Coronavirus prevailed in the World since December 2019. The city was Wuhan, China. From where this pandemic spread into the world. And in today’s news that it has prevailed around the world and has affected millions of people. Thousands of people have died in the world since the last 6 months. And the bad part is that coronavirus is not over yet. So many countries are in the phase two of coronavirus. Whereas many countries are facing the peak level of coronavirus outbreak. On the other hand, different parts of the world are now easing down the restrictions as they assume it is secure for their people to go out and work.

An overall check:

These are those countries in which coronavirus prevailed in December to January. Moreover, because they were organised and developed countries, they overcame the virus. And within a few months they defeated the coronavirus with their strict and organised rules and regulations. So people are moving out and restarting their work with the same precaution and prevention that they were following during the coronavirus. The SOPs (standard operative procedures) have been set and formed to ensure and sustain the health of the people.

What’s our responsibilities as an individual or as a part of a community to secure our lives?

Now, we have some responsibilities as an individual or as a part of a community. We need to protect and secure ourselves from the after effects of coronavirus. Because even if the virus will fade away from the earth, still we will need to follow the precautions. because it’s a mysterious type of disease that will transfer it’s germs into other person by;

responsibilities as an individual to secure your life
  • Physical touch.
  • Sneeze without covering the face.
  • Cough without covering the mouth.
  • Breathing without wearing a face mask near to the coronavirus patient.

So before going out for work, we need to be very careful about a few of the things. This not only secures our own life but we will be able to secure the lives of others as well by doing so.

Key points that we will have to follow while working outside to secure ourselves:

To protect and secure ourselves from the havoc of coronavirus we need to follow a few things strictly.

Although it is seen in people that those countries are easing the lockdown in their countries to secure the lives of people by giving them employment and resuming their jobs again. But it doesn’t mean that we should get back to our lives the way it was. we need to follow the rules and regulations with the same devotion, we were following before. A few of them will be;

A face mask is mandatory to secure yourself wherever you go:

See, you don’t know who is infected with coronavirus and who is not. And if you are going outside, you need to make sure that you have a face mask with you. Whether it is home made or surgical, it has to be on your face. People are acting crazily for N 95 masks. However, if your aim is to secure yourself from diseases and illness, then even a homemade mask would be partially sufficient for your protection. Take a mask loops on your ears, cover your mouth and nose with it properly and go out. Whether you are going to buy eggs and bread, take extra precautions to secure yourself from coronavirus.

Wear hand gloves to secure yourself from germs and viruses:

The second most important thing is the hand gloves. Wherever you go whatever you do, you touch things with your hands. And this is natural. But now when the world is falling apart due to an uninvited disease, we must have to be extra precautious. Wearing gloves whenever you go outside will secure yourself to bring coronavirus at home. Because you don’t know how many people have touched the door you are about to open. How many people have grabbed the box of Cornflakes or packs of chocolate with bare hands that you want to buy.

Therefore it is the demand of the time to secure yourself from unnecessary drama and fatigue.


If you wear gloves even after your country has announced that there is no more coronavirus, but you still wear them while going outside, it will secure you from other fatal diseases. That can infect you with mere touch and can ruin your life. Like cancer, tuberculosis, coronavirus, flu, and skin allergies. So why take risks? Take extra precaution for some time while going outside to secure yourself from any fatal disease for a long time.

Cover your body with comfortable and full sleeves apparels to secure yourself:

You must be thinking, why is that? But since it is a virus that can be easily transmitted through touch, it is highly recommended to cover your body when going outside. For proof, here is an example.

The USA, Canada, Spain, Italy and China, these are the countries where people usually wear small clothes and such clothes in which most of their body parts are exposed. It makes it easy for the virus to cling to such bodies and then infect them.

That is one of the major reasons for these countries’ high number of coronavirus patients. Therefore if you don’t want yourself to get into a problem like coronavirus wear full sleeves and covered dresses while going outside for grocery shopping or even to meet anybody.

Maintain distance between you and the other to secure both of you:

It doesn’t mean that if the coronavirus has vanished from your land, you can smooch with people. No! Certainly not. Keep this thing in mind that social distancing is very much important pre and post coronavirus attack. You don’t know about the other person’s activities before meeting you.

You don’t know to whom he/she has met what things he/she have touched or what he/she has been doing all day long. So to prevent trouble and to secure both of the parties, social distancing is mandatory. The secure gap is between 1 to 3 foot between two individuals. Same rule applies in the mob.

Do not eat anything while staying outside. It isn’t secure for your health at all amid the coronavirus threat:

If the coronavirus can cling to your shoes and can come into your house through your shoe, then it can easily travel into you through the food you take while staying outside or the drink you are having with friends or colleagues. Before scientists prove anything, it is suggested to not eat or drink anything outside the house to protect and secure your health.

Although coronavirus doesn’t stay alive at the non living thing i.e. food and beverages but as soon as you put them into your mouth, it gives ample space to this virus to travel into your body speedily. A face mask is recommended for all such matters that when you exhale, the air is lifeless, but as soon as you inhale somebody else’s exhaled air (which is having coronavirus) you get infected with it too. To secure the lives of your family and friends, do follow this rule.

Put your clothes into bright sunlight directly for an hour and Wash your hands after coming home:

precaution against coronavirus

It is said so far that coronavirus has an outer layer of protein which is protecting it. It is alive beneath this layer. When this layer melts, the virus dies abruptly. That is why it was presumed that coronavirus will end by the mid of the summer. When you put your clothes in the bright sunlight directly, and if the clothes are having coronavirus on them, the layer will be melted and the virus will die soon because of staying on a non living thing.

Similarly sanitize your mobile, car keys, wallet etc after coming out to secure your family and yourself. By washing your hands and face you will be safe and secure as well.

Don’t touch your face too much after coming home to secure yourself from virus transmittal:

Almost all of us have this habit of touching our face, especially lips, nose, neck and eyes. But it is totally impermissible amid coronavirus outbreak. Touching your face and parts of your face can easily transmit the virus in you. Before washing your hands, never touch your face to secure and protect your well being.

The majority of the cases in the world have been reported because people meet other people and then touch their things without washing hands. Or used their mobile without washing hands and without sanitizing their mobile after coming home. Consciously or unconsciously people when touch their face or eat something this way, they transmit the coronavirus in them. Therefore, to secure the people around you, you need to be precautious in this respect.

The final words:

Not all the people have the privilege to entertain with care and attention. Many people in the world die due to lack of attention and knowledge. So if you are having it right now through this writing and piece of advice, you should take a complete advantage from it. Your family’s safety is very important for you. So much so you need to secure your own self too.

Because a little carelessness can cause you and your family a great fatigue and trouble for weeks or months. Also, you don’t know how many people in your family have a strong immune system that can survive coronavirus. Maybe a few of them would have a weaker immune system that wouldn’t survive coronavirus intensity and the people would die. So to secure your family and to secure your own life, do not take risk of being ignorant about hygiene and cleanliness. Take a very good care of yourself and secure the society.


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