In the year 2000, the concept of using mobile and computer was not so popular. Very few of the people used computers and also the technology wasn’t that much updated. But after that the aptitude of using electronic devices took a leap and today in 2020, even the preschoolers are using internet enabled devices more than the adults. Of course it is shocking but it is true. The main question is why preschoolers are using mobiles, ipads, iPhones and computers more than adults? What’s the main cause? And what is happening after they use mobile most part of the day? All these questions must have to be answered and prevention must have to be established to maintain and restore the health of preschoolers.

Types of internet enabled devices that preschoolers are using these days:

It’s the 21st century where technology and innovation is at its height. In the past, when a 10 MB ram was bigger than a typewriter. But now things have changed to this extent that a 50 GB data can be penetrated in a paper like chip called a memory card. The motive of this information is that technology has gone too far in the running century. That is why several electronic gadgets have been created and introduced. Including; 

  • Mobiles.
  • IPad. 
  • IPods. 
  • Tabs.
  • Playstation.
  • Video game device.
  • Laptops.
  • Computers.
  • Mp3/mp4 devices.

Now, as you can see, how many options the preschoolers have to entertain themselves. Although these devices are designed and manufactured for adults and grown up people, yet preschoolers are using these gadgets more than adults.

What is the main causes and reasons of children using the internet enabled devices more than adults:

The reasons could be many but we need to point out those reasons. Only then we will be able to prevent those causes and reduce the chances for preschoolers to avail them. The most significant reasons are as follow;

  1. Mother’s irresponsibility; It may sound rude but it’s true. When mothers get irritated from the constant responsibility of children, they use to take them off from their sight by giving them these kinds of devices. For time being, the kid leaves mother’s lap and she takes some relief from the kid’s constant irritating noise. But at the same time this preschooler is developing a habit of using the device deliberately. And that habit he will not give up when the mother wants him to.
  2. Parents’ busy lifestyles; This is another main reason. In the USA and Canada, almost in every family, both mother and father do jobs to feed the family. It’s very rare if the lady of the house actually stays in the house and does nothing. And because of this busy schedule they both have very less amount of free time for their children. In the meantime, the preschoolers stay at home with a keeper or with elders family members, they tend to develop a habit of using mobiles or ipads. And because their parents aren’t home, nobody tells them to not use these devices this much. And the habit gets even stronger in preschoolers. 
  3. Stubbornness in some kids; yes you have read that right. Stubbornness in some preschoolers help them reach electronic gadgets easily. They keep on crying and causing trouble for their parents, so they can shut them off by giving them their mobile or iPad or anything. Such kids claim that they would only watch cartoons or their favourite superhero programme and will not disturb anyone. This kind of assurance makes their parents give them the mobile or any other device they were asking for. And doing this frequently develops the habit in preschoolers to use internet enabled devices from dawn to dusk. 
  4. It’s a status symbol; well can you believe it? It’s a status symbol to give your preschoolers tabs, iPad or iPhone to use. Especially in Asia where underdeveloped countries are in bulk. The usage of iPhone iPad is a high status symbol and when you are a parent and your preschooler kid is using an apple’s iPhone then you are pretty cool and consider to be rich who lavishly spends money. So in such a culture where we want to show off before others, we think we are doing it right but otherwise in reality we are destroying our own children. Giving them electronic gadgets at this age is not only harmful for their health but it will take out their interest from studies as well.
  5. Covid-19 has pushed the preschoolers to use internet enabled devices from day to night; Coronavirus is haunting the world since Dec 2019. We have been confined in our homes since then. Due to this preschoolers, who were about to take admissions in the schools are also stuck at home. Therefore due to the pandemic, online classes have been introduced to fill the gap. Again, for that matter mobiles, laptops, iPads are in the hands of preschoolers. They are taking online classes for a few minutes and then switch to their favourite YouTube channel and pass hours and hours there. So in the name of studies, preschoolers are manipulating the adults.
  6. Games; Unfortunately, today’s upcoming generation is badly indulged in online gaming and similar stuff. And preschoolers are on the top in this. You may see kids coming to you and asking for your mobile if it has any game. And they are so smart in this that in a few moments these preschoolers learn how to play the game. Researchers claim that when a human being uses too much mobile or uses an app for most of the time in a day, his/her brain releases the same cell which can be released when an addicted person smokes or drinks. When a preschooler plays a game most of the time in a day, his brain gets addicted to it. And if he isn’t provided that game again, he will behave like an addict who is in the rehab to give up binge drinking. 

What happens with the preschoolers after becoming addicted to these devices? Side effects and worse results:

Here are some possible and actually experienced side effects of using these gadgets by the preschoolers for much time in a day. Parents are actually experiencing these kinds of trouble with their children. But the bad part is that they have no control over restricting the usage. Or maybe they are quite ignoring the cause deliberately. The worse aftermath that you may see with over usage of internet enabled devices are;

Preschoolers become rude after mobile addiction
  • Your kid may have to wear glasses for weak eye sight just at the age of 3 to 5.
  • preschoolers will develop wrinkles around the eyes.
  • disinterest in the family or physical playing.
  • Preschoolers dislike doing creative work which usurps their mental growth.
  • Constipation in preschoolers, because of sitting for hours. Whereas they need to run and play physically to grow more.
  • Behavioural changes. They become aggressive, disrespectful and rude.
  • Mental growth slows down with the over usage of these devices. 
  • Psychological disorders and stiffness occurs in preschoolers after using too much mobile.
  • Headaches are a common problem in preschoolers
  • Preschoolers often see such adult videos that are not good at all for their mental health. It causes further damage to their personalities. 
  • Aggression, anger and pessimism development in preschoolers with a lot of screen time.
  • Those preschoolers who spend more time in gaming or in online surfing, become introverts and unable to make friends.
  • Such games which promote criminality, fighting and gun shooting make the child’s mind criminal and Vindictive. 

What are the best possible ways to engage the preschoolers in healthy activities rather than the screen time?

It’s solely the responsibility of parents to keep their child engaged in healthy activities rather than giving them electronic gadgets. Preschoolers are usually between the age of 3 to 5. Is this very difficult to teach a child of this age? No certainly not. You can easily transfer his mind from such activities to healthy practices. Here are some suggestions that you could use to get your preschooler on track. Such as;

Healthy activities for preschoolers
  1. Bring play cards which have illustrations on them. And teach them about the pictures printed on them. Ask regularly about the illustrations. 
  2. Bring soft toys and jigsaw puzzles and rearrange them with your preschooler. 
  3. If your kid is a girl, buy her a doll house or kitchen utensils which are created for kids and be her guest.
  4. And if it’s a boy, buy him toy cars, superhero stuff toys and other his favourite cartoon character soft toys and play with them.
  5. If your neighbours have a preschooler the same age as your own kid, make them friends of each other and let them play in front of you.
  6. Arrange a physical activity in your house lawn, which involves your family members and your kid’s other preschooler friends. It helps your kid to nourish physically. 
  7. Read a bedtime story to your preschooler. The selection of the story book must be done with care.
  8. Ask your kid to help you at home. Like take a thing from somewhere and place it on another place.
  9. Bring books for your kid. Eventually he/she will have to go to school one day. 
  10.  You should be very particular about your preschooler sleeping timings.

The final words:

Kids are the ultimate blessings of God. If you are blessed with this gift, keep them safe and don’t spoil them. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of ways with which your child can be spoiled in no time. And know that internet enabled devices are NOT for preschoolers. You are doing it all wrong if you are providing ample space to your kids to use them all day long. Remember that ALBERT EINSTEIN, NEWTON, CHARLES DARWIN, ARISTOTLE, SOPHOCLES, GALILEO and PLATO don’t have the electronic gadgets and internet enabled devices with them. They rather put their efforts on searching, reading and exploring. And eventually they end up gaining treasures of knowledge and today they are famous worldwide. 

So if you are giving these gadgets to your preschooler for showing your high status or to vanish the inferiority complex within your child, you are inducing even more lethal and toxic complexes in your child. So play smart. And choose the right thing for your child. What you pick now, will determine his or her future.


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