This is the 21st century. Every day can be a day of celebration and every day can be a day of mourning. It solely depends on the person’s personal lifestyle and daily pursuits. Fortunately or unfortunately, today’s life is this much busy that we haven’t any spare time to stand and stare at the beatifications of the nature. The nature and the wonders of the universe are some things, which can distract you from your daily life tension and stress.

Speaking of which, stress is the most common type of mental condition that is experienced widely in the world. In older times, when people were less facilitated and were less progressed, they were less stressed out at the same time. The sources were limited, so much so the desires and needs. This type of life, prevented the stress and anxiety from the people of that time.

The basic reason of its existence;

But as the time passed and humans grew up towards the progression, the level of stress started increase to a certain level. And now, in the today’s world, a human’s mental condition has come to a point where he has to take pills to survive the day without having stress. This is toxic, but true. And the sad part is that mostly people don’t know much about the stress relieving therapies.

The majority of the world thinks that these therapies will be difficult to adopt and will require capital and assistance. On the contrary, the ways with which you can relieve yourself from stress are quite easy to adopt and mind relaxing. But before that, you need to know first that what is happening in the world because of stress. It will motivate you to do something to get out of it.

Some Worse Aftermaths because of Having Stress for Long Time;

The majority of the world is having stress because of minor and major thoughts. This shows that stress is the man’s own creation. The intensity of the stress also depends on the person’s personal nature. For instance, a person who is bad tempered and have rage in the brain most of the time, will have stress beyond limits.

His stress haunts him down. On the contrary, a person who have positivity in his life or you can say, who is optimistic in his life mostly will if have stress, they will try to take themselves out from the condition by doing some other activities. However, stress always demands to be treated with proper attention and care. Because, if stress will not be treated with proper assistance, it will lead the person to terrific end such as:

How to Relieve Stress
  • Suicide, and several attempts of suicide.
  • Psychological problems.
  • Muscle strains.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Anxiety and depression.
  • Smoking and alcohol drinking.
  • Alzheimer.
  • Stomach disorders.
  • Feeling irritation and frustration in the family and friends.
  • Loss of appetite, weight loss.
  • Aggression and rage.
  • Crying and weeping silently.

These things create a kind of mess in life. A person who is dealing with stress, most of the time thinks about killing himself and death. This sort of thinking is very bad. Because you are given your life only for once, and due to some temporary loss or some person leaving you in the middle, you should not think that way. Suicide or other things that become the aftermath of stress should not get into your nerves.

Is Stress Less Dangerous than Depression?

Some people have an impression that stress is less lethal than depression that’s why they don’t give much attention to it. It has a different interpretation, though. Depression, is no doubt more dangerous than the stress, but you need to know that stress is the beginning of a depression. In other words, if you don’t pay attention to the stress, you will lead your brain to have depression on high level. The intense pressure of the stress on the brain will hit the mind even more badly than depression. Stress is like a spring, and when you push your brain much hard beyond to its capacity, a time will come when it can’t be press anymore and will jump upward with full force. A depression is the saddest feeling which, if not treated well, can suppress the mind this much that a person cannot even talk to his closest alliance and confined himself in a room. With proper care and medical attention the condition of depression can be relieved.

In stress, however you will talk to your surroundings and do your work too, but your mind constantly thinks about the tension and the situation you are having and which is bothering you. This type of mental condition is very much dangerous to one’s mind. This can cause nerves break down at one point. That is why stress is way more worse than depression or any other mental or psychological conditions.

How Can You Relief Yourself from Stress?

There are such people in the world who thinks that every mental and physical illness will be relief with the medicine or if we get hospitalized. Otherwise, we cannot be healthy and strong. This is the false notion. In ancient times, when science hasn’t progressed this much, there weren’t discovered medicines for any disease. In that scenario, people heal themselves with herbal remedies and homemade tips and tricks to cure themselves from diseases and disorders.

And some of the home remedies and herbal medicines were this much effective that these things are in human use even today.

Its just a psychological problem;

Similarly, there are millions of ways with which you can save yourselves from the stress. The stress isn’t like cancer, or it isn’t like aids that you can’t get rid of. It’s a mental illness, it’s a psychological problem that can be cured with the exact treatment which is required. For that you need to examine yourself that of which level of stress you are on. And how can you get rid of it. Then pick a treatment, a method that you can have at your home or anywhere and get on with it.

1. Be with Someone Who You Love the Most and Share Your Thoughts With;

The first and foremost solution for stress is going to the person who you love. If you are having stress because of him/her even then talk to him if it is in your hand. While talking, you will find a way to release your stress or the thing that is bothering you and most of the stress will gone. If the person you love is not causing you stress and it is something else, then it is even better to go to that person, sit with him, and spend some quality time with him. Talk all about the matter and ask his opinion.

If the person has a soft corner for you, he will not only heal you with his love, but will also give you exotic ideas about the matter and will help you a lot in your difficulties and coming out from the stress. Talking to the person you love will also work like a speech therapy for you. It’s psychological term. Psychiatrists use this method to dig out the inner conflict of their patients by talking to them and allowing them to speak out about the fears and insecurities they are having.

Same case happens when you talk to your beloved about your stress. It will help you to release your stress and you will feel miraculously light after talking to them. Sometimes, the patient finds the solution for his stress, even during talks about it. That is why its important to talk.  

2. Laughing Therapy and Stress;

The majority of the world finds those people insane who stand in a circle and starts laughing loudly. It actually does look insane and funny. But in fact, it is a therapy. If you find it ridiculous, you can change the situation. Don’t stand in a circle of stranger people, don’t laugh idiotically. But you still manage the stuff that makes you laugh. Switch your entertainment mode completely to farce and comic genre. Watch comedy and funny films and videos as much as you can.

Distract yourself as much as you can. Suspense movies work for the few, but most people are distracted by the comic ones. This will make you laugh and help you to forget your own problems for some time.

treatment of stress

Comedy will give a sense of relief.

Even after watching the comic genre, you do have your problem, but the intensity of the stress will lower down than before and ideas for the stress will start popping up in your mind. This is insane, but true. You may have been thinking that why after watching a movie we can have the solution for our stress? The answer is, that when a person is stressed and in tension, the ability of finding a solution gets faded. The solution is actually right in front of us.

But we couldn’t able to see it because our mind was in tremendous suppression. So, when we relaxes our mind, the ability to see the best possible solution for the problem that causing stress on our mind gets heightened. That is how comedy movie and happy surroundings helps you to relieve your stress.

3. Go to the Recreational Places to Burn the Stress and Engage Yourself;

People who are having stress, normally tries to engage themselves to forget the tension. They terrifically indulge themselves in their office work or other physical tasks that turns their energy down instead of forgetting about the stress. So, taking immense workload won’t help to get rid of stress rather it will work against you. Instead of this, if you opt for going to some hill station or some recreational place, it will ease your mind on high level, grant you solace, and buy you ample time to think and penetrate the situation.

It will help you to boost up your inner energy and strength. Going towards some hill station or hanging out with friends on some far fetch place will bring new life in you. It will distract your mind and thought process from stress. And you will be able to polish your mind and think positively about the scenario anew. Going somewhere for some days, cooking your food at home by yourself, washing your clothes, going for grocery, in the store or playing something physically, all these things will help you to distract yourself and burn your stress.

4. Exercise will Burn the Stress Vividly;

Going to the gym and exercise is the first and foremost activity of the boys after breaking up with the girlfriend. Mostly men do body building after fighting with their girls and break ups. Lifting weight burns the stress and your rage over a thought. Lifting the weight, running, jogging and other exercise burns the extra calories in the body, so much so the anger and frustration. After doing different types of exercises for about an hour, you will feel calm and relaxed. Your mind would be in peace and quiet.

Exercises will give ample room to other thoughts coming to the mind and you will be able to see the other aspects too. Apart from all this, you may cry for once, on the situation that causing the stress on your mind. Weeping and crying will flush the stress out from your mind and it will also reduce the tension. You will feel lighter after weeping over the situation. But make sure that the weeping sessions should be restricted to one or two times.

Don’t get use to it. Crying over and over again over a situation will plant a root of grief in your heart and you will not get through this. Rather, you will drown in the stress even deeply. Cry for once, only with a thought in the mind, that you are crying only to get through this and you won’t cry again. Let the Bygones be bygones. Don’t think about the thing that cause you stress, once you get over it.

5. Chocolates are the Best Alliance in Stress;

how to deal with stress

Now, this is the most delicious method of giving up the stress. It may seem funny, but eating chocolates really do help in releasing it. Chocolates have such ingredients in it that relaxes the mind. Chocolate has a sort of caffeine in it. Chocolate plant is from tea family that is why the influence is related. By eating raw chocolate or chocolate bars, you will get mental solace and calmness. Chocolate has such taste that helps to maintain the mood and behaviour of the person, thus it can suck up the stress.

That is why chocolate cakes and bars are being presented by the people who plan to wish someone or wants to make marry. Chocolate is the symbol of happiness and joy. In the immense stress, the sweet taste of chocolate will bring ample distraction to the sufferer of the issue and its tremendous ingredients helps the blood to clean the toxic cells from it as you know that chocolate play a helpful hand in cancer, blood pressure, and heart minor problems. Therefore, its better to eat chocolate in stress.

Summarization to the Discussion;

Life isn’t very easy for those who yearns for big things. In the results, these people get stressed out and disillusioned. That is the time when they should really do something about the problem. Eat healthy, live healthy and try to stay happy. Consider the fact that nothing is perfect and nothing will remain in the world forever. Everything in the world, every emotion, every person, every relationship will has to die and fade away from your life.

You need to develop in you the art of losing. You need to learn this thing that you can lose anything even precious, at any spot of your life. Therefore, you don’t have to take stress for each and everything you lose. This is something that comes automatically, nobody plans to have stress manually. But one thing that you can do by your own is to ditch stress with all the best possible solutions mentioned. If one doesn’t work well, try another. But don’t give up. If you do something about it, you will certainly get the positive results.


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