Not all the food items have pros and cons in eating. Some type of food items only delivers you the best of its benefits. Otherwise, a man in the 21st century, needs to have any eatable thing in balance and in moderate quantity. Because human’s diet isn’t pure and clean these days, it’s mercilessly abundant with impure ingredients and substance, so a few of the essential minerals are very vital for human body. These minerals contain calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, vitamins, iodine, copper, Omega 3 and zinc.

It’s the people’s Requirement;

There are other important required edible materials too, that your body needs, but these are mandatory for the human body to survive. Zinc in all of these has somewhat more important than the rest. And the bad part is, people these days consider zinc less important than the rest. However, zinc is something that your body needs on a daily basis and the body’s immune system strongly relies on zinc to this extent that you don’t even realize.

Therefore, in today’s world, where your food isn’t pure, the air isn’t clean, and even the living isn’t hygienic, you need to put these essential ingredients like zinc and the other important minerals in you to stay fit and healthy for a long while.

What Zinc Actually Is? Relation With the Body;

What Zinc Actually Is

Normally, You may not hear the name of this mineral, quite often but the reality is that zinc is everywhere in your body. Every cell in your body contains it. Any sort of bacteria that comes from the outside to create problems in the body, zinc, which is present in your whole immune system fight off with these bacteria and the other invading outside viruses. Furthermore, The role of the zinc doesn’t end here. But also use to make DNA and proteins, which further helps the body to maintain its energy that spends in the daily basis tasks. Because it has the strongest connection with the immune system that’s why, it helps to heal the wounds, join the torn skin and also gives the body proper assistance to recognize the taste and the smell of the things.

The Role of the Zinc in the Body;

Primarily, Zinc is essentially important for the body’s immune system to stay in order and work according to the demands of the body. It’s the specific mineral that plays a core important role in the division of the cells in the body. Moreover, It also helps the cells grow and get maintained. The breakdown of the carbohydrates and healing of the wounds, scars and scratches are also depends on the zinc. In other words, your immune system is strongly relies on this mineral.

Basically, It protects your immune system from the outside lethal invasion of the viruses and other harmful bacteria. That’s why its role is very important in the body. It gives you the perfect assistance to understand and recognize the taste and smell around you. Therefore, the proper amount of zinc should be taken on a daily basis.

Possible Intriguing Health Issues You may face with the Zinc Deficit;

So now, when you know the fact that what are the basic responsibilities zinc has for your body, you can image what could possibly happen, if your body suffer with the deficit of zinc. Still, to be more clear and profound, there is the elaboration about the possible diseases that can be developed with the zinc deficiency or some aspects of the health that can be targeted by zinc deficiency. Such as:

  • Very weak immune system: First and foremost, The deficiency of zinc lower down the energy of your immune system and decrease the capacity of fighting against the bacteria and viruses in your body.
  • Skin problems like dry skin, acne and eczema: Zinc deficit can cause scaling and very dry skin. That’s why, acne and scratch occurs on the face. Wrinkles and marks due to these pimples abs and acnes are the other complications owing to the zinc deficit.
  • Hair fall, slow hair growth and thinner hair: This is the most painful aspect of the zinc deficit. Your hair gets dry, with split ends and rough from tip to toe. And because of falling hair, your hair becomes more thinner and the process of hair growth gets slower. The overall growth of your hair of your body has also got slower.
  • Blurred Vision, weak eyesight: Because acute zinc deficiency can develop the risks of diabetes in the future, which also become the cause of the weak eyesight, that’s why you may have blurred vision and weak eye sight due to the zinc deficiency. Frequent discharge of water from the eyes also reported among the patients with zinc deficiency.
  • Erectile dysfunction: This is another major risk factor due to the zinc deficit. Men’s health effects on a large scale because of not having the proper amount of zinc. A male sexual organs work more properly, if the required amount of zinc is induced into the body. It regulates the amount of testosterones in the body. This is the hormone that energises the erection more profoundly. And if the amount of this hormone decreases due to the zinc deficit, the male will have to deal with the erectile dysfunction.
  • Weaker sense of smell, unable to recognize the smell of different things: Zinc deficiency can develop the weakness in recognizing the smell. The person couldn’t able to get the complete smell and even couldn’t be able to recognize the lighter fumes.
  • Gradual loss of the ability to recognizing the taste: Same is the case with the taste. When you don’t pay attention to your zinc requirements, you will gradually lose the sense of taste. The tongue has taste receptors on the top of the tongue and in the sideliners. So, with the zinc deficit you can’t recognize the taste even after touching the food with the top of your tongue.
  • Frequent diarrhoea: Vomiting, lose motions and upset stomach are the prominent factors with zinc deficit. That cause weight loss in the future.
  • Loss of appetite: The patient with the zinc deficit gradually gives up eating. The interest in the food and eating fades and the person runs from having anything in the mouth.
  • Cognitive dysfunction: Memory loss, insomnia and frustration are the common things with the zinc deficit. If the person doesn’t do anything for zinc intake, then these mental illnesses will knock at the door of the person in no time, regardless of gender.
  • Psychological and emotional disorders: Depression and anxiety disorders are usual behaviours of the person who have zinc deficiency. And can continue for a long time, which can destroy the person’s cognitive condition.

 There can be other health problems develop in the patient. These are the common ones. Other problems that can be developed by the zinc deficiency will be according to the person’s age, gender, lifestyle and professional interests.

What is Testosterone in Men? It’s Function in the Male Body?

What is Testosterone in Men

Technically, Testosterone is a hormone in the male body. It stimulates the erection in men. Erection is that energy that further leads the man to go for the intercourse and orgasm. The proper amount of testosterones determines the accuracy of sexual practices. If a male doesn’t get the adequate amount of zinc in his body, the amount of testosterone decrease that eventually reduces the erection and the person end up with erectile dysfunction.

Hence, it’s manadatory for a living being to survive;

Therefore, zinc intake is mandatory for the male gender for the required balance of testosterone in the body. A male should have almost 50-70 mg per day. This will fulfil the requirements of the body of zinc. Basically, The testosterone is found in male and female both. But females have a very minimum amount of testosterone. This hormone produces sexual tissues in men. It also maintains the hair growth in men and hair growth determine the male sexual intensity.

Although, It is true that the amount of testosterone starts reducing after the age of 35, but if the person opts in to take proper amount of zinc on a daily basis, then the situation will be under control and the male will have his sexual drive just the way it was.

What Type of Role Zinc Play in Men’s Sexual Health? The Required Testosterones quantum for a Man;

Zinc Play in Men’s Sexual Health

Believe it or not, it actually does. Men in the world, works a lot. With all the physical and mental pressure, they put themselves sometimes into such conditions that squeeze them from the core. Because a man is strong than a woman. He has more muscles, more physical strength than a woman. So he works harder than his capacity.

Therefore, he needs more power accordingly. Now with the deficit of this mineral, one can’t do exactly what he wants to. Because his immune system is venerable without the zinc. That’s why, having zinc in a moderate amount on a daily basis will be very helpful to get along with the pace of life which is demanded.

It’s best for a man’s metabolism;

Moreover, taking it help a man in other ways too. As you know that it is a mineral. Your cells use this mineral to metabolize. Having proper amount of the mineral in a daily basis enable the male body to produce the specific hormones that help to maintain his sexual life satisfactory. In other words a specific hormone namely testosterone can develop in the male body more efficiently, if he takes the zinc in an appropriate amount. It increases the amount of testosterones in the body eventually.

Similarly, if you are a male person and you have low levels of the zinc in your body, then it can cause you poor erectile dysfunction. Means to say that low zinc level can be problematic for your sexual efficiency. A better zinc intake will not only stronger your immune system, but also it will boost your sexual health and libido.

Food Items that are Rich with Zinc;

Luckily, Nature has bestowed upon us innumerable gifts. These gifts are in different shapes. Some are in the shape of seasons, climates, land of the living, and some are in the shape of eating and drinking uncountable things. Nature has hidden a large amount of this mineral in these four items that we use daily. These eating items are easy to access and purchase. So, by adding smartly these items into your diet plan, you can easily cover up the zinc deficiency in you.

There are some foods that are high in this mineral such as:

Zinc Rich Food
  1. First and foremost, Meat, any sort of meat, red or white.
  2. Legumes.
  3. Shellfish.
  4. Beans and lentils.
  5. Whole grains.
  6. Dairy products, milk, butter and cheese.
  7. All sorts of seeds.
  8. Nuts, dry fruits.
  9. Eggs.
  10. Fish.

Above all, There are other fruits and vegetables also, which are high in zinc. You can consult with your nutritionist and take guidelines according to your body demand for it.

How much Amount of Zinc Should be taken on a Daily Basis?  A Safe Quantity Scale;

Fortunately, The zinc is likely safe, that’s why is recommended to have on a daily basis. But it doesn’t mean that we can have this without the limits. Of course an appropriate amount of such mineral is recommended by experts for humans to have. It is said that it should be taken around 50mg per day. And it is safe to have such amount on a daily basis. Even if a person takes zinc up to 50 mg till 100 mg daily, still it won’t make any difference, however that person’s lifestyle should be really active, though.

However, Going up to 100 mg on a daily basis with a low active lifestyle will be unsafe certainly. Because whether you are slim and fit and have no disease, you can develop many diseases if you won’t exercise or have an active lifestyle. And have minerals like calcium and zinc and sitting idle will surely cause you health troubles.  

When should be Taken Zinc in a Day? Timings;

Technically, You cannot have different minerals, simultaneously. There are some minerals that have a clash of nature. For example, you can’t have zinc with calcium. These two minerals have a clash of nature with one another. On the other hand, you can’t have it without iron. You must have a supplement of iron with zinc. So, Now you can see that these minerals have combination with each other and clash with each other simultaneously.

Just like this, calcium and magnesium can be taken in the evening, before sleep or with your dinner, for the best results. Now, as you know that you can’t have this with calcium and you can’t take zinc without iron, so you may have your zinc quota anytime in the day. Preferably before lunch or after lunch. This will maintain the levels of the zinc in the body and will reduce the effects also.


The zinc is vital for the body. Apart from the other minerals, it has such properties for the body that can’t be replaced by the any other food item or with any vitamin or mineral sources. It’s very important for a person to get iron and zinc in an appropriate amount. Otherwise, it can lead you towards the drastic results. Which can become the reason of any dangerous disease. Because when your immune system can’t fight with the bacteria and viruses, it will openly stem any sort of disease in the body.

That’s why, this is mandatory for the body in any circumstances. We have many sources of minerals around us. All we have to do is to just pick the right one. By doing so, we will immune us from the any upcoming illness in advance. So take your life to the next level with the proper amount of zinc intake.


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