Uric acid is one of those fundamental health issues in the world these days with which almost all the classes and genders are affected. Means that, whether you are young or old, man or woman teen or adult, you can develop the deficit of calcium and hence the problem of uric acid. At first, people need to understand the dilemma of the disease.

What are the causes and reasons? And the risk factors? The sort of profound symptoms that the patient faces when he or she is suffering from uric acid. And what could be the best possible remedies for the cure by medical science and at home? With all the answers, you will be able to understand its mechanism completely.

Renowned and familiar types of uric acid:

Uric acid has actually its types and forms. In previous eras, only those who are richer and had more assets, developed such health issues as it was associated with the upper class, why? Because it largely develops due to the over consumption of red meat and similar food items. But today not only this and other diseases has develop its types, but also it can occur in people with any class. Mainly, it has two types;

The primary uric acid generally occurs when you made changes in your diet, which primarily affect your metabolism. When the required nutritional value decreases in your body, its when you develop the deficiency of calcium in your bones, which eventually develop uric acid in the body.

The primary type of uric acid usually develops when your kidneys fail to filter and cleanse them. As a result, impurities stay in the kidneys and thus cause ddifficulties for the patient. The secondary uric acid, especially develops when you have a serious illness like Diabetes , kidney failure, anaemia or tumours in any part of the body. These conditions certainly cause uric acid. It is said that due to the having heavy amount of medicines for a long time can cause raise and fall in troubles. Because impurities (the tablets’ leftovers) stay in the kidneys.

Is there any way to diagnose uric acid in the body?

Of course, there are certain ways with which you can examine your body and figure out if you have exceeded the amount of uric acid in the body or not. Normally, a blood test will be suffice to examine the levels of fluids and dry acids. Further treatments will be suggested according to that test. Honestly speaking, men are more likely to get uric acid problems than women.

Because, men’s body structure is different from women’s body structure. Women usually develop health problems when their menopause starts. Other than this, women also tend to restrict diet to get fit and slim body and this cause acidic problems. Inactive and less powerful blood cells also develop various health diseases. And having said that eating too much meat or similar food and abundant use of alcohol will also raise the level of uric acid in the body. https://www.webmd.com/arthritis/uric-acid-blood-te

Basic measures of uric acid for both men and women:

If man and woman both can develop the health problem, that doesn’t mean that they both can have the same measures. On the contrary, both species develop various measures. That largely depends on a person’s age, gender, and lifestyle. When we take birth, we have a certain acceptable amount of uric acid in our bodies at the time of birth.

This specific amount of uric acid doesn’t affect the body and remain unchanged unless we do something unusual to trigger it. And when the level exceeds from the normal amount, it will cause problems. The normal ratio of the particular acid in both man and woman is described by the professionals.

Alarming symptoms that will confirm the excessive amount of uric acid in the body:

Thankfully, if the body has developed the excessive amount of this kind of , it won’t leave you spare, without the acknowledgement. The symptoms will be this much visible that a rational person can’t ignore them. But one must have to examine the changes keenly. Not all the symptoms of excessive uric acid are so prominent that a person identify easily. It will rather take a deep dig. For instance;

  1. Intense pain in the feet.
  2. Swelling on the hands and feet.
  3. Pain in the joints.
  4. Irritaion and frustration.
  5. Body pain.
  6. Mild fever.
  7. Depression.
  8. Loss of strength and girp of hands.

What are those fatal diseases that can possibly hit the body if one has high uric acid?

It is the most common and worst societal dilemma whole around the world, that people know that they have high uric acid, but they still don’t give up eating those things that cause even more problems. And keep eating and doing bizarre things like this.

And men are rushing in this race. Women, on the other hand, do irregularities too in the diet and lifestyle, but because of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy procedures, many of such problems fades away. The most common fatal diseases, that people face with high level uric acid if not reduce these levels, are;

  1. Gout.
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis.
  3. Kidney stones.
  4. Gal bladder stones.
  5. Liver disorders.
  6. Blood pressure issues.
  7. Diabetes.

There can be other diseases too. But that will need further more studies. Means that, if the patient have other health problems too, he/she can develop other diseases too apart from the mentioned above.

Renowned causes of high uric acid:

Of course, when you do irregularities in life, you pay for the consequences. And this rule applies for all the life’s aspects, whether professional and personal. Eating and drinking those things which aren’t good for the health, plays a fundamental and key difference to one’s health. Other than this working beyond the capacity also causes inflammation and pain in the bones, thus cause Inflammation and pain in the bones. The significant causes of high uric acid are;

  • Dehydration.
  • Consuming too much lentils.
  • Over consumption of meat and protein.
  • Obesity.
  • Diabetes.
  • Arthritis.
  • Family history.
  • Weak bones.
  • Carbonated drinks.
  • Over consumption of sugary food.

The specific time period of life in which people usually suffer from a high uric acid level:

A man and woman, both species experience a high uric acid level in a certain age span. This means that that doesn’t happen in early age of a person. After the adulthood, people usually have eaten so many such things that can cause a high levels. Men and women have different figures in this matter. If we see the stats, the ratio of men with excessive rate is higher than the women with a high uric acid level. Such as;

  1. Men: 35 to 50.
  2. Women: 45 to 50.
  3. Children and adults: 13 to 21. (very rare)

It’s very rare if young people develop such kind of problems. 20% of the total count of uric acid patients is consisting of adults. And this happens only when these adults have the family history of this disease or arthritis.

Do rheumatoid arthritis and gout have similarities and what is the role of uric acid in this?

Normally people confuse gout with rheumatoid arthritis that these both health conditions have almost alike symptoms so they are same. But in fact they have their specifications just like their names are different similarly, their causes and effects are also different. However the symptoms and conditions are somehow the same.

Rheumatoid arthritis  is a kind of disease in which the immune system becomes the enemy of the body and attack on the body. It breaks the tissue of the bones that helps them to move and function clockwise and anti clockwise. That is why rheumatoid arthritis is one of those fatal diseases which affects the body badly.

Gout, on the other hands, have a different interpretation. In this health problem, the bones and joints don’t get weak and feeble because of the immune system. In fact, gout has nothing to do with the immune system. Gout appears in the body when we misbehave with it. When we don’t feed our body completely or with vital ingredients and when we take work from our bones ruthlessly or beyond the capacity.

Then eventually the bones and joints get weaker and gout appears. Sadly speaking, when both of these diseases hit the body, the difference between these two diseases fades in the air. It is hard to distinguish between these two. But one thing which is vivid that uric acid is the key cause of developing gout and rheumatoid arthritis.

The best possible treatments for reducing the uric acid level:

Indeed, there are ways and means that can help you find a way to get your level on the ground. For that, initially you have to maintain your diet. It is your diet that plays an important role in the fluctuations of the uric acid level. Your diet chart must have to include a specific plan which excludes those items that raise the uric acid level.

Even high levels can be decreased with the help of proper and healthy diet. But if the situation doesn’t work that way and even with proper diet and plenty water intake, the level doesn’t decrease, medications will be the next option you shall have to switch to.

Adding more to it

Medicines have such capacity that helps to lower down the high levels, even in a week or two. Such modifications will enable your kidneys to work efficiently and eliminate the uric acid from the body. Also reduce the pain and swelling. Through medications usually the patients reduce swelling and pain and able to move the jam joint in a couple of hours.

Super beneficial food items for keeping the uric acid in limits:

Here are a few food items that can help you to reduce your uric acid and also eliminate the chance of getting caught up in the fuss of rheumatoid arthritis and gout. You can add these good items in your diet and you will see the results quite significantly. These food items are;

  • Banana.
  • Oranges.
  • Fish and omega-3.
  • Almonds.
  • Dairy products like milk, cheese and butter.
  • Eggs. One daily.
  • Cereals.
  • Fresh juice, preferably the sour ones, they stimulate and generate the urine more.

There are hundreds of other food items too that can help you to decrease the increased value, but these few items help a lot.

Important tips for the maintenance of uric acid:

Here are some super effective tips which will help you improve your overall health and uric acid measures. Such as;

symptoms of uric acid
  1. Drink plenty of water, at least two litres in a day, before meals.
  2. Your body weight should be according to your height. Not more, not less. You can consult with a physician for further help in this respect.
  3. Do not sit for hours. Prefer to walk more often instead of going on vehicles. When the distance is not too long.
  4. Don’t eat too much of red meat. The amount should be of 100g.
  5. Avoid those fishes which have too much oil in them.
  6. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the key of a healthy body.
  7. Exercise at least five days in a week are super favourable for reducing uric acid.
  8. Try not to take high fat food and dairy products.
  9. Quit Smoking  and alcohol drinking.
  10. Take good sleep. Of about 6 to 8 hours. Safe yourself from insomnia.

The final words:

So, in a nutshell, now you have the complete understanding of uric acid level, the damages because of it and how to keep the level on the ground. For your further help, doctors are available. The field of Rheumatology is especially designed for this purpose.

The doctors who are the specialists in kidney functions, can help you even more effectively. Uric acid doesn’t bother in the early stages, but it will cause trouble even in walking if you don’t treat it well. Take care of your parents and grandparents, because they suffers more often with rheumatoid arthritis, gout and high levels. Keep your life healthy and active. Always participate in physical activities to reduce the chance of storing the uric acid in your body. By doing so, you will never have to deal with this in your life, ever.


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