Since everyone is scared because of the coronavirus which has usurped the happiness and gaiety of mankind and has stopped the transportation of almost the whole world, people are mentally frustrated and having panic attacks. Coronavirus has prevailed in the world. Almost all the governments of the world have implemented the lockdown in their countries to prevent the virus from spreading to the masses. Now people are in the quarantine. And in this isolation period people are suffering from depression and anxiety. To avoid the frustration and boredom in quarantine, people are trying different things to pass the time.

The basic concept of quarantine in the history:

Initially have a look at the basic concept of the term quarantine. What is it? And how it is practiced in the world. The word quarantine is derived from quaranta, an Italian word. Which means 40 days. Basically it’s a kind of restriction period in which you confined yourself in home to save yourself from various diseases or plagues. It is practiced across the world since this term and behaviour is discovered. 

In what century quarantine was practised for the first time?

Now this is an interesting thing to dig out about the time when quarantine was practised for the first time ever. The answer is that it was the 14th century when quarantine was practised for the first time. The reason behind it was the ship’s arrival in Venice which had the passengers with some plague. To prevent it from spreading into the country they call people to quarantine themselves at home for 40 days and follow all the precautionary measures. 

Later in 1882, America was hitted with cholera. Unfortunately, the United States of America has the environment to get caught up in various kinds of viral infection and flu. And thousands of people die every year due to this. In 1882, when cholera invaded Americans, quarantine was the call for people to prevent the danger further.

What is the worst side of quarantine? bad effects of quarantine on people:

Where there are very good results of isolationism or quarantining, there are some bad effects too. Because a human is born an independent soul. He cannot survive in the enclosure for long. So, when it is imposed on them, after some time people start getting agitated. And why won’t we? We have the tendency to go and work outside. But when it can’t be done and people are obligated to stay home, they act weird. Sometimes even more extra negatively. The health related and overall 

Disharmony in the relationship during quarantine

problems people face in quarantine period are;

  • Stress and anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Panic attack.
  • Negative thoughts in bulk.
  • Crime and evil planning stimulations. 
  • Obesity.
  • Non active lifestyle.
  • A sense of irresponsibility develops.
  • Insomnia.
  • Dizziness in the morning. 
  • Inaccurate levels of cholesterol. 
  • Disharmony in the relationships.
  • Anger and frustration. 
  • Development of rebellious nature.
  • Develop a habit of hurriedness and greed in getting things in possession.
  • Suicidal attempts.
  • Emotions in clusters.
  • Abundant use of drugs and alcohol.
  • Smoking.
  • Over usage of electronic gadgets like mobile and computers.
  • The domination of negative thoughts in teenagers.
  • A constant fear and threat of getting caught up in a bad situation any time soon.

Excellent ways to engage yourself in quarantine at home without getting caught up into any bad condition:

Therefore, to get rid of any such condition that is mentioned above or avoid bad mental and physical conditions in quarantine, adopt some of these ways. That is going to be discussed with you now. These ways will not only help you pass your time in isolation at home but will also help you understand yourself better. Because in today’s world, it’s really important to understand yourself first before understanding others. So let’s get started.

Open up your mind to your religion:

When a pandemic arises in the World and there is a danger for everyone to be affected by it, it’s an explicit sign of the universe’s anger and displeasure. Even though you are not practising any religion or you are an atheist, still it is the time to absorb yourself in any kind of religion that you think will grant you peace. The religion that you will start learning in this period will give you guidelines and soothing feelings. But remember one thing, choose wisely. Choose that specific religion which has some logic and answers. 

Remember that the whole universe is obeyed by a super power. It can’t be a human, it can’t be an object, it can’t be fire. We only know our galaxy and there are thousands of galaxies that we don’t know of. And only a super power can control such a huge system. So the religion which is preaching about the one super power, choose it and read about it extensively to pass your quarantine period.

Look around! Your house needs a cleaner, a plumber, a carpenter, a mechanic and a fixature on urgent basis:

Because of the hectic and already scheduled lifestyle, we normally don’t pay attention to our houses. We come from work, we eat, sleep and next day repeat the same procedure. Amid this hustle, several parts of our house got wrecked and they demanded attention that we are unable to give. But since we are at home now. We can do the job. Just look around you and see how many areas of your house demand your attention. 

There will be a dried and broken window that needs to be fixed. Your kitchen tap is leaking and running on its own, which requires a washer in it. Your bed sounds really loud with even your minor movement. It can go back to it’s silent mode again with your little effort. Your motorbike chain is causing you trouble for months. Now you have plenty of time to solve the problem. Books on the bookshelf or in your library were not placed accordingly for years now. But now you have all the time and space to decorate it according to your need. Basically it’s time to get things right.

Similarly, only floor cleaning isn’t the house cleaning. Shelves, tables, Windows, cabinets, ceiling fans, doors, bathroom walls, staircase and glasses of the house also need to be cleaned. So do the work to make your quarantine productive.

It’s a humble request to you to KINDLY don’t be insomniac in quarantine:

The majority of this world is doing this irregularity. Except for a few, a large number of people in the world take advantage of the quarantine these days and stay awake at night. They tend to sleep in the day which is increasing the insomniac patients. The number is increasing each day. Insomnia not only causes psychological issues but also causes stomach disorder, frequent urination, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and weak eyesight. So it’s not just harmful in a sense that you are training yourself to be lazy and it would be difficult for you to get back to your old, organized and balanced life when the quarantine period is over, but it will also increase a risk for you to have deadly diseases in the future. That is why, try to be particular in your sleeping and wake up timings, even in the quarantine. Insomnia shortens the life cycle eventually. 

Give attention on your skin while quarantining at home:

While at home, you can make your facial and body skin vibrant, radiant and full of life. Jobless or People with jobs usually don’t pay attention to their skin. For example a man who is a husband and a father also is more busy in doing his job and earning instead of taking care of his face. Similarly a woman who is a wife and a mother also, she is indulged in taking care of her house and her kids more, despite the fact that she knows her skin is dark and wrecked. But now since you are all at home in quarantine, you can take care of your skin by applying various masks and creams on your skin at home. This will pass your time and also give you mental solace and satisfaction. 

Workout at home at least five days in a week:

Not all the people get the chance to tone up their bodies because their working schedules are quite packed and hectic. It is no doubt a bad scenario, in which people are dying and getting ill because of a virus. But we have to dig for the good points in a bad situation. Now since you are at home you can tone up your body by doing hard workouts at home. There are hundreds of useful videos available on the internet. From which you can choose those videos that don’t require any specific gym accessories or tools. And with that, you can shed some weight even at home in quarantine.

Some of you can also maintain their body structure, broaden it and make it attractive. If you are a beginner, choose wisely the sets of exercises that you want to do. Ask for help and guidance from the people you trust in this regard. Workouts are the best way to use the quarantine period. 

Go be creative! Read, write and draw:

Reading has always put an effective and extremely positive impact on a human’s mind. And since humans are known to educate themselves, reading was their cup of tea. Today millions of people’s bread and butter is educating others. You can teach yourself with some very precious manners by reading in quarantine. For example, if the nature of your profession is related to commerce or maths, go for English literature books. Take a tour to an online library, pick some great writers, read their work’s review and read some of the best of their work. Take it from me, you will be thrilled in this isolation or quarantine period.

As far as writing concerns, you can pen your own thoughts, your views, your hopes, your aims and planning. It will also polish your writing skills. Some people have already opted for drawing to exhibit their emotions and thoughts. Painting and drawing in quarantine plays an important part in grooming oneself and maintaining stress and anxiety. But remember one thing that a positive message should be delivered through your painting especially amid the coronavirus stampede. When everyone needs hope, desperately. 

Cook! And feed your tummy with some good and healthy food in quarantine:

Cook and feed your tummy with healthy food in quarantine

Cooking is the new trend and obsession these days. Of course women are used to this type of homework but men are taking this sort of work as a challenge. And destroying the budget of the kitchen. Because during their experimental processes in the kitchen many food ingredients got waste. However, apart from the jokes, it’s a healthy activity. You can pass your quarantine period peacefully by helping in the kitchen and learning new recipes that prevent coronavirus. This will help your family to much extent for sure.

Listen to good and classy music:

Music is a great reliever. It soothes you, takes you to another imaginary land where everything is according to your need. While doing the household duties or seeing the dusk, listen to soulful music. Music is your best partner when you are alone or having a tough time. And in quarantine especially, it will mend all your psychological troubles. So do enjoy your quarantine time with good music.

Pass your time in quarantine by watching various countries’ tourism videos:

In my opinion, this is the last option with which you can pass your time. When you have an hour free, take a tour of your favourite country online by watching a video on the internet. You will gain extensive knowledge about that country. They will guide you about the particular country’s specifications in just 10 to 15 minutes’ video. And that’s a pretty amazing deal for quarantine mode. Unfortunately, people are surfing on the internet from dawn to dusk these days to pass the leisure time in quarantine instead of doing something productive. And this is way more harmful than coronavirus itself.

The final words:

In a nutshell, quarantining is good all in all. All the people who are living in isolation at home are safe and healthy. They are doing a good job. Basically, they are protecting themselves as well as the others so we all are protecting other’s lives indirectly. When all of this will end, and our lives will get back to the way it was, we then will reminisce about the quarantine period. The safety measures that we are taking right now should not be stopped after the lockdown ends. Even though coronavirus vanishes from the earth in the coming months, we should continue practicing the prevention for almost a year at least. From washing hands to avoiding hugs and shaking hands, every prevention will be important. And should be adopted by every individual on the earth. By doing so the purpose of quarantine will be succeeded. 


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