The life cycle is all about coming and going, taking birth and giving last breath, life and death. One goes, another comes. It is said that the process of life and death in the world is running at the Nano second speed. Means that, if one person giving his last breath, another person is taking birth on that very second somewhere in the world, simultaneously. It happens this way. And nature has designed the mechanism of the world this way, it can’t be stopped. Humans live for only two things genuinely, one is marriage and the other is a baby.

Man and woman, both species, when are unmarried, even living with their families, they both think about marriage and children in the same manner, with the same intensity and passion. Because both have the urge to be with a partner and a baby.

Because He/she is a weakness of both gender;

A baby is the weakness of both genders. Some say that its a woman only, who have the yearning and tantalizing for the baby. And the man considers it a responsibility and burden only. However, this is explicitly wrong. Men are the type of human beings who are not so good with expressions and expressing their feelings and emotions. But that doesn’t mean, that they don’t have one. Men are actually quite a bit more sensitive and emotional than women.

It’s just that, they don’t have the tendency to cry at everything and anything. That’s why, people assume that men are ruthless creatures. In fact, there are cases of ruthless and merciless women, in the world, who have drowned their own children or even one baby to death because they can’t take the responsibility. And there are also stories about the men and women who died out of love, in saving their baby from a scratch even.

So, it’s not about men or women. It’s about the nature, inner progress and brooding of a person, that teach him or her to treat his/her baby.

The Baby! A Delicate and Beautiful Creature of the World;

While talking about the baby, we all have a beautiful picture in our minds. Of a, beautiful, healthy baby girl or a boy. When a baby born, it usually calls an infant who is very sensitive, weak and delicate at that time and should be treated with extreme care and attention. Because even a minor carelessness can cause a long term problem. Especially in the cold weather, when a slightest mistake can cause your baby a long term health problem.

For instance, cold, cough, pneumonia, malaria, and diarrhoea. That’s why precautions are mandatory to be taken for a baby. Most of the women, who are new to the baby stuff like caring and managing things, are unable to arrange baby’s things in a line. Therefore, such women need proper guidelines for keeping the baby safe and healthy.  

Global Scenario over a Baby gets ill due to cold Weather;

Sadly, the ratio is large in number. The majority in the world is unable to save their baby from cold weather and winter’s side effects. As you are aware of the fact that a baby has a sensitive and a very delicate immune system. The baby cannot bear the coldness and even a bit more chilling than usual. Children get cold, cough and runny nose right after an outside trip without proper covering and warm apparels.

Reasons of sickness apart from the cold weather;

However, it is also important to note that baby can’t get cold weather health problems because of merely going outside. The baby gets sick only if he has the germs of any disease before going outside. It’s only then the baby get caught up in cold, cough, fever or the worse in pneumonia, diarrhoea or similar to this. Getting caught up in any disease has much to do with the weaker immune system.

If your baby has a feeble and weak immune system then you must have to take extra precautions for your baby’s safety. This will include the baby’s diet, environment and the atmosphere, proper food intake of the mother (if the baby is on breastfeeding), and appropriate clothing according to the weather.

The Most Common Diseases in Which Your Baby Can be caught in Cold Weather;

How to Save Your Baby from Cold

Now when you know that winter can play enemy of your baby, you have to make up your mind that which type of illnesses your baby could have, if get affected by the cold weather. These illnesses are although of minor nature, but these diseases and health conditions can lead your baby to the somewhat bigger problem, if not treated with care and attention.

That is why, whenever your baby get into any of such health condition, seek immediate medical attention. Because a baby doesn’t have such a strong immune system and physical capacity to bear bad health condition or any disease for a long time. His body starts having other weaknesses and illnesses, if the previous one isn’t treated medically. These health conditions are:

These conditions can be easily developed in your baby. But because they can’t tell you, you need to figure it out on your own. And when you are confirm of your baby’s illness, seek immediate medical attention for your baby. By doing so, you will save your child from any further dangerous health problem.

Super Effective Remedies to Save Your Baby from Cold Weather;

Consider the fact that an infant is unable to speak and tell anything he feels. He can’t explain where is he feeling pain or itchy or what is so problematic for him or irritating him. For saving your baby in the first place, you need to arrange the precautions prior to the any disease or climate change coming.

Cover Your Baby with Warm Cloths:

Cover your baby

This is the first and foremost precaution to take for your baby. Proper clothing according to the weather is very much important for the infant. Examine your region and select your baby’s clothes according to it. Inners should be of wool and linen. Stockings and woollen caps and hoodies have to be added in your baby’s wardrobe. The Selection of clothes should be done rationally.

Because there are so many brands in markets that claim to have best warm dresses for the infant and babies, but in fact, they don’t. It’s only replicas and seems to be warm. Your child can feel visible coldness and chills with these sort of dresses. So make sure what you are buying for your baby is actually fulfilling the requirements. Proper warm clothing for a baby is very essential in cold weather. It is the basic prevention.

A Mother Has to Keep Her Diet on Check If She is on Breastfeeding the Baby:

Lots of the women in the world don’t pay attention to this, but in fact this is the very cause that initialize the health problems in the child. A mother who breastfeed her baby, eat whatsoever, it influences her milk and the baby’s health simultaneously. If a woman eats and drinks those food items that are cold by nature, in winter or in cold climates, then it will create problems for her infant straight.

For instance, if a mother eats ice creams more often while breastfeeding and drink alcohol, or any chilled beverage, her baby will soon develop sneezing, coughing and severe cold. And going outside with the baby in such conditions initiates the disease of pneumonia in the baby.

Preferable food items for a breatfeeding mother;

Similarly, if a mother drinks a glass of warm milk or soup in the period of breastfeeding, or eats mutton or grilled fish in the cold weather with breastfeeding, it will not only bring her baby good health, but improve her own health too. Eating healthy things only benefits the body, whether of a baby indirectly or a mother directly. That is why, its important for a mother, if she is on breastfeeding her child, to keep the proper check on her diet and add healthy and organic food items of hot nature of course, in her diet in winter.

Use Moisturizers to keep Your Baby’s Skin Healthy and Prevent from Dryness and Scaling:

The dry skin is one of those basic problems in the winter that haunts us all, whether elder or the younger. And a baby’s skin in golf weather is like a ball of cotton in the winter. It gets dry even in a gif. And because a baby is wrapped thoroughly in the warm cloths layer by layer, so if the baby’s skin is dry and not moisturized, then it will be scaly and will make the baby restless. It will also produce scratches and rashes on the skin of the baby.

Moreover, even in the winter, the baby has to have some sort of air and cloth free time. In which, you should loose the baby’s clothes and accessories and let him move freely. Extra layers and clothes make the baby’s skin rash and scaled. That’s why with or without the cold weather, you should loose the baby’s layer and apply moisture on his skin. You should also massage the baby’s body with some hot oil (by nature).

It will open the pores of the skin of the baby, fade the rashes and scratches and bring new life to the skin of the baby. Rashes can cause a child temperature and fever. That’s why it’s so important to work on the baby’s skin moisturized.

Maintain the Temperature of the Room:

Sometimes people pay attention to the proper clothing of the baby and the diet of the mother, but they don’t understand that why their infant is still unwell. One thing that these people forget to check is the room temperature. People often set the room temperature according to their own needs. However, that is far beyond to the capacity of the baby.

The clothes should be according to the weather;

A baby’s body is way more weak and sensitive from the body of an elder person. An elder or even adult, has faced the climate changes for so many times. These changes won’t affect him that way, it does to the baby. Therefore, its important to maintain the room temperature according to the demand of the child’s body. If the room temperature is baby friendly then you can loose his layers and make him move freely.

It will help the baby nourish more effectively. A good room temperature and heat in the room will also good for the elder people because wearing too much sweaters and hoodies halts the blood circulation and disturbs the heart performance.

Have essential medication and nebulising kit at home:

Smart people always stores in their houses, the essentials. Now what is the essentials? The essentials are those important medicines that, in any case of emergency, can use. This includes the medicines of cold, cough, fever, nausea, loose motions, diarrhoea and other minor problems. Through these medications, these illnesses can be treated at home initially.

Why Baby gets ill due to cold Weather

After the first aid, you may seek further medical attention. Same rules apply for the child. If you have extended your family and start having babies, you have to arrange some important medicines in your home, in your access. So, whenever you need any, you won’t have to hurry to get to the hospital. For a infant, you must have in your home a nebulising kit and a nebulizer, syrup for cough and cold, colic drops for digestion and gas problems, drops for ear pain, a thermometer, cream for rashes, olive oil, and coconut oil.

A few more Supplies;

Apart from other few things, these few supplies you need to have in your home and in fact in the room, where the baby is staying. These things initially save the infant from getting worse and will buy you time to get to the hospital or some clinic. Therefore, if you have a baby, do have these important things along with him.

The Bottom Line;

Not all the people in the world have the luxury and solace of having a child. In the 21st century, where science has proven so many things and impotent and infertile men, women are having babies, because of the technology and progress of science, still having a baby is a blessing and when you are having such blessings, you do take care of it. A baby is more delicate to a flower.

A infant can hurt even with a rough hand touch or a loud noise, then weather and climate changes are big things. You need to have extra precautions when it comes to the safety of your baby. Take good care of your baby, consider all options and never take risks about your baby. The worse thing about it that an infant can hurt easily and get sick easily, but will heal and cure with time.

Babies takes time in curing if they get sick in a day, they will be cured completely in a week. This is how it works. So you need to be very attentive and active while having a baby. Once your child will face the climate changes twice or thrice, you will not have to worry that much, though precautions will still be necessary. A baby is a beautiful gift of the God. Love the child as much as you love yourself.


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