The most exotic and aspiring moment of every woman’s life is when she conceives. Pregnancy is the most beautiful period of life, almost every woman will agree to this. Even though a woman tolerates so many things in it, the pain, the difficulties of living, eating, sleeping and working, still she enjoys all such things. Because every upcoming moment, let her close to the most important entity of her life, for whom she yearned since her adulthood.

Pregnancy is not an easy task. It’s the most difficult one. A woman loses calcium from her bones that she built in almost five years. Along with this, her skin and other body parts are also getting affected by pregnancy. But if she takes care of her, then the body will start getting back to the way it was. Pregnancy is solely related to the woman. In both genders, man and woman, only a woman can beget a child. She has that organ and system fixed in her body.

A Brief Note about Pregnancy:

Pregnancy is a specific time period, in which one or more living beings develop and nourishes insides a woman’s womb. It occurs when a man and woman performs sexual intercourse. With that, their cells integrated with each other in the woman’s uterus and pregnancy stay. The normal period of pregnancy is around 40 weeks.

Some women usually deliver their child just after 7 months, which calls premature delivery. Each month of pregnancy considers of about 29 days. It starts when a woman’s period or menstruation stops. Although the symptoms of pregnancy are very visible, but to make sure, normally women go for a urine-strip test or a blood test to be confirmed that whether they are pregnant or not.  

what is The Scenario of Pregnancy Globally?

The count on pregnancy and childbirth scale is somehow interesting and bewildering simultaneously. A large number of women get pregnant in the different regions of the world. Many of them successfully completing their pregnancy and reach the childbirth step. The most reported age bracket in which the women of the world get pregnant, is between 16 to 45. And normally a woman gets pregnant between these age bracket.

Before and after  this age bracket, it is somehow impossible for a woman to conceive. About 10% to 15% normal pregnancies end up with a miscarriage.

The Death rate:

Millions of women die due to the complications in the pregnancy every year in the world. Major causes of these miscarriages are bleeding during the pregnancy, high blood pressure, maternal sepsis and other complications.

Approximately 40% pregnancies in the world, especially in Europe, are unexpected and unplanned. Most of these unwanted and unplanned pregnancies are aborted. A large number of women in the world, uses birth control pills to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

The Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy:

Of course, discomfort are many. But these discomforts and symptoms are not a kind of life threat to that woman or the child. Nor these symptoms halter the daily pursuits of life. However, these signs and symptoms are this much visible, that a woman can’t ignore. Subsequently, Complication begins when these symptoms stays with you and persistently interrupts the daily life. Also, these symptoms become a threat when it stays long with a pregnant lady. Most common signs and symptoms of pregnancy are:

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • No periods.
  • Morning sickness and tiredness.
  • Dizziness.
  • Swinging head.
  • Pelvic pain and discomfort.
  • Back pain.
  • Constipation.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Minor Urine infection. (Rare case)
  • Varicose veins
  • Breast tenderness.
  • Stretch marks over belly, thighs and in under the legs.
  • Acidity and heartburn.
  • Swollen feet.
  • Fast heartbeat and panting breath.

Apart from these signs and symptoms

that are described above, a woman can feel and experience some other symptoms too. Which will entirely depends on the lifestyle she leads, her age and if she is from the working class.

Division of the Period of Pregnancy; Sections and Conditions:  

The doctors have divided the time period of pregnancy into three trimesters. As it is the process of nine months. Therefore, divided into three equal parts, so that it can easily be observed and inspected. The health condition of the baby and the mother also observed very keenly under these three trimesters.

First Trimester;

Initially, when the cell takes its place in the uterus, the baby is just a cell. From which all of the baby’s body parts and organs will be formed. This cell soon after this takes the shape of a kidney bean, in which its intestine forms, heart beats fasten up and the parts of the face for instance, nose, mouth, eyes, ear lobes and eyelids also take shape. This is the period of beginning and initializing the main parts of the body.

Second Trimester;

Along with the initial process, In this time span, the baby’s weight and height grow significantly. The baby grows 3 ½ long and the weight he gains is around 1 ½ ounces. This is quite an accomplishment. The blood stream and heartbeat are there. Fingerprints are formed. Even the baby starts to hear voices. His/her bones start to get hardened as the bones were very soft and rubber like in the first trimester. The baby will be able to move and take sides in the uterus. So the mother feels kicks and movements in the second semester.

Third Trimester;

Eventually, these are the final months of pregnancy and the baby’s stay in the womb. In this trimester, the weight of the baby starts with 4 pounds and at the time of delivery this weight comes to 7 pounds approximately. In this trimester, eye lashes, nails of hands and feet also forms. Hair and skin also take the most profound shape and form. At the time of birth, the baby height is almost 19 inches and in the 9th month, the baby delivers at any time.

The Most Experienced Complications in Pregnancy Worldwide:

Today in the 21st century, women in the world are having some kind of health problems in pregnancy. Because the atmosphere, diet and living is not up to the mark. We cannot take these things for granted. Means that, a woman should be conscious if she experience one of more health problems in pregnancy for one trimester or two. Because not taking action against these problems will cause serious damage to the child’s and mother’s health. These complications that most of the women deals with in pregnancy are;


Unfortunately, Miscarriage is the most painful and terrible reality of the woman’s life. It normally happens before 20 weeks. The major reason behind miscarriage is the improper diet, unhealthy atmosphere, and imbalance living. A large number of women in the world experience miscarriage and psychological problems afterwards. Every 10 out of 100 pregnancies faces miscarriage. Irregular menstrual cycles and complications in the uterus, also cause miscarriage.

High blood pressure in pregnancy;

Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Logically, The high blood pressure is not good for a person of any age bracket, but when you are pregnant and your blood pressure is high then it is even more dangerous. It stimulates the gestational hypertension. It also causes, risk your pregnancy. Women who have high blood pressure before and after pregnancy, their pregnancy, most of the time don’t stand a chance and end up with a miscarriage.

Similarly, after conceiving, if a woman has high blood pressure, her pregnancy is at heavy risk. During delivering the baby, women with high blood pressure risk their own lives too.

Infections in pregnancy;

Technically, this is very common in pregnancy. Infections are the second most experienced problems with the ladies who are pregnant. Sometimes an infection is transmitted through the sexual intercourse, and sometimes it transmitted while delivering the baby or with the utensils or medications that has been used in the delivery. Most often, the medicines which are prescribed by the physician to maintain the overall health, which includes vitamin supplements and other doses, can also cause infection.

Gestational diabetes in pregnancy;

Normally, when you don’t have diabetes and you get pregnant, in this time span you eat more than your normal lifestyle. Because you have to feed your child along with you. Eating more than the body’s demand, develop gestational diabetes.

Technically, It stays in your body unless you don’t deliver the child. By the time you deliver the baby, this type of diabetes fades away. But only when you reduce your diet, and shed some weight. If you keep on eating the way you were eating at the time of pregnancy, it will develop the type two diabetes along with some other dangerous issues like high cholesterol and blood pressure with cardiovascular disease too.

Preeclampsia and pregnancy;

Basically, preeclampsia is the most dangerous health conditions, that even the woman leads to death or premature delivery. The main cause of preeclampsia is still not known, but there are some reasons that triggers preeclampsia, such as;

  • Pregnancy for the first time.
  • Having preeclampsia in previous pregnancy.
  • Obesity and weight gain.
  • Being older or age exceeded from 35.
  • Pregnancy with two or more babies.
  • Having been in a disease already such as, diabetes, kidney disease and high blood pressure.

Can a Pregnant Lady do Exercise?

In the ancient times, most of the women believed that a woman can’t even walk fast when she is pregnant. But actually it is not true. A woman can do most of the things when she is pregnant including household activities, outside work and exercise of minimum level. Yes, their are steps in both exercise and in yoga that you can do when you are pregnant. Not only that, but also, there a few yoga steps that actually soften the inner body to deliver the baby normally. Means that, if you opt for those steps, you don’t need to go through the trouble of C-section operation to deliver a baby. Walk with a moderate pace, chin up exercises, meditation and a few more will help much in pregnancy as a whole.

Here is A Bouquet of Some Very Useful Tips for You All who are Pregnant:

Ironically, Most of the women who are pregnant for the first time or who taste the blessings of pregnancy in their mature age, don’t know what to do exactly to keep them happy and healthy. Several of the myths and misconceptions about pregnancy confuse these women so much, that majority of the women feel threatened to get pregnant or conceive a child. That is why, here are some tremendous tips and tricks that will help you much in your pregnancy, such as;

Tips for Healthy and Happy Pregnancy
  • Primarily, Better your food intake. Include dairy products and vitamin in it sufficiently. Add almost 500 calories extra, in your diet in pregnancy.
  • Quit smoking, as fast as possible. Smoking and drinking are toxic.
  • Drink 7 to 8 glasses of water daily, whether it is summer or winter.
  • Try to stay happy as much as you can. Your mental stability is very important for the baby’s health.
  • Talk to those people who were pregnant in the past. Their experiences will help you in your pregnancy.
  • Add useful sets of exercises in your routine to avoid the risks of miscarriage and extensive labour pain.
  • Your vegetable and fruit intake must be sufficient.
  • You can bring ample awareness about pregnancy by reading books related to it.
  • Take the supplements of folic acid, calcium and magnesium as per your doctor’s advice regularly.
  • Engaged your partner with you in your new activities.
  • Let’s not forget that Observe yourself. Take notice of what your body likes to eat and do and what it doesn’t. Do variations.
  • Don’t take any medicine for your teeth in the early months of pregnancy. These medications are too hard and risk the pregnancy.
  • Try to feel pregnant. Walk carefully and talk softly.
  • Plan your pregnancy when you are ready. Unplanned pregnancy bring complications.
  • Take rest most of the time. Don’t work too hard.
  • Yoga is the best meditation in pregnancy.
  • Visit your doctor after a couple of weeks. Don’t take it lightly.
  • Talk to your friends and family about it.
  • Religious and spiritual growth helps tremendously during pregnancy. Whatever the religion you have, get closer to your religion. It will grant you inner peace.
  • Last but not the least, Avoid fumes and chemicals to inhale excessively in pregnancy.

Summarization to the Discussion:

Indeed, There is no doubt about it that pregnancy is the most beautiful and inspiring experience of a woman’s life. She embraces her true self consequently. The feeling of bringing a new human being in the world, is beyond interpretation. It’s the most priceless feeling. Therefore self care and attention is also very important at the same time. Don’t get too involved in protecting the baby and harm you in the process accordingly.

Furthermore, Remember that you are a human too. You too have to take care of yourself. It’s only you who will take care of that baby, after delivering him/her into the world, more than anyone. So you have to be healthy and strong for the baby. Exhaust all the options that can help you bring any positive change and encouragement in your life regarding pregnancy. Above all, Try to stay happy and jovial in this period. Your happiness nourishes the baby’s mental health. With such measures, you can keep yourself good and fit and deliver a beautiful healthy and happy child into the world.  


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