Apart from water, the liquid we all takes whole our lives is milk. A person when come to this world, has only diet and that is milk. You may have heard people saying that it is a complete diet. And it is very true. This drink is actually a complete diet. It has all the essential nutritional values that help you to grow and develop efficiency. In ancient times, when human hasn’t discovered many food items, such liquids were there to feed the stomach of the mankind.

Gradually, when he discovered more and more eatable thing, the usage of milk decreased to a certain way, but people don’t give up drinking this liquid completely.      

The usage of milk and the 21st century;

Today, in the 21st century, it seems that the modern world has forgotten the true value of the milk. Several other food items, especially junk food and some protein shakes have taken the place of the item. However, it’s the very time to acknowledge the true importance and worth of such a blessing like milk. When a person gets sick, usually a doctor recommend him to have at least a cup of milk, if he doesn’t want to have anything else.

Because a milk can cover up the basic needs of the body. And a person can survive up to three hours with a glass of milk, means that he doesn’t need anything to eat for a couple of hours if he takes a glass of milk. These calculations can show you the worth of milk. There are many other aspects that demands proper attention while discussing about the milk.   

Composition of the Milk: All Ingredients that You have with a Glass of Milk;  

Milk is not a white colour liquid that fulfils the demand of your empty stomach. In fact, it’s very powerful drinkable substance that is produced in the glands of the mammals. Nature has created such a mechanism for its production that whether it is of a human or of an animal, both species when produce it, there own protein and essential fats that are stored in the body, adds in the drink like this.

This makes their drinks healthy and strong. That is why, when a child breastfeed from his mother, all the essential ingredients from his mother’s body, convert into his body through her it. And the child gets healthy and active in months. Similarly, cows, buffalos, white goat, and camel’s milk are equally delivering the essential ingredients that are required from the milk. A glass of such liquid contains bunch of the tremendous amount of vitamin and minerals such as:

Composition of milk
  • Calcium.
  • Potassium.
  • Protein.
  • Magnesium.
  • Fats.
  • B12 vitamin.
  • Vitamin K.
  • D vitamin.
  • Iodine.
  • Vitamin A.
  • Lactose.
  • Minerals.

Types of The Milk In the World;  

In ancient times, there was only one type of drinkable liquid was acknowledged and that was cow’s milk. People have only one perception of its source and that was cows’ milk. Today, humans have a variety of it. There is a range of mentioned above drink that you can enjoy, types of this drink, which are different in taste and type. Some of them are acknowledged world widely and praised around the whole world. While some of them have few fan followings. These famous types of it are:

  1. Raw Milk. (Without testing, without boiling, when it comes out from the teats)  
  2. Full of fats.
  3. Saturated Milk.
  4. Fat free.
  5. Condensed.
  6. The Dry one. (Milk powder).
  7. Protein shakes.
  8. Milk that is testified and standardized in authorised firms and with proper packaging.

In the modern world, it has its own types and people use it according to their needs. Some like dry milk, some prefer cow’s milk without any added flavour and chemical, some opt for condensed one to get fit. People have different opinions and likings about this drink. www.healthline.com

Recognized Milk Sources: From Which living beings, we get Milk?

Because the world is very big and vast and nature has bestowed us with innumerable mammals that begets children and produce it respectively. However, some of them, we prefer to drink and some animals’ milk is prohibited to drink by humans. These living beings that produces this calcium filled drink are:

  • Woman’s Milk. (Breastfeeding, and only reserved for the infant)
  • Cow’s.
  • Buffalo’s.
  • Goat.
  • Camel’s.
  • White goat.
  • Horse’s. (Undrinkable)
  • Donkey’s. (Undrinkable)

However, cow milk is widely used in the world. It is estimated that united states produce cow milk largely in the world. In Buffalo milk production, Pakistan is on the second number. Goat milk is produced widely in Bangladesh. As compared to past, western world now have paid sound attention on the agricultural industry.

And that’s why the production of it, grains and vegetables produces largely there. And because it is one of those drinkable liquid that is used on a wide scale in the world, that’s why developed and underdeveloped countries, both produce this drink for their own needs and wants.  

Tremendous and Super Effective Healthy Advantages of Milk;

This topic has an assertion in itself. You all know that a drink like this has tremendous benefits and advantages. It is a complete diet and have innumerable health benefits lies in it.

1. Milk is super beneficial for bones:

milk is helpful for bones

Milk is full of calcium and magnesium. Both these minerals are the life lines for the bones. Calcium refills the scrubbed and shallower bones. It brings life and activeness to the bones. It is recommended to the pregnant ladies that after delivering the baby, they should drink a tall glass of such drink every night. Because delivering a baby produce the calcium deficit in the human body to this extent that could produce in five years.

Means that, when you deliver a baby, you reduce calcium to this much level that you could have reduced gradually in five years. Drinking such liquid daily recovers this weakness with good speed. In arthritis, when the bones get weak and feeble, it gives them strength and save them to be damaged. https://www.theshreds.org/what-is-rheumatoid-arthritis/

2. Milk is good for your heart health:

People who have a weaker immune system are suggested to have such liquid. It have potassium, vitamins and minerals which are good for heart health and proper blood flow. Drinking it will regulate the blood stream and give strength to heart muscles. This drink will make your heart to stay strong even in heart pain and body weakness. Studies have shown that it is proven to be very helpful in heart health.

3. Milk strengthens the muscle power:

Whenever you go to the gym and want to have a fit and active body, with the sets of exercise your trainer will schedule to have milk on a daily basis. Supplement in this drink is another matter, but it will be mandatory. Because milk gives ample strength and durability to the muscles in the body.

The flexibility and control of the muscles remain the same, if add in your daily routine drinking a glass of this liquid. Drinking this in the young age, even delivers wonderful results as your body won’t get tired early, you will have the power to work for hours. Milk will also save your muscles to get strained on minor push or pull.

4. Milk is good for radiant and beautiful skin:

milk is helpful for bones

Studies have shown that girls who drink this in the night, have fairer skin as compared to those who don’t drink it. As this drink has vitamins that help the skin to nourish and glow. It also has minerals that boost the skin cells to get in a shape and in clusters. Those who have unsmoothe skin and holes in the skin should drink it daily whether in a day or night. It also has such properties that tighten the skin and bring a natural glow on the face.

This is because the markets are filled with the beauty products that has milk properties and ingredients. In ancient times the princesses use to wash their face with goat milk and also prefer to drink goat milk. It made them beautiful and their complexion got even whiter. A princess of Egypt was famous to drink goat milk to get whitening complexion. It is proven to have fair, radiant and glowing skin.

5. Milk is very friendly to your stomach temperament:

Basically, In your complex and dynamic structure, your stomach is one of those organs, which has to work 24/7 without rest. This makes your stomach sometimes exhausted and tired. That mostly ends up with heartburn, inflammatory bowel syndrome and loss of appetite. In these cases, doctors usually prescribe the patient to have a few sips of cold milk as a remedy, when feel heartburn and inflammation.

So, it will abruptly cooler down the stomach, stops heartburn and relief the patient. Whenever you feel heartburn, have a few sips of cold milk or yogurt, you will be relief in half an hour. https://www.theshreds.org/irritable-bowel-syndrome-causes-and-treatments/

Some of the Health Problems that People face while having it;

Fortunately, This drink is likely to be SAFE in all manners and it has no drawbacks. Some people develop mucus on the chest after drinking such drink daily whether cold or hot. They should have warm milk instead of cold.

Basically, These people have low immune system that gets hit with the excessive amounts of minerals. The other things is, that this drink has a sufficient amount of lactose and some people cannot digest lactose. This creates health problems for those people. Normally doctors suggest them to not have this. Or if they want to have it, then they can have those, which has the lowest amount of lactose.    

Is it causing prostate cancer? Or not;

Some studies claim, that milk has the worse effects on the patient of prostate cancer. It is also said that prostate cancer grows more with the over consumption of drinking. However, it is the claim of some studies. There is no authentic and proven evidence of growing prostate cancer because of consuming milk is reported. Perhaps the one whose body was allergic to it before developing the prostate cancer, got even worse after drinking this liquid with prostate cancer.

Apart from these, there aren’t any other sound demerits of drinking milk. https://www.theshreds.org/how-to-relieve-heartburn-with-super-effective-remedies/

Summarization to The Discussion;  

It is evident that it is actually a complete diet. It has all the required most important food ingredients that a human body demand for the proper nourishment and stability. Such type of drink should always drink warm. Cold liquid can cause slight health issues. This is mandatory for health that’s why nature has designed for humans to have it only in a couple of years.

Above all, It has all the essential vitamins and minerals that are adequately suffice for a human to survive much of his time without eating anything else. But always remember that this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have to eat. Your stomach always demand proper food to fulfil its duties towards the body. Eat proper diet and with your diet have calcium daily. It will help you stay young, fit and active. And it is this drink particularly that will give you ample support in your old age eventually.


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