Commonly, When it comes to beauty, the one body part that comes in our minds, is lips. A human’s lips are that particular delicate and beautiful part of the body the helps to attract the attention. A person, whether man or woman who has beautiful and fuller lips, will have a beautiful smile and will attract the attention overall through his or her face.

Hence, it is important to take care of your lips. Because it is one of those most delicate part of the body that can be hurt very easily. A human lips are the epitome of expressions and impression. People can convey most of the messages through their mouth. Normally, there is a concept of passing a message or look through the eyes. But in fact through your mouth, you can pass a message without uttering a word.

The lips are the ultimate symbol of sexuality:

It may sounds odd, but it is true. The lips are the ultimate symbol of sensuousness. It invites the seduction and turn on both of the genders to take the next step. It is seen through the research and surveys that the majority of the world prefers their partners to have fuller lips and big eyes. And this preference is set for both genders. Men and women both want that. If a person is even dark by skin or having extra weight on his or her body, but he or she have beautiful facial features like fuller lips, big eyes and pointed nose, he or she will have a number of admirers before him or her.

The Lips are as expressive as the eyes on the face:

Yes, that’s right. The lips work like a living expressing organ on the face. And this body part have proven to be even more expressive than the eyes. With a mere curve of the lips, a person can show the expression of smile and sadness without saying a word. Similarly, with a pout or a circle you can show someone the sign of a kiss.

The lips are one of the most delicate parts of the body:

Among the other delicate parts of the face, your lips are the most sensitive and tender organ. Their skin is slender and lean. It can easily be hurt and torn with a mere cut even. The skin of the area is made of such kind of texture that can’t develop acne or pimples except for the rare cases. However, the inner side of the mouth can develop sores and rashes. The signs of getting some kind of problem include;

  1. Changing colour of the outer skin.
  2. Rashes.
  3. Dryness.
  4. Skin peels.
  5. Cracks.
  6. Sores .
  7. Swelling of the lips.

The main parts of the lips:

It only seems, that lips are made of soft flesh and skin only. But in fact, they have particular parts and figures which, however, may be small in size, but have their own significance. Without knowing the specifics, the doctor cannot suggest the treatment for the lip problem, if any. That is why the science invented the name for each part of this body part. Which are;

  • The Labium superior = the upper lip.
  • The Labium inferior = the lower lip.
  • The Vermilion border = an area where they meets the skin of the face.
  • The Cupid’s bow = the vermilion border of the upper lip.
  • The Vermilion zone = the area within the vermilion border.
  • The Tubercle = the fleshy part in the centre of the upper lip.
  • The philtrum = the central, rather deep area that meet to the nasal spectrum.
  • The philtrum lines = those two lines which connect the lips to the nose’s central fleshy part.

What type of skin the lips have? 

The lips have very sensitive, delicate yet beautiful skin. A human lips have three to five layers. These layers are thin and of very light colour. It can be increased to 15 layers even. These skin layers are quite thin to facial layers. Through these skin layers, the blood vessels  appear. Due to that usually the colour is reddish or pink. If the lip colour is black, maybe it is because of smoking or due to stomach disorders or pollution or weak blood vessels.

One of the most interesting thing about the lips is they don’t have the sweat glands. Neither the pores which can produce hairs. And because the skin of the area don’t have such things on them that is why, the lips don’t have the essential oils on them which can keep them moisture and warm. Hence, this part of the body get dry and chirpy very fast and with no moisture.  

Internal anatomy of the lips, the muscles;

Technically, The lips anatomy is simple yet significant. There are some very lean and strong muscles inside your lips. These muscles helps to move your mouth and form expression easily. These muscles are not only fixed inside the lips, but it is arranged in the round shape inside the mouth. That is why the lip is able to make any kind of shape. The muscles of this body part have specific names such as;

anatomy of the lips
  1. Mesoderm.
  2. Pharyngeal arch.
  3. The facial nerve.
  4. Panniculus carouses.
  5. The dermis.

Main reasons for lips problems:

Indeed, several of reasons that cause lip problems. Normally, we don’t pay attention to those reasons and consider them unimportant, but in reality those are the main cause that root other problems. Some of the reasons are;

  • Allergy, it could be of any. Of skin or of lips, specifically.
  • Symptoms of various other diseases cause problems.
  • Persistent dehydration.
  • Anaemia.
  • Winters.
  • Over consumption of junk food cause lots of sores around the lips.
  • Constant medication intake.
  • Stomach disorders.
  • Oral issues.
  • Mouth cancer.
  • Dental  treatment.

There can be other causes too. But it will solely depend on the person’s age, profession and lifestyle.

What does the change of a lip colour mean?

Practically, The lips are one of those very important organs of the body that indicate any sort of problem in the body, rapidly. It will give you sign and symptoms. The most important sign of an internal problem occurring in the body is when your lips change their colour.

If your lip colour turns to blue from pink, it is because of the oxygen. Which is not getting its way to the part of the face. The shortage of oxygen in the lips turns their colour blue. That is why, when a person dies, his or her lip colour change colour and become purple or blue. This is a specific medical condition called cyanosis. This medical condition does not confine to death only. People who are fragile and weak physically, their lips can also turn blue in winter season.

Another type:

Another form of abnormal lips called chapped lips. In this condition, your lips get dry extremely and the outer skin peels off automatically. It is due to dehydration and the fact that lips don’t have the pores that’s why they don’t produce essential oil that keep them warm and hydrated. When a person develop mouth cancer, his or her lips gets affected directly due to that. It causes various other problems.

The most experienced lip problems in the world:

Of course, there are many. With the passage of time, the way pollution and dirt is increasing in the air, similarly the mankind is getting caught up into different oral and physical health issues. Common health problems related to them are;

  1. Sores on the lips.
  2. Dry lips.
  3. Swelling of the lips.
  4. Herpes labialise.
  5. Ulceration in the mouth.
  6. Canker sores.
  7. Pimples around the outer skin of the mouth.
  8. Cleft lips.
  9. Burning sensation in the mouth or around the mouth.
  10. Oral cancer.

Apart from the diseases mentioned above, there are many other lip problems disturbing the people round the globe.

That not only requires immediate medical attention, but remedies to prevent it again.

What are those specific diseases related to the lips that needs medical advice abruptly?

Indeed, With the help of the information below, you will get to know about those very specific problems related to your mouth which requires immediate attention. Let’s find out what they are.

Dry lips;

The majority of the world is dealing with dry lips. Especially those who are living in the cold climates. And the majority of the world is living in the cold climates. Except the continent of Asia. Where winter comes for 4 to 5 months only. The lips, as mentioned above don’t have such glands on it that the other skin has. Which make it wet and hydrated. So if one doesn’t apply any moisture on his or her outer area, it will evaporate in cold atmosphere. That will eventually cause dryness and dull skin.

Chapped lips;

The similar condition to dry mouth, the chapped lips, if not treated with care, they further cause infection, inflammation of the mouth and sometimes sores. Just because the mouth are exposed to sunlight, cool breeze and open atmosphere, that’s why the gets easily dry and hard. Which eventually result chapped lips. When they gets harder, the person tries to peel it off to get soft skin again. Doing so, most of the times, ends up with bleeding lips and inflammation of the area. This condition only controlled by an effective cream or lip balm that provides ample moist to the concerned skin.

Sores around the lips;

Sores around the area, under the area, below the tongue, on the tongue, on the gum, are the most common problems with teens and adults. A person who is having sores in the mouth, usually feels the heat, sensation and sharp pain while having something salty or spicy. There will be red or yellow round shape hole like spot around your mouth which will be cured by a specific cream that you will apply directly on the sores for 3 to 4 days and nights.

The chelates;

The outline of the mouth or you may say the border of the mouth when gets swollen and cracked, and several cuts and scratches appear on it, this condition called chelates. These cracks make it swell and irritating. The person feels the constant heat and burning on it. You will feel somehow unable to open your mouth freely or even laugh freely. The border of the lips start scaling and very dry.

The old age lip problems;

Normally, Getting old is a problem itself. But when you had lip problems in the past, they develop with even more strength in the old age. When you are older, the skin gets feeble and the protecting layer of the lips start to vanished from the surrounding. So with a minor hurt even, a sore or blister or bruises on the outer skin appear and that takes weeks to heal because of the weaker immune system. Other than this, wrinkles and lines appear on the area too with the passage of time.

Best home remedies for beautiful lips:

Fortunately, A number of super effective home remedies for beautiful and healthy lips are presenting here just to ensure your well being. By adopting these methods, you will not need any further medical advice.

The main parts of the lips
  • Ditch dehydration. Drink plenty of water, 1.5 litre in a day.
  • Moist lips don’t get any disease or bad health condition. Keep them wet.
  • Licking them all the time or frequently makes them even more dry.
  • Apply coconut oil or olive oil on the lips. A balm can also do the job.
  • Don’t leave your lips moisture free if it is winter.
  • If you have eczema, take prevention prior to winter months.
  • Aloe Vera is skin friendly. Do apply it on your whole face.
  • Honey and lemon juice mixture make your skin pink and beautiful.
  • Glycerine work well with the colour. Apply glycerine every night.
  • Remove lipstick when you got home. Lipstick change the colour.
  • Don’t use cheap makeup, including lip balms or lipsticks.
  • After makeup removal, apply raw honey or lemon juice on them.
  • Smile . It will cause adrenaline in the blood and boost the colour.

The final words:

Sadly, It’s very easy to get problem in the 21st century. Because if we don’t do anything but just start smoking, our outer skin will be black, hard and rough. To get things done, you need to change your mind. It doesn’t matter if the lips are small and you aren’t taking any physical task from them.

Therefore, It’s your responsibility even then to protect them with the same care and attention that you do when you take care of your hand and foot. A human lips requires even more care. Why? Because we eat spices and herbs and sweets, sometimes in bulk. That end up with stomach pain and sufferings and other problems. Human life is precious. Everything you eat, goes through the mouth. Do its essential to take care of your lips in the first place before anything bad could happen.


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