Sadness! happiness’ antonym. It’s in you. It’s inevitable just like your breathing. The way you breathe and it’s normal, same as you get sad, with or without any reason. Sadness is an integral part of human life. Regardless of gender, age and profession, people get sad and such sadness hovers on their personality completely to this extent, that they can’t get over it easily. Because we are structured this way. You can’t overcome a particular emotion so instantly. It takes time to vanish. And when sadness showers upon its drops on your heart, usually you take time to evaporate this emotion depending on your trait and personality. 

Is sadness makes you weak, rude or aggressive? 

Normally, people have this belief that a person who is aggressive or rude or weak most of the time, he/she is filled with sadness, deep down. This is not proven to be correct all the time but most of the time, people who are torn inside, weak or emotionally disturbed, get aggressive or rude. And why? Because they don’t find any way out of their misery. And when people keep digging in their personal life and about their mood, then some people have the tendency to get irritated and respond aggressively. 

We as a human being should have this manner rooted within ourselves that we should respect people’s privacy and should not poke anyone about his/her mood or personal problems. Some people don’t like it and thus get rude. But in fact it’s their sadness which is disturbing them inside.

Most probable conditions in which sadness step in:

There are some significant and visible changes that we make in our daily lifestyles due to which a state of constant sadness hovers on our minds. But the problem is we don’t notice these changes. However if you want to get over this emotion, you have to notice and acknowledge the changes which you are making in your regular lifestyle. Remember one thing that changes will affect strongly, whether they are physical or emotional. They will cause sadness for sure. Some most common conditions that trigger the person end up with depression and sadness are; 

1.Relationship’s breakdown: 

Relationship breakups and sadness

The failure that today’s world is struggling with is the rift in relationships. It is that particular problem with which a person ends up with depression, stress, anxiety and a state of constant sadness. Even if the person is in our reach and even if everything is going right, the thought of losing love and that special person makes the person sad. And in this despair and sadness people destroy the moment which they are having together in present. 


breakups and separation causes eternal sadness. The person doesn’t know how to gather him/herself. How to step up again? How to start their lives anew? Everything collapses. And such people, who are having trouble in their paradise, deal with obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, and even cardiovascular diseases. One can say that if you are in a relationship, sadness is inevitable for you. Because if he/she isn’t talking to you, sadness will create its place in your heart. 

If somebody else is in the frame and it’s a triangle, you will be sad. If you are at the verge of breakup or fighting, you will be sad for sure. Means that there is no way you can get rid of it. It may be of one day or may prolong to days but it will be there.

2.The cold weather; winter:

Everybody knows that winter is associated with sadness and grief. At one side winter refers to coffee, gittering, gatherings, getting cozy and dreamy nights. On the other side, it is associated with loneliness, sadness, penetration, tears, wait and black deeds. Also people who don’t do any professional work outside. They are confined in their houses forcefully due to the weather. This coldness and non working lifestyle ignite sadness and depression in them. 

Also, the cloudy weather, dark sky and constant rain/snow cause anxiety and despair in the house. Unless the person’s family is big or it’s a romantic couple or there are children in the house. Otherwise cold weather or winter brings a gloomy feeling. It is said about the European countries that the suicide ratio in winter raises to much higher level in these countries. That’s why governments of such countries lighten up the streets and roads with very beautiful, colourful coral lights with illuminating monuments. And this plays an important role in reducing sadness.

3.Physical and emotional violence:

If violence is permitted for any kind of pleasure for example sexual, or if the purpose is to polish the skills, it will be fine. But if somebody is doing physical or emotional violence forcefully, it will cause immense amount of mental and physical torture to the victim. Such people spend most of their time in mourning, sobbing and crying. Sadness becomes their bed and butter. This mostly happens in relationships and with couples. 

Most of the time the females bear the torture, stabbing, hitting and physical fights. Just because their men are having illicit relationships and spend time with their mistresses. And after coming home they beat their wives in front of their kids. In result, sadness hovers on a woman’s mind. The only solution is to immediately stop such violence. Respect and love is inevitable for any relation. If it isn’t there, then complications will step in soon.

4.Use of drugs in abundance:

Drugs, means when somebody uses alcohol and does smoking in abundance. It brings soothing feeling and unconsciousness for a while, the person doesn’t feel anything but when the intoxication fades away it’s influence, the person has to deal with heavy hangover, headache and after it such people feel sadness, remorse and regret of having it in the first place.

Moreover, people who smoke a lot, depression, anxiety, stress and sadness are the prominent features of their lives. Nicotine and intoxicating elements in alcohol and cigarettes cause an eternal sadness and despair. 

5.Lust and greed of gathering materialistic objects for a better life:

It is the bitter reality of human life that we all are rushing towards the materialistic things. Which actually has no meaning and purpose. Believe it or not, when you achieve these things, they lose their value. And become the ordinary objects. But when we are processing these things, that particular struggle and strife cause pressure and stress. And in case we fail to achieve what we desire in the first attempt, then a state of constant sadness and depression takes control of our minds. It’s better to take worldly things for granted and should not strive for these things so impatiently. 

6.Junk food and its connection with sadness:

It may sound weird but it’s true. People who don’t eat healthy food and yearn for artificial and saturated food suffer from higher cholesterol levels, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Also, people who don’t eat vegetables and fruits which actually produce oxygen in the body, they tend to remain sad and depressed most of the time. Food that doesn’t produce oxygen, causes pressure in the body and mind. Thus, the sadness and anxiety hovers the person completely. For a better living and health, drink plenty of water, skip junk and saturated food as much as you can. 

7.Age factor, sadness and  tendency of a negative mindset:

If a person gets sad at the age of 70 or 60, he/she remains sad most of the time. The reason could be many. For instance, diseases, loneliness, children problems, diabetes and working schedules. People who work even after a certain age like 70, sadness tend to hover on their minds more often. Moreover, women who get aged, they remain depressed and anxious. 

Because they had to deal with different stages in their lives for example, puberty, menstrual cycle, pregnancy and menopause. During such periods, their body and minds get weakened and fibble. And because of which older women usually have to deal with sadness. If such women surround themselves with jovial and lively people, sadness will be reduced to a certain level. 

Super effective tips to dump sadness with proven methods:

Because sadness is an actual serious matter that affects the person’s life deliberately, it’s important you should learn some proven methods to ditch this emotion with some sound and proven tips. Luckily, these tips are not so difficult, rather easy to adopt and really convincing. Take a look and try to adopt a few of them.

Super tips to ditch sadness
  1. If a person is leaving you, remember one thing, that he/she is not worthy of having such a good person like you. He/she doesn’t deserve a better person like you. Let them go wholeheartedly. Let them face the world without your love and shoulder. Soon they will realise your value and regret the decision. And when they come, forgive them. But don’t fool yourself again. If a person can leave you once, he/she can leave you again. They will change their priorities time and again as per their need and convenience. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS.
  2. Be flexible in relationships. Especially when it comes to your marriage. Both parties should behave maturely. It’s a whole life commitment. Patience and tolerance is key to a successful marriage. Try to get married instead of having a live-in relationship. And when you do it, commit to your partner with complete honesty. If fights and arguments bring sadness and stress, consider them a part of life and work on it together to sort things out. But never abandon any relation just because it causes you sadness.
  3. Never be sad over a disease. Illness is inevitable in life. And we have to fight it because that’s what we do. We fight. Until it’s gone. You may have seen many people drowned in sadness just because they are diabetic, heart patient or dealing with arthritis. Almost all the diseases in the world have the cures now. So, having a disease which can be cured isn’t a problem at all, rather having a problem which can’t be cured is. Don’t let the sadness hover on your mind just because you are ill. You will be fine with a passage of time. Sadness over a treatable illness is pointless.
  4. You should really work on your body if you are fat. I mean let’s face it, we start confining ourselves into our homes just because we have gained weight and we don’t want to listen to mocking sentences. Instead of limiting the circle, we should work on our body to ditch obesity. Of course, obesity causes sadness. And this kind of sadness is justified. But this doesn’t mean that, if it is justified you should remain the same. It means you should work on each and every aspect of your life which causes you sadness and gloomy feelings.
  5. If you are aged, sadness can be there. The reason could be many but solution is one, stay positive. Surround yourself with good and lively people. Young people around the aged people are very good for their mental health. Older people should also understand the fact that now they are not as firm as they were in their youth. So, sadness and depression can easily target them. All they have to do is to acknowledge the fact and embrace it. And try to get themselves busy in worldly chores. 
  6. Sitting idle and doing nothing will ultimately make your mind think about the failure that you had in life. And this thing will eventually bring sadness and anxiety with it. To reduce such chances, try to engage yourself in healthy activities and contemplate on the good things that you have achieved so far, instead of pondering upon the failures. Thinking positively and engaging your mind in some healthy activities will bring tremendously notable changes in your mood also will help you ditch depression and sadness for a longer period. Try this one. It’s really helpful.

The final words:

Is it so hard for you to understand that sadness can frustrate your mind even for no reason? Know that it’s a human nature to get anxious over tiny things. The only way to ditch sadness is to understand the causes and work on them rather to remain in the same position. The habit of sadness can haunt any person regardless of their age, gender and lifestyle. Therefore, it’s better to make efforts to reduce sadness rather than to keep yourself frustrated over it.


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