It’s the human psyche to have a perfect body and metabolism. In this manner, a man struggles a lot to get what he wants. Fitness has always been an important thing in human’s life. And in 21st century, maintaining the fitness is a very difficult task to do. The major reason behind this is the impure food and water, hectic lifestyle, mismanaged sleeping schedule and psychological problems.

Indeed there are some other factors too, that cause problems in maintaining the fitness level, such as pollution, drugs and alcohol use, junk food, physical disabilities and lack of knowledge about fitness and health.

The contextual meaning of fitness:

Primarily, Fitness means being active and healthy. A person who is active enough to perform daily pursuits and don’t get ill is fit. A person who has the strength and energy with proper and healthy diet and an excellent lifestyle, which fulfils all the requirements, is coming up with the conditions of fitness. Fitness doesn’t mean being in the gym only or following the strict diet plan. Rather, it means to have a healthy diet with proper exercise and mental stability. Being happy with your own self.

What was the people’s perspective on fitness back in the years?

Back in the years, the alternate meaning of fitness was jogging merely. At that time, the diet and lifestyle were very simple and organic. That is why, with just jogging and morning walk, people use to acquire their desired fitness results. The concept of workout on heavy machines and using tools have come very late among the people. People didn’t know these methods which they are using today to gain fitness.

Historically speaking, The methodology of gym and heavy exercises have come in the nineties. and[s1]  after that, the modernization and advancement in this field keep on increasing day by day.

The historical information about fitness and wellness in the world:

Since 10,000 BC, man had this thought process in his mind that he has to work very hard to survive in the world. The famous proverb for that was, “Run for your life.” At that time, the motive wasn’t about the acquisition of fitness, rather the survival in the uncivilised, wild life culture. The people of that era didn’t want to have six packs or biceps, but their main want was to fulfil daily tasks.

Just because he was not facilitated by the tremendous and innumerable modern gadgets and technology that the today’s man have, that is why exertions and hard work was forged by the necessities of life on him. And he was forcefully obligated to maintain the body structure and strength. And a beautiful body was formed in the process. So much so the goal of fitness had also been achieved.

Fitness has been acknowledged on almost all frames of life whether on army level or on the other forms:

Fitness is entertained on all scales of life. Whether you are an ordinary person or you belongs to the clergy class. In fact, if you take a look at the military life and their rules and regulations, you will realize that, for maintaining the fitness and keeping the body shape in the way it is, they are obligated to do running, jumping, jogging, exercise, hiking, crawling, climbing and carrying the heavy stuff from one end to another.

Such physical fatigue, maintain their fitness and allow their body to sustain the desired and demanded body structure.

Various countries’ apptitude on it:

Approximately, all the Countries, whole over the world respect and value fitness and wellness. Greece has introduced to the world the Olympic Games. Same as in Egypt, sports and activities are highly appreciated by the nation. Most of the games are based on physical activities. Like jumping, squats, lifting, running, wrestling, boxing and other practical and highly moving steps and skills. All the above mentioned types of physical activities play an important role in maintaining fitness.

Achieve your fitness goals with these 5 Methods:

Although, it’s not an easy job to acquire fitness goal of your desire, as it is a bit exhausting and painstaking effort, but still there are some very effective ways and methods with which you can achieve these goals. Such as;

Exercises and workouts:

Logically, Its that one and only thing which don’t demand anything in specific. Means that, even if you don’t have any exercising machines or tools, even then you can do exercises and engage your body in a heavy physical therapy. Exercise are very important for people of all ages. Whether you are an adult, or grown up or in old age.

Maintain your fitness

Apart from maintaining the fitness, exercise will control your hunger and appetite, boost your metabolism, elevate the bloodstream and oxygen in it and reduce the risks of almost all the diseases such as, cardiovascular disease, high level cholesterol, diabetes, kidney failure, insomnia, Alzheimer and depression.

The time span:

The time duration for young people is an hour almost, in which they can do different sets of exercises if you are fat and you have gained weight, then you can proceed to 2 hours.

The types of exercises that you choose should be those that cause more sweating and breathing. For older people, the most suitable time for exercise is around half an hour approximately. Both levels of people should exercise at least five days in a week. Older people can do four days.

Yoga do the same job for attaining fitness goals:

Of course, yoga works a lot. It’s the most popular and practiced form of exercise and fitness nowadays. Because yoga don’t require anything special in specific. All it needs, is your willingness and devotion to perform yoga. It not only maintain your fitness, but also helps to relax your muscles and joints. Yoga maintain the person’s strength and endurance. It maintains the mobility and flexibility. The history of yoga for being fit is quite ancient.

Especially in India, people use to do yoga for the peace of mind and spirit. And it does help in providing these things. When you take the initiative to start yoga, you may not have the strength to continue. But if you keep on doing yoga consistently, then there will be a time comes, when your body demand for yoga for fitness as well as for the strength and flexibility.

Proper diet and food intake will sustain the fitness level:

Like you are aware of the fact that eating healthy is mandatory for better living and health. Performing exercise and yoga only will make you weak and feeble. It will cause weakness in your body and blood. That is why, its really important and essential to eat right. Eating right doesn’t mean skipping the junk food and adding fruits and vegetables.

Eating right means adding those food items into your diet that suits to the nature of your body and that makes you healthy and happy. This will include fruits, vegetables, dairy products like milk, cheese and butter, meat, seafood, water, seed and nuts. Such a diet plan will elevate your metabolism and maintain your fitness.

Protein and fibre addition:

If you want to eat sweet food items, you don’t have to eat sugar, rather can have grains like oatmeal and whole grains. Those cereals which contain protein of grains and nuts, can also be used. Eating vegetables and fruits alone will dry your body and will reduce the amount of proteins.

That is why it’s essential to add protein and fibre into your diet. Proteins and fibre are so important for adults and children. It is even more important for those who do heavy workout and who are older. It is said that 0.8 grams of protein should be the daily intake of an adult. The food items which have the sufficient amount of protein are;

  • Eggs.
  • Chicken, beef and lamb.
  • Salmon fish and tuna.
  • Milk, yogurt and cheese.
  • Lentils and beans.

Carbohydrates and the proper measure of calories:

Don’t even try to cut carbohydrates and calories from your diet. It will be very harmful for your overall health. If you can take a look at different food items you will realize that calories are in most of the vegetables and fruits. For example, nuts, seeds, vegetables, dairy products, avocado, olive oil and other seed oils have a bunch of calories in them.

People who are suffering from obesity and diabetes, they try to loss weight by cutting calories and successfully do so. But remember that cutting too much calories will make you ill and exhausted. Try to develop a habit to have healthy snacks preferably corn snacks or wheat biscuits, during gym and workout.

How many calories do I need for a day to maintain my health? An approximate measure of calories for both man and woman:

Science has a specific measure for a human being to have a certain amount of calories in a day. Less than that amount or exceeded to that amount, both cause trouble. For instance, it is said that for a woman, 1,200 to 1,500 calories are sufficient to pass a day. Calories in such amount will keep a woman active and sustain her fitness. Moreover, if she wants to shed some weight, calories in such amount will be suffice.

Similarly, men who wants to loss weight, they should have 1,500 to 1,800 calories per day. It will not only let them get rid of obesity, but also will maintain their cholesterol levels, especially in diabetes.

Remember that

these are the ideal measure, but always consult with a physician or nutritionist before setting up any restrictions on your diet.

The doctor will examine your body structure, blood and glucose levels in it and other factors and then will suggest you a certain amount of calories that you should take for fitness.

Benefits of fitness:

Fortunately, Fitness has innumerable advantages and benefits. Being fit doesn’t mean doing exercise early in the morning and laying on the bed for the rest of the day. On the contrary, being fit means being active. Your body should have the tendency to work whole day long, and rest at night with proper diet and a few sets of exercises at least five days a week. Living in such lifestyle that fulfil all requirements of fitness, will be bestowed by innumerable benefits such as;

fitness and wellness
  • Elevated metabolism.
  • Required blood sugar levels in the body and stable pancreas.
  • Psychological stability and sharp memory.
  • Less chance of developing diseases such as diabetes, heart problems and psychological problems.
  • Better eyesight.
  • Perfect respiratory system.
  • Less chances of developing kidney or bladder stones.
  • Healthy hair.
  • Strong bones and joints.
  • Healthy nails.
  • Minimal chances of obesity.

Does being in love with someone or relationships brings fitness?

Ridiculously, that’s right. People who are in love, pay more attention to their fitness and health as compared to those who are single. You will see a large number of people in the gym or in yoga classes, who are married or committed to someone.

Because human is weak before his or her heart. If he or she loves someone, he will do all the things that pleases his beloved. Fitness means a lot more to those couples who live together. Because they don’t want their partners to see someone else just because of their obesity or shapeless body. That’s why, those people who are in love, you will find them more yearning for fitness.

Summarization to the discussion:

Above all, Fitness is everything. People who don’t pay attention to it will cost disastrous results. As you are aware of the fact that junk food is being used on a large level into the world. That’s why, hundreds of new and even incurable diseases have been developed, which took the lives of millions of people. A very minimum number of people are aware of the benefits of fitness.

However responsible people are spreading voice for it. And bringing awareness of the advantages of fitness among people. Don’t go to the quakes to gain the knowledge about fitness. Talk to your family and friends or a nutritionist to acquire ample knowledge about fitness and its requirements.


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