Among the most important organs of the body, your heart has the supreme place. The Brain and heart are those two important organs of the body, on which 90% of your body relies. If your brain commands the other parts to perform the tasks, your heart supplies and blood to the major parts of the body. It’s pumping and beating has another tasks to perform as well. The heart also symbolises the feelings of love and affection.

But this thing related to emotions and thoughts. Scientifically, it has nothing to do with the thinking process and feeling. It’s the mind that thinks and penetrate. Unfortunately, in the 21st century, a human heart is weakened by innumerable diseases and disorders. But, science is working on it to cure the heart from these diseases with some effective treatments. And luckily, got success to a large extent.   

The heart’s location in the body:

Normally people do know the location of the heart, still this needs to know. If you place your hand in the centre of your chest you will feel your beat visibly. However, a human heart is fixed slightly on the left side of the chest. It’s more of a muscle than an organ. Its main task is to provide blood on the different areas of the body. Along with the blood, it provides oxygen to the body. The organ also helps to remove the toxins from the body.

How functional our heart is?

Among the important organs of the body, our heart is also very functional. It is divided into two parts, in the sense of working. The right and the left part. The right part of the heart receives the blood from the body, and send it to the lungs. On the other hand, left part of the organ, take the blood from the lungs and deliver it to the body, significantly. With every beat, this organ fills with the blood and on the very next second when it releases the blood, it squeeze.

Just like you squeeze your fist. Your this body part pumps all the time, without stop, without pause, indeed the heart is very devoted and hard working body part.

Easiest Method of checking the heart rate:

You can easily check your heart rate at home. Without any specific service or tool. Normally, the heart of an adult beats 60 to 100 times in a minute. But if the person is in some kind of anxiety or depression or in some fear, then the rate will be changed. The nature of your work also determines your heart beat. For instance, if you are an athlete, this organ will beat 40 times in a minute.

checking the heart rate

On the other hand, if the nature of your work is about sitting for almost 4 to 6 hours, then your beat will be a little slower. To examine your heart rate, all you have to do is to simply put two fingers on your wrist, on the side of your thumb where your radial artery is fixed. You will now start feeling your heart beat. Count the beats for almost 15 seconds. Whatever result you got in such time, multiply it to 4. The answer will be your beat in a minute.

Remember the fact that your heart beat will not always give you perfect results. It may be low and may be fast at some point. And the reasons could be many. From hectic lifestyle to depressed state of mind.

Significant parts of the heart and their tasks:

If you take a keen look at this body part, there are four parts in it. These parts are called chambers. Two chambers are fixed on both sides. These chambers have names. One of these four chamber is fixed on the top and one on the bottom. The chamber, which is fixed on the top called atria. The task of this chamber is to be filled with the blood that comes in the heart from the body or lungs. As you know that two chambers are called atrium so, the heart has two atrium, left and right atrium.

The main tasks:

In the middle of the organ, there is a strong muscle, called the septum. This is the significant muscle, which main duty is to demarcate the right side and the left side. Those two chambers that are fixed in the bottom of the heart called ventricles. All these chambers work with one another just to make sure that the heart work properly. The two chambers fills with the blood and send this blood into the chambers which are at the bottom of the heart. This process continues without any hurdles and within Nano Seconds.

What are the Best treatments for heart?

There are some very effective and efficient ways and treatments with which a weak, feeble or an ill heart can get back to the way it was. These treatments are highly practiced by the professionals in the world. These treatments are prescribed in different illnesses of this body part. Such as;


a pacemaker is planted in the heart when the beat of the heart or rate is not normal and appropriate. The electronic device sends electrical waves to the organ to maintain its beating and rate.

Angioplasty for the heart:

when the working of the organ is disturbed, due to thick blood, or squeezed veins or due to a blood clot, then the surgeon will induce a balloon like thing in the artery to widen it. And further place a stent in that particular artery to remain it wide, so to let the blood flow through it freely.

Diuretics for the heart:

These are actually pills. Or we can say water pills. These pills cause urination and fluid discharge (sweat). If the physician has any doubt about your organ failure, he will suggest you to have diuretics to reduce the volume and proper bloodstream.


those patients who cannot survive stents, are instructed to have thrombolysis. It’s a drug that dissolves a blood clot. This drug directly injected into the vein of the patient to dissolve the clot.

Lipid or lower cholesterol treatment:

people who have a minor chance of cardiovascular disease in the future, are recommended to have such modifications and supplements that helps to lower down the lipid or cholesterol levels. Especially those who have the higher risk of the disease or the patients with diabetes are highly recommended to have those medications that decrease the cholesterol levels.

Medicines for controlling the blood pressure:

such people who have high blood pressure are strongly advised to take medicine for it. Because high blood pressure cause heart attack at some point of life for sure. Several people in the world have been reported to have angina pain and heart attack who have high blood pressure.

AED in sudden heart problem:

if a person suddenly have a heart attack, he will be treated with AED to send an electrical shock to get back to life anew.

Use of Aspirin:

sadly, in the 21st century, 7/10 people are advised to take aspirin prior to any cardiovascular disease. Those who have a little threat from their organ, are suggested to have aspirin. Because it helps to dissolve the clot. People, after the bypass surgery usually take aspirin on the daily basis.

Cardio Exercise for heart health:

Its been a long time that cardio exercises have been introduced in the world for the overall health. And the majority of the people, with or without the cardiovascular problems do these exercises for the better heart rate and overall health. However, those who had such problems in the past or having it presently, should consult with their doctor to adopt any of the exercises. And should do only those which their doctor recommends them to do.

How can I keep my heart fit and strong without going to any doctor or hospital?

You don’t need to rush to the hospital at every scratch a you got in a day. Means that there are hundreds of ways with which you can avoid to go to the hospital and maintain your overall health. If your lifestyle is appropriate, you can ditch any health issue in the first place. For example, if you love yourself, do exercise. Exercises are the best tool for maintaining the overall health and fitness. I keeps the heart and mind according to their requirements.

Exercises boost the metabolism level.

And elevate the energy. This doesn’t mean that if you do only hard core exercises, only then you can stay healthy. But, this means that, if you do only running, jogging, morning walk, a few sets of cardio exercises or yoga, even then you can keep your heart fine and up to the demand. Try to do such exercises at least five days in a week for half an hour merely.

Apart from this, add healthy and organic food in your diet plan, which have all the important nutritional values, including trans fats, fibres, vitamin and mineral. Dairy products and other important supplies are vital for keeping the heart fit. With all this, don’t take carbohydrates and artificial beverages. Such drinks cause obesity.

Superb tactics and tips for your heart:

Best treatments for heart

A few tactics and strategies can prevent big heart problems. If you want to keep your heart fine,

Stay happy.

Happiness is the key of good health and fitness. Being in depression and anxiety, will cause bad impact on the health. Your heart pumping in a perfect way largely depends on the mental stability. Vegetables and fruits are the best source for maintaining the metabolism. Keep in check on your weight.

Your weight must be according to your height.

Means if you are small in height and fat, there can be a visible chance of getting heart diseases. Similarly, if you are tall and fat, even then the chances of cardiovascular disease are vibrant.

Water is the second name of life.

Try to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. It will keep your kidney fit, your blood pressure under control, maintain your weight and keep you hydrated. Stop smoking and drinking.

Stop smoking. Smoking is one of the biggest causes of heart problems. It narrows your veins and thicken your blood. Same thing alcohol does. Both of these toxic things cause cancer and other similar health problems including heart disease.

Summarization to the discussion:

Incidents are unpredictable and unusual in the twenty first century. Heart and brain are two those organs of the body that demands primer attention of the body and their duties are also very important simultaneously. That’s why, problems with these two organs can cause big damage to the entire body. You should not wait for any sort of disease to attack you. With or without heart problems, you should do prior efforts for your heart.

Add healthy items in your diet. Drink plenty of water every day. Remember that, if you have such problem, never try any medicine on your own. Neither skip the doctor’s visit. Always consult with your doctor prior to any long distance travel, or giving up on any medicine or treatment of heart. Exhaust all the options for you. And then take the decision which one you will adopt to maintain your overall health.


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