A female’s life revolves around a few such processes, from which she cannot get rid of. These processes don’t let her stay free even if she is outside, inside, sleeping, sitting or laying. Although marriage, pregnancy and breastfeeding is her personal choice and an option whether she takes it or not, but periods, (that formally called menstrual cycle) isn’t her personal choice. Being a girl or female she has to go through this procedure every month.

The starting period of menstrual cycle varies in females however, mostly it starts at the age between 13 to 15. Decades before, menstrual cycle use to start between the age of 14 to 16. But as the time passed, impure diet pattern, having physical relationships with the opposite gender, extra knowledge about the sexual activities at an early age, (which insist to think about these things more and more) stimulates the menstrual cycle and induce periods in early ages.

A girl’s fertility defines with a proper menstrual cycle. In plain words, if you want to see for yourself whether you are fertile virgin or not, without going through any medical tests, behold your menstrual cycle. You will get the answer soon.

What is menstrual cycle? How it works?

Although, we know what is the process, because today nothing is hidden even from the infants. And sometimes it is bad to know all. Basically, menstrual cycle starts from the first day of your periods to the day before your next periods. In the past, especially in the eastern countries, mothers and grandmothers usually hide the information about menstrual cycle, sex and pregnancy to young, unmarried girls.

To keep their innocence safe and on the ground. And when girls reach the age where she had her periods, only then mother’s use to tell her about the process and as she grow and mature, her mother and grandmother would tell her about marriage and pregnancy. She was advised strictly to hide these procedures from her father and brother and every male except her own husband. This was beautiful and epic.

These things were exercised in the past by the families who valued the traditions and customs dearly. As the time passed, and modernism replaced the traditionalism, people changed, thought processes changed. People started exposing themselves and their personal activities. These activities included making out procedures, menstruation and pregnancy. Today, even ladies especially perform pregnancy photo shoots. In which they show their baby bump clearly, sometimes without clothes. Same is the case with menstrual cycle.

How it works?

Basically, it’s a process in which blood releases from the uterus and start oozing out from the small hole in the cervix. So, in plain words, when the uterus eliminates it’s lining through the vagina, and bleeding happens, it is called the menstrual cycle. The usual time period in which a female menstruates, is 3 to 6 days. Normally girls faces 8 days in total, in which their periods completes and they get free themselves from the fuss of sanitary pads. But subsequently, menstrual cycle largely depends on the person’s body type, weight, lifestyle and family history.

A global overview at the starting age of menstrual cycle and an average age calculation of the females in which they menstruated for the first time ever:

What is menstrual cycle

This is not only an interesting calculation, but also an informative one. After reading this, you will get to know so many interesting facts and figures about a female’s life. Such as, if we count, a woman may have around 480 periods between the age of 12 to 53. And if she had pregnancy, it will be fewer than 480. However, this is such a big figure.

Normally, a girl gets her first menstruation at the age of 13 approximately. The menstrual cycle starts after your breasts starts getting plump and development. The age that is mentioned above, it isn’t mandatory for every girl. That every girl in the world will have her periods on this date. It’s the 21st century and today girls are having their periods at the age of 8 even. Girls usually have their menstrual cycle between the age of 8 to 14. However, body shape, weight, lifestyle and family history matters a lot in this context.

Approximately, everywhere in the world, females gets their periods between this age bracket, but if a girl’s menstrual cycle won’t start by the age of 15 even after she has developed her breasts, she should consult a gynecologist as soon as possible to see if she has develop hormonal imbalance. Similarly, the most common age of menopause in the world today is between 40 to 50. Prior or much later to this age, if someone has her menopause, it is strongly recommended to see the doctor.

A girl’s breasts development is the biggest sign of the beginning of menstrual cycle:

Your breasts are like alarming bells. Don’t take this line as a taboo. In other words, if you have anything fixed outside that can tell you about your periods coming, it’s your breasts. Initially, a girls breasts looks like a male’s breasts. Both have nipples and a little bit plump.

But because man have no such tissues that gain shape and size that’s why they remain the same. Whereas, a female’s boob takes shape and size with the passage of time. As time passes, her boobs become more round, big and firm. It is seen that when a girl switch to use a bra instead of a waist, she would have her menstrual cycle on ground.

Your boobs are connected with your menstrual cycle to this extent, that when your periods are late and your menstrual cycle is disturbed  (which also called irregularities in periods) your boobs will seem to be big and swollen. Some women even feels pain and discomfort in their boobs. Your bra seems to be a bit more tightly than usual when your periods are late. But as soon as your periods gets back on the track and you have your periods, your boobs will reduce the extra size, they will come back to their previous size and the pain will also be gone. That’s how your periods cycle is integrated to your breasts.

Take a biological jump to understand the internal procedure of menstrual cycle

We all know the superficial facts about the menstrual cycle. That when you bleed from the small hole that is in your vagina, at a specific day and this process repeats next month after 21 or 27 days, it’s your menstrual cycle. But what actually happens in your body when you bleeds, this is something that not all people in the world aware of. Basically,  your hormones works majorly in the operations of menstrual cycle.

When a female’s sex hormone oestrogen raise to a certain level, an overy develops, and an egg releases. At the same time, the lining of the womb starts to thicken. Meanwhile, oestrogen assists the womb to get ready for the process. The egg travels into the tubes and when your date comes, your womb lining falls and you start having your periods. Your eggs release 16 days before approximately, from the date of your periods. The remaining process completes between these 16 days.

Is the menstrual cycle and periods are the same process with two different names?

Menstrual cycle and periods have a slight change in definition. when your womb releases it’s lining and the blood flow through it, it’s your periods. Menstrual cycle is that first day, on which your periods gets started. The average days in which this cycle completes is between 5 to 8 days. A girl usually loses 8 to 10 tablespoons of her blood during this process.

More than 10 tablespoons of blood released during the menstrual cycle is considered to be as a heavy blood releasing. This needs immediate attention. Because after a certain amount of blood, your clean and real blood starts to bleed which is actually required for your bones and body. So, if you are having heavy periods instead of the mentioned amount, consult a gynecologist.

Signs of a normal menstrual cycle:

People, when don’t understand that how will we know if we are having right type of periods. As some girls have light periods, some have heavy. Sometimes due to irregularities in menstrual cycle girls don’t have their periods for months even. So, to know which is the right procedure of menstrual cycle and what are the signs of a normal, healthy menstrual cycle, take a look below to know the signs.

  1. Normal periods lasts for 8 days.
  2. The menstrual cycle will consist of 21 to 30 days.
  3. Basically, we usually loses 3 to 5 tablespoons of blood during periods. But when it seems to have even more blood than this, it’s secretions and other sort of fluids that mingles with the blood and make it more.
  4. Menstrual cramps doesn’t happen in normal menstruation.
  5. You will feel active, fresh and rather happier, instead of weak and annoyed.

How will I know if I have irregularities in menstrual cycle?

With some common irregularities, girls think that these are the reasons they are having disturbed menstrual cycle. However, there are some sort of specific type of problems that occurs in the body, when we start having disturbed periods. Some of the signs are very visible such as;

  • Long or short span of menstrual cycle.
  • heavy bleeding in every period that comes.
  • The days of the periods prolongs, from 8 to 11 days.
  • Next periods comes after two or three weeks.
  • Very long cycle. For instance, a large gap between the previous and next the periods.
  • severe menstrual cramps hits the body.
  • sometime the patient receives blood spots for a couple of days. Even after the periods are completed.
  • Frequent bleeding during sex also a sign of irregular periods.

When a woman, for the first time ever, receives her periods, her cycle works regularly. The irregularities happens when we do bad things with our diet and lifestyles. Then changes happens. And if you see those kinds of changes in your menstrual cycle, seek immediate medical attention.

Ultimate basic reasons which cause disturbance in the menstrual cycle:

To maintain your periods and regulate your menstrual cycle, you need to pin points those causes that initialize the factors of disturbance. These causes and factors are very vibrant and needs to be addressed to skip the fuss of irregularities in menstrual cycle. For instance;

  1. The process of pregnancy that halts the periods temporarily for 9 months.
  2. When you’re dieting or losing weight so you aren’t having proper food. Or you have gained too much weight, for instance, obesity.
  3. Doing exercises excessively will cause disturbance in menstrual cycle.
  4. Physical disorders like ovary syndrome.
  5. The heavy or light periods also cause irregularities in menstrual cycle.
  6. Use of heavy medications for a long time.
  7. Presence of cysts in the ovaries and tubes, cause irregularities in menstrual cycle.
  8. over consumption of alcohol and smoking.
  9. Family history. (rare cases)
  10. Birth control pills.

Some useful and effective ways to regularize your menstrual cycle:

Because menstruation is a natural process, that’s why it can be back into track with some useful tactics and sometimes without any medications. And in my personal opinion, unmarried girls should not take any sort of pills to induce periods. Rather they should opt for natural remedies. Which actually do have positive effects on the person’s health. These remedies are;

Dates and almonds soaked in warm milk;

Some useful and effective ways to regularize your menstrual cycle

You have no idea how effective this treatment is. It will induce your periods in three days. If you have a disturbed menstrual cycle, start taking dates, soaked in warm milk three days prior to your date. It will help you induce your periods around the date. You can have almonds soaked in warm milk as well.

Take a walk daily or run for half an hour:

If you do that not only the overall health of your body will improve but also you will have an active blood circulation and super responding internal body structure because of this change. When your blood circulation is proper, it will help your menstrual cycle to be accurate. Most importantly, exercises help a lot in relieving stress and anxiety.

And stress is the first and foremost mental or psychological state of mind which disturbs the periods. So, when you vanish the stress and any other psychological tension from your mind through exercises, yoga or any kind of mind relaxing therapy such as meditation, your menstrual cycle will be just fine.

Turmeric is the most beneficial food item for a better menstrual cycle:

It’s a type of herb, anti-oxidant and a food item that is being used by the majority of the world in the making of their daily meals. It helps to balance the hormones and even helps to calm the menstrual cramps. It has the healing properties. Taking a teaspoon of turmeric in a warm glass of milk will work magically to regulate the menstrual cycle.

Avoid food items which are cold by nature:

Always keep this thing in your mind that food items which are cold by nature will slow down the process of blood circulation. Not only that, but it will also cause a delay in the periods. Therefore, try to have such food items which are hot by nature or at least not cold by nature. Hot type of food will induce periods fast.

The final words:

For a woman or a girl, mental solace is very much important. And it will only be granted if the menstrual cycle is on the ground. Because normal and healthy menstruation is the base of a woman’s happiness. Menstruation, pregnancy, breasts and vagina these are the things that completes a woman. If any of the above is skipped or missing, a woman’s whole life will be on stake or vulnerable.

Hence, better and normal menstrual cycle is as mandatory as the breathing. And a woman should do anything to keep her menstrual cycle normal. Because for her safe survival, this process must have to be regularized and accurate. But try to keep it normal without taking heavy medications or any surgical treatment. Periods can be accurate and on the ground with the help of home remedies only.


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