You may have heard the word ketogenic or Keto diet, when it comes to weight loss and being fit. But the majority of the world doesn’t know the complete demonstration and illustration of the topic. Also, several misconceptions about Keto diet has been scrolling in the society, since this type of diet plan has been discovered. That it has many demerits related to the health and a healthy person can develop health issues, if switch to this diet. However, it’s the very time to get things done in a perfect manner.

It’s the time to demolish the absurd idea about the demerits of this diet. People need to understand the fact that every kind of new habits and every kind of new adoption in your life will brings some ups and downs in your health conditions and you need to be prepared for these kind of changes. Similarly, when it comes to health, if you have switched your lifestyle to something, you have never done before then of course you will have to deal with some kind of minor fluctuations in your health initially.

But that won’t mean that your life is going to end now. Apart from some serious health problems, the minor changes are the part of every new kind of habit adoption. The more you stick to your plan, the greater you will get use to it. And same is the case with keto diet. So, to understand keto diet, take a look at what is its origin? Or what is the interpretation of the word keto diet.

The Word “Keto” Means?

Primarily, take a look at the meaning of the word keto. The word keto falls from the family of ketones, which literary means low protein, high fats and moderate carbohydrate. In this manner, ketogenic or keto diet means a type of diet, which relies largely on fats, which has low protein and low carbohydrates.

By this statement, you may be thinking that you can have more fatty food like burger and pizzas. But on the contrary, keto diet does prefer fats, but not from the outside of the body, rather from the inside. How? Let find out it.

The Ketones?

Ketones are the small size acids or you may say these are the small molecules that the body produces when you have low sugar and low amount of glucose in your body. At this moment, when you don’t have anything to eat and your stomach is yelling for food. These acids abruptly enter in the blood and fulfil the demand of the stomach to some extent, until you eat something sufficient.

These ketones help to stand the body to maximum level when it can’t get anything to eat. The ketones are smaller in size and work like the food supplements in the body. Because these molecules generate by the body itself and in the body naturally, that’s why these acids and harmless and rather beneficial.

What is the relationship between the liver and the ketones?

What are the Ketones

There is no doubt about the fact that the liver holds the most important place in the proper working of the body. And it is the liver, on which 75% of the body’s stability depending. The relationship of the liver with ketones is very close and important. The liver produces ketones with the fats. If the person has more fat in his body than the need, and when the stomach is out of food and don’t get it for hours, then the liver produces the ketones with the fats of the body.

And immediately provide them to the brain and other important organs. The human brain is the most hungry and starving organ in the body. Because it works constantly, that’s why, it demands for sugar and glucose all the time. And if, your liver is in perfect condition, then whenever you don’t eat anything, your liver will produce ketones for the body immediately and provide ample relief to the body within half an hour.

The duration of the relief will be determined according to the fat the body have. For instance, if the person is healthy and has fats in bulk, then the liver will produce more ketones for the body. If the person is slim, the ketones will be produced by the liver accordingly.

What is Ketosis?

The Keto diet, ketones, the ketogenic and ketosis are the words or terms that belong to the same family. The ketosis is a profound sort of metabolic state of the body in which the quantity of the ketones molecules raised in the body and in the tissues of the body. That typically happens when the person takes a diet that is extremely low in carbohydrates.

This condition also happens when a person is developing diabetes and other sorts of disorders when the body produces more ketone acids. But, primarily it happens when a person is on keto diet. The ketosis has symptoms which show significantly when a person is developing conditions similar to this. That is why, it is strongly recommended by the experts to indulge a doctor in the process and seek full guidance whenever opt in keto diet or any other weight loss program.

The Difference between Keto Diet and Controlled Calorie Diet: It’s “NOT” the Same;

One of the biggest wrong interpretation about keto diet, just because it does the same task what other weight loss programs do, that all the weight loss programs are the same in effects including the keto diet. This is a misconception big time. You need to understand the difference between keto diet and low calorie diet. A keto diet plan usually has all the ingredients that a body requires to survive the day. A keto diet is rich with essential ingredients that a body needs while losing weight loss.

The food items that you include in your keto diet plan, are in a decent amount with which your stomach can be filled. For instance, if you are having a bowl of salad in the afternoon, you are allowed to have a bowl full of salad. With which you can add three to four vegetables with a sprinkle of olive oil. Now, this can be sufficient to pass the hours between afternoon and evening. On the other hand, in restricted calorie diet or controlled calorie diet, you are not allowed to fill your stomach.

You may have 500 calories per day. Now, it’s up to you how you deal with it. Whether you take it in one go or divide it in portions. This is the hard way to lose weight and also aren’t the safe one. Because with this much calorie, even if you lose weight, but your health fell down rapidly. The immune system gets defective and weak. And become feeble and vulnerable. So, there is a marked difference between the keto diet and restricted calorie diet.

The Do’s and the Don’ts in the Keto Diet;

Before adopting the tremendous weight loss program like keto diet, you should first take a look at the food items that you can take and that you cannot. With few exceptions, normally you can eat almost every healthy and nutritious food item, but in a certain amount. The things you cannot eat in keto diet are those which aren’t healthy at all.

And it’s good to have such a diet plan which excludes all the toxic and unhealthy food items and it’s none other than the keto diet.

The Do’s: Food Items You can have in Keto Diet;

Luckily, the keto diet has all the nutrients in it. Means that keto diet has all the important food ingredients that a body needs. The best part about keto diet is that, it includes all the healthy ingredients that not only best for weight loss, but also for the overall health and fitness. The food items include:

  • Meat, red meat, mutton and beef.
  • Vegetables, preferably green leaf vegetables.
  • Dairy products, cheese, butter, milk, yogurt.
  • All kinds of fish, especially fatty fish, i.e. salmon, tuna.
  • Eggs.
  • Olive oil, other organic oils which are light by nature.
  • Super food shakes and smoothies.
  • Nuts, which have low crabs.
  • Avocado, cherries, strawberries.
  • Cauliflower rice.

These are the major supplies of the keto diet that you should have to take. But Remember that don’t rely on the thing about your health that doesn’t confirmed by the doctor. Before adopting keto diet, consult with a physician, whether you should take keto diet or not.

Also, before switching to keto diet ask the trainer to set keto feet meals for you. You can’t do it yourself, an expert of the keto diet will be proficient in arranging the proper proportion of the meals of the keto diet.

The Don’ts: Food items You Cannot Afford in Keto Diet;

Unlike the do’s, The don’ts are a bit more than the do’s of the keto diet. The things that you should not take in the keto diet are also provides benefits in overall health too. Means that, if you avoid those things, your overall health will be better and the organs will work more profoundly. Therefore, These food items that you should not take in keto diet are:

  • Lentils, beans and seeds which are high in crabs.
  • Chocolate bars, candies.
  • Beverage, soda drinks.
  • Fruits, which are high in crab.
  • Rice.
  • Junk food.
  • Sugar.
  • All kinds of cereals.
  • Supplements for keto diet, available in the market.
  • Potatoes, tomatoes and vegetables rich with crabs.
  • Milkshakes, especially mango and banana milkshakes.
  • Pasta, noodles.
  • Nuts like cashew, walnut and peanut.
  • High sugar fruits.
  • Ghee and fatty oils for cooking.

Certainly, There are other types of food items too, which are prohibited in the keto diet. But by these, you have got the idea that which type of food you can’t have in the keto diet. For more information, consult with a trainer, who is an expert in designing the keto diet for people professionally.

Who are the People That aren’t Allowed to Have the Keto Diet?

Even If it is beneficial for the human body, it doesn’t mean that everyone can have it. There are exceptions for certain people that can’t have such plan, even though they have a trainer with them. The diet is a very low carbohydrate, less protein diet. It is very beneficial if you are up to lose your weight. And it is likely to be safe. But there are few exceptions for those who have certain health conditions. During those periods they cannot have keto diet. It will eventually cause a serious damage to their health. These certain health conditions are:

Diabetes. Preferably type 2 diabetes:

High level diabetes cannot bear the hunger and since keto diet is like the intermittent fasting, that’s why adopting the pattern of keto diet can draw a danger to the patient’s life. In high blood sugar the keto diet is strictly prohibited.

High blood pressure:

When the patient have high blood pressure, the use of cold beverages and sometimes sweet beverages is frequent by the patients. Though it is not good, but still some people do that. Moreover, the people who have very high blood pressure problem cannot deal with the proportional diet like the keto diet. Their medicines are very high in potency that’s why they eat more. So high blood pressure patients can’t have the keto diet. 


Of course, these women can’t have such diet. When you deliver a baby, you lose the calcium that you could have stored in your body for five years. Means that your body reduces a big amount of calcium. Similarly, when a woman breastfeed her child, she loses the calcium, minerals and other important supplies from her body. In this manner she can’t have this diet. She is already losing too much strength. She in fact needs more.


Just like the breastfeeding, a woman cannot have the keto diet in pregnancy. The child already takes too much energy and strength from the body of the mother. And because a woman in pregnancy, having another person in her body that’s why, she needs diet of two people instead to this diet.

Cardiovascular disease:

Willingly or unwillingly, People who have cardiovascular disease do requires restricted diet, but because such diet contains such food ingredients which aren’t suitable for the heart patients like red meat, cheese and butter, that’s why they aren’t allowed to diet. Moreover, their heavy dose medicines and weak heart don’t allow them to starve. So, such diet is not meant for the heart or cardiovascular disease patients.

Kidneys disease:

Ofcourse, It’s the rare case. Because tomatoes and spinach aren’t good for the kidneys. It absorbs the water from the kidney walls, thus cause problems. Normally, the doctors don’t give thumbs up to the kidney patients for adopting the keto diet.

What Age of the Human is allowed for the Keto Diet and What Isn’t?

Sadly, Not all the people can adopt this diet. Means that, there are children, adults and elders who have different types of bodies and natures. Also, before taking this style of diet program, the person has to take under consideration his age and current health conditions. And take verifications from the doctor that is he able to take the step or not? Moreover, if he has the age to adopt the diet. The preferred age for the adoption of the keto diet is between:

What are the Ketones
  • 25 to 30.
  • 30 to 35.
  • 35 to 40.

This is the most accurate age scale and under this scale a person may have to adopt the keto diet. In this age, the body is stiff and young. The muscles are tight and in good shape. The body has the capacity to endure the hardships of fat burning and starving. That’s why, it is suggested by the professionals to adopt the keto diet among these age brackets. The age figures in which you cannot afford the keto diet and should not adopt the method even if you are healthy and out of any dangerous illness are between:

  • 40 to 45.
  • 45 to 50.
  • 50 to 60.

During these age brackets, the body gets weaker naturally. Also, the muscles don’t have much elasticity and strength in them. And the immune system doesn’t have the capacity to fight back against the outside invasion of the diseases. That’s why body can’t handle the aftermath of the keto diet. So, the doctors don’t recommend this diet in these age figures.

Possible Bad Health Conditions the Body could have after the Keto Diet;

After the bones in the body and other strong organs, fat unfortunately, is the most strong and firm thing in the body that are hard to remove. Remove in the sense that the person has to work hard to burn the fat. And when you do the process, there are certainly aftermath of it. The person certain has to deal with the consequences of burning those old, sticky fats. These health conditions include:

  1. Keto Flu is the first and foremost illness the person could get after the adoption of the diet.
  2. Nausea is another aftereffect of this diet.
  3. Diarrhoea is the most experienced health condition while the person is on this diet.
  4. Headache is common when you do anything unusual with your body.
  5. Unexpected bowel movement are frequent in the keto diet. Because when your fat burns, it will come out in the shape of sweating and stools.
  6. Irregular menstrual cycle or periods are the most experienced health condition that the women have to deal with, whenever she skips food or made changes in the diet.
  7. The lack of vitamins and minerals happen due to not taking fruits of all kinds. This immensely cause shortage of vitamins and minerals.
  8. Dry skin is another issue after adopting the keto diet.
  9. Dehydration is another problem with keto diet. A person cannot drink enough water with eating green vegetables and restricted food.
  10. Heart problems are rare due to the keto diet solely. In fact, your heart condition gets better by eating a healthy diet, but constantly keeping the diet can cause minor heart problems.
  11. Diabetes, whether type 1 or type 2 can produce its chances, if the person is obsessed with adopting this weight loss program and don’t pay any attention to the performance of the pancreas and its requirements from the body.

There can be other bad health conditions, which will be determined by the person’s age, life history, the nature of the profession he has, gender and lifestyle.

The Bottom Line;

In a nutshell, The keto diet is one of the most adopted and popular weight loss program in the world now a days. People are going crazy with this pattern and the results. Normally a person takes 20 calories per meal in this diet and with this he can have his diet in 3 or 6 portions. This diet is likely safe. But what is not safe is the over obsession with any kind to habit or pattern. You do adopt this kind of diet plan, if your body and life demand you to do so.

But don’t push the boundaries. It’s your life and your body. Don’t put yourself into a position where you produce the chances of getting some serious health problems just in order to losing some weight. Don’t get obsessed with the diet nor with the weight loss program. Do everything in moderation and you will get the positive results just by adopting the keto diet significantly and eventually.


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