gender and your habits.

What kind of activity the cancer cells do to your lips and mouth?

Normally, any sort of cancer develops in the body when the cells of a particular area of the body receive changes in its DNA. This kind of specific changes allows the cancer cells to nourish and grow, especially when the active and healthy cells of the body, die. Sometimes, with the abnormal growth of these cancer cells, a tumour forms in the mouth. With which the stem of tongue cancer sprouts.

Initially, a person will not find any symptoms of tongue cancer, therefore it will be hidden to a certain extent. But as fast these tumours start growing in the mouth, the symptoms and sign start showing up visibly.

What it looks like when you have developed tongue cancer or a similar condition like this?

Luckily, Tongue cancer is not something which has minor symptoms and signs. It will show you something unusual that you haven’t experienced before with such a distinct period of time. You may have sore in the mouth or may have painful gums or throat, but if you have tongue cancer,

The time limit of this type of sore will be long enough than usual and it will not heal up with the ordinary mouth gel. It will prominently affect your lips, tongue, gums, teeth sometimes, uvula, and the walls of the mouth. The things that you will face in specific, will be;

Squamous cells:

The specific cell in the mouth that the tongue cancer hit the most is called squamous cell. It is located on the surface of the mouth, lips and tongue. So, if you find any kind of patches in your mouth on these areas. This could be a sign of trouble.

Dark Red patches;

As you are aware of the fact that on initial stages, you will feel no pain even if you have developed tongue cancer. Similarly, with the abnormal growth of cells in the mouth, you will find red patches in your mouth, which apparently, will not cause any trouble, but it can be a vivid sign of tongue cancer.

It will look like a dark red patch with a velvet like appearance. Such patches are called precancerous patches. https://www.healthline.com/health/oral-cancer/tongue-cancer

White patches in the mouth;

People who chew tobacco products in the mouth, usually develop such patches in the mouth. On the contrary, to red patches, white patches are the rough ones. They develop on the tongue or side wall of the mouth or under the lips and cause irritation and itching. This type of patch cause hurdle in swallowing things. People who drinks stinging beverages and alcohol often develop such patches.

Big and small sores on the tongue;

Tongue sores, with or without are common among the people of the world, especially those who use to eat spicy food and junk food. But if you have tongue sore that is not healing even after two weeks, then it will be a sign of serious issues with tongue.

Those who have pre tongue cancer signs, will develop sore on the tongue, on the sides of the tongue, on the gums, on the lips, and behind the teeth. For preventing the precancerous sign and symptoms, one must have to take a keen look in his/her mouth every month to witness the abnormalities in the mouth.

Is canker sore are dangerous or cancerous?

This is the only type of sore that just looks like as it has some serious health problems hidden in it, but in reality, a canker sore is not cancerous. You may find a sore on your tongue or lips with red outline and yellow or orange central portion. If it looks like this, you don’t have to be worried. It will be heal in two weeks.

Young people don’t need any gel or healing creams often and the sore healed up in their mouth with their strong immune system. However, a healing gel is always recommended for the canker sore.

Suggested treatments for tongue cancer:

Three types of treatments for tongue cancer are suggested by the health experts. However, any of these treatments will be picked up after examining the condition of the patient. Treatment will also pick up according to the gender and age of the patient. These three treatments are;

Common symptoms of tongue cancer


In chemotherapy, extremely powerful medicines are induced in the patient’s body to kill the cancerous cells and germs.

Surgery for tongue cancer;

If the patient has only one part affect from cancer, it will removed by surgery. In which the affected cells along with the normal, healthy cells will be cut off from the body just to make sure that all the cancerous part is removed from the body.

Radiotherapy and tongue cancer;

Radiotherapy is a kind of high level x-ray which helps to eliminate the cancerous cells from the body.

Sometimes, these ways are used solely for the patient and sometimes a combination from two of these three treatments will be used to cure tongue cancer. Other than medical treatment, your doctor will also focus on how you speak or eat or drink after the treatment of tongue cancer.

Some very important tips to prevent tongue cancer:

Above all, Some very important tips regarding the safety of the tongue and prevention of tongue cancer are;

  1. Eat healthy diet, add vitamins and minerals into your diet.
  2. Quit smoking and drinking all at once.
  3. Don’t chew tobacco products.
  4. Using a pipe or cigar or crystal smoke is equally toxic and injurious to health.
  5. Gurgle after every meal should be mandatory to avoid mouth problems.
  6. Hide your lips and mouth with a scarf and apply sunscreen cream every time you go out.
  7. Visit your doctor or dentist on the monthly basis and let the doctor examine your mouth and tongue thoroughly.
  8. Avoid junk food as much as you can.
  9. If you have braces on your teeth, clean them weekly.
  10. Don’t take any symptoms of such disease lightly.

Summarization to the discussion:

In a nutshell, tongue cancer is a painful and chronic disease and this shouldn’t be taken for granted. Your lifestyle and living should be simple and hygienic and should fulfil all the requirements. Your diet should be healthy and full vitamins and minerals. Exercise and physical activities should be add to your lifestyle.

Subsequently, Don’t eat too much spices on a daily basis. It’s the spices that cause stomach ulcer and stomach cancer along with the tongue cancer. https://www.theshreds.org/10-proven-methods-to-get-back-your-stomach-with-even-more-health/


Stay happy. Happiness is the key to keep your health up to the mark. Tongue cancer is a dangerous disease. It will not give you any clue on its arrival rather you will get symptoms of it after the second stage. That is why it is important to keep in check the changes that happens in your mouth to prevent the chances of getting caught up in the situation.


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