Nails are the natural cover on your skin. To hide and keep the tips of your hands and feet and safe them from any harm. Because the tips of the fingers use by the humans in almost every work. Even for eating food, tips and thumb are being used. So for safe keeping, nature has created nails on it. These are soft and hard simultaneously for you.

If you grow them, they will easily tear But if not, then having the finger tip and bone under it, will make them as hard as a fibre sheet. Today in modern times, they are being used as a fashion symbol. They are being designed in different shapes, paint in innumerable colours, and many other things are also being done with them. Its a whole industry, that only works for modernizing and giving new shapes to the them.

What are the Ingredients that Forms them?

Nails diseases and their health & care

Apparently, your nails looks like a normal transparent plate. However, this part of the body are made with quite a few things. A sort of living skin is used to produce it in a right way. If you examine deeply, your finger nails consists of many layers. A plate, the apparent shape of them. The bed, the skin, right under the nail plate. The folds, an area from three sides of them that covers it’s edges. Hence, there is a complete and compact mechanism of this whole process. It’s slow, but keeps on working in its way.

The lunular, that half moon white colour area of the nails that produces near to their folds. And the matrix, the complete unit of them inside the finger. The nails looks very plain and simple from outside, but even behind its plain looking there is a complete system and a mechanism working for their growth, stability and strong shape.

How Do the nails Produce and Grow?

Have you hear the word keratin? A protein that has been used in your skin and hair. Believe it or not, they are largely depend on the keratin. These protein units help to produce and compose the new cells inside the finger in the unit of them. When the new cell produces and composed, the old cell pushed towards outside. And that’s how the system works.

After going outside, this cell automatically takes the shape of the previous ones and get the hardened look. And thus become your finger nails.

The usual Length and Growth of the Nails: time period of growth;

Nails diseases and their health & care...

The growth of your hands and feet parts depends on your age, gender and also on climate. This part of the body naturally grow faster in women as compared to men. Moreover, young people’s nails grow faster than the older people. The most common growth rate of the is about 0.1mm each day. Means in 100 days, you can have almost 1 centimetre length of them. Your fingernails grow faster than your toenails.

Similarly, right handed people’s growth rate are faster than the left hand. Fingernails grow faster than the toenails.

Different Conditions;

If this part of your body is growing, according to the normal process, they will have the normal shape. People in young age, normally have plain and clean look, that have a transparent and clear shape. But as you get aged, they may develop changes in the colour, or rough surface, lines in the nails, spots, and may be a little bit more harder than before.

This is not dangerous, it’s harmless. Because if you are ageing, along with the other body organs, the unit of the production of this specific part of the body also gets weaker and slower.
With the passage of time, you may get a spot on them. If the nature of your profession demands hand and finger input, you may develop an acute infection. That, if not treated well, can grow towards the specific cancer. Medications, for instance, in chemotherapy, also change the colour of the nails. These medications often form straight lines on the outer surface.

Various Abnormal Conditions;

Sometimes, different medications can disturb the appearance of the nails. But such conditions are temporary. And can return get back to its normal look. However, we cannot decide just by seeing the outer look of them that what kind of disease we might have. It will require further investigations and observations. Renowned abnormalities are:

  • Change in the colour.
  • Changes in the shape.
  • Extreme thickness or thinness.
  • Brittle nails.
  • Bleeding nails.
  • Redness or swelling around.
  • Pain in and around it.
  • Loose grip of the nails from its base.

Precautions for the Safe and Healthy Nails;

Precautions regarding the nails are very easy to adopt. If you can adopt those care and precautions for them you can even save yourself from the cancer. Try to keep your nails healthy. Do not bite your nails ever. Biting your nails can damage the outer skin of them. Use clippers to cut them, both of hands and feet, properly and then made round shapes efficiently. Always trim your nails every after one week or two.

That will depend on the growth of your nails. Try not to cut your nails after taking shower. Nails will be extra soft at that time and cut over desired. Applying moistures will be very beneficial for the health and look of the nails. If this part of your body is weak, apply coconut oil on them.

Garlic is extremely beneficial for the stronger nails. If you rub garlic on them, they will be stronger than ever before. Don’t always put nail polish on them. This will change the colour into the yellowish shade and develop bad looks of your hands. Always use sterilized tools for your hands and feet manicure and pedicure. Try to have short nails. This will be hygienic as well as safe for the long life of them.


The nails are the most precious gift from nature, we got. They will not hurt or injured easily. But if you won’t take care of them, then gradually the colour of your nails will fade away. And also get weak. Try to take good care of them as much as possible. Keep in check the hands of your parents and grandparents.

Because of the old age, their different body parts must have gone weaker. With proper care and attention, you can have healthy looking, strong and beautiful nails for a long time. And old age will even not bother you to get fade or dull or weaker.


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