Today, the teens of our country and around the world are frustrated. Why? Because of the coronavirus situation. Many countries are easing the lockdown and granting relief to their people because the virus has started fading away from their land. But it will take more time to get back to the normal life, the way it was. It may take a year or half. And those countries in which the coronavirus is on its peak, those countries are imposing quite a strict lockdown on their people.

People of middle ages are handling the situation by far satisfactory, but the teens aren’t buying it completely. They are in the state of shock, depression and frustration. Keeping themselves to their houses making them cranky, grumpy and super annoyed. So it’s the teenager group of the people who require our attention more than any class of mankind right now.

The activities of teens have been stopped since months:

Unfortunately, almost all the activities of teens have been halted since months. Which has not only usurped the freedom and relaxation of us but also is causing frustration. The activities of teens that have been stopped or closed since months are;

  • Studies, as the schools and colleges are closed.
  • Internships.
  • Practicals.
  • Sports activities.
  • Social gatherings and parties.
  • Religious ceremonies.
  • Group studies.
  • Trips and tours.
  • one-to-one meetings.
  • Jobs and workplaces are closed.
  • Marriage ceremonies.
  • Teens Group sessions.
  • dinner and lunch outside. 
  • Movies and shopping
  • Concerts.

Apart from all this, several other activities of teens have also stopped because of the coronavirus lockdown. 

The possible threats and social disorders related to teens that we will see in the future:

Due to less activities and non active lifestyle will haunt the teenagers down to this level, that they will end up adopting so many bad and non health friendly activities. Also the tiffs between parents and their children will also be reported. At this age teens usually have this habit to get enraged on merely few things. So after getting locked up for months, their relationship with their parents will not be on good ground. The possible non healthy traits that teens will adopt are;

Teens will start smoking due to lockdown
  1. Drug addiction. 
  2. Alcohol drinking.
  3. Smoking.
  4. Gambling.
  5. Robberies.
  6. Evil mindset and evil planning for mass killing.
  7. Teens will start registering themselves to different terrorist organizations. 
  8. Psychological issues like depression, anxiety and stress.
  9. Obesity.
  10.  Disinterest in the studies. 

What’s our responsibility? How can we make teens happy during lockdown and quarantining at home?

Now the teens are super annoyed and frustrated, it’s our responsibility to make them happy and engage them in healthy activities. Which not only keeps them happy and jovial but also at the end of the lockdown, they manage to learn some very useful ideas and methods for life. Such as;

1- Physical games specifically for teens:

The first and foremost important, free, physical and healthy step that we can take to make our teens engage and happily busy is physical activities and physical games. Most of you guys and even girls now, love football. If you have a backyard in your house or an empty lot on the back side of your house, you can organise a football match among your family members. Also you can play badminton, squash, wallyball and similar games which keep your teens busy physically. Inside home, you can play carrom, scrabble, ludo, hide and seek, finders keepers and many other games like this. 

In other words, if you set one game for each day of the week, the teenager community of the house will not be bored. Rather enjoy your company. Remember one thing that being rude to them, scolding them frequently and mocking them will make the teens irritated and frustrated. And they rush to get out of the house without further delay.

2- Teach your teens new cooking recipes and about baking:

The second most fantastic activity that your teens will love is baking and cooking. But not that old, conventional, boring local dishes. Try to teach your teens about the new and innovative recipes. Especially which don’t belong to your land. Also teach them both tastes, sweet and sore. The other most interesting thing is baking. Apart from teens, even older people enjoy baking. Amid the coronavirus hustle, teach them how to make cakes, Apple pies, cookies, pudding, pizzas and nuggets. If you also don’t know it also, learn with them together. stream an authentic YouTube channel about baking recipes and learn with your teens altogether.  

3- Set the weight loss/gain regime for teens and yourself during lockdown:

You can set a weight loss/gain regime for yourself or for those of your family members who are fat and overweight. Normally, countries in the World are setting the lockdown for two to three months. And such a time period is sufficient for weight gain and weight loss. Teens usually have this type of body that can gain or lose weight in no time. If they work hard, they will lose excessive weight in a couple of months. Similarly, if your kids or teens in your family are underweight, this lockdown period is ideal to set your schedule as per your need. It will keep them busy and engage them in the process.

4- Make your home a rehab center for your own drug addicted teens children.

Indeed, it’s the sad and ultimate truth that countries like America and Canada do have given the extreme liberty to their teens. They smoke, they drink and also do drugs. And very few families consider it wrong and unreasonable. This kind of liberty has made the teens addicted to drugs, smoking and drinking. But now since they are locked up with you, you can bring the change and can get them back to life. Keep this thing in mind that the teens in your house are out of sources right now and not fully facilitated. If you take a step, it will save their lives. 

Talk to your family doctor. And ask him about the essential medication for it. Buy online and that’s it. Make your house a rehab centre for your own drug addicted teens. You need to be extremely loving and supportive. Become a strength of your teenager and you would see how he/she will overcome the habit eventually. 

5- Take a look at your skin and enhance the beauty of your skin if you belongs to a teens group:

Quarantine period is one of the best periods of your life right now in which you can do so many creative things. This includes the skin treatment. Teens because they are aging from adults to grown up men or women, that is why several things happen to their body. They usually get pimples and acne on their face, rapid ejaculation in boys, menstrual cycle with heavy flow in girls are the basic notable changes in teens. 

All of the mentioned above changes cause problems on facial skin. Also children at this age, have the habit of taking extra and unnecessary tension and stress of their studies, relationships and body structure. While living in the house for an indefinite period of time, you can give extra attention to your skin. You can try several face masks and remedies to make your skin vibrant and radiant. And if you focus on the skin of the teens in your house, you will get a positive response in just two weeks. Because their skin is young and full of life.

6- Engage your teenagers with you to fix your garden:

Fix your garden with the help of teens in the house

Again, it’s a physical activity. Luckily, if you have a big garden in your house, you can start from one corner and give another corner to your teenager boy and girl. And have a competition about who will do it better. Don’t push them to do a big area of your garden in one day. Rather divide your garden into 10 to 20 blocks. And pic one block after one day. It will help you pass your time as well and will engage and keep your teens busy on the other hand.

By the end of a month, you will see a beautiful garden in your house. You can plough, seed new plants, cut the excessive grass and make new designs of the plants by cutting them in a technical manner. Give ample space to your teens to try new ideas in the garden and make it beautiful according to their mindset. 

7- If you are an engineer, writer, mechanic or a doctor, time to transfer the legacy:

Indeed it’s the right time to maintain your relationship with your teenager kids when you are locked up with them at home. Many of you have had the opportunity before but you didn’t avail it and the teens of your house are considering you rude, rough and a person who doesn’t understand them. It’s the right time to mend your relationship with them. Whatever occupation do you have, start telling them about it. Take the most interesting field of your occupation first. It will draw their interest in your talk. Teach them how to do it. Remember that your teaching method should be full of love and affection. No aggression, no scolding or mocking should be there. 

Learning new things and new ideas will make the teens happy. No matter what occupation you have. Whether you are a doctor or engineer, or mechanic or a plumber even, transfer the legacy and spread the knowledge. Those of your teens who have the same instinct as you had will adopt this profession in future. So this effort will help them academically also. And will bring you close to your kid as well.

The final words:

We may not have this opportunity again in our lives. While we are locked up because of a pandemic and spending our time with family. So do your best to utilize this time. You can pass your time by improving the typing speed with your teens, doing painting, with creative writing, by making word pyramids with your teens etc. Making word pyramids will boost the vocabulary of your teens and make them inquisitive about new words. It’s a really good activity. 

In a nutshell, lockdown because of coronavirus is actually a blessing for us. We can fix our sleeping habits by waking up early in the morning and sleeping at the right time at night. Teens because they are growing with age and are free spirits that is why they are upset due to the restrictions right now. If you put a little bit of effort into comforting them, you will have a beautiful and strong bond with them through the rest of your lives certainly and eventually. All you have to do is to get out of your skin or your introverted demeanour and take the first step towards the teens of your family.


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