Because of the impure food intake, we have to discharge the stool and urine in response. In the 21st century, when the diet is not clean and hygienic and innumerable beverages with artificial flavour and even with harmful components have been introduced in the market, then health problems related to stool discharge or urination are mandatory. Among these kind of issues, frequent urination is the most experienced and irritating health problems that humans deals. This health problem occurs in almost every person, regardless of gender, mean that its common in men and women.

How it works?   

Take a look at what is frequent urination? When you feel an urgent need to pass urine right after some time you did before, then it will be known as frequent urination. This process not only reserved for the daytime. Frequent urination even disturbs the night time and the person feels an uncontrollable desire to urinate. So this disturbs the person’s life cycle. And this requires medical assistance without delay.

This condition has classifications. When you pass the urine of around 2 to 3 litre in a day, then this condition called Polyuria. However, this can be cured with the proper treatment. Frequent urination is not about passing the urine after every hour only. It’s also about the leakage of the urine even while sitting, working, walking, and sleeping.   

Different Situations of Frequent Urination that People deals with According to Their Body Structure:

People are different. Their lifestyle, their priorities in having a diet, strongly influences the cycle of urine. But treatment at the early stages, will prevent complications and further health problems. For that you need to focus on your body conditions and identify the changes. There is a marked difference between frequent urination and urinary incontinence. A person normal urinate 5 to 7 times in a day.

If you urinate more then 7 times, without drinking more liquid than its frequent urination. Urinary incontinence is the leakage of the urine in simple words. If you caught this condition in its early stages, then it can be cured with exercises only. But if this is integrated with other health problems like diabetes or kidney or bladder problems, then you will need medical attention and proper medicine for it.

What Happens in the body with frequent urination?

First thing first, understand what basically urination is? When you drink water, unfortunately because it has impurities in it that is why when your body receive the quantity of water, it separates the impurities from the minerals and gather the uric acid, wastes and toxins at one side. Pure water travels into the required areas of the body and fulfil its duty where needed.

While these impurities take the shape of urine and stored in the bladder. You will not feel the urge to pass the urine until your bladder is full of urine. Now frequent urination is a little different from the normal urination. In this, you will feel the urgent need to go to the bathroom and pass the urine however, the urine will be of one or two drops every time you go except one or two times.

Varying conditions of the people in frequent urination according to their gender and age:

There is a visible difference among people in the tendency of urinate. If a person drinks 2 litres of water per day, he should urinate 6 to 7 times in a day and night. If he urinates more than seven times even with 2 litres of water consumption, then it worth seeing a doctor. Because it is beyond normal behaviour.

Similarly, children and infants have smaller bladder and less control over their bladder. That is why, frequent urination is very common in children and infants. They urinate frequently in a day and night. And if a child urinate more often than requiring measure and even after coming to the age of adulthood, he/she should see a doctor without delay.

Why do a woman has to face frequent urination more often than a man?

It is estimated that women are victimised of frequent urination more often than the man. 50 to 60% women deals with the frequent urination at least once in a lifetime. Most of them face it in their early twenties. Among this ratio, one third of the women with this issue reach the point of its severity. Means that, they have to seek special medical attention because of frequent urination, their kidneys fail to perform their duties.

Frequent Urination Its Causes Symptoms

The reason is simple, but most of them don’t know that. Basically a bacteria that causes frequent urination, enters into the bladder through the urethra. Now, because a woman’s urethra is small, a bacteria don’t need to travel long to reach the kidney. That is why women are the sufferers of frequent urination more than the men.   

The most known causes of frequent urination:

The causes of frequent urination are many. Because every person is different from the other. The lifestyle and nature of the body is also differs. That is why, the causes of frequent urination are in number. And these causes also determine by the gender of a person. The most common causes are;

  • Diabetes, whether type one or two.
  • Alcohol consumption.
  • Abundant use of coffee.
  • Kidney disorders.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Bladder infection and urinary tract.
  • Medicine of stress and anxiety.
  • Inflammation in the bladder.
  • Over-active bladder.
  • Bladder cancer.
  • Sexually transmitted infections.
  • Kidney stones.
  • Uncontrollable habit of urinating.

Renowned Symptoms of frequent urination:

The symptoms are quite visible of frequent urination. Always remember one thing that whenever you got some problem that is related to your those body parts that release something, anything, it’s symptoms would be very visible. For instance, if a man develops some kind of issue in his penis, the symptoms would be like sharp intense pain or erection or similar symptoms. Similarly, when you have the problem of frequent urination, you will have symptoms like;

  • Pain while urinating.
  • Discomfort.
  • Bloody urine. (Severe cases)
  • Unable to control the urine.
  • The urge to eat or drink more.
  • Vomiting and nausea.
  • Intense feeling to discharge the urine.

There could be other symptoms which will determined by the person’s age, gender and lifestyle. Especially the type of diet and liquids he/she takes, will be very significant in developing frequent urination.

What is the relationship between kidney disorder and frequent urination?

A human kidney has a major role in urination. Whatever a living being drinks, it will be pass through the kidney and its components will affect the kidney in a good or bad way. Now when we drink toxic chemicals and drinks, these liquids also passes through the kidney and their harmful components affect the kidney. As long as frequent urination is concerned, its major reason is the infection in the kidney.

Most of the time the patient is having an infection in the kidney that cause frequent urination. If the patient doesn’t pay attention on the urge of doing it repeatedly, these bacteria that cause infection, will spread in the body through the bloodstream and harm the other parts of the body too. So, its really important to take an immediate action whenever feels abnormal urinating. It could be a sign of a kidney infection.

Risk factors for frequent urination and urine infection:

Of course, you to something wrong with yourself inside out for inviting frequent urination or the urine infection. These things are very common that you do t notice and do in your daily life, without acknowledging that these are the main reasons that will invade the bladder and kidney and will invite such problems for instance;

Treatment for frequent urination
  1. Dehydration.
  2. Don’t pass the urine even when it needs to be. Holding it for an indefinite time.
  3. Vaginal inflammation.
  4. Not cleaning the body part properly after using the bathroom. Or wipe the body part in a wrong way from back to front, which grab the bacteria close to the urethra.
  5. Intimacy, or sex. Often cause urine infection.
  6. Due to diabetes, pregnancy and other health problems, in which the urinary system changes its structure.

What are the best possible treatments for frequent urination?

The treatment of frequent urination will be determined by the cause of frequent urination. Means to say, that because its cause are many that is why treatment are many and will be applied accordingly.

In diabetes

the treatment will to control blood sugar levels with proper medications if frequent urination is because of diabetes.

Antibiotics and pain killer tablets

will be prescribed by the physician if the cause of frequent urination is kidney infection or bladder infection.

Overactive bladder

will also need proper medicine and therapy, if it is the cause of frequent urination.

The Bladder training and therapy

is also prescribed when the cause of frequent urination is loss control over bladder in holding urine.

Apart from this these are some specific moves that help enough to reduce the tendency of frequent urination these exercises are this much effective that if you have develop this habit earlier, you can get rid of it with these exercises even.

Kegel exercises:

are the best exercise for training the bladder to prevent frequent urination. If you perform Kegel exercises three times in a day, per set 20 times for 6 to 8 weeks, you will see the tremendous results. It will strengthen the pelvic muscles and train the bladder to stop feeling the urge of urinating. It will also care and support the bladder. Other than this,

Don’t drink too much liquids beyond the demand.  Some people have this tendency to drink more than 8 glasses of water. This extract minerals from their body while urination and this also become a major reason of this.

Tips for the prevention of frequent urination:

A few of the tips that can play an important part in preventing the urge to urinate more often and improve your overall health are;

  1. Don’t eat those foods that irritate the bladder like chocolate, artificial flavours and too much spices.
  2. Eat a balanced diet which includes all the healthy ingredients.
  3. Stop consuming alcohol and drugs.
  4. Add those food items in your diet, which are high in fibre.
  5. Carbohydrate drinks are the big time source of the urge.
  6. Quit the habit of staying too much in the toilet or bathroom. Some people stay in the bathroom for smoking and thinking. This generates the habit of frequent urination.
  7. If you know that there are two or three drops of urine that you want to pass, try to hold on. Don’t rush to the bathroom every time you feel it’s the nature’s call. It will train your bladder to hold.
  8. Engage yourself in healthy activities.
  9. Busy your mind with such tasks that requires your mind’s attention. This will prevent the discomfort.
  10.  Avoid too much salt to consume.

The takeaway:

It’s not so very difficult to get rid of frequent urination. If it is not integrated with another disease. And even if it does, still you can find a way to prevent it. The main thing you need to focus on is to keep an eye on the changes that your body takes. If you feel that you are urinating frequently, take a start for the next step. Don’t take it light. Whether it is therapy, or exercise or some medicines.

Go for it, but do take it seriously. Frequent urination if not handled, will develop weakness and feebleness into the body and the person start losing his or her power and strength. It will also damage the kidney if you don’t pay attention to eat and if you are a woman and dealing with this problem, you need to be serious about this for sure.


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