Nature has bestowed upon us some tremendous gifts in our body. These organs are not only helpful, but also good in looks. The organs which are useful are better than those which looks good. Because human life only can survive if his body helps him to survive the day. Helping organs include, eyes, lips, nose, tongue, hands and feet. These organs outside the body, help the person to taste, smell, see and lift the things. And only one food item which is beneficial for these organs inside out is honey.

If you take a look at the advantages of honey, you will mesmerize by the extraordinary healing properties of this item and will blame yourself of didn’t develop the habit of using honey in your daily life yet.

Our tongue and taste;

Apart from the other organs, tongue is that very useful part of the body that plays a very important role in the body. It helps the person to recognize the taste of various food items. Talking about the taste, people have different likings about taste. Some like to eat sour and salty eating items while the others love to eat sweet food items. The ratio of sweet food lovers are a bit higher than the admirers of salty foods.

However, sugar isn’t good for humans to consume beyond to a certain amount. It’s toxic for human body and stem the root of different types of diseases like diabetes, frequent urination, obesity, skin problems and weak eyesight. Therefore, people who love to eat sweet items usually use such substances instead of sugar. The Honey is one of a kind in sweet items. It has no demerits, but a bunch of merits and advantages in it.

Honey! The Most Natural and Organic Sweet Substance;

At first, you need to take a quick look at the important points and information about the honey. Honey is the very sweet, wax like, a bit yellowish substance. It is produced by the honey bees naturally. The honey bees, when goes to the flowers, they suck the secretions of the flowers. It’s like a nectar of the flowers. The nest of these bees in which they store the honey called honeycombs. This is a beautifully crafted by the bees with an accurate symmetry and measurement.

These honeycombs are also made from this liquid and waxy. Hundreds of honey bees work together to first build their honeycombs and then store the honey there. After a certain span of time, the honey gets ready to eat. The experts who have the experience of taking the honey from these honeycombs do necessary steps, let these honey bees fly and take the honey from there.

History of The Honey

They stain the honey thoroughly and remove all the torn and damaged body parts of the honey bees from the honey and make it clean. That’s why most of the people in the world prefers honey that is assembled by the reputed companies and testified.

However, such people forget an important detail about the characteristics of honey that it is antibiotic. Honey has such properties in it that even if having impure particles in it, it can easily remove those toxic particles in it and make it clean. And raw honey is far better than the honey that is assembled in the companies. They add flavour and sugar in it to make it more in quantity.

The History of The Honey;

Honey has a very long and old history in human lives. This liquid is one of those old food items, that human has used in the early ages. People, when had limited resources and facilities and very limited discovered food items range, honey was one of them. It is said that this substance was used among people in 50 BC as to heal wounds and in curing various illnesses. However, raw honey cannot cure different diseases alone. But yes, with the combination of different other herbal products, it does help in curing.

The proper information about the substance usage in 50 BC isn’t provided that how people of that time have opted to use honey in their daily lives, but yes there are evidence of people using it. As the time passed, and man acknowledged the exceptional and tremendous qualities of the honey, the use of it increased quite vividly and the combination with the other ingredients to get more benefits was discovered too.

Honey Helps You to Lose Weight;

One of the most useful and interesting advantages of this liquid that it helps you to shed your extra weight. As you are aware of the fact that doctors prohibits to use sugar in the diet. As it is toxic to human health and produce many diseases. Doctors often suggest brown sugar or honey as the alternative to sugar or get things sweeten. Luckily, it has such properties that help to maintain the glucose levels in the body when after having it.

Method to use it for weight loss;

It does not harm your internal organs like sugar does. If you take a tablespoon of it in a glass of warm water prior to breakfast, it will work magically to reduce weight. Basically, this mixture of honey with warm water cleanses the and   intestines and flush the fat that stores in the intestines over the night and before that. Drinking this, you will see your belly flat in just a month and your skin will become even more clean and radiant. Some people use lemon juice also in warm water with this natural substance.

But it can cause stomach pain to those who have the history of stomach problems. But water and honey are completely safe to use for the weight loss. Of course with this, you will need Exercise and a decent control over junk food consumption too. Of you do this, no matter how much the weight you have gained, you will get your desired figure in just a couple of months because honey has this much power to shed your weight, if you are up to this.

Honey Is A Blessing For Diabetic Patients;

One of the best things about this substance is it is sweet yet harmless. And this thing works for the diabetic patients. It is seen in people that those who are diabetic cannot control the urge of eating sweet food items even if they don’t want to. This thing frustrates the patient and made him/her pessimist as he will not be fit and fine ever. To satisfy and maintain this appetite and urge for sugary things, nature has bestowed upon us this natural source of sugary taste.

As you know that honey is safe in all perspectives, it is completely safe for diabetic patients too, but of course in a moderate amount.

Lose Weight unlike the sugar, honey doesn’t disturb the working of the pancreas. Because it is a natural substance, that’s why it easily removed from the body too. It not only make the patient happy as far as taste is concerned because it fulfil the patient’s desire to have the sweet food item, but also it is an antibiotic food item, so it fights for the against germs that attacks on the different organs.

The coordination of the honey with the immune system is quite good and integrated. The overall impact of this liquid on the human body is satisfying and very good.

Honey is Your Best Friend for Life as Long as Your Skin is concerned;

Men or women both species lives and dies for beauty. Both wants to look good. And for that some of us even push the boundaries to get what they wants. From ancient times till now humans are struggling with the different remedies for skin. In the past, things weren’t so easy this way and people only relied on the herbal remedies for making the skin vibrant.

But today, skin treatments are going through the sky. the innovation and creativity have gone too far in this manner. Which includes plastic surgery procedures, cosmetic surgery, Botox, filling lips, skin whitening injections and medicines, jaw line surgeries and so on.

Its a natural source of bringing beauty on the face;

However, tearing on the natural shapes of the face and intruding in nature’s business have its own consequences to tolerate. These all treatments at first, looks good, but if they went wrong, the face become horrible and even unrecognisable. Therefore, rational people go for natural products and the honey is first and foremost natural item in this list.

Applying it directly on the face or drinking it for the skin, both methods deliver remarkable results. Honey combined with lemon juice and rose water, if applied on the face, will leave your skin radiant and glowing. Applying raw honey alone on the face brings remarkable results. Honey on the lips overnight makes them pink and clean. These are the natural masks that leaves your skin fair, glowing and radiant.

Honey is best for Controlling Your Cholesterol and LDL Levels;

You may be surprised to know that this natural fluid does help well on controlling your cholesterol and LDL levels. Because it is antibiotic and have such properties that help a person to shed his weight that’s why, when it removes the fat from the body, cholesterol levels automatically turns lower. Same is the case goes happens with your LDL levels.

Controlling Your Cholesterol and LDL Levels

A patient with cardiovascular disease always given strict instructions by his doctor for his cholesterol levels and LDL levels to be controlled. Because it’s the high cholesterol and LDL level that cause a heart attack and death of the person in just six months. that’s why cholesterol and LDL levels have to be controlled with or without the cardiovascular disease. And honey plays an important part in doing so.

If you take a tablespoon of honey mixed with a pinch of black pepper twice daily, it will lower down the cholesterol levels. You can decrease the amount of it accordingly and you may reduce the dose from two to one, if you don’t want to have such sweetness this much. This will work very effectively.

A Throat Reliever in Cough: The Honey;

You can imagine how it works. I mean it’s easy to figure out. Remember that part of life when you were small and had a cough and cold because of eating ice creams and drinking cold beverages, your grandmother use to give you this with a slice of ginger.

Effective Benefits of Honey

And this does actually work. A tablespoon of it with the paste of ginger swallowed will ease your cough and throat and calm your lungs. With honey and ginger, if you apply Vicks on your neck and wrap it with the hot bandage, you will relieve in just 15 minutes. Honey and ginger both are antibiotics and both have the healing qualities. That does work for you in a cough and the constant episodes of a cough.

Honey Calmers the Irritation of the Stomach;

As you know now that this natural liquid is quite beneficial for the skin. Similarly, when you have an allergy on your face of anywhere in the body, applying it their without adding anything will be very helpful in calming the irritation and inflammation of the allergic skin. It not only calm the allergic skin, but also through its healing properties, it maintains the skin and prevent the skin from germs. Through its antibiotic trait, honey helps the skin to heal and recover from allergic reactions.

The honey is this much beneficial for human body inside out that, if you mix the honey with Nigella seeds, it will relieve you from heartburn and stomach disorder. Nigella seeds are assumed to have a cure for almost every disease except death. It keeps in order the digestive system and remove toxic waste from your intestinal tract. And if it gets mixed up with Nigella seeds, it will work like a magical mixture.


The honey is like SAFE in all manners. Very few people, for instance, one in every thousand who may have some problem with honey intake. But it will be only because of natural disliking of honey or the person’s body doesn’t accept honey for any reason. But it has nothing in it, which can cause problems. We should develop the habit of honey intake, not in ourselves, but into our children.

It is very beneficial for children. Honey works well with the tiny, feeble and a sensitive immune system of the children and will play defensive if, the child get caught up in minor cold, cough, and fever. We should give up sugar and artificial sweet items and should switch to brown sugar and honey.


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