What is your idea of getting old? Did you ever make an effort to predict your older period? People have quite fancy perceptions of getting old. A big luxurious house, a brand new car, sound assets, and a faithful partner with successful offspring. But old age when comes, bring some related negative impact of it also. You get weak, and feeble. Paranoia kicks in and vulnerabilities strikes. Not all the human beings have all the luck during their old age. In fact, in the 21st century, people in old age get caught up in several known and unknown diseases like alzheimer.

Some of these diseases have invented cure and some of them haven’t yet. Along with the innumerable diseases, Alzheimer is one of those diseases that hasn’t invented a proven cure, but now with the help of science, it can be slower down to the large extent. Alzheimer is very frustrating and irritating sort of disease. The person forgets a specific part of his/her life. Sometime different patches of his/her life and even worse, sometimes the patient forget his/her own name. That’s how Alzheimer destroys the person’s personal solace gradually.  

How Many People Get Affected by Alzheimer Globally?

Unfortunately, today the patients with Alzheimer are quite in numbers. The reasons for this large number are another debate, but the sad part is that the ratio of such patients is increasing day by day. Which is very thought provoking and alarming simultaneously. According to the authentic survey, every 200,000 people in 10,00,000 are the patients with Alzheimer. Because it is similar to dementia, that’s why people confuse dementia with Alzheimer. 

However, there is a significant difference between dementia and Alzheimer. Alzheimer is basically a state of mind, in which the patient forgets a specific portion of the memory. Sometimes the patient forgets different parts of the memory. It is the actually a type of dementia. Alzheimer have states, categories, specific causes and symptoms. In the ancient times, people confuse Alzheimer with insanity. But as the time passed, science discovered the causes and symptoms of the Alzheimer and ways to slow down the process.

People are getting Alzheimer these days for many reasons as compared to the past and the reason for this increasing ratio has much to do with today’s hectic lifestyle and gadgets that we use to make our lives faster, apart from the other reasons. https://www.theshreds.org/what-does-insomnia-do-with-you/

The Most Known Stages of Alzheimer;

Alzheimer demands a complete cognitive impairment of the mind. In other words, Alzheimer doesn’t consist of one condition only. Rather, it has different 6 stages. And the treatments for the Alzheimer are designed according to every stage it has. The person who is suffering from Alzheimer will be examined thoroughly first. And then will be prescribed by the doctor, a specific treatment he/she needs. These stages are:

Stage 1: No damaged state of Mind;

this is the condition in which Alzheimer whether present in the brain, but apparently shows no damage to the personality. Also body doesn’t inform any disorder and weakened condition of the brain. If a person examine himself keenly, he may witness some alien problems in him, that if he deal with on the very point then not only Alzheimer but even dementia won’t occur.

Stage 2: A slight Brain Declining condition;

in this condition, the patient will feel a slight disturbance in his memory. Means that, whenever he tries to remember something, he has to put extra pressure on the brain to recall the event or moment. The patient feels a little bit irritated while reminiscing an event or moment. If the patient takes medical advice or treatment in this stage, the stage 2 won’t proceed to stage 3 of further, but halts on the very place. And the medicine will start repairing the damage part of the memory.

Stage 3: Average cognitive situation;

when a person’s mental condition reaches to the stage 3, you will see the visible symptoms of the upcoming dementia. A mild memory loss, forgetting about the daily life things and change in behaviour, mood swings and change in thinking style is prominent in the patient of Alzheimer. One cannot deny this condition and cannot consider it to be normal. The stage 3 is the clear condition of dementia that leads to Alzheimer. This is the earliest condition of dementia, in which the symptoms and signs are vivid and vibrant.

Stage 4: A worse cognitive situation, Dementia;

this stage is the reaches to the possibility of developing dementia. In which, the patient feels behavioural changes, narrow thinking capacity, and irritations due to not remembering all the events completely. This is somehow similar to dementia or actually dementia. The patient needs particular assistance and medical attention in this stage. Dementia is a proper cognitive problem in which medications and therapies are prescribed.

Stage 5: A moderate sort of Dementia;

the patient’s fifth stage of Alzheimer is the dementia, of moderate level. This condition requires proper medical assistance and care. The patient feels vulnerable because of his problem of forgetting things and memory disorders. The patients with Alzheimer have dealt dementia in the past. The ratio of dementia patients who deal with Alzheimer in the future is around 60 to 80%. Because it is the conform stage of dementia, that’s why the patient develop the significant symptoms of Alzheimer, if not being treated for dementia. In some cases, even with the treatment, the patient get involved in Alzheimer.

Stage 6: Severe condition of Dementia;

now this is the situation, in which the patient unfortunately gets fully developed dementia. The memory disorder become more severe, the patient, even forgets his family members’ names and their relationship with him/her. Panic attacks gets frequent. Anger and disillusioned thinking behaviour kick in. The patient, in a nutshell don’t know what to do. He/she feels helpless. Sometimes, on the contrary, the patient says that he knows everything. He has his memory and accuse others to manipulating him by playing with his past events. This happens when someone tries to remind him about the past and due to memory loss, the patient doesn’t know the full information from his brain.

So in frustration, he claims that what he knows is right.  But actually the patient is reported to be wrong in many cases.

Stage 7: Beyond dementia, Severe Alzheimer;

because it is from the family of dementia, that’s why the conditions are same in this disease. Memory loss, changed behaviour, negative thinking, disillusioned thought process, being paranoid, self pity, and being sad are the characteristics of Alzheimer. The patient forgets the major specific part of his life, including names and relations. He starts remembering only when you press the button. For instance, let them recall the past by performing similar incidents in front of the patient.

This is called re-enactment. Although not all the patients with Alzheimer are this much lucky, that they get back their memory. But sometimes they get back a specific portion of their memory for a while. But unfortunately, in Alzheimer the patient doesn’t get back his memory back. However, exceptions apply. If nature bestowed upon the patient his mercy and his mental condition isn’t that bad, then there can be a few chances to have some part of memory, back. But only of those, who are the patient’s beloved. Otherwise, Alzheimer is not given a chance to the patient to get back his memory again.

The Common Causes of the Alzheimer;

Although, Alzheimer is very merciless and tyrant type of cognitive condition yet, the cause of developing Alzheimer are very few. Alzheimer, in other words destroys the life of the patient by taking the most basic useful thing from the patient. His memory, but the reasons for its development are very few. This is satirical and ridiculous, but it is true. The most common causes for Alzheimer are:

causes of Alzheimer
  • Age factors, most probably old age.
  • Genetics.
  • Family history.
  • Negative impact of an accident. (that show its after effects much later in life in the shape of Alzheimer)
  • Sudden shock.
  • Injury in the brain. https://www.theshreds.org/flu-causes-symptoms-and-treatments/
  • Grief, constant emotional pain.
  • A lot of work done in the major portion of life, that affect the quality of the brain working.

Other causes depend on the lifestyle of the patient and most importantly, his/her way of thinking. The way of thinking determine the path of the person’s cognitive approach. If the way of thinking is positive, then the chances of the problem are low, but if the way of thinking is negative, then the chances of getting caught up in Alzheimer are quite bright. Because negative thoughts lead to strong emotions like hate, anger and aggressive behaviour and these emotions affect the quality of the brain and its functions.

Symptoms of the Alzheimer;

As you are now aware of the causes that initiate the Alzheimer, you can now estimate the symptoms regarding this cognitive impairment. The worse part is that the patient of Alzheimer receives almost all the possible symptoms regardless of the nature of his/her work he/she do. What age he/she has and what sort of lifestyle he/she led. The symptoms most of the time are quite similar to one another. These symptoms include:

  1. Memory fades.
  2. Mood swings.
  3. Behavioural changes.
  4. Anger, hate and aggression.
  5. Depression. https://www.theshreds.org/how-to-fight-back-depression/
  6. Hallucinations, very rare.
  7. Loss of appetite.
  8. Insomnia.
  9. Start developing introvert nature. Being aloof most of the time.
  10. Frustrated with surrounding because of memory loss.
  11. Constipation, rare cases.
  12. Drowsiness.

Symptoms can vary according to the person’s lifestyle. The symptoms of this mental problem get worse with the passage of time. But the speed of the process depends on the person physical entity. That’s why, the process of the symptoms of the Alzheimer most of the time differs from the others.

Effective Treatments;

This is the sad reality of life till now that there isn’t any cure for the Alzheimer which can be claimed to stop the process of Alzheimer. However, there are treatments that slow down the increasing speed of the process of this disease. There are various patterns with which the procedures of the Alzheimer can be halted to maximum level. These sort of treatments include:

treatment for Alzheimer

Medications for Alzheimer:

Several types of medicines have been made to slow down the intensity of the particular illness. (Any specific medicine cannot mention here in order to secure the patient’s life. Because medicine for Alzheimer are likely to prescribed by the doctor after the complete examination of the physical condition of the patient.) In the past, people didn’t have the proper medicine for this disease and post traumatic conditions of the disease like depression and anxiety.

But today, science has invented the proper treatment and medicine related to post Alzheimer conditions and the Alzheimer solely. These medicines relax the muscles of the patient and make him/her calm. Also make a barrier before the damaged portion of the brain and tries to stop further damage. But not every patient is that much lucky. Sometimes even after having the medicines, the patient doesn’t get the relief. This happens where the patient reach to the last stage of the disease.

Therapies for Alzheimer:

Therapy for this problem are very sound as far as treatment of Alzheimer is concerned. Most importantly, therapy clam the patient and relax the nerves even if the patient’s problem still remain the same. There are several types of therapies designed for the Alzheimer. These therapies have a specific time frame for instance, three months or more.

Although the therapy treatment goes with the persistence once a person diagnosed with Alzheimer, however the doctor may suggest a break after a certain time by examining the condition of the patient. The next session of these therapies starts within a week or month. Depending on the patient’s current situation.

Family and friends support in Alzheimer:

Of course, the family support works more effectively in Alzheimer. You might be surprised by knowing that Alzheimer turns into bad shape, if the person is left alone. Family and friends support gives the patient a shelter and suffice refuge in his/her critical condition. The patient doesn’t feel him/herself alone in the disease and this gives him/her a sense of hope and love.

If the Alzheimer patient having family, children and spouse, they should be with the patient as much as they can. These people can remind the patient their names and incidents, the patient love to hear. The people who the patient find his/her beloved can bring life to the Alzheimer patient. No matter how much time the patient left, but he/she can have beautiful and inspiring culmination if his/her family and friends support him/her in Alzheimer.

How Long Can A Person Survive after the Diagnosis?

People or quacks often confuse the patient’s family with false statements after diagnosis Alzheimer that:

  • Their patient won’t live for long OR
  • The patient will get mad soon OR
  • The patient won’t lead a normal life after getting into Alzheimer.


The patient of Alzheimer is being just as a person as you are. Of a person starts forgetting some of his past events, that doesn’t mean that he is mad or die soon. Such people, in fact, need extra love and care. Technically speaking, the patient after the diagnosis with Alzheimer lives minimum from 5 to 8 years approximately. But this is the least time period that is told.

Maximum the patient with Alzheimer lives up to 20 to 22 years and this ratio depends on the other factors too. For instance age, gender, immunity from other diseases and positive surroundings. Aloof atmosphere can kill a normal guy even. So positive encouragement and surroundings are highly vital for the Alzheimer patient to have a long life even without the memory he had once.

The Culmination of the Discussion;

Today, in the 21st century, people are not that much lucky to have all the luxuries and happiness they desire for. Every coming minute has a price to pay in this world. Therefore man search for loopholes. Broadly speaking, Alzheimer destroys the person’s personal solace and conduct. It is reported that such patient often opt for committing suicide and separation from the world because they feel so distracted and frustrated by the sense of not knowing what is to be known.

They often feel helpless and miserable. In this motion, the patients with Alzheimer requires love, care and support from the people who love them. Alzheimer isn’t something that can affect you by merely touching the patient. So you can take good care of the patient without any hesitation and make their lives as comfortable as possible as you can. This will help Alzheimer patients to pass their remaining life in peace. www.healthline.com


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