When we were small, our parents used to tell us many kinds of fairy tales. Among innumerable others, the one fancy lie about your birth was that a child is send in a basket, full of flowers and petals in it, along with the fairies near to the seashore where we, the parents were standing and picked up our child. And we tend to believe that with the whole heart. Apart from such fancy lies, there were numerous other about life, which sounds really interesting at that time.

Such lies, painted by our mothers mostly, have a beautiful effect on our minds because in that stance, we didn’t realize the actual cost of living a life. Which is far more difficult than it was told. Life, in other words, is the name of uncertainties and endless possibilities for any upcoming situations.     

Life, A Blend of Mixed Emotions and Conditions;

Life is like a train travel. That stops on various stops. A process that can’t go smoothly, is life. A living being who is born human, is mentally ready to face different situations in life. Life is a blend of mixed conditions. Sometimes without doing much you can get more than you require and sometimes, even after doing efforts endlessly, we don’t get what we want. All the incident in the life shapes a person’s mind-set, according to it.

This determines the overall nature of a person. If one has faced bitter incidents more than the sweet ones, makes him rude, negative and arrogant. He doesn’t count someone else pain or trouble, but rather become a sadist. www.inc.com

On the contrary a person who bestowed by the fortune in having positive and sweet happenings more than the sad one develop a soft and kind heart towards people and the life. Such people consider the bad parts of the life as a lesson and learn from them. Such people also deal their lives intriguing situations with a grace and with the better mind-set and eventually come out of it.

The people who are negative by nature, don’t understand actually, that what to do with the life when get caught up in the critical scenario. Such people need counselling and proper guidelines for developing the skills and knowledge of dealing with the intriguing conditions of the life.

Do we need a proper counselling for dealing with the life problems or we can change this on our own?

proper counselling for dealing with the life problems

This thing totally depend on the nature of the problem. Means to say that if the problem is small and of a light nature, then we can heal ourselves on our own. But if the intensity and power of the problem are influencing our personal life and being intrusive to our personal space than most of the time people need counselling to overcome the problem and move on with their lives. The task of counselling is most of the time done by a close alliance of the person or some family member.

It’s rare when people need psychiatrist to do the job. This usually happens, when the case is about sexual abuse, rape, harassment and some mind devastating accident. Otherwise, sitting with a sister or brother or a dear friend and talk about the problem is reported suffice to heal. Normally problems about life aren’t this much catastrophic that need counselling.

Sometimes, you only are enough to heal yourself from any kind of life trouble all you have to do is to spend some time with yourself to deal with your life more effectively. However, there are ways to deals with life problems such as:

Analyse the situation that creating trouble:

You may have heard the proverb “think before you speak”. Here is a new proverb that “analyse before you act”. Sometimes people react in a situation of life without analysing the whole situation and its causes. Most of the time such behaviour brings embarrassment to the person who through his reaction to the situation.

If you want to get yourself out from an unwanted situation in life, you need to examine first that what is causing the problem. Then work for rectifying the problem accordingly. People who reacts before knowing the complete scenario, often feel embarrassed and invite loth and hatred of the others for them. www.psychologytoday.com

Be Neutral! even if the problem is affecting you or not; Partiality is not a class:

Partiality brings one down. It has nothing to do with the problems only. If you are being partial on even a debate or discussion or even in a personal matter, you are doing it in a wrong way. Being partial won’t help to see the picture clearly. Moreover, it will blur the facts and make you see what you want to see. Impartiality helps you to see the problem from different dimensions and take the decision which is right for you.

If the problem is between two people and you are assigned to do the job, put yourself under their shoes respectively, and then think what you would do if you were in their place. It will help to judge their cause and reason behind the action. Being partial in life is very easy. But being impartial, even if having the chances of being partial, is somehow difficult. But if you do so, you will easily come out of a problem that is troubling you in your life.

Talk to your Family and friends about the problem you are having in your life:

When nobody will help you out, your family will. Family is like a backup plan. Or you may say family and friends are the life guards. The people who are elders from us, have the ample experience and knowledge, therefore, often gives us the best solution for our problems in the life.

Especially, our parents have the better understanding of life and its complexities, so talking to them will not only give you a solution for your problem, but they will also give you effective tips for the upcoming events of your life. Family and friends play an important role in your life. Involving them in your problems will be highly beneficial for you and your life’s ups and downs.

Consider your options for the problem you are having:

Going after only one solution will be irrational, if you have a kind of trouble in your life. Having multiple options will make you understand your problem more effectively and give you the idea of rectifying it. Try to consider all the best possible options for your problem. Analyse these options thoroughly and examine which one is best to adopt. Then without any hesitation or delay, go for it and never look behind. Having doubts about your action will cause confusion and sometimes regrets in life.

Consider the options, talk to your close alliance, have a discussion about it and then for the implementation. As soon your life gets free from the problem, you will find yourself in much ease you couldn’t ever imagine. For this, you need to have confidence in you. Confidence, of making decision with full authority and responsibility for it.

Spend some quality time with yourself alone, if having some trouble in your life:

It works well! It works tremendously. There are the majority of people who do this. Sitting alone somewhere works like a therapy. It will help you to understand better about your demands and needs. Spending time with yourself alone will also make you look  the scenario from both sides, negative and positive, and you will take a better decision. Your friendly attitude with your own self is also important because it will prevent you to becoming a masochist.

When you become a friend to yourself, you can convince yourself to any kind of situation in life, in which you don’t want to bow before anyone. Spending time alone with yourself in most of the time in your life will bring positive energy into you, only if you think positive and constructive. https://www.theshreds.org/how-to-fight-back-depression/

Do some exercise and workouts, if having a crisis in life:

How to Get Out from the Crucial Situations in Life

Exercise influence the person’s body and mind. Having troubles and worries makes one dull and boring in life. Doing exercise and workouts will bring the exotic energies in the body and mind sufficiently. It also motivates you to take the initiative in order to get things straight in life. Exercises are also very important in the life as it makes the body fit and healthy. Exercise also keeps you in shape and size. Exercises and yoga are very good for life.

Exercises freshen your mind and helps you to think positive towards the problem. So, if you are having some problems in your life, join the gym and do some exercises at least five days in a week. This attitude will soothe your mind and relax your body. You will get acquainted with other people and socialize with them more easily than before.

The Bottom Line;

Life isn’t easy these days. Having multiple problems in the life, makes you sometimes pessimistic to this extent that most of the time people commits suicide due to excessive problems in life. This thing also attached to those who lives alone and don’t interact with people much. So, when these people face difficulties in life, they fight with the problem to a certain measure of the time and after that they give up in the shape of suicide or gets addicted to alcohol and drugs, starts smoking https://www.theshreds.org/10-most-effective-ways-to-quit-smoking/ and drinking and gambling.

All such behaviours end up the person dead or destroyed. Life doesn’t separate you from your miseries even for once. If you are human and have a system for certain things, you will get yourself into troubles for sure one way or the other. So, giving up isn’t the solution rather to face the problem from the front and rectify the mistake which is the reason behind the drama. Life is a process of teaching different lessons. The one who understands this, understands the meaning of life.

Where is difficulty there is comfort too. All you have to do is to find a way to make things happen right the way they should be. Indeed, there is a will, there is a way. And life is all about circulating around this phenomenon.


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