The purpose is very important in life. A child when born into the world, his parents set a goal to make his/her life successful. When an object is made, his inventor creates it for a purpose or achieving different goals. Everything in this world has more or less a purpose. People or things even when created in the world have various goals. The purpose or goal is very important in life. Having a goal in life gives you a purpose. Without purpose or goal, human life is idle as of any animal.

In the past,

people engaged themselves in daily household activities. They consider these tasks as their purposes. Because life wasn’t that much as on that era. Moreover, facilities weren’t available to this extent as we are facilitated today. Those people spend their whole day in hunting and searching for food, in arranging proper shelter to spend the night, in visiting the islands and meadows, in discovering eatable things like vegetables and fruits. These activities were human’s life purpose and motive back then.

A human’s perception over choosing a goal:

But as the time passed, the man realised he need to set a goal to achieve what he desires. Because spending too much time on something isn’t rational so far. Every task has to be completed in a certain time. Then a time came, when humans hadn’t had the time to even complete his daily task on one day. And humans start taking advantage from them.

These discoveries have on one hand, made their lives easier, but on the other hand, humans had no time to stand and stare around them even for once. Because the goal is not confined to find shelter and food merely, but expanded to so many other things like education, property acquisitions, family security, society and culture responsibilities and innumerable other things. Today’s human goal is far more different than the past.   

The Difference between a Purpose and Goal;

People often confuse purpose with a goal. Actually, these are two different things. These two points have two different interpretations. With which you can easily identify the difference between a goal and a purpose.  

The Definition of a Purpose:

A purpose is actually a way that you choose to achieve a certain result. It is actually a method with which you obtain a certain aftermath. Therefore, a purpose is a method or a path that you use to receive your desired results.

The Definition of a Goal:

A goal is somewhat different from a purpose. The goal is a target that you select for your life or a major period of life. It’s an aim or your mission or main motive of life, for which you design the rest of the processes and procedures of your life. The goal is the major significant expedition, for which you set a line all the possible help and alliance you can get.

Shapes of Goals that are introduced in the World Today;

In ancient times, the people were of the view that in one life, you may have one or two goals with which you can spend the rest of your life. But, when because of not being able to get the best possible results in the process, people need to drop that goal at that time. This scenario was disturbing and create chaos in the mind of the person. In ancient times, several suicides were committed due to be unable in achieving the desired goal. As the time passed, people realised that it’s ok to not being able to get what we really wants. Sometimes, some things are not meant to be.

If you can’t get what your desired once, then you may certainly can go for another thing that attracts you. Today, we have not one definition of the word goal. Today, we are accustomed with some important types of the goal that we choose in our lives. These types determine the value of the goal and our devotion to the goal. Normally there are three types of the goal. Which are:

  • A Goal for a specific time frame.
  • The Goal for lifetime.
  • Type of Goal which is about of chasing some target.
  • Goal for the future.
  • That Goal which is told us to achieve in any case. (Imposed by the governing bodies, such as family, elders, higher authority etc.)

Remember that these are the shapes of the goals in other words, these are the causes of the goals, means why you set a goal in your life? These are not the types of goals. These are the reasons because of which you feel the need to set a goal.

Major Types of the Goals in Human life;

chose your goal

After discussing about the shapes of the goals, let’s talk about the types of the goals. In the modern world, we set almost 6 to 7 goals throughout our lives. In which, we made ourselves able to achieve 4 to 5 goals. Normally, human beings have the same kind of instincts and impulses. They have almost the same kind of thought process and desires. That is why their goals are alike.

Therefore, when the experts describe the general types of the goals, they end up with almost same points. Because people have the same tendencies and requirements from life, approximately.

These types are:

  1. The Goals related to your professional career.
  2. A goal that you set in your financial ground.
  3. Sort of Goals related to your personal growth.
  4. Religious and spiritual goal.
  5. Fitness and health associated goals.
  6. Goals related to your education.
  7. Your relationship goals.

A person may have some other stuff too that can be fit in the category of the type of goal, but these are the major types of goal. All the other sort of goal that a man tries to set up in life, comes from these types. Because a human life revolves around these few things. More or less, man ends up with these things.

Things We Need to See When Setting up Any Type of Goal in the Life;

Setting up a goal in life isn’t something like you sitting idle and suddenly go out to eat ice cream. No! Absolutely not. For setting up a goal in life, you need to see a few of the things very keenly. Without paying attention on the leftovers, you can’t start anew. Just like, when we buy a car, we consider all the rules and regulations regarding the car’s safety and its working. We made our mind for every possible condition, whether good or bad. We also made ourselves ready for any kind of situation.

Same is the case with the goal. When you set a goal in life, you need to take care of the things regarding to it or even not related to it no matter what.

Lo! And behold:

You can’t just run on the road without realizing the fact that a road may have the stones and obstacles on it. and for passing through the road, you need to pass those obstacles and stones. See, journey to achieve something has never been easier to complete. Every journey before its completion bears many hardships and intriguing situations. So, whenever you set some goals in life, consider all the possible hardships and failures related to the goal you set. The things you need to address for your goal are:

Your aptitude for the goal you are choosing:

shuffle your thoughts and feelings thoroughly if you are really up to it. Consent is really important. Talk to yourself that are you actually want to do it or not? Do this type of work will give you pleasure and solace? Or you are doing this because of some kind of pressure. Your mind’s consent and positive thoughts for the goal you have chosen, is very important.

Does your degree or professional status meet the requirements for the goal you want to achieve?:

it means that if you have set a goal, let’s just say for the sake of conversation that you have set a goal for becoming a doctor and you are studying in a commerce college with the subject of maths, statistics and computer science. Does it make any sense?  Will you be able to become a doctor? Of course not. Your pursuits and belonging has to get matched with the goal you have set in your life. Your goal if is relevant to your degree and professional statue, will make it easier for you to achieve your goal in no time.

Health care and fitness:

Fitness and health associated goals

these things are vital to note, while having a goal in life. Because in the process people often doesn’t care about their health and fitness. Which eventually make them weak and feeble. And sometimes, it is seen in people that things, for which these people have spent their whole lives, did nothing for them. Your assets, property and wealth stays here forever and you die. And your death come fast before the decided time, if you don’t put a hold on the stress and tension while making efforts to achieve these goals. Taking care of your health is very essential for every human being.

Is your goal acceptable to the Society:

now this is something serious? Working for a thing that society doesn’t allow is another problem in itself. For example, if your goal is to become a pornographer or you want to change your sex and spread awareness about this, then society will work against you. There are several things and topics about which most of the people in a society will give negative remarks. Make sure that, the goal that you want to achieve has nothing to do with the society’s oppose. Means that, your goal should be of this nature that won’t opposing to the society.

Inner peace and contentment:

while making efforts in achieving your goals, inner satisfaction and solace is something that is mandatory for you. If your mind is not satisfied with the work or the nature of the work, then no matter how much hard work you have done, it will be useless and vain. During the period of hard work for your goal, make sure that you are doing the right thing, which will not only provide you pleasure, but also will be beneficial for the others. Inner solace and mind’s consent and satisfaction is as vital as breathing.

Destructive nature aims and goals shouldn’t get encouragement:

you need to make yourself clear about one thing that those desires that get its results after punishing the others or destroying others, which end up in people’s destruction, has to be stopped at the very point you initiate them. If killing people or destroying the nature’s balance is your goal, then you need to check into the hospital as soon as possible. A person’s aim and goal should be of this nature that helps the society, even in a minor way.

For instance, if you want to become a killer or bomber or you want to harass the people by becoming a robber, then you need to stop your efforts and seek medical attention in the shape of a psychiatrist simultaneously as soon as possible.

The Difference between a Purpose and Goal


life is too short to make big and long plans. The goals that you can achieve in a specific moderate time are proven to be beneficial and such goals actually people achieve. Setting goals for a long time period makes the person tired and worn. Life is a name of ups and downs. Situations won’t remain the same. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. All you have to do is not to be disillusioned or pessimistic. Life has many things to offer you. You just have to see it.


Subsequently If, due to any reasons, you are unable to achieve your goal, remember that sometimes some things are not as much good as we are thinking about them to be. Therefore, letting those things and desires go is the best option. Don’t stick yourself to one notion. Keep looking, keep exploring. One day you will achieve your dream. If it is changed from your previous mind-set, it’s even more better. Because change is good. And changing the goal at the very point of life where you were sure that you won’t do that, is actually the beauty of life.  


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