A human skin is very delicate and sensitive. It has such tissues which are very sensitive and even delicate from a petal. Sadly speaking, nowadays people are not content with the beauty that is bestowed upon them. That is why they opt for surgical treatment and procedures for making amendments in their face and other body parts. Plastic surgery is the most running fashion in today’s world. People, regardless of their genders, following this stigma.

Who truly need it?

Those people who have such lips or nose or chin that are out of shape and size, if such people opt for plastic surgery, it’s somehow understandable. But those who have a good shape of body parts and face parts and still tries to change the shape, it’s bad and obnoxious and often they made their looks even more worse by reshaping the face parts. Plastic surgery should be used for those people who really need it.

Like those whose skin burned in an accident or who had lost a body part in a process.

Is plastic surgery is a surgical procedure?

Of course, plastic surgery is a surgical procedure. It involves restoring the skin or organ. It helps to reconstruct the body part and also made alterations if needed. Plastic surgery is roughly divided into two categories;

  1. The Constructive surgery.
  2. Cosmetic surgery.

In the constructive surgery, main treatment will be of hand surgery, treatment of burns and craniofacial surgery. Cosmetic surgery on the other hand, just made improvements on the body part which is already in fine shape. For example, if you have fat nose, you can make it look thinner by cosmetic surgery. Both of these two categories are highly exercised in the world.

The trend of plastic surgery back in the years:

Egypt is the first ever known country where the procedure of plastic surgery has been mentioned and practiced. It is mentioned in Edwin smith’s 3000 to 2500 B.C. old medical treatise. The reconstructive plastic surgery procedure was circled in India in 800 BC. This shows that plastic surgery procedures were practiced long time ago in the world. It was largely exercised in India, Egypt and Arabian areas. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/155757.PHP

Plastic surgery in America:

Plastic surgery in America

His name was John Peter. He was the very first plastic surgeon. The year was 1827. He performed his first plastic surgery with the tools and utensils made by himself. The earliest information about the rhinoplasty was spread in 1845. It was the same decade when information about cosmetic surgery and appearance enhancement was widely spread. Therefore, the majority of the people get to know about this technique in the 19th century.

The basic aim of plastic surgery:

The main motive and aim for plastic surgery is to make efforts to maintain appearance. The main task of plastic surgery is to remove and repair the defects of the face and body that appear due to any sort of disorder, or burn or cut or health issue. Its procedures help to reconstruct the body or face area and repair it with the natural ingredients.

Remember that, reconstructive surgery is different from cosmetic surgery therefore, reconstructive surgeon will have different types of surgical treatment methods as compared to cosmetic surgeon. But in most parts of the world, people claim that the reconstructive surgeon and the cosmetic surgeon are one. Means that there is no difference between these two types of surgeries.

Various types of plastic surgery:

Plastic surgery procedures have been expanded to a large extent. Initially, plastic surgery only known for face treatment. But today, it has so many other folds too. And women in the world are taking advantages of this process excessively. The main types of plastic surgery are;

  • Surgery of burned area.
  • Breast refilling and reconstruction.
  • Congenital area surgery.
  • Scar repair surgery.
  • Hand surgery.
  • Rhinoplasty.

Other than this,

there are some very famous pattern of plastic surgery which will be discussed here, such as;

These are the most famous types of plastic surgery. And are highly exercising in the world. People, regardless of gender are opting for this type of beauty procedures without second thoughts.

What are the aims of cosmetic surgery and what type of help it provides to enhance your beauty?

The main aim of plastic surgery is to enhance your beauty and make you look perfect. The deficiencies that are in your face and body can be healed with cosmetic surgery. It helps to remove the scars, moles, main lines in the face like laugh line, forehead lines, eye lids lines, enlarge chin, and other facial problem. There are some significant cosmetic surgery procedures that help you to look beautiful, such as;

Unavoidable complications that appear due to plastic surgery:

Various types of plastic surgery

When nature grant you with some beautiful feature and adequate body structure and you try to manipulate it by adding or removing some to it, then it always has a price to pay. When people tend to change their appearance of their body or face area, their other organs from inside and outside get affected by this procedure. Most common complications that appear due to cosmetic surgery are;

Blood loss due to surgery;

The blood loss is inevitable when it comes to surgery. And if you lose more blood then usual on the operating table, then it will be a higher chance to develop the problem of high or low blood pressure. Losing blood too much will also cause so many other health issues.

Major nerve damage;

It is seen in people categorically women, who opt for breast surgery, lost the sensation in their breast, preferably in the nipples. Which is the explicit sign of nerve damage. It’s common to feel tingling and numbness in the body part where you applied plastic surgery. https://www.theshreds.org/varicose-veins-in-women-and-ways-to-relieve/ Which shows that nerves are pressed or damaged in there.

The risk of hematoma;

There is a bigger chance of developing hematoma right after face surgery and breast augmentation surgery. A hematoma is like a bruise. A blood spot. It’s a bruise like blood gathering at some area of the skin, for which a further operation can be performed to drain that blood out.

Skin infections;  

Skin infections are so common in plastic surgery. Such infections can be developed in any part of the body with surgical procedures. https://www.theshreds.org/best-home-remedies-for-allergy/ Treatment for skin infections are, however, designed to post surgery and quite effective in this regard. But in plastic surgery, skin infections are mandatory.

Anaesthesia problems with plastic surgery;

Anaesthesia is given to all the patients whose surgery is about to start. This makes the patient unconscious during the operation and pulse rate and breathing gets normal. But if the patient is given excessive amounts of anaesthesia cause severe complications. Which includes lung infection, heart stroke, kidney disease and even death. If the amount of anaesthesia is less than required, then the patient can awake during the surgery.

Development of the scars on the skin due to plastic surgery;

Although the main motive of plastic surgery is to make you look better than before. But due to the surgical treatment, scarring can be an issue as a result. Plastic surgery is typically known for scarring anywhere in the skin. And especially after breast surgery, scarring is most common aftermath of the plastic surgery procedures. https://www.theshreds.org/acne-scars-treatment-and-precautions/

Internal organ failure and damage because of the surgical tools;

Allergic reaction and internal organ damage can occur due to surgical procedures. Wrongly use of the surgical probes can cause internal organ damage. Which also demands further surgeries. And the results can be fatal.

Useful tips for plastic surgery:

There are some important points that should be in your mind before opting for plastic surgery and any surgical treatment that change or modify your look or any body part altogether.

  1. Think twice before choosing this path. Know your options and consequences. Then take the decision and don’t look back.
  2. If something went wrong in cosmetic surgery or with your looks, it can lead you to depression and anxiety, so make your mind for all types of results and don’t put yourself into the pit of depression.
  3. Always choose a better and a renowned clinic for plastic surgery procedures. A clinic which offers hygienic surgical procedures.
  4. Examine all the tools and utensils before the treatment and ensure that all the tools are hygienic and sterilized.
  5. Don’t go for cheap deals. Remember that it is your face and body.
  6. Applying plastic surgery treatment on the same part repeatedly will cause serious damage.
  7. Follow the instructions of your doctor strictly.
  8. If you are a diabetic patient or have heart problems, acknowledge your doctor about it. https://www.theshreds.org/diabetes-causes-symptoms-and-treatments/
  9. Sun exposure pre and post plastic surgery will be harmful to your skin.
  10. After breast enhancement treatment, keep in check your breast to avoid breast cancer and tumours.
  11. Unhygienic treatment can even lead you to HIV AIDS.
  12.  Apart from the plastic surgery, if you opt for acupuncture treatment, make sure that the needles are safe to use.
  13. Use those skin products that your doctor recommend you to use post-plastic surgery period.
  14. Avoid dust and dirt.
  15. Stay happy as much as you can.

The bottom line:

One thing you need to keep in your mind, that the body and face with which you are bestowed by the nature, is given for once only. You cannot get it back naturally the way it was. That is why, when you want to make changes to your body and face think thoroughly about it and then take the decision. Indeed, plastic surgery is a human process and flaws are mandatory in it. So, make yourself ready for the results.

This type of treatment is good for those who got burned in some accident or loss a body part. They should go for plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures.
But those who have everything and still wants amendments for the sake of change, they should think twice.


It’s a surgical treatment, it’s not for fun. Carving tattoos on the body and then removing them, causing skin cancer and other types of health problems in the world nowadays, but people are not paying attention to it and opting for the process.

Similarly, plastic surgery procedures are highly practiced in the world, regardless of the consequences. Hence, it’s important to know the difference between your need and your wants and go for the need only. Because the wants, always bring a price to pay. And price is not always easy, especially when it comes to plastic surgery.  


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