It has been seen from the beginning of the life, that human body needs essential supplies to survive in this world. These essential supplies include air, water, food, light and shelter. Although human wasn’t so proficient in creating these aspects so helpful for him. But with the passage of time, he made these things according to his demand. And today, human has reached to the heights of innovations. He has best of the best food to eat, outclass living standards, hot and cold air supplies, according to the weather and clean and pure water. Since clean water is very much important for your kidney to work properly and prevent kidney stones or pain.

As far as water is concerned, it was pure even in the Stone Age. Today, clean water is in the range of those who have the capacity to buy it. And who haven’t, they rely on the water that comes in the tab of their house. This sort of water initially, doesn’t create any bad impact on the human body, but gradually it reduces the performance of the kidney and eventually, your kidney fails to fulfill its responsibility towards the body and the person will eventually develop kidney stones and his/her kidney failure results because of these stones.

Location of the Kidney in the Body;

Kidney Stones Pain and Dialysis

The location of the kidney is very important to know for its changing conditions. The kidney is located right below your stomach on the back side of the body. The shape of your kidney is similar to a vegetable, namely “bean”. The size of the kidney is about the size of your own fist. At the end of your rib cage on the back side of your body, you will find your kidney. The kidney has a very important role in the body to perform.

The two of your kidneys filters about 150 quarter of blood that further produce 2 quarter of urine every day. Urine, the waste water fluid of the body that contains wastage and other waste particles of the body.

How Urine Produces in Your Body;

The tubes through which the urine comes from the kidney into bladder calls ureters. These tubes are placed parallel above to the bladder. When the bladder receives the urine, it stores the urine. While storing the urine, the walls of the bladder remain relaxed. These walls only get tightened up when the bladder is filled with urine beyond to its capacity. the brain got the signal for the immediate nature’s call to discharge the fluid. And that’s how you go to the bathroom. The tube through which your urine comes out from the body calls the urethra. In women, the urethra is short in length and in men, the length of this tube is long. It is designed according to the genitals of the body.  

Main Duties the Kidney Has to Perform;

Your kidney has very important tasks for the body to perform. The kidney’s duties towards the body, if performed well, plays a vital role to sustain the stability of the body. The kidney keeps the blood stable and clean. Each of your kidneys is made up of about a million units of filters. These filters are called nephrons.

These nephrons further divided into two parts. The first part receives the fluid and let the wastage pass through it. While passing through it, it halts the blood cells and protein from passing. That clean fluid then goes to the second part of the nephrons from where it send back that clean fluid to the body and let the body have all the essential minerals from the fluid. So basically, it’s a two way road. One receives the impure fluid and clean it, the other sends it back to the body to use it.

The list of the Functions Your Kidney has;

As you aware of the fact now that your kidney has very important functions in the body, there is a list of these functions. Without the proper functioning of the kidney a person may have gotten into some serious illness that can even cause his/her death. That’s why the proper functioning of the kidney is vital to the core. Which Includes:

  • Consistency of the extraction of the urine.
  • Keep in check the appropriate quantity of plasma for proper blood flowing to the organs.
  • Regulating the blood flow and pressure.
  • Maintain the composition of the blood.
  • Producing red blood cells.
  • Vitamin D synthesis.
  • Discharge of the waste particles.

The Definition of the Dialysis and Its Relationship with the Kidney;

when we talk about the kidney, the word dialysis will occur in the discussion for sure. The dialysis is the substitute process for which kidney that fails to perform its duties efficiently. Those people whose kidney failure is evident or actually fails are suggested to have dialysis, according to the doctor’s instructions. Dialysis helps the patient to live a normal life, because even after having the fail kidney, they can have the proper working of the kidney with the help of dialysis.

Almost 500,000 people in the European countries receive dialysis as the subsidiary of the kidney. Your kidney do many jobs. It regulates the blood flow. Your kidney also maintains the daily discharge of the urine. In hot seasons, you sweat more as compared to the cold season therefore, your kidney release fluid in less quantity.

And in cold season, because your body don’t discharge sweat thus, kidney maintain your urine in such quantity that all the wastage that could discharge from your sweat, will be discharged from your urine. So if your kidney is in proper condition, it will deliver as described above. And if not, then dialysis will does the same, although less efficiently, but it will.

Kidney Stones Pain and Dialysis (2)

When Do You Need Dialysis? Conditions of the Fail Kidney or kidney stones;

You need to understand what actually happens when your kidney needs dialysis. When your kidney can’t filter your blood properly, and the wastage and fluid stores in the body, then a person is suggested by his doctor to start dialysis. Major causes that become the reasons of dialysis are High Blood Pressure and Diabetes.

Kidney Stones and Its Symptoms;

The major cause of having kidney stones is drinking dirty and impure water. In the results, sand like particles remain in the kidney and eventually takes the shape of stones. The second major cause is lack of water in the body. A normal person requires 8 to 10 glass of water per day. if the person doesn’t have this much water per day, the amount of the uric acid, a component of urine, increase in the body and the urine becomes more acidic. This acid forms stones in the kidney. The common symptoms of kidney stones are:

Kidney Stones Pain and Dialysis (4)
  • Acute and severe pain in the lower back or abdomen.
  • Blood found in the urine.
  • Diarrhoea and vomiting.
  • Kidney disorders inherited from parents.
  • Visibility of the white blood cells in the urine.
  • Severe pain in the groin.
  • Less discharge of the urine.
  • Burning while urination.
  • Constant urge of urine.
  • Chills and Fever.

Who victimize more of Kidney Stones? Men or Women?

You will be astonished to know that kidney stones are more common in men than women. And the age of having the kidney stones are mostly between 30 to 50 years. If your parents and grandparents had kidney stones, then there will be a strong chance for you to develop kidney stones. Similarly, if you have kidney stones in the past, the chances of getting into this situation again will be quite visible. A long term use of vitamin D and calcium supplement can also become a major cause of kidney stones.

Can You live Without a Kidney if you are having kidney stones?

Nature has created some of our organs in pairs like lungs, kidneys and limbs. Luckily, if your one kidney is not in a proper condition or you have donated your one kidney or your one kidney has failed and out of working order or even worse, if you are born with one kidney only, still you can survive and can lead a normal healthy life. There was a false perception in the past that a person with one kidney, can’t survive and dies soon.

However, science has progressed in this manner remarkably and has proved that you may have a normal life with even one kidney, but you need to have some precautions and keep in check the condition of your remaining kidney and practice the monthly check ups. Many people in the world are reported with minor, or no health problems, who have one kidney remain in their body, but with a good working capacity.

Which Food Ingredients that Helps to Improve Your Kidney Health and Protect It from kidney stones?

Thankfully, we are bestowed with innumerable food item by the nature, with which we can protect our internal body organs. Not only protection, but also these items are very healthy and delicious in taste. Water is the most important thing for your kidney. It’s the saviour of your kidney. But the water must be clean and well filtered before you drink it. Because your kidney is one of the most sensitive organs of your body. It purifies the blood and then send it back towards the body. It also works for the urination.

Therefore, impurities when go through it, its walls get tortured and hurt. Which, further leads you to the kidney stones and damage. That’s why, the water you choose to drink must be clean and free from all the impurities. The overeating of spinach can cause you kidney pain. The spinach has iron in bulk. And when you have spinach beyond to the decent amount, it will cause trouble. There are some very effective food items that can protect your kidney on the immense level such as:

  1. Lentils.
  2. Salads.
  3. Cucumber.
  4. Basil.
  5. Celery.
  6. Apple.
  7. Grapes.
  8. Pomegranates.
  9. Vitamin B6.
  10. Melon and Watermelon.

Apart from these few vegetables and fruits, your doctor can suggest you some food items too, according to your age, gender and health condition.

The Bottom Line;

Human life is venerable today. Although, we have done progress remarkably today in the space age. Still, fatal diseases are lurking around us. We need to check and balance of our health. And should take a deep dig about what we eat and drink and what we should eat and drink. The kidney is very precious organ of the body. It won’t make any trouble initially and will bear all the difficulties on it.

But when things will go beyond to its limits, then your kidney will retaliate with the unspeakable and unimaginable pain. That you can’t hold for long. That’s why it’s important to keep your kidney in good health for the overall adequate performance of the body. Because the kidney isn’t like a hair, that if one falls, the rest of the hair will cover the baldness. Your kidneys are in pairs. If one gets damaged, the other one will have to give exceptional service in order to fulfil the demands of the body.


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