Controlling and keeping the blood pressure on the level is like fetching up the lion into the cage these days. Because 21st century is full of impurities and uncertainties. Food is not hygienic, lifestyle is not active and due to indescribable pressure of the daily pursuits, the psychological problems like anger issues and anxiety disorders are so common even in children, which invites the high blood readings and extremely low blood pressure.

The condition of high or low blood pressure will be determined by the person’s physical entity and strength. It’s the extraordinary thing that now it is seen in people that those who have a very skinny body, often deals with peak pressure and fat people have low blood pressure issues. To clear this ambiguous situation, one must have to keep in check his/her blood pressure and heart rate.

What is the correct number of blood pressure?

At first, take a deep at the scale of blood pressure. That what is the normal scale rate of blood readings, which is low and which is high. The normal blood pressure level for an adult is 120/80. The most complicated thing about these measures is you can not figure it out on your own that if your blood pressure is low or high. It always demands medical assistance and a specific tool to check it.

Because the symptoms of hypertension and low blood pressure are almost the same. Therefore, it is mandatory for the patient to check his blood pressure on the regular basis to keep its level normal. And it is even more important to check if you have a family history of high or low blood pressure.

Different readings of blood pressure and its meanings:

People have different blood pressure readings and its meanings are also different. Because people have a different body shape, different metabolism levels and different preferences of food, therefore, the scale of blood readings will be different. Other than this, age matters a lot when it comes to check the blood pressure. Because a person of middle age will have different haemoglobin levels, children and adults will have changed levels and older people will have a significantly changed pressure scale. These scales are as follows;

  • Very low blood pressure= 90/60.
  • Perfect and ideal pressure= 120/80.
  • Normal, but a little higher, which need to be under control= 140/90.
  • Significantly high= 200 or more than this/100.

The scale is simple to understand. If a person has top number exceeded to 140 and a bottom number exceeded to 90, he then has the high pressure issues. And on the other hand, if a person has top number below to 90 and bottom number below to 60, he has extremely low pressure problem.

Both of the conditions need medical assistance immediately without further delay and requires regular check ups to monitor the progress.

Signs of abnormal blood pressure levels, whether high or low;

As you are aware of the fact that low or high, in both cases you will have almost similar symptoms and signs. That is why the patient, most of the time couldn’t be able to understand what type of condition his/her blood have currently. These signs that people experiences normally are;

  1. Heavy head and aching.
  2. Feeling fatigued and tiredness.
  3. Blurred vision.
  4. Hot palms of hands and feet.
  5. Feeling weight on chest, and forehead.
  6. Pain in the chest.
  7. Blood release from ears, nose, and urine. (critical condition)
  8. Narrow breathing.
  9. Abnormal heartbeat.
  10. Problem in hearing voices.

These are the general signs of abnormal blood pressure whether low or high. If you have such symptoms, NEVER take it lightly. Seek medical attention immediately and describe your problem. The doctor will run some tests and prescribe medicine.

Although low blood readings is less dangerous than the hypertension, but remember that both of the conditions, high or low blood reading counts if not treated with care, can leads to catastrophic aftermath such as heart attack or cardiac arrest. And the patient can even die in the process.

Some specific symptoms of low blood pressure:

Of course, there are some specific symptoms that helps you to determine, if you have a low blood readings problem or not. Because even though this health issue has common symptoms, still a few of them demarcate these one category into two. The condition of low blood readings calls hypotension. The low blood pressure normally causes when the patient has no sufficient blood in the body.

It slows down the activity of the blood. It also affects the brain’s performance prominently.  These specific symptoms of low blood pressure are:

Symptoms of low blood pressure

Normally, these symptoms will be experienced by both genders, men and women. These are the general symptoms that can invade on any person regardless of gender. Women may have experienced some of the additional symptoms such as shock, (in severe cases) Or vomiting.

Some specific symptoms of high blood pressure:

As the low blood pressure has its specific signs and symptoms similarly, high blood pressure has its particular symptoms. On the contrary, to hypotension, high blood pressure is called hypertension in the medical terms. In this condition, the heart feels a bit more pressure on itself than usual. when the blood flow takes speed, the heart has to work with the speed of the blood and thus it affects the weak tissues of the body, arteries and veins. Such behaviour of the blood brightens up the chances of cardiac arrest and heart stroke. People with hypertension issues face the tragedy of heart attack at least once in a lifetime.

Other than the heart stroke, people with hypertension faces many other health issues too. For instance varicose veins, skin damage, hair loss and diabetes. The distinct symptoms of high blood pressure are;

  • Sweats and chills, especially on the forehead and face.
  • Burning sensation.
  • Headache.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Weakness.
  • Anger and frustration.
  • Despair and disillusions.
  • Swallowed veins on forehead and temples.
  • Strange feeling as if the heat is educing from the body.

These are those general symptoms, which is being experienced by almost all the patients who have hypertension issue.

Do babies in the womb have their own blood pressure or their mother’s blood pressure works for them?

If a woman is carrying a child in her womb, it doesn’t mean that just because she carrying the baby, so she is dealing with all the processes inside the baby. The baby has its own heartbeat, its own haemoglobin pressure levels and even the baby has its own blood sugar count. However, the metrics are far more less than an adult or grown up person. The normal pressure reading of a baby in the womb is approximately;

  • 30-60 mmHg, diastolic.
  • 65-95 mmHg, systolic.

A woman must have to keep in check these readings of the baby to monitor the progress and development.

Best ways to keep your blood pressure normal and up to the mark:

In the 21st century, of course, there are millions of ways to get your blood counting on scale. Even these ways are this much easier to adopt that both genders can achieve the best results. All we need is the consistency and patience. With the long term adoption of these ways, we will get the adequate levels of blood pressure. These ways are;

Watch your diet;

your diet play an important role in maintaining your pressure. Diet determine the value of blood pressure on a large scale. If your diet isn’t healthy and the amount of salt is more than required, then your blood pressure will be off the rails.

Other than this, additions of junk food in the diet instead of green vegetables and other fruits can also cause blood pressure issues. It will also invite obesity, diabetes and heart problems. Your diet must have those food items which helps to reduce cholesterol levels. It will keep your blood readings on scale.

Add exercise and workouts in your life;

Indeed, it’s the sets of exercises and workouts that plays an important part in maintaining the overall health of the person. If you are dealing with high blood pressure or low blood pressure switch to exercises which include running, jogging, push ups, squats, planks and more. These types of exercise will boost your metabolism and helps your blood to flow even better.

Exercises burn the extra calories and reduce the cholesterol levels, thus keeps your blood pressure between 120/80. But remember that if you stop doing exercise after adopting it, your blood pressure will turn back to the level it was before starting the exercises.

Limit the amount of salt in your food;

Consuming salt is the biggest reason for raised blood count. Consuming salt is also hazardous to heart health. And the reduction of the salt in the diet brings tremendous results in the first attempt even. For instance, if you skip the salt intake even for one day, it will reduce 6-7 point from hypertension. And if you keep on doing so, it will bring your blood readings on normal level. Skipping the amount of excessive salt will also maintain the heart’s health.

Stop smoking and drinking;

Smoking and drinking, both are the toxic to the human health. Smoking causes heart attack, lung cancer, throat cancer and mouth cancer. The alcohol consumption on the one hand, sometimes lower down the blood readings.

Means that, if a person drink a couple of glasses of alcohol daily, his/her pressure will be a little bit lower than the normal person. But on the other hand, it affects your kidneys and liver drastically.

And drinking also:

Moreover, you will develop lung cancer cells simultaneously.  Therefore, it’s better not to use such substance only to lower the blood readings. It will rather elevate other fatal diseases.

Similarly, smoking not only produce the reasons of heart stroke, cardiac arrest and lung cancer, it also raises your pressure count. The person who is a chain smoker, will fight more, get angry more often, and think negative more than a normal person. Because of the high blood pressure.

Drink herbal tea more often;

treatment of blood pressure

oxygen is very important for the person who have this pressure issues. Inducing oxygen in the body will bring energy in the blood. It helps to calm the elevated speed of the blood. Drinking herbal substances will cleanse the veins and arteries and thus will help to reduce cholesterol levels and hypertension. Herbal tea, especially hibiscus tea helps to prevent the fat and make efforts to wide the narrow veins and arteries hence, the blood doesn’t need to take extra speed to flow in the body.

Go for stress burning activities to maintain the blood pressure levels;

It is seen in people that those who are in some kind of stress or in depression, sits for hours and eat unhealthy food, including fries, burgers and pizzas. Which thicken their blood and narrow the veins. Other than this stress and depression slow down the energy of the body and so much so the power of the blood.

For that, one must have to try physical activities and steps. You can also try yoga and meditation for the normal flow of the blood. You should also try to surround yourself with the greenery. It will burn your stress, induce oxygen in your body and maintain your blood pressure.

Talk to your elders or with your family if you have blood pressure in the family history or if you have developed hypotension or hypertension for the first time;

Of course family support is very much vital, if someone has developed blood pressure irregularities. Your parents if have this, they will guide you about the problems and issues and suggest you the alternatives and solutions. Your family and friends will also enlighten you about their own experiences, knowledge and will guide you through it.

Shelter from family and friends will give you positive encouragement and motivate you to fight back against the abnormal blood pressure levels. Therefore, it’s really good to have a family and friends’ backup, especially when you are dealing with blood pressure irregularities.

The final words:

Unfortunately, it’s the pressure problems that root cause of the several other health problems. And for that it has to be monitored on the priority basis. If you feel the symptoms, don’t take it lightly, even for once. This is not something that should be taken for granted. Because not paying attention to the abnormal blood scale levels can cause further health issues like heart problems, liver disease, kidney disorders and skin issues.

People who have high or low blood scale have very dull and lifeless skin texture. Because proper blood flowing in the body makes your skin vibrant and glowing. Other than this the body organs, including the brain, works properly when your blood counting is normal and up to the mark. Therefore it’s very important for a human being to monitor his/her blood pressure levels.

Because not paying attention to the abnormal haemoglobin readings can cause further health issues like heart problems, liver disease, kidney disorders and skin issues. People who have high or low blood readings have very dull and lifeless skin texture. Because proper blood flowing in the body makes your skin vibrant and glowing. Other than this the body organs, including the brain, works properly when your blood pressure is normal and up to the mark. Therefore it’s very important for a human being to monitor his/her blood pressure levels.


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