Many of us, unfortunately suffer from concussion at some point in our lives. Because living in this world requires us to pay a price. Hence, we can have a concussion as a result of an accident or due to shock or trauma. Most of the time, concussion occurs when you hit your head. But what is concussion? What does it do to your brain? How will you come out of it? And what are the aftermath of a concussion? All the questions above need a thorough and detailed answer. Because many of us are misguided by the rumours that have been spread in the society regarding the mental condition called concussion.

What is the state of concussion basically?

The majority of the world consider the state of concussion as if a human brain fails to memorize different things and unable to recognise the family members even. Or that a person who is having a concussion will act differently, infact weirdly. He will not recognize even the intimate members of the family and will shout out loud and abuse people in anger.

concussion head injury

On the contrary, a concussion is just a state of mind. In which the brain, when having a shock or trauma after something bad has happened, the brain gets confused and becomes like a child. Who is scared, anxious, and vulnerable. The patient who is having a concussion will merely be a little bit confused and anxious because of the accident or any other horrible incident that has happened with him or her. For that reason only, he asks questions repeatedly, says a line or word again and again, confirms what he has said or asks earlier.

If you are dealing with a concussion, you may have;

A person who is suffering from a concussion, no matter what cause it, may develop a few of the symptoms. Which will show that the person is in a state of a concussion. Normally concussion occurs when you;

  • Hit your head with any hard or concrete surface.
  • Are an athlete.
  • Are working in a very noisious place.
  • Receive a sudden shock.
  • Were in a road accident.

There can be other situations too which will be determined by a person’s body, age, gender and profession. Normally, in all of the conditions the symptoms more or less will be the same. For example;

Other than this there can be other symptoms and signs too. Children will have some other symptoms too. Similarly, women after having a shock, will have different other symptoms too apart from these signs of concussion.

Why does the patient of concussion ask things repeatedly?

It is just that he is confirming the information, his mind is cluttered with. This doesn’t mean that he has lost his memory. As long as he is answering with the right information you are asking like his name, job, recognising his parents, family and aware of his personal information like his mobile password, money in his wallet and what’s in his pockets, there is nothing to worry about.

The patient of concussion is basically asking two to four things repeatedly for a specific reason. And it is the main reason basically. Mostly or you may say always, a concussion occurs when a person gets into an accident or a shock. Most of the time the victim forgets the incident completely. Means that, if you hit your head in an accident, you will forget the whole accident, completely.

Even if you were awake after it or talking or doing something. Sometimes people forget the things that they have done even two hours later after the accident and shock. If you ask them about anything after the accident, the other day, they will not remember that completely. And this is not an alarming thing.

Since the patient knows his name, his relation with you and some other intimate important and relevant information about you or himself, then it’s completely fine if you forget about the main action that has happened at the time. He will be fine by that time and maybe will remember about the incident at some point in his life.

What happens to your brain when you hit your head?

A human brain is fixed in the safest place of the body. No other organ is this much safe and secure as the brain is. Your brain is safely hidden within a strong and unbreakable skull. Which cannot be easily broken. For extra care and security, layers, membranes and fluids are filled in the sides of the skull to pamper it and get fixed.

With all such measures, when a person hits his head, with much force or even with less force, the brain gets shaken within the skull according to the force and impact of the hit. Just like a bell rings when you shake it. Same like that. Just the bell keeps moving after minutes you shake it, similarly your brain takes a time to get back to its previous position and seat when it is shaken within the skull. And a concussion usually occurs in that particular period.

How will you come out of the state of a concussion? Methods and techniques:

For those who have the state of concussion for the first time ever in their love, will treat it with too much anxiousness. As if their memory has gone or they have developed a very serious cognitive disorder. And the majority of the world takes the brain issues quite seriously as compared to the heart issues or the other body parts disorder. Because indeed the brain certainly is a very complex part of the human body.

Hence, if anything happens to your brain, you should be very keen and particular about the treatment. If unfortunately, you have a concussion, stay calm, know your options and start working over it. The people who are around you, should know that their part is extremely important for their patient’s speedy recovery. Their support and right way of treatment will bring a speedy recovery and the affected person will get back to his life track soon, as compared to that person who is alone in the state of concussion. And have to deal with it on his own.

Key methods to get out of the state of a concussion:

To get out of this temporary cognitive impairment, follow these few steps. By doing so, you will not have to go to the doctor or any psychiatrist. The condition will be sorted out on its own at home.

Stay calm! Don’t ask too many questions to the patient about the incident;

It’s more like a poking. If it was an accident and you keep asking the person about the incident for instance, what has happened? How did you get into this? What hit you? Who was the guy? Was it your mistake or him’s? Such questions will bother him terribly and insinuate him to think harder to remember what has happened. And in the state of a concussion, this is a bad idea. The more he will put pressure on his brain the great the loss can be. He can lose his memory in the process even. Because due to an accident, he is in a trauma. In which parts of the incident will be blurred for sure.

So try to keep the patient calm as much as you can. Don’t ask too many questions. Even tell him not to ask too many questions and just relax. what’s done is done. Let the bygones be bygones. Such behaviour will reduce the intensity of a concussion.

Let the patient rest as much as he can:

Even if it is a shock that resulted after a loved one’s death or a trauma or an accident, whatever the cause of a concussion is, try to do the rest. As much as you can. Let the body parts relax and loosen on the bed. The more you rest, the more you defeat the concussion. It will squeeze the muscle strain, helps the mind to forget the incident and will reduce stress and depression. The majority of the world experience PTSD after an accident and concussion. Why? Because they don’t take rest. And rest is the key to fading the concussion.

Get the shoulders and neck massage with olive or almond oil:

Both almonds and olives, have such properties in them that brings vitality and strength to your muscles. A human body’s activeness largely depends on its muscles and especially on its shoulder muscles. If they are strengthened and active, the person will get rid of a concussion in a couple of days. If they are weak, it will take weeks and months to get back to life anew. Applying almond or olive oil on the neck and shoulders in the state of a concussion and getting a massage regularly, will grant vibrant and extra strength to the patient’s body. The patient will too want to get out of this condition as soon as possible after getting such a massage.

Take good care of the diet of a concussion patient:

Apart from the rest and massage etc, you have to keep on looking for a better diet plan for a concussion patient. It is said through authentic sources that omega-3 and omega-6 is highly beneficial for the patients of concussion or who have hit their head. Also minced meat is good for them. Antioxidants play an important role in changing the mood of the patient and reduces stress. Use of fresh vegetables and fruits is also very good for concussion patients. Try not to stick to the same kind of food plan rather change it and add variations. This will engage the patient into the newness of the food every other day and keep him inquisitive.

Keep the patient happy as much as you can to fade away the concussion:

how to get out of the state of a concussion

Happiness is the only key that will recover the patient of concussion, PTSD, depression, anxiety and fits. If the patient will keep thinking about the incident, or that person who is no more or that trauma which caused him concussion, he will not get over it. Hence, it is really important for the patient to be happy. A concussion patient should watch funny videos, hang out with friends, spend time with family and do his personal stuff like gardening, running, exploring etc.

Remember! Don’t do these things if you are a concussion patient right now:

There are a few things that you should know and SHOULD NOT do in any circumstances. These things are not so important to do, but people still start doing that right after a concussion appears. Which is a very horrible thing to do. The points includes

  1. Don’t memorize the incident forcefully.
  2. Try not to start working right after the incident that caused the concussion.
  3. Never put stress on your muscles and mind.
  4. Don’t engage in physical activities so early for instance hard core physical exercises, running, jogging and weight lifting.
  5. Avoid sitting alone for hours. Be surrounded with people.
  6. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol. Avoid alcohol completely. It’s poisonous in concussion.
  7. Your screen time should be limited. Don’t watch TV, computer and mobile. Don’t put stress on your eyes.
  8. Insomnia is worse for a concussion patient. Take a healthy sleep for at least 8 hours.
  9. No need to eat too much junk food.
  10. Avoid taking medications for too long. Especially the sedatives.

The final words:

In a nutshell, concussion is a intricate kind of mental condition. If a person has a concussion once in their life, there is nothing to worry about. But if after an incident, a person experiences the concussion five to six times, it will damage the memory. It will produce disillusionment in the patient, cause dementia and will further lead to alzheimer and schizophrenia. The permanent memory loss or frequent hit on the head repeatedly will even cause death of the patient.

So, it’s quite necessary for the concussion patient to take good care of his or her health and avoid those things that can be a reason for a concussion. Moreover, the patient must have to be happy most of the time. You should tell me happy stuff and let him surrounded with the people he feels jovial with. It will heal him internally and also never the hope and urge to live. Concussion is not that much serious cognitive disorder, but if it is mistreated or occurs too many times in the patient, it can damage the brain permanently or even can take the life of the patient.


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