Our bones are the strongest part of our body. Every organ, every part of the body is less strong than the bones. Also, every organ is relying on the bones, one way or the other. In the net of the bones, our organs fixed. For example, under the rib cage, our heart is fixed. Our ribs also shapes our upper body structure. If you take a look at your limbs, your large veins and small veins are rolling around the arm bones and leg bones. Similarly, in your mouth you have your teeth. Which can develop cavity.

They are surrounded by the gums. Speaking of which, your teeth are the most important part of your body. Everything that you eat, goes through your mouth and your teeth have to deal with each and every eatable thing that you take in your mouth. Because your teeth have to deal with each and everything you take in your mouth, so they get affected in the process. The most popular condition that you got for your teeth is a cavity. It is also known for tooth decay. But people commonly know this condition as a cavity.

Tooth Cavity: A Quick Look;

At first, take a quick look at the interpretation of this condition.  Do you know what is cavity? If no, then here is the most easy definition of the problem. A cavity is a kind of hole in the tooth, which you won’t recognize initially because it won’t develop pain or swelling anywhere or any kind of hurting. But if the problem won’t treat well for a long time, it will cause serious trouble in the shape of loss of the tooth eventually.

One thing you need to know that cavity doesn’t come always in the shape of a hole. The cavity has many shapes and types. Which will be discussed further. But in the initial stages beware that almost every kind of a tooth problem is considered as a cavity of a tooth. However, the full and thorough examination will determine the whole condition.

Who are The Sufferers of Cavity?

There is a misconception among people that if they brush their teeth daily, they won’t have to deal with the cavity. The majority of the world does this blunder blindly, just by believing on this speculation. But the teeth are those important parts of your body, for which you need to know almost all the essential instructions which are important and mandatory for the life of your teeth.

According to the expert’s opinion, this isn’t true, that if you brush your teeth daily in the morning, you can eat anything and everything no matter how many times you want to. This is totally wrong. If you are doing so, there is no way you could get caught up in tooth cavity within just a few months. And even if you got lucky and didn’t get the tooth decay, buckle up! Because the time is near.

The relationship of cleanliness with your teeth;

People who brush their teeth daily are actually getting themselves saved from the early tooth decay or cavity, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t face it. https://www.theshreds.org/diabetes-causes-symptoms-and-treatments/ Now, you are thinking that what should be done to be able to save from the cavity? The solution is easy and adaptable. People who suffer from the cavity a little more than the others are treating their teeth carelessly. They may brush their teeth in the morning.

But they are doing it in the right manner. Means that they aren’t brushing their teeth thoroughly. Moreover, brushing your teeth in the morning doesn’t end your job here. Why? Here is a thing. Ask a question to yourself. Do you eat one time in a day? The answer will be no certainly, Right? Now, because you don’t eat one time in a day only that’s why, whenever you eat something, there is a need to gargle the mouth with water thoroughly to spit out the leftovers from the mouth and teeth to prevent the cavity.

The people who eat many times in a day and don’t cleanse their teeth, develop the cavity eventually. Because leaving the food particles remain in the mouth start making trouble for the teeth. And that’s how they develop the tooth cavity.

Which Food Items Plays the Major Role in Developing the Cavity?

It is very important for a person to keep in check his diet. This behaviour should not only adopted for a cavity prevention, but also for the overall health. If your diet isn’t balanced, you may have to deal with obesity, stomach disorders, skin problems and intestinal infections. But for the prevention of a cavity, you need to be extra careful.

Because everything you eat passes through your mouth and your teeth have to bear each and every taste and texture of the food that is why, it is the high chance of a cavity occurrences. Now, it will be determined by the type of food you prefer that how much a cavity you have on your teeth.

Which Food Items Plays the Major Role in Developing the Cavity

Two famous types of food that cause it;

The two types of foods plays an important role in producing a cavity and these are sugary foods and fatty foods. For example, if a person eats sugary food like cakes and pastries or chocolates more often than the salty food items gets a cavity deliberately. Similarly, people who like to eat food that contains more fat or oily substance, gets cavities rapidly. Sugar is not good for human health in any sense. Eating sugar cause diabetes and obesity.

On the other hand, having burger, cheese, meat, and pizza most of the time is dangerous. These oily substance that these sorts of food contains, clings to the teeth and even after drinking the water, these substances don’t leave the teeth. And you can’t brush your teeth every time after having a meal. So these oily substance cause holes in the teeth. And from there the stem of a cavity take birth. You may have seen people who have diabetes or a problem of obesity, also have the tooth decay and a cavity problem.

What Could be The Reasons and Causes of Cavity?

It is very important for you to get awareness about the health of your teeth.  You need to get complete information about all the possible cause which can cause cavities. Only then, you will be able to save the most precious thing you have in the shape of teeth. It’s the teeth which help you to feed your stomach. Teeth have the same value as the eyes have. And if a cavity is trying to snatch this blessing from you, you need to do something very serious and effective in this regard.

The most common reasons and causes of cavity are:

These are the most common cause and reasons for the cavity. People may have other types of causes and reasons which will be according to person age, gender and professional preferences. A cavity is very common oral problem which can be occur in any person.

Renowned Symptoms of Cavity in the teeth;

One interesting fact about the symptoms of a cavity is that the majority of the world doesn’t give any attention to some common symptoms of tooth decay, those are the actual symptoms of cavity in teeth. Now the thing is that people don’t count those symptoms and take them for granted and those symptoms end up with cavity. A point to remember that these symptoms will appear in the person according to their age.

Some people receive severe symptoms of a tooth cavity, whereas some people develop this much light symptoms of cavity that it doesn’t confirm to so many people for a long time that they are having a tooth cavity for the past few months. These symptoms include:

  1. White and yellow spots on the teeth.
  2. Sudden sharp pain in the teeth for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  3. A black spot occurs on the edge of the gum side and the round of the teeth.
  4. Hole in the teeth. That becomes wider with months.
  5. Swollen gum.
  6. Pain in the teeth ridge.
  7. Loss of appetite.
  8. Headache and fever. With high tooth cavity.
  9. Pain in the teeth, neck, jaw line and ear sides. (Severe cavities)
  10. Intense sensitivity. www.nhs.uk

There may be other symptoms which will have a certain history. For instance, if the patient is having intense sensitivity while having even minor cold water, then the reason behind this is his habit of drinking extremely cold beverages and water in the past. The symptoms of tooth cavity will appear on the type of dealing you had with your teeth in retrospect.

How to Deal with Cavity? Easy Steps;

Saving your teeth from cavity is not a rocket science. There are easy steps with which you can save your teeth from cavity. The condition is if you do it regularly and with full efforts. The cavity has a bad side that it spreads in the mouth silently and the patient doesn’t even recognize it as a cavity. It will be recognizable when its too late and when a hole is drilled by the cavity.

So it is really important to exhaust all the options, with or without cavity to save your teeth on maximum level. Some very common and basic step for cavity are:

Do Gargle Every Time You Eat Something:

The Reasons and Causes of Cavity

The majority in the world have the tendency to eat something after every couple of hours. The thing that causes problems that they neither wash the thing before eating like some fruit or vegetable, nor they wash their mouth after eating. Doing gargle after eating anything flashes out the impurities and remaining pieces and particles of the food from your mouth.

Because your mouth gets warm after eating so the clinging food items doesn’t cling to the teeth very strongly till then and gargling right after the eating can save your teeth to the maximum level from cavity. So its very important for the teeth health to gargle every time you eat something. It is also beneficial for the proper functioning of the stomach.

Clean Your Teeth with An Appropriate Toothpaste Regularly:

In older times, when the toothpaste didn’t invented by the human, people cleanse their teeth with a chewed bush and a pinch of salt. They put the salt on the chewed bush and rub it to their teeth. Do you know why? Salt is a mineral it also works like a scrub on the teeth. It has these antioxidants that plays an important part in cleansing the thing or part that is required to be clean. Today, in the modern world, human add salt in their toothpaste to make it even more effective.

Cleaning your teeth daily not only prevent cavity, but also maintains the overall health of your body internally. Brushing your teeth in the morning will remove all the toxic acids that stayed in the mouth whole night long. It will remove those rotten pieces of the food that remains in the sides of the teeth and eventually cause cavity. Therefore, brushing your teeth is mandatory for the betterment of the teeth.

Doctor recommends to brush the teeth twice, morning and before going to bed. And it is proven and safest way to get rid of cavity at home.

Avoid Sugary and Cheesy Food as Much as You Can:

As you are aware of the fact that sugar is the mother of almost all the diseases, it plays the central role in producing a cavity of teeth. Having sugar most of your food will initiate the stem of cavity in the mouth and start making its way to disturb the functioning of the pancreas. Eating sugar is the biggest cause of diabetes and obesity. Sugar produces cavity and holes in the teeth ten times faster than the other food items.

Similarly, having cheesy pizza and burger most of the time in a week will eventually end up with cavity. Even if you brush your teeth daily. Moreover, it will cause obesity and cardiovascular diseases. So for the sake of saving yourself from unwanted cavity and other health disorders, you need to skip Sugary food, beverages, and cheesy good items from your life.

Have Some Mint to Avoid the Cavity of the Teeth:

This debate doesn’t need any further interpretations. You all know that mint has antioxidants and oxygen in it. Having mint in your life not only digest your good more profoundly, but also it will cleanse your teeth and save them from any upcoming chance of cavity. Even the market offers so many types of toothpastes with the speciality of having mint in it.

Chewing a leave of mint after any heavy meal will not only digest your food in minutes, but also cleanse your teeth to remove the oil from the teeth that cling to them during the meal and bring more shine on teeth. If you could develop the habit of chewing mint leaves, tooth cavity will never show up in your mouth. Antioxidants are better for the long lasting stability of the teeth and mint is rich with antioxidants.

Neem Benefits and Cavity Problems:

How to Deal with Cavity

Neem is the proven remedy for the tooth decay and tooth cavity. It is seen in people that who use neem gel as for the cleanliness of the teeth, they are reported with less bacteria in the mouth and speedy recovery from the cavity problem. If you opt for neem gel and apply it to your teeth for about a month and half. You will feel a visible change in your teeth. It will bring an extraordinary glow and the whitening effect on your teeth.

It will also remove bacteria from the mouth. The market is filled with such mouth washes that offers thorough cleansing with neem extracts. Therefore, neem is proving to be quite beneficial for the tooth cavity.

Summarization to the Conclusion;

The cavity problem is very common these days. Every second person is having a cavity because of whatever reason it is. If you are dealing with the problem of cavity, eat sugarless chewing gum. It will remove the bacteria from the teeth and cover them with a layer that prevents bacteria and dirt from climbing to the teeth. Tooth cavity is more common in the kids, that is why try to keep your kids away from the sweet food items likes toffees and candies.

Also develop the habit of cleaning their teeth regularly in them. This will prevent cavity and also generate a sense of cleanliness in them. If the tooth cavity is not treated properly in the first place, it will end up with the loss of the tooth which is equally painful and frustrating. Losing the teeth will also cause problems for the rest of the teeth and destroy the facial beauty. That’s why it’s important to get rid of the tooth cavity as soon as possible. www.kidshealth.org


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