Indeed, The world nowadays, is gushing over the fertile woman. Reason? Because A fertile woman and even a fertile virgin are mentally stable, along with the physical stability. She, just because experiences all the natural procedures and cycles related to her body throughout the month, that’s why her cognitive approach and way of thinking is adequately suitable for the opposite sex as well as for the same sex. Women with infertility are not mad, but this issue affects their psychological strength this much, that others consider them a bit irrational. The health issue that causes these women infertility, is Endometriosis.

Today’s reality:

Unfortunately, It is a bit bitter about this thing. Endometriosis has captured so many women in its web. It is the disease that specifically triggers the women only. Because it is solely related to a woman’s uterus. Men are not affected by this problem. You can say, that Endometriosis is the scientific name for infertility in women. However, it can be cured now with the sound and effective treatments.

Which are significantly designed by the experts to eliminate this disease from the woman’s body and made her fertile again, so to beget a child again and have the processes of the menstrual cycle.

A Quick Look at the Endometriosis:  

Basically, The word endometriosis comes from a word endometrial. Endometriosis, is actually the unusual and abnormal growth of these endometrial cells, outside the uterus. Normally, in fertile women, these cells grow within the uterus. But, when situation happen to the contrary, these endometrial cells grow outside the uterus and also in large numbers. Mostly, these cells grow in the pelvic organs. It’s very common problem in the world nowadays.

Sadly, The bad part is that the basic reason behind this is not discovered yet. Endometriosis usually occurs in those women who are infertile women instead of fertile women. It’s a kind of a mysterious disease. Because it is seen in women, who had no signs and symptoms of Endometriosis, but still had it. For such conditions, one has to have the adequate knowledge about this health issue.

Information About Those Organs of the Body Where You Can Find Endometrial Cells:

As it is discussed above that the endometrial cells are not only limited to uterus only they can grow anywhere in the body, when are growing abnormally. First, understand that what does an endometrial cell do? When a woman or girl have her periods every month, the endometrial tissues eliminate from the uterus. The location, where these tissues stays are called the endometrial implants. Hence, The best possible places for Endometriosis, where you will find it in the body, are;

  1. Ovaries.
  2. Tubes.
  3. Outside the uterus.
  4. Anywhere in the bowel.
  5. On the Pelvic cavity.

Areas of the body, where you will not find endometriosis will be;

  1. In the vagina.
  2. In bladder.
  3. Cervix.

Technically, It is seen in people around the globe, that Endometriosis apart from the anticipated areas, found in some other organs too. Those organs aren’t really supposed to have Endometriosis, but still developing it. These organs are;

  1. The brain.
  2. The liver.
  3. Any part of the skin, where there are scars due to a surgery.
  4. The lungs.

What are The Conditions That Invites Endometriosis in You?

Of course, there are certain conditions that you apply on yourself or happen to you and then Endometriosis kicks in. Prevention of such problems can save you from the trouble. Even if it is naturally occurring, still you can get rid of it by opting for the best suitable treatment for it. However, The risk factors could be many, but some significant conditions, that surely triggers Endometriosis are;

  • Abnormalities in the uterus.
  • Any activity or health condition that tries to stop the periods or don’t let your menstrual cycle flow freely.
  • Family history of Endometriosis. Your mother, sister or grandmother.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Very skinny body.
  • High level oestrogen in the body.
  • Irregularities in the menstrual cycle, repeating after 26, or much worse 35 days.
  • Menstrual cycle at very early age.
  • The menopause.
  • An infertile woman, who never gave birth to a child.

These are the wide known facts

about the development of Endometriosis. Any of the above mentioned can trigger Endometriosis. And these are the enough reason for this disease to develop in the body. It’s related to the uterus and misbalance in your periods for a long time will finally end you up with Endometriosis.

How Many Stages Do Endometriosis Have?  

Basically, Any disease that is related to an organ, have stages. Endometriosis is not like a flu, that you slept one night, and boom! You have flu another morning. It is the disease, that develop gradually in the body and since it is related to the uterus, that’s why it has stages. Normally Endometriosis is divided into four stages.

Symptoms of Endometriosis
  1. The minimal stage.
  2. The mild stage.
  3. The moderate stage. (when Endometriosis is in the middle)
  4. The severe stage. (when the treatment is inevitable)

These stages of Endometriosis are

classified into four stages subsequently after thoroughly examining the location of Endometriosis in the body, its extension in the body, the depth of the Endometriosis implants, its severity and its size in the ovaries or in the uterus.

Normal and mild Endometriosis only have just scars or endometrial implants on the superficial level. But, in severe and moderate level of Endometriosis, the patient will have cysts or worse, the scarring on the area. In the stage four, the patient will experience infertility as a result of Endometriosis.

Renowned Causes of Endometriosis:

Certainlly, There are some causes of Endometriosis, which significantly triggers the problem in women. Not all the women take these cause seriously, that is why the ratio of Endometriosis patients in the world is increasing rapidly. It is said that the causes of Endometriosis are unknown, however there are some factors, that women need to address by the women in their personal space. These causes that can trigger Endometriosis are:

The Retrograde Menstruation and endometriosis;

Understand first, that what is retrograde menstruation? When the blood of your periods, that should come through the uterus into your vagina and then out from the body. It starts flowing within the fallopian tubes or back into the abdomen. This blood contains the endometrial cells that’s why, is thick and blackish. The endometrial cells are sticky and are badly pasted with pelvic wall that makes the condition even worse.

The Change in the Peritoneal Cells;

Technically, This is strange, but it does happen. There is a line of cells, that are placed in the side of your abdomen, calls peritoneal cells. Due to some happenings, these peritoneal cells change into endometrial cells. And eventually, the patient develops Endometriosis. This transformational process is also called the induction theory.

Disproportion in the Immune System;

The endometrial tissues, that are fixed outside the uterus can be destroyed certainly, if your immune system is not giving its best. Hence, Not giving proper response to the body, the immune system can disturb the tissues, outside the uterus and this will vague the way for blood to flow in a certain direction and hence, the person can get Endometriosis at last.

Endometriosis Development in the Results of a Surgery;

Because its a disease that solely related to women only, so after a C-Section operation or the DNC or aborted a fetes, whenever a woman go through any sort of operation, the scars that is implanted inside the body, develops Endometrial cells. So there is a high chance of getting Endometriosis eventually, if a woman faces physical surgery twice or thrice.

Hormone Transformation;

Hormones like oestrogens when transforms or take the shape of some other cell or particle. Most commonly these hormones take the shape of embryonic cells, the initial stage of the endometrial cells that take its form in puberty.

Blood let the endometrial cells to roam;

Most of the time, our own bloodstream provides transportation to the endometrial cells, to roam or transfer in the different organs of the body. Furthermore, Your blood plays an important role in transporting the Endometriosis in the body.

Vibrant Symptoms of Endometriosis:

Normally, when women get pain in the uterus, they consider it as a start of Endometriosis. However, the initial symptom of Endometriosis is the pelvic pain. Other than that, pain during the periods, that increases with the passage of time. This also includes periods cramps. Other symptoms include;

  1. First and foremost, Infertility. One of the biggest symptom of Endometriosis is infertility.
  2. Acute pain in the periods.
  3. Pelvic pain before and after the periods with severe cramps.
  4. Pain and sensation in the abdomen area and in the backbone.
  5. Aching, during and after the sex is the most common symptom of the problem.
  6. Pain during the urination. (During the periods)
  7. Feeling pain, when having a bowel movement.
  8. Heavy bleeding in periods. Like lots of blood.
  9. Weakness and fatigue.
  10. Diarrhoea and nausea.
  11. Constipation or bloating.

The weirdest thing

that happens in Endometriosis, that usually those women, who suffer from mild Endometriosis, have severe and lethal symptoms and those, who have this illness of severe stage, experience very light symptoms or sometimes no symptoms at all.

Some Well Known Treatments for Endometriosis:

Of course, in a modern world like today, whenever a person gets sick or any new kind of disease discovered, its treatments are start forming meanwhile. Similarly, treatments for Endometriosis are also designed to cure the patients from early to severe stages. But remember one thing, that don’t take things on your hand. Talk to your doctor whenever you got something similar to Endometriosis in you.

The physician will examine your condition thoroughly and then eventually will suggest your treatment according to it. Never go for the ultimate option at once, for instance, the surgery. Initially rely on the oral medication for the disease. If not feel right, only then opt for the operation for the problem. Other than the surgical procedures,

the treatments which will help well are;

  • Medication for the instant relief from the pain.
  • Hormonal therapy, which will slower down the growth of these cells and tissues.
  • Vaginal rings, birth control pills and patches for it will reduce the chance of generating new cells of this disease.
  • The surgery. Which will remove and eliminate the Endometriosis from the body as much as it could. By this ultimate step, the pain will also be gone. And also the uterus and the ovaries will be safe from Endometriosis.

Precautions and Remedies for Endometriosis:

Along with the treatment, you can also try the other methods to relief your pain and disease. These precautions are not only beneficial for such health condition, but also it will help you to stay clean and hygienic. The good part about these precautions that you can do it at your home. Such as;

Treatments for Endometriosis
  1. Try to take a warm bath. With warm water or with steam. You can also try warm pads. For relieving the pain.
  2. Don’t try to use steroids or any other anti inflammatory medicine. These medications won’t give you any relief.
  3. Be positive about the future. Negativity will only bring discomfort. The uterus takes orders from the brain directly. Having negative thoughts will bring negative impact on the uterus health.
  4. Have an active lifestyle. Do yoga, planks and other exercises. Workout brings tremendous results for Endometriosis.
  5. Take proper diet. Which include all the healthy ingredients including fibres and minerals.
  6. Don’t be an insomniac. Sleep well for almost 6 to 8 hours.
  7. Your water intake has to be better. Try to drink 6 to 8 glasses per day. Stay hydrated.


No doubt, a man’s life is very difficult as he is a bread winner and go out to fetch happiness and comfort for the family. But a woman’s life is equally difficult in the 21st century. She has to keep the house maintained properly, the children’s brooding is on her hands and with all these works, today’s woman is working outside as well. Such a hectic lifestyle ultimately brings health issues.


And the uterus is that one organ that affect primarily. Which will end up with Endometriosis. But it’s not the life risking disease. You can get through this. An adequate doctor with a proper guideline will eliminate the disease from your body.

Subsequently, A woman receives many phases in her life. Like menstrual cycle, pregnancy, child birth and menopause. In such life cycle, if Endometriosis kicks in, it would be justified. All you have to do is to just be ready to fight back against the harmful effects of this disease and defeat it.


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