Racism; This is not just a word, it’s rather a behaviour, a sentence or a verdict. Following which millions of people suffer in the end. The word racism is derived from a word race. Race is denoted to a term species or a whole clan of people. Racism’s alternative word is Xenophobia, which means hatred and malice thought process towards the people of other countries. However, racism is something far more bitter than xenophobia which will describe later. Racism has taken the lives of millions of people. It has a long lost history. People are practising this behaviour generations through generations. But they still can’t get over it. We don’t know if mankind will ever be able to get rid of this sick mentality or not.

What actually racism is all about?

Basically, racism is a discriminating behaviour towards a certain group of people or a country, or a gender type. This sort of behaviour can be because of these people’s skin colour, face features, body type, literacy rate and personality traits. The behaviour can be so prejudiced that will further produce the roots of inferiority complex and low confidence in the victims. Racism is running in the world through centuries. And we still are unable to spit it out within us. The most common practice that is done under the platform of racism is the discrimination of skin colour. This is the most common aspect of racism and prejudice for this topic has prevailed in the world since the beginning. 

Political history on racism and Dr. Martin Luther king’s struggle on white and black skin tone:

Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. was one of the greatest representatives of people with black skin tone. He struggled for such a long time to acquire the basic rights of black people who were facing racism for centuries. In 1963, while addressing a protest of 200,000 people, against the racism and the acquisition of basic civil rights of black people, he said these golden words amid the people which became his recognition later and after some years he received a nobel award for that speech with the title of, “I have a dream”. He said about racism that, 

“I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character”.

These words can easily describe the emotional and psychological pain of the people who suffered from racism and second class degradation in the society.

What is Xenophobia and how it is similar to racism?

What is Xenophobia and racism

Indeed both of these terms have similarities. But if both of the behaviours have some common grounds it doesn’t mean that they are the same. If you manage to understand and take a deep dig in both of the illustrations, you will get to know there are significant differences between these two apart from the similarities. Such as;

  • Xenophobia is the name of a thought or a state of mind in which people hate the people of some other country.
  • The reason could be any, for instance geographical territory disputes, border line issues, travelling policies, living difficulties for outsiders, hard and fast regulations for people who go there for work or it could be any.
  • Xenophobia usually has prevailed throughout the country and for a specific reason the whole country hates another country.
  • If the situation goes wrong xenophobic people gets ready for even a war to defeat the country they loth.


  • Racism is far more lethal than xenophobia. It may sound less aggressive than xenophobia, but the outcome of racism is way more ugly than this phobia.
  • Racism is a silent behaviour in which you express your hate and disrespect the people of a certain group, appearance and shape.
  • Racism works regardless of boundaries. It usually hits the skin tone.
  • Racism calls for superiority complex and inferiority complex.
  • In racism people with fair skin tone call themselves superiors and hate the people who are not fair.
  • Following this pathetic culture the civil rights, basic rights and immunities of the victims usurps by the upper hands of the country.
  • People who face racism are considered second class citizens or worse like outsiders, even if they were born there.

There are hundreds of other difficulties too that create troubles for people who face racism. And it is extremely difficult for them to get out of this situation all at once.

Major rights of people which usurps by the upper hand in the tiff of racism: 

Unfortunately, almost all countries of the world face the ugliness of racism. And due to that so many basic and even birth rights of the people usurped by the government. Racism usually plays aggressively on the white and black skin tone and so it’s very easy to promote racism. Because it has a history for this topic. The history of centuries will give you evidence of the tiff between white and black skin tone complexes. And this rivalry has deprived people from;

  1. Basic birth rights and basic facilities. 
  2. Black people can’t reside in the posh areas of the city.
  3. They can’t establish their business on a large scale in the city.
  4. People who face racism are unable to take admission in the reputed schools of the town.
  5. Sufferers of racism don’t get good jobs. Even if they got good grades.
  6. They don’t get paid for the hard work they do. Usually we have seen cases of pay deduction happen to black people more often.
  7. The victims of racism don’t get proper treatments in the clinics and hospitals. It seems as if their lives are very cheap.
  8. Bearing a constant mocking, bullying and underestimating treatment at the workplace or restaurants or schools, colleges is the regular routine of black people in today’s world.
  9. Apart from their own clan, nobody ever tries to be in relationships with those who face racism. No white man loves a black woman without any benefit, and no black man gets an opportunity to love a white woman as if the black man is a filth.
  10.  In the past, the victims of racism were unable to use public transport with grace. No matter how much they have to wait for the bus to come, they will have to sit on the last seat of the bus. Just because they are black.  

Drastic aftermath of racism on people’s mind and souls:

Can you imagine how heartbroken such people are? Who face this type of discriminating behaviour. Most of the people among them become so rude and full of hatred just because they receive so much cruelty from the world. The most common health issues that these people suffer from;

  1. Depression and anxiety which will lead to commit suicide.
  2. Stress
  3. Inferiority complex and blood pressure problems.
  4. Developing Obsessive and extremist thought processes.
  5. Stomach disorders.
  6. Headaches.
  7. Hopelessness.
  8. Anger and aggression issues.
  9. Abundant use of alcohol and smoking.
  10.  Giving up to care and love people.

What can YOU do to decrease the toxicity of racism? What is our responsibility as a person?

If the governments of the world aren’t doing anything in this regard, we ourselves can change our behaviour in our personal capacity to make the situation right. Will it take anything from us? No certainly not. But it will prevent suicidal attempts of people. It will prevent people being disillusioned and despaired. Racism is such a toxic behaviour that has galloped generations. 

Love people around you to reduce racism

If a family lives besides your house who are affected with racism, you can feel them better through your extremely good and polite behaviour. On the work front, if your colleague is a victim of racism, you may feel him better with your friendship, hangouts and family get together. Know that they are humans like you are and not prohibited from happiness. Just remember one thing that your one tiny step can save the life of a person. 

The final words:

Thinking someone less human just because he or she hasn’t fair skin colour or not having attractive face features or with no bank account is toxic. It’s obnoxious. We don’t have any right to rate people from 1 to 10 according to our own sick mentality. In fact a brown skin colour is far more better than a white skin. A brown skin is long lasting, free from aging too soon, doesn’t produce moles and pimples, and quite moist. 

So creating a tiff for such a skin tone which has so many flaws but still admired just because it looks good on first glimpse is actually idiocy and a silly move. You need to differentiate between beauty and ornament, good looks and mere glam. And above all, if you like the person or consider him/her a good human, nothing matters. It doesn’t make any difference if they have brown skin tone or white skin tone. As long as their heart is pure, facial beauty doesn’t matter and no racism can halt the way.


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