Life is tough! Very tough. Though we have luxurious comforts and speedy, electronic machines to make our daily tasks even easier. Anything that was beyond to our reach in the past, is now just one step away. On the other hands, this speed, efficiency and rush have snatched the momentum of hard work from us. The glory of working hard for a long time and then get the results which felt like a reward has gone too far. If you take a deep look at this kind of life, you will sense a sort of boredom and restlessness. You will wonder if you are happy or not?

This type of life has taken away the real feelings from us. We are less happy as compared to the past. Even if we have almost everything in our hands. 

Hectic lifestyle snatches everything;

Did you ever think about the reasons? Why aren’t we happy even after having most of the desired things? Extreme to this, we can have the people in our life today that we can’t have in the past due to appearance or bank balance, or locality we live in or due to not have an eccentric job. But today, with the help of money, we modify our face with skin cosmetic surgery, having an eccentric job due to the global economy up rise and a decent locality due to the same reason, global economy up rise.

But the question remains the same. Are we actually happy? Even after having all the things we have? Are we actually happy from the bottom of our hearts? The answer is probably no, unfortunately.

Why aren’t We Happy?

You may have read or hear somewhere money can’t buy happiness. I don’t think it is totally right. Money can buy not all but almost everything in the world, including human beings. Except one thing and that is love. You may have someone admiration and affection, if someone spending his money lavishly over you. But you can’t have someone’s craziness for you or his deep love and emotions for you by merely spending few bucks on him/her.

The sense of loss, the sense of not achieving even after having all the power develops a feeling of restlessness and uncertainty. There are other innumerable other factors, that you can count on the reasons for not being happy. Sometimes, people’s inner self doesn’t allow them to be happy.

Parentage and upbringing;

This has much to do with the upbringing, social surroundings and parentage. Other than that, the lust and greed of acquiring more and more don’t let us to be happy. Because it’s the type of race which has no culmination point. Man’s desire for achieving more and more doesn’t take pause or stop at any point. The greed is in human nature. The more he obtained, the greater he desires for. This endless rush makes the man unhappy. And don’t let him to be content or to be happy about what he has already.

Some Basic Requirements for being Happy;

Happiness isn’t something you can fake it. However, it is something that comes within the person. One doesn’t require a million dollars to be happy. Sometimes, with few facilities and services and minimum amount of money, one can be happy to the core. That requires very few supplies. These supplies include:

  • A partner of your choice, or let’s just say who is compatible with your mind.
  • An adequate living.
  • A vehicle for mobilising.
  • Source of income that can fulfil the requirements of eating and living.
  • Essential educational awareness.
  • Proper medical assistance, if required.
  • Mental solace.
  • Removal of lust, greed and envy from inside.
  • The tendency to get mingle with the society or with the family.
  • Saving, whether of minimum amount, but a little that assure you the secure future.

These are the basic and required supplies for life. If a person is having these things, he doesn’t need anything honestly. Things other than that will be considered as being the materialistic. Means that, if you demand more than this which is discussed above, than you wants more than required. This demand makes you feel suppressed by it and won’t let you to be happy.

You and the presense of your loved ones;

In order to achieve more and more, people sometimes don’t care about the right and wrong or black and white. They do whatever it takes to get what they want. They ruin their intimate relationships even, in the process. And in the end, mostly such people get what they wanted, but at the cost of losing their loved ones and friends or close alliance. This defeat of losing the people they love, cover with the wrapper of winning the materialistic objects, made them disillusioned and heart broken.

And in the end, even after having all the things they were once desperate about, these people seem unhappy. The feel of lose and defeated, not let them to be a little happy.

Main Reasons Human beings aren’t Happy Today;

You need to understand the causes and reasons why you are not happy today. For that, you will have to take a deep look on the lifestyle you are leading and on the choices you make on a daily basis. This also has a deep influence of the childhood you spent and the atmosphere, in which your parents did your brooding. Some main basic reasons for which today’s man isn’t happy, are:

Reasons for being unhappy
  1. Depression.
  2. Envy, jealousy, hatred.
  3. Expectations for more.
  4. Lust for money or the desired partner.
  5. Greed of power and position.
  6. Broken family scenario.
  7. Less attention from Parents or siblings.
  8. No loyal friends.
  9. Pressure from work and job.
  10. Difficulties in Education.
  11. Having no job at all.
  12. Leisure time, more than required.
  13. Waiting for something big.
  14. Devalue little things that could make you happy.
  15. Waiting for the “perfect partner” who actually doesn’t exist.

Honestly speaking,

these are just a few points that denotes why you aren’t happy which you should to be. Apart from these reasons, there are some other innumerable causes that make one unhappy. Most of the time, man doesn’t happy because of his own inner thoughts. It is the man himself, who does such things that don’t make him happy. This situation creates an impression of sadness and gloom in the person and in the surroundings. The ratio of suicide and killings and murders have gone raised just because these people are not happy from inside. And burst out their frustration on the others.

How can you make Yourself Happy even in and After Miserable Situations?

The world is making our lives increasingly depressing and shackled in various responsibilities. Among these intriguing situations, one has to find minimum to maximum causes of happiness. In the fluctuations of the situations in a person’s life, he needs to be happy from the core of his heart. For this, there are some significant, proven methods with which you can certainly make yourself happy.

These methods and styles are easy to adopt and of one opt to maintain these styles throughout his life, these methods are of such nature that can remain in the life cycle for a long time. Such methods are:

1.Be Content on What you have! The Reality Acceptance;

Sometimes the big cause of being not happy with the life that we don’t feel content at what we have. This demeanour begets the urge of getting more and more regardless of the fact of right and wrong. If you make yourself agree to the notion that whatever you have is destined for now. And whatever you are wishing, can be obtained with your efforts in the future. So all you have to do is to work hard for it instead of being envious or negative. This sort of thinking brings stability and calmness in your personality. Moreover, it will give you motivation and hope for the future that you will achieve your goal one day. The reality acceptance is vital for survival in the today’s world. Where cruelties and uncertainties are one step away. There, you need to be grateful for what you have and should look forward to what you wants.

2.Be HOPEFUL for the Future, even in Unfavourable Circumstances;

The major differences between optimism and pessimism is the pessimistic doesn’t have the hope. These people are deprived of thinking positive and also don’t able to look for the better options. This sort of persona makes them unhappy and aggressive towards life. The only thing that bring optimistic close to life that they have the tendency to look for the hope. And even a minor sense of hope brings opportunity to their lives. Their optimism makes them happy most of the time.

Because being happy is your own choice. Nobody can make you happy if you don’t want too. And hope is the thing that gives you a type of shelter and support in critical condition. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and good things never die. Therefore, if you want to be happy, you need to have hope whether its professional or personal life. It will work like a soul in the body that bring warmth and stability in the body.

3.Do Exercise and Yoga to be Happy;

Basic Requirements for being Happy

Yoga and exercise keeps a man fit and fine. Sitting for long hours and do nothing creates boredom and develop depression in the person. If you choose to exercise and yoga at least for five days in a week, it will be very beneficial for your mental health and make you happy. Yoga is typically known for calming the mind and reduce the frustration. Same as jogging, running and moderate level exercise which also is used for weight loss will soothe the body and bring a different sort of energy in the body. If you develop a habit of doing exercise even for ten minutes and yoga with the same time duration at least for five days in a week, it will keep you happy and energetic for sure. Apart from being happy, it will raise your metabolism level also. Exercises are always tend to create a positive impact on a human being and most of the time it makes a man happy and healthy.

4.Be Busy! Don’t Let Yourself Sit Idle for too Long;

Sitting idle and do nothing will eventually make you feel bored and negative. The people who are not happy with their lives mostly do nothing all day long. This is one of the biggest cause of not being happy. The person with such lifestyle, thinks mostly negative and bad. This sort of lifestyle doesn’t allow the person to keep happy and positive. That’s why one has to keep himself busy most of the time in a day. Most importantly in healthy and productive activities.

This will not only consume most of the time of the person, but also bring positive results in the sense of creativity and innovation. It is seen in people who made themselves more busy during the day, are sound to be more happy most of the time. So, if you want to be happy, try to engage yourself in creative activities. Do what makes you happy. That should be healthy and creative and must be in the favour of the society. This will make you feel happy from the core of your heart.

5.Take Enough Sleep If You Want to Be Happy;


Sleep is indeed a heaven. And you know how it goes. Doing a lot of work whole day long exhausts the mind and body. Most of the time such conditions makes the person full of rage, anger and negativity. It is said that a person has to take 6 to 8 hours sleep to refill the energy again. Sleep works like a healer to the body. When you sleep your mind and body takes rest and regain all the energy and enthusiasm that has served in the process of acquiring all the things you wants. Sleep also calms the mind. Even when the mind is working during sleep.

If a person wants to be happy in every upcoming day, he should take plenty of sleep. The night’s sleep is far better than the day sleep. The day’s sleep doesn’t give healthy results to the body. In fact the day sleep brings more fatigue and exhausting feelings in the body. For sheer fatigue, the night’s sleep, work more efficiently than the day’s sleep. Therefore, if you want to happy. Go to sleep!

6.Be more Helpful than usual, If you want to be Happy;

It’s in human nature, when you help others, you feel happy. There are millions of organizations that help people for different purposes. Helping others satisfy the mind. It will give you inner solace. That’s why most of these organizations help people free of charge. There are different fundraising events and activities are being organized by different organizations, through which they get enough money for these people. Some companies also raise money for these organisations to help people indirectly.

The purpose behind this act is to feel happy. Helping people around you gives immense pleasure and happiness. If you want to be happy, try to help people around you. Start by your surroundings. Help your friends and colleagues with minimum effort even. You will feel a sort of satisfaction in you. These efforts will make you extremely happy and pious.

The Bottom Line;

Life is too short to be stressed and anxious. Remember one thing that being happy is your birth right. You are not obligated to pay attention on the things you don’t belong to. That’s why whatever makes you happy do. Live with your friends and family most of the time. This will bring real happiness to you. Involve yourself in such activities that don’t spare much time to think negative and impulse. Sometimes an association with your religion plays a favourable part to be happy. For instance, if you are stressed or anxious over something, then spend some time doing some religious stuff.

It will compose your mind and soul and will also make you happy. The sources for being happy can be from minor to major. All you have to do is to just find out these sources and use them completely to make yourself happy. This won’t cost much, but only a little help and a free will.


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